As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on ATWT

Brad learned about John's close relationship with Judge Manning. Nikki's letter led Andy to drink, and an unconscious Andy and Molly were rescued from a gas leak. Eddie saved Georgia from the Oasis when 'Talent Night' turned raucous. A new judge awarded temporary custody to Carly. Molly revealed Andy's drinking.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, January 18, 1999

Georgia danced and was lip-synching in front of the mirror. She was practicing for the talent show at the Oasis Club. Eddie walked in and caught her; she was embarrassed. He saw the advertisement about the talent night laying on the table, and he jumped on her for thinking that she could perform in a place like that. She misunderstood and thought that he thought she would only make a fool out of herself.

Georgia told Eddie that if Katie were doing it, he would think it was just grand. There was a knock at the door, and it was Katie. Georgia opened the door for her, and Katie asked Eddie if he was ready to go get their books at the bookstore. Katie asked Georgia if she was going with them, and Eddie flashed her a look. Georgia said that she would go the next day because she had some things to take care of.

Eddie and Katie got coffee, and they talked about getting their books and paying for college. Eddie told Katie that he had a job, and she thought that it was in construction. He told her no, but he didn't know what she would think of his new job. He told her that he was the new bouncer at the Oasis Club. She said that she thought it probably paid better than bussing tables, and he said even for a dive like the Oasis.

Georgia walked in, and Katie yelled and said hello to her. She walked over to their table, and Katie noticed that Georgia had a dress bag in her hand. Eddie turned and asked about Georgia buying a new dress, and he asked her where she was going. She made up something about having to get a new dress.

Georgia left, and Eddie turned to Katie and asked her if she was going to the freshman mixer. Katie said that everyone was telling her that she should go and get out of the house. Eddie told her that he had a good idea: maybe they could go together. Katie told him that she would like to go with him to the mixer.

Back at Lucinda's guesthouse, Georgia had her new dress on, and she practiced in front of the mirror again. Eddie walked in and told her that he thought that she would do very well at the talent show that night. He leaned in and kissed her, but she was daydreaming.

Molly slept and dreamed about Brad kissing her. She awoke when the phone rang. She answered it, and it was Nikki calling for Andy. Molly yelled for Andy and then went to his bedroom door and told Nikki that he was not at home. Nikki wanted to know when he would be back because she had something for him. Molly said to check in about an hour.

After Molly hung up, Andy walked in. He had gone to the store to get food for breakfast. Molly told Andy about Nikki calling, and he said that he didn't want to see her. She questioned Andy about not wanting to see Nikki. Andy said that he couldn't see her, not after what he had done. Molly lectured him about punishing himself, and she thought that he should see Nikki because she might want to get back with him. Molly told him that Nikki had said that she had a package for Andy, and it might be a late Christmas present.

Andy got fired up about Nikki's visit, and he rushed out to get her a present -- "Just in case," he said to Molly. After he left, Molly called Brad and left a message for him, thanking him for fixing her such a great dinner the night before. She told him that she was sorry for leaving when she had. Andy called right after she hung up and asked if Nikki was there yet. Molly said not yet and he'd better hurry. She hung up the phone and went to the door and opened it. She found a package in front of the door, and she saw that it was from Nikki.

Andy walked in, and he had a present for Nikki. He asked Molly if Nikki had been there. Molly apologized to him, and he thought that Molly hadn't tried to keep Nikki there. Molly explained that she had opened the door, and Nikki had just left the package for him at the door. She handed him the package, and he opened it. It was camera lenses that Andy had given to Nikki when they had been together.

Molly felt terrible about how things had turned out, and Andy told her that he was okay with it. He told her that she should go find Brad and make plans for that night. Molly wasn't sure, but she left Andy alone. After Molly went out the door, Andy sat on the couch and took the box with present he had bought for Nikki out of his pocket. He pushed all the lenses off onto the floor, went over to the desk, and got out a bottle of booze. He poured himself a drink and gulped it down.

Carly and Brad threw money all over, and then they looked at each other like they were going to kiss. Jack interrupted them. Carly asked why Jack was visiting her, and he said that he was still on the trail of David Stenbeck. He said he'd gone to the house to look for clues. Jack told her that he would return later because she looked like she was busy. She told him that he was welcome in her house anytime.

Brad reminded Carly that she had an appointment to keep with her husband. Brad's cell phone rang, and he answered it. He grew upset with the person on the phone. He told Carly and Jack that it was business, and he would take the call in the hall. When he was in the hall, he told the person that he was supposed to break into John Dixon's office while he was in a meeting with his wife.

Jack and Carly looked at the baby and talked about how cute he was. Brad returned and told Carly that she should get going. If she was not there when John arrived, he might go back to his office. As they packed things up for the baby, Jack and Brad picked up the car seat at the same time, and each said that they would get it. Carly told them that it wouldn't do her any good if it was in two pieces. Dolores walked in and said that she had been wondering what was taking Jack so long. She gave Carly a disapproving look.

Carly was ready to leave, and Brad was going with her. Dolores asked Brad to stay; she wanted to talk to him and Jack. Carly left, and Dolores told the boys that when she had arrived in Oakdale they had not been speaking. However, they had patched things up and were acting like brothers again. She declared it the best Christmas present she could have ever gotten. She went on to lecture them about letting a woman get between them.

Jack and Brad didn't know what Dolores was talking about. She motioned toward the door that Carly had gone through to leave. She reminded them about a girl in high school that Jack had had a crush on and remembered that Jack had found that girl and Brad making out behind the garage. She told them to be careful not let anyone get between them. Brad was in a hurry to leave, and he hugged his mother and went out the door.

At the hospital, Brad walked up to the door of John Dixon's office. He stood there, acting suspiciously. Lisa walked around the corner and asked Brad what he was doing there. She asked him if he was sick and needed to see John. Before Brad could answer, John's secretary walked out of the office and said hello to Lisa. She saw Brad standing there and said hello to him and added that she hoped that he remembered her. He didn't, but he acted like he did and said that he had actually gone there to ask her out on a date.

Lisa said that she would make a lousy detective, and she left. The secretary tried to pin Brad down to a date, but Brad told her that his schedule that week was full, but he would call her. She left for her office, and Brad sneaked into John's office. He looked around in some of the files and didn't find anything. He went over to John's desk and found a file on the desk. He said, "Bingo!"

Carly met with John at a restaurant. He asked her what had taken her so long, and she said, "Fine, John, and you?" John asked her if she had fed the baby, and she asked John if he thought she looked like a moron. They discussed what visitation would be, and John said something about taking the baby back to the office with him. Carly jumped up and said that he couldn't go to his office.

John asked her why he couldn't go to his office. She told him that the baby should not be going to the hospital with all the diseases and infections. John told her to get out of his way. Carly told him that the baby needed to have time to spend with his mommy. John told her to move. When John was gone, she got her cell phone and tried to call Brad, but his phone was out of range. She said that she hoped Brad got out of there before John got to his office.

In John's office, Brad looked through the file and said something about "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours, huh, doc?" He heard John's voice outside the door. He searched for a place to hide as the door opened.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Due to CBS News coverage of the Impeachment trial, As the World Turns was pre-empted.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

At Club Oasis, Ben asked Jack to talk to Denise and convince her to press charges against her abusive boss. Carly tried to stop John from entering his office, where Brad was snooping. When they went inside, the room was empty -- Brad was hiding underneath John's desk. Georgia had a close call when Eddie spotted her fancy shoes and questioned why she'd be in her bathrobe. Jack agreed to try but warned Ben not to get too involved. Denise walked over, introduced herself to Jack, and greeted "Big Ben."

Molly left a message at the apartment for Andy, who was still wallowing in Nikki's note. Ben and Jack asked Eddie to keep an eye on his new boss, the club owner. Meanwhile, Gary was busy escorting a cloaked Georgia backstage and convincing her to go ahead with her plan to enter the talent contest. Gary asked a hesitant Georgia to show him what she had underneath her jacket.

Molly was bitter about Brad having been a no-show for their meeting and was further disappointed when she saw that Andy had a bottle. Brad listened in as John met with an old patient of his who was also a judge. The judge sympathized with John's plight and promised to get John's custody matter cleared by holding an emergency hearing that night. John let it be known he didn't want it revealed that the two of them had a past relationship.

Molly was hurt when she realized that Andy had made up the assignation with Brad to get her out of the house. He was not the first man to lie to her, Andy retorted. After Molly gave him a dressing-down, a wounded Andy tried to make tea but soon turned to the bottle for comfort.

Gary pronounced Georgia's outfit "too Pollyanna" and picked out something else. Brad apprised Carly of the judge's bias as well as the emergency custody hearing scheduled for that night. He presented her with the incriminating file he had stolen from John's office but refused to help her further -- his job was done, he insisted. He advised her to call a lawyer. Carly called Jack instead. Denise learned from Eddie that Jack was a cop, and she lit into Ben about it.

Eddie couldn't believe his eyes when a nervous Georgia was introduced to the raucous crowd. Andy and Molly were both passed out as the kitchen continued to fill with gas from the untended burner.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Georgia's stage debut at the Oasis was a fiasco. When several eager young men encouraged Georgia to strip, Eddie intervened by whisking Georgia off the stage. Georgia was furious at Eddie, Eddie was furious at Georgia, and Gary was furious at Eddie and Georgia. Later, Denise witnessed Gary trying to rough up Georgia and quickly jumped in to stop him. She told Ben she planned to press charges against Gary for beating her up. Georgia apologized to Eddie for not listening to him

Bob encouraged Julia to become a physician's assistant. Camille and Julia discussed Jack's propensity for helping Carly, and Camille admitted to Julia that she still cared for Ben.

While searching for Emily at the Oakdale Courts, Tom and Brad discovered a gas leak in Andy's apartment and rescued an inebriated Andy and an unconscious Molly. At the hospital, Andy was worried about Molly. Kim and Margo arrived concerned about Andy, who insisted that he was fine. When Molly awoke, Brad warned her that she couldn't protect Andy anymore.

Andy begged Molly not to tell anyone what had really happened, but Molly was fed up with his "I'll never drink again" double-talk. Meanwhile, Margo was upset when she realized that Tom had been able to save Andy's life because he had been looking for Emily.

Jack and Carly arrived in time to recuse the judge presiding over the temporary custody hearing. Jack quickly found a replacement who, after hearing arguments from both sides, awarded temporary custody of Parker to Carly.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Molly worried to Brad about Andy's whereabouts. Jack sensed Julia's unease about his spending time with Carly. Lucinda alerted Holden and Lily to James's search for Emily and how he believed he would find David when he found her. Rita handed over a package to her boss with photos of Emily.

Brad counseled Molly to stop covering for Andy, and when Kim called, Molly confessed that she didn't know where Kim's son was. Margo had to restrain John from going after Carly in the hospital. She refused to dig up dirt on Carly for him for the custody case.

James cornered a flustered Julia and told her that Lucinda claimed David was dead. Julia was not a good liar -- James urged her to tell the truth. Tom and Susan found Emily's apartment undisturbed -- her prenatal vitamins were on the counter, which disturbed them. A nurse visited Emily in the psychiatric hospital, and Emily prepared to attack her. When Julia refused to help him, James promised her that her lies would eat her up inside.

Margo apprised John of Andy's gas inhalation the night before. Molly asked John and Margo to go with her to her meeting with Kim, as what she had to say concerned Andy.

Carly told Jack that she wished Parker had been conceived with the man she loved. Afterward, Brad accused Carly of using her child to get to his brother. Carly fired Brad as her contractor, but he told her he had a special skill, and she'd be back.

Susan assured Tom that she didn't blame him for what had happened to her daughter -- Emily had played her own part in it. James walked in as Tom received a phone call from Emily, who had rendered the nurse unconscious. John and Margo didn't believe Molly when she admitted that Andy had started drinking again. Kim, however, broke down and cried -- in her heart, she had known it already.

Julia was skeptical of Jack's claim that he was through helping Carly. Waiting for Hope's christening to start, Julia popped pills. Emily's call to Tom was cut off by the hospital. John wanted to confront Andy together. As Hope was christened, the hospital apprised Rita's boss of Emily's call -- if Tom were able to trace it, he'd know everything.

Carly admitted to Brad that she was rethinking her decision to fire him. A bitter Molly observed as Brad asserted to Carly that she couldn't live without him. Andy returned home from work and found Kim, Bob, John, and Margo waiting. The mystery man prepared a package to be sent to James, donning gloves to retrieve a gun sealed in a plastic bag.



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