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Rachel had a plan to expose Stark. Grant pressured Marley to hand over the tape in exchange for him dropping the charges against her for his shooting. Vicky felt sorry for Marley but couldn't forgive her. Tyrone stopped Marley from ending her life. Lila and Cass tried to forget each other.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on AW
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Monday, January 18, 1999

Cass called Sofia, asking for help in breaking up Matt and Lila. Rachel visited him, and he told her he had a plan to expose what Jordan had been doing to their loved ones. Meanwhile, following Jordan's suggestion, Matt told Lila that he wanted to make love to her. She was surprised and asked him, "Why now?" She reminded him that a few hours earlier, all Matt had been able to think about had been Sofia. Yet suddenly he wanted to make love to Lila.

Matt said, "I was confused then... I'm not now." He wanted to make their marriage real. He had written to Sofia, saying that if she thought they still had a chance to be together, she should stop thinking that. He told Lila it could be a new start for their family. It would make them strong, and no one would be able to hurt them. They kissed, but when she looked at him, she saw Cass. Surprised, she slapped him across the face. She apologized to Matt, but he figured that he had just come on too strong, and he told her it was okay.

Vicky planned a night of movie-watching with the boys as soon as she got out of the hospital. They were worried that the movies might be scary for her, but she assured them that she was not afraid of anything anymore. Vicky was touched by her boys' concern, but she wanted them to stop worrying so they could move on and forget what had happened. Steven asked why she kept referring to it as "what happened" when they knew Aunt Marley had kidnapped her. He pointed out that Vicky couldn't even say her name.

Grant pressured Marley to give him the tape. He promised to keep her from being charged with his shooting if she did. Jake entered the jail, found Grant there, and slugged him. Jake asked why Grant was there then figured out that he was there for the tape. Marley told Jake she wanted to do the right thing with the tape so he might stop hating her. Grant told her that no matter what she did, Jake would hate her until the day he died.

Tyrone showed up and ordered them to leave his client alone. Jake said that Marley had been on the verge of saying where the tape was, but Tyrone said he had to protect Marley. He wouldn't allow anyone to use or manipulate her again. Jake couldn't understand Tyrone's loyalty to Marley. She'd had Vicky held prisoner for weeks, and Vicky could have died, Jake argued.

Tyrone wasn't denying any of that, but he also remembered seeing a terrified woman saving her sister's life. They needed to look at the whole picture, he said. He couldn't let his anger take over. Jake said that he could choke Marley, watch the life drain out of her, and not lose one second of sleep over it. Tyrone said Jake had to stay away from Marley. Jake felt Tyrone was betraying him and said that their friendship was over. Marley was devastated when Jake left and asked Tyrone why he had sent Jake away.

Cass suggested that Rachel have Matt "kidnapped" and "deprogrammed." She was appalled at the thought. She thought Cass was just interested in getting Lila, but Cass said it would be in everyone's best interest. She said she couldn't agree to having Matt kidnapped; after all, he was her son.

Grant went to Marley's house to search for the tape. There, he found Cindy, who had already broken in on her own. Grant asked her if she was looking for the tape. She said that was obvious. She told him she wanted to find it to protect him from Marley, but he thought she wanted to use it against him. They argued about who had stabbed whom in the back more often.

Cindy reminded Grant that she'd done a lot for him, but he couldn't love her because he still loved Vicky. She said Vicky had confronted him with the tape and had told him to turn himself in to the police, yet he still loved her. He asked her how she knew what Vicky had said before he was shot. Cindy said that she had shot him because she had wanted him dead then had nursed him back to health. She asked him if that made any sense.

Cindy said Grant always thought the worst of her but that if he'd listen to his heart, he'd know she could never hurt him because she loved him. She was crying and asked him if that meant anything to him. He said yes, it meant she hadn't found the tape.

Vicky told the boys that she still loved the Marley that she had known before, and that with the right help, Marley could be that person again. Jake arrived and sent the boys off to have some fun. Vicky could see that something was bothering him and asked if it was about Marley. Jake couldn't seem to find the words to describe how much he hated Marley and couldn't understand why Vicky didn't feel the same way. She said that although she had gone through hell, the reason she had gotten out was because she'd had Jake and the boys to live for. Marley didn't have that.

Jake said that didn't excuse what Marley had done. Vicky said that if they spent all their time worrying about how to get back at Marley, instead of just being happy to be together, then Marley would win. Vicky just wanted things to go back to normal, and Jake wanted that too. The nurse walked in and announced that visiting hours were over, so Jake said goodnight and took the boys home. The nurse noticed that Vicky seemed upset and asked what was wrong. Vicky confided that in the past, she had loved falling asleep and dreaming, but lately, her dreams were scaring her to death.

Marley told Tyrone that she wanted to give Jake the tape so that he'd forgive her, but Tyrone said that it would not change the way Jake felt. He said that the fact that she had the tape was incriminating, and he wanted to use the tape to bargain to get her immunity. Marley wouldn't give up the idea that, deep down, Jake still loved her, despite Tyrone's efforts to make her see reason. She went on and on about Jake's "memories" of when they had first met and refused to believe it when Tyrone said Jake had just made it all up to get Vicky off the ledge.

Marley talked about the blue sweater Jake had said she was wearing then suddenly, she remembered that she had been wearing pink that day. She started to realize that Jake had made it up. She cried in Tyrone's arms. He told Toni that Marley needed to go to the hospital. She was hesitant to authorize the transfer, but he convinced her.

Lila said she didn't know what was wrong with her, but Matt said they were going to be fine. He said he should have known that a few candles couldn't make up for months of neglect. He said they'd keep working on their marriage, and soon the timing to make love would be right for both of them. Lila said she was afraid, but Matt said she didn't have to be; he'd take care of them, and nothing would hurt her or Jasmine. Matt left, and as Lila lay down on the bed, she whispered Cass's name.

Rachel told Cass that although she was suspicious of Jordan, she thought that Matt had not been under his control and had done only what he had wanted to do. Cass insisted that Lumina had taken away his free will, but Rachel said she didn't believe it anymore. She said Matt had been doing what he believed was right, and no one would change his mind. Meanwhile, Jordan was in his office, laughing at how easy it had been to manipulate Matt.

Jake went to Marley's house, and was at the front door while Grant and Cindy were still fighting inside. At the hospital, Vicky slept. When she opened her eyes, she saw Marley.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Due to NBC News coverage of the Impeachment trial, Another World was pre-empted.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Jordan vowed that he would somehow get to Amanda that night. But first, he would get Cameron out of his way. Just then, Rachel walked in and questioned what Jordan was doing. Rachel was impressed with Jordan's office. Rachel asked if Jordan could clear his calendar so she could sculpt him. She said it would be the perfect time, since Amanda was planning for her, Cameron, and Alli to go on a ski trip. Jordan told Rachel that he had a prior commitment. After Rachel left, Jordan's face transformed into Mr. Holliday.

Amanda surprised Alli with new skies and a ski trip. Alli walked off in disappointment when she discovered Cameron would be joining them. Cameron offered to stay home so Amanda could have an enjoyable weekend with her daughter. Cameron tried to convince Alli that he wasn't trying to take her dad's place. He knew how close she was with Sam. Alli told Cameron that he couldn't hold a candle to her father. Amanda and Cameron broke out into an argument with Allie, which forced her to go running upstairs.

Rachel returned home. At Rachel's suggestion, Amanda and Cameron went on the ski trip without Allie, and Rachel planned to spend the weekend with Alli. After Amanda and Cameron left, Alli looked on from the top of the stairs and vowed that their wedding was never going to happen.

Jordan, as Mr. Holliday, went to the Corys' to see Amanda. To his surprise, they had already left. Alli was happy to see him. He offered Alli his car whenever she wanted to go to the mall. After he left, Rachel walked in and asked Alli who had been at the door. When Alli told Rachel it had been Mr. Holliday, Rachel said that she still had not met him. Rachel was eager to meet the man who was funding the new BRAVA.

At the cabin, Cameron tried to make the evening romantic for Amanda and him, but at first, all Amanda could think about was Alli. While Amanda was sleeping, Cameron heard a noise outside. He went to investigate. Jordan walked up from behind, and Cameron was soon passed out on the ground. Jordan walked into the cabin and started to caress Amanda's hand while she lay there asleep. He asked, "Oh, Amanda, was it really you at last?"

Tyrone waited for Marley's arrival outside the hospital. The police truck showed up. To the officer's surprise, as well as Tyrone's, Marley wasn't in it.

At Marley's house, Grant and Cindy began to search for the tape when Jake walked in. Cindy made Grant hide in the next room while she confronted Jake. Jake and Cindy began to argue while Grant remained hidden. Jake said he knew that Cindy was only there to look for the tape. Cindy tried to convince Jake that she was on the same side as he was. Jake refused to work with her.

Jake received a phone call from Tyrone about Marley's disappearance. Jake and Tyrone figured Marley would be heading over to the hospital to see Vicky. After Jake left, Grant wanted to know what the phone call had been all about. Cindy didn't know. After Jake left, Cindy and Grant searched for the tape but didn't find it. Grant wanted to know why Cindy hadn't told Jake that Grant had been there. He thought Cindy was trying to help him and was grateful. Cindy denied the allegation. The two began to kiss passionately.

Vicky awoke in her hospital room and found Marley standing there. Marley said she didn't have much time. Marley wanted Vicky's forgiveness. She was feeling very bad for what she had done to Vicky. Vicky didn't want to hear it. There was no way Vicky was going to forgive Marley.

Vicky told Marley that she would never understand the cruelty and the lying that Marley had done. Vicky said she could have forgiven Marley if Vicky had been the only one to suffer. But instead, Jake, Steven, Kirkland, and Donna had gotten hurt in the process. "Sorry" was not going to cut it. Vicky said she was glad Michael was dead so he didn't have to see what Marley had become.

Vicky said she wanted to forgive Marley, but she would never be able to forget. Marley said it was going to be okay. When Vicky asked how, Marley replied she would not hurt Vicky or make her suffer again. A worried Vicky demanded to know what Marley meant by that. Vicky tried to convince Marley that there were people who loved her. Vicky began to cry.

Marley wanted Vicky to tell everyone she was sorry and that she loved them. She had never meant for it to go that far. Vicky wanted to know why Marley was acting as if she was never going to see Vicky again. Marley looked at her tearful sister and said, "Goodbye." Vicky screamed for Marley to return, but Marley left the hospital room.

Jake went to see Vicky. Vicky told Jake that she was feeling bad for Marley. Jake didn't want to hear about it. He was still very angry. Tyrone wanted to look for Marley to help her, while Jake wanted to call the police in. Jake reluctantly agreed to Tyrone's demands and gave him a half hour to find Marley, and then Jake was going to call the police.

Vicky felt bad for Marley and understood the guilt Marley had. Vicky told Jake that she'd had that kind of guilt after Michael died. Marley went to the pier. She was thinking about the past year from being hit by the car to her changed appearance. She felt as if her life wasn't going anywhere and wanted to end it all.

Tyrone finally found Marley. He tried to help Marley realize that ending her life wouldn't solve anything. He told her to move forward and try to turn things around. Tyrone tried to give advice as Michael would have. He begged her not to jump. Marley finally grabbed Tyrone's hand. She fell into his arms, and the two hugged in relief.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Jake went to the Bay City Police Station and told Joe that Marley was on the loose. He then explained to Joe how Vicky had told him that Marley had stopped by the hospital to see her and how he had agreed to give Tyrone half an hour to find Marley. Joe was furious that Jake had given Tyrone a half hour to find Marley and told Jake that he should have reported Marley's escape immediately. As he laid into Jake, Tyrone took Marley back to the police station, where an enraged Jake roared at both the attorney and a quivering Marley.

Joe cuffed Marley, and Jake went after Tyrone for being so sympathetic to Marley. Joe stepped between them, but Jake proceeded to attack Tyrone. Joe stopped him. Joe told Jake that he would take care of Marley, but Jake swore that he'd see that Marley was put in jail and stayed there. Jake angrily told Tyrone that Marley was snowing him like she did her sister, her mother, and everyone else. Joe told Jake to go home. Jake said one more final word before leaving and warned Joe that if his officers didn't keep Marley away from Vicky, he'd devise his own way to ensure his wife's safety. Jake left.

Grant got off the phone at the Harbor Club and told Cindy that Marley was back in custody. They discussed whether or not Marley was a threat to them. Grant said that as mayor, he should weigh in on escaped felons. Gary and Josie entered the restaurant, and Gary was upset that Cindy was back under Grant's thrall. He wondered if she was just working Grant to see what she could get out of him. Josie told him there was only one way to find out, so they went over to check it out.

Gary and Josie needled Cindy to see what was up, and Grant decided to head out on official business -- threatening Marley about the tape business. With Grant gone, Gary wanted to know just what Cindy was up to. She dodged his questions. He told her he and Josie were having a baby. Cindy remembered overhearing Cameron and Josie talking about their one-night stand from some time before, and she asked Josie about the baby.

Gary was beeped and had to take a call. Josie told Cindy that she had no interest in playing friends with Cindy. Josie added that far as she cared, Cindy could go down with Grant. Cindy told Josie she should be careful what she said because she was the one that had the most to lose. Cindy started asking Josie how far along she was in her pregnancy, but Josie refused to answer. Cindy said that she thought Josie had gotten pregnant while in Boca Linda.

Josie asked why Cindy was making such a big deal about it, and Cindy said she could spell it out if that was what Josie wanted. Gary returned and asked Cindy what Josie wanted to know. Cindy said they had just been talking about men who sometimes felt the pregnancy pains their wives had. Josie and Cindy made threatening eye contact at each other, and Josie told Gary she was ready to eat, so they excused themselves to go to their table to eat.

Up at the Cory cabin, while Cameron was out in the snow, knocked out, Jordan leaned over the sleeping Amanda, took out his pocket watch, touched her temple, and entreated her to remember the blissful days they had spent together in another place and time. He whispered the French phrase for "I love you." Sensing she wasn't alone, Amanda woke up and saw a disfigured Jordan Stark leaning over her. She began to scream.

Amanda's screams woke up Cameron, but by the time he got to her, Jordan was gone. She told him someone had been there, looking over her. He said he hadn't seen anyone, and there were no other footprints outside but his. Amanda asked what had happened to him, and he said he had gone to check on a noise he had thought he'd heard, and after that, he didn't remember anything else except waking up in the snow. Amanda was worried that Cameron had been outside, sleeping in the snow, but he told her that he didn't think he had been out there that long.

Cameron then told Amanda he had hurt his neck somehow, and Amanda was convinced that someone had knocked Cameron out and gone in to get her. Cameron told her that it had to have been a dream. A trembling Amanda was rattled and told Cameron she was sure she had seen a disfigured man leaning over her. Amanda wanted to leave immediately, so they packed up their stuff. They hugged, and Amanda said "I love you" in French, which was what Jordan had been saying to her over and over.

Back at the police station, Tyrone tried to talk down the escape charges against Marley, but Joe was not buying it. Joe said he needed to talk with Tyrone in his office and warned Marley that there were police guards all around her. He said if she tried to flee again, she would be sorry. Marley promised that she wouldn't move from her spot, and Tyrone and Joe left to go into Joe's office. Grant showed up to talk to Marley. Grant told her if she told him where the tape was, he could make her life easier and make sure she got a sympathetic judge. Marley told him it was too late.

Grant asked if Marley had given the tape to the police, and Marley said yes and no. She said the police might have it, but they didn't know they had it. Tyrone and Joe showed up and asked what was going on. Grant said he wanted Marley put behind bars or else Joe will be suspended without pay. Marley was afraid, but Tyrone told her that there would be guards outside her cell so nobody would hurt her. Tyrone told her that they had a tough fight ahead of them, and he hoped at the end, she would do something different with her life. Marley told Tyrone that she had once been a very good person, and she wished he had known her then.

Sitting down at the Harbor Club, having dinner, Gary fretted over Cindy falling back under Grant's charms and told Josie that he thought he was getting through to Cindy. Josie told him to open his eyes. Josie said Cindy was no good, she was poison, and he should just leave her alone. Gary wanted to know why Josie was so angry at Cindy, and Josie said she was just a little jealous of the attention he sometimes paid to Cindy. Grant returned to the Harbor Club and told Cindy that they were in big trouble and had to do some serious damage control. Grant told her that Marley had told him the police might already have the tape -- they just didn't know they had it.

Cindy told Grant that Marley was bluffing, but Grant didn't think so. Cindy thought Marley still had the tape and was keeping it to herself. She added that Marley played with people. She then told Grant that they probably couldn't believe anything Vicky said, either, and all of that oxygen deprivation and pneumonia could make her hallucinate. Thinking to herself, Cindy was mostly hoping Vicky wouldn't suddenly recall Cindy's role in the imprisonment, but she didn't let Grant in on that piece of information. Grant thanked Cindy for helping him that night, and she told him that he was welcome and that she had a few more aces up her sleeve.

Jake went to the Lucky Lady and filled Etta Mae, Toni, and Chris in on the developments with Marley. Chris and Etta Mae attempted to defuse Jake's anger, advising him to conserve his energy to help Vicky recover from her ordeal. Toni defended Tyrone's actions, but Etta Mae shared Jake's opinion; she was afraid for Tyrone. Chris told Jake that everyone was entitled to a lawyer, but Jake said there were hundreds of other lawyers. Jake said until Marley was permanently out of their lives, he didn't know how to make Vicky and the boys feel safe.

Jake talked with Chris and Toni about Marley's fatal attraction for him. Tyrone showed up and told Jake that Marley was in holding, and the arraignment would be scheduled as soon as possible. Jake told Tyrone that he knew Tyrone was doing his job; Jake just couldn't look at him. Tyrone thought Jake blamed him for everything, but Chris revealed that Jake blamed himself.

Chris went after Jake, and Tyrone sat down with Toni while Etta Mae joined them. Etta Mae wanted Tyrone to let someone else defend Marley. Tyrone said that he cared for Marley; she was his friend, and he wouldn't give up on her while she was down. Etta Mae just didn't want him getting tangled up in the wrong crusade because if Marley went over a cliff, she might take him with her.

Meanwhile, outside the Lucky Lady, Chris talked with Jake about Marley. Jake felt that he should have realized something was wrong with Marley from the beginning. Chris told Jake that Jake hadn't made Marley do what she had done. He said that at that moment, Vicky needed him. Jake knew Chris was right but said he would never let Vicky be threatened again.

Back at Lumina, Jordan was more determined than ever to regain the past with Amanda. He said to himself that they had been so close that she had almost surrendered to the past until Cameron had ruined everything. He then said that Cameron needed be stopped and vowed to make Amanda his again. He said he would do anything he had to do to get rid of Cameron Sinclair. He then looked at Amanda in his crystal ball.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Cass informed Felicia that he was finished chasing after Lila. He was upset that she had chosen Matt over him. Cass felt certain that Matt and Lila had slept together. Felicia didn't think Lila would ever sleep with Matt again because she was so in love with Cass. He went with that idea, saying she could never want Matt after being kissed by Cass. He was cheered up, and they left to attend Felicia's award ceremony.

Meanwhile, Matt continued to push Lila to make their marriage "real." She felt confused, and Matt wanted her to decide who she wanted: him or Cass. She said Cass wasn't the problem. She had just been thrown when Matt had suddenly wanted to make love to her. They decided to try to start their relationship over at the courtship phase. Matt left, and Lila called Zak, saying she needed his help.

Etta Mae rehired Tito as a manager. Nick didn't like it and told her Tito was a stalker and that she should fire him. Nick tried to tell Etta Mae about how Tito had broken into Remy's apartment, but she stopped him and said Tito had already told her. She was going to give him a chance. Nick didn't agree with her decision. He thought it was all a scam.

Remy talked to Tito alone to try to see if Nick was right, but Tito claimed he wanted to turn his life around, as she had. She didn't believe him and ordered him to tell her what he was up to, or she'd tell Etta Mae exactly what kind of person he was. Tito tried to convince Remy that he was just following her example and trying to make an honest living. She thought he still wanted to cause problems between her and Nick, but he said no; he accepted that she just wanted to be friends. He told her that a friend would never turn him in to the police as she had been thinking of doing. He gave Nick and Remy's relationship his blessing and asked her to let him get on with his life.

Zak met up with Lila at the award ceremony. She asked what Jordan had done to Matt to make him suddenly want her. He asked what was wrong with Matt wanting to make love to her; it was what she wanted, too. She said she just hadn't been able to go through with it. Zak suggested maybe it was because she belonged to someone else, perhaps Cass. She denied being in love with Cass and claimed he was only a distraction. Zak offered to arrange it so she'd want only Matt. She turned down the offer.

Felicia and Cass were upset with their limo driver, Sergei, because he had caused them to be quite late for the ceremony. He seemed to be a big fan of Felicia's, and he went on and on about how much he loved her books. Trying to please Felicia, Sergei sped off to the ceremony. Cass and Felicia begged him to stop.

Eventually, Sergei ran into another car. He blamed Felicia for the accident because she had insisted that he stop. She gave him a piece of her mind and made him cry. Cass intervened, and Sergei shoved him. Cass shoved him back, right into the other driver. The drivers started fighting, and Cass and Felicia departed on foot for the Harbor Club.

When Felicia finally arrived at the Harbor Club, Matt and Lila were relieved. They'd been stalling the reporters for a long time. Matt thanked Lila for her help with keeping the reporters busy. She had enjoyed it; helping him made her feel like part of his family. They gazed longingly into each other's eyes for a few moments before he left to talk to some people.

Cass walked in, and just the sight of him knocked Lila off-balance. She walked away and told herself to forget about him. Cass followed her and said he knew that Matt had made his move the night before. He also said he knew that nothing had happened, and that was proof of her love for Cass. He told her they were meant to be together, and he wouldn't give up until they were. Lila shocked him by telling him he was wrong and that she and Matt had made love the previous night. He refused to believe her at first, but she insisted it was the truth. She left for home with Matt.

Tito tried to get the lab to speed up the DNA tests, but he was unsuccessful. He said to himself that his plans would keep him there a little longer. Etta Mae overheard him and asked him what his plans were. He told her he was trying to clean up his act to impress a girl.

Felicia was relaxing at home and was surprised by a visit from Sergei. Matt and Lila got home and agreed to spend the night in the same room. Before going upstairs with Matt, she looked at a picture of Cass and apologized for hurting him, but she had to do it for Jasmine's sake. She vowed to find a way to forget about him. Back at the Harbor Club, Cass decided to back off from Lila and get her out of his heart forever.


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