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Felicia and Sergei agreed to a fresh start with one another. With Vicky's encouragement, Marley decided to get psychiatric help rather than go to prison. Cindy increased her blackmail demands on Josie. A furious Vicky confronted Cindy about Cindy's role in Marley's schemes.
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 25, 1999 on AW
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Monday, January 25, 1999

Jordan was determined to get Cameron away from Amanda. He remembers the conversation Cameron had with Josie on New Year's Eve, and comments to Zak that she might be the key to breaking up Cameron and Amanda. Sergei shows up at Felicia's apartment. He lost his job after she complained about his driving to his boss. He insists that since she had him fired, she's now responsible for taking care of him. When she refuses, he gets down on his knees and begs her to help him. He puts a good guilt trip on Felicia. He has only $3 and hasn't paid the rent. He told her he'll be deported and his mother will be ashamed. He asks her not to condemn him, a fellow artist, to poverty and shame just because he's a bad driver. Sergei manages to push Felicia's buttons until she's willing to help him.

Amanda and Alli argue again. Alli says that Sam was sending her a ticket to Paris. Amanda doesn't want her to go, but Alli says she's doing her a favor; she can get her freedom back once she leaves. Amanda struggles to work things out with Alli. She understands why Alli was upset finding out about the wedding the way she did, but just wants her to give Cameron a chance. But Alli was convinced that Amanda was more concerned with her own happiness than her daughter's, and went away to pack. Amanda told Alli she can't go to Paris. She doesn't want her to run away from whatever was bothering her. And she wants her to give Cameron a chance. Alli can't figure out what's so special about Cameron... especially compared to Sam, and Grant, and Evan. Amanda says the others were all mistakes, but Cameron isn't. Alli asks how she can be sure. Amanda says he overcame a lot of harsh circumstances and still made himself into a good man, and if Alli gives him a chance, she'll see that, too.

Grant was still pondering how to get the tape from Marley. He thinks she may have already used it to bargain with the D.A. for a deal. Cindy suggests he call the D.A.'s office to see if he can learn anything. He does this, and finds out that Marley hasn't made any deals. Cindy figures that Marley had the tape with her when she was arrested, and that it's with her personal possessions at the jail.

Cameron runs into David Halliday at the Lucky Lady. David asks to speak to him. Cameron's reluctant, but agrees when David says it's about Amanda. Gary and Josie are there, too, and Cindy finds them. When she gets a few minutes alone with Josie, she says she needs to know if the police got a tape from Marley when she was arrested. Josie says she can't give Cindy that information, so Cindy threatens to tell Gary that Cameron was the father of Josie's baby if Josie won't help her. David asks Cameron if Amanda has said anything about him being around too much or in her way. Cameron says she never mentioned it to him. David takes that as a good sign. Cameron wonders about these questions and asks David what he wants. Josie tries to deny that Cameron's the father, but Cindy reveals that she heard Josie and Cameron talking right after coming back from Boca Linda. She says she'd hate to see Gary hurt, but that she'll tell him Josie's secret if Josie won't get her the tape. She asks Josie if she'll co-operate, but before she can answer, Josie experiences abdominal pain. Both Gary and Cameron rush to help her. David watches and remembers the conversation he heard between Cameron and Josie. The pain went away, and Josie seems to be fine. David told Cameron he'll leave him to tend to his family.

Felicia relents and allows Sergei to sleep on her sofa. He thanks her profusely, but she warns him it's just for one night. She leaves him to settle in, but watches from around the corner as he unpacks. A little later, he surprises her with a dinner, complete with caviar he brought from Russia. Felicia was impressed. She loves Sergei's meal. They agree to make a fresh start with each other. He finds some sparkling cider, and suggests they make a toast to art. Unfortunately, when he opens the bottle, he spills cider all over her. Felicia was furious again as Sergei does his best to apologize.

Grant finds Cindy and they sneak outside together. He asks her if Josie will get the tape for them. Cindy assures him he'll get the tape. Grant considers the possibility that Vicky may still have it. He decides to pay her a visit.

Josie gets a moment alone with Cameron and told him of Cindy's blackmail. Cameron asks her what she's going to do, and says he'll back her up no matter what she decides. Before she can answer, Amanda arrives. Amanda told Cameron about her talk with Alli; he assures her that Alli will come around in time.

Jordan went back to the office. He has Zak find information for him about the events from Boca Linda. He then asks Zak to hack into the hospital computers, and get him all the information on Josie's pregnancy.

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Ms. Allen delivered Josie's medical records to Jordan. Jordan was disappointed to find that Josie was pregnant. He wondered if Cameron was the father of Josie's baby. Then he could use this to get Amanda away from Cameron.

Amanda told Cameron that she was still having nightmares of that hideous face at the cabin. Amanda was beginning to wonder if it was a dream because it seemed so real.

David Holiday showed up to discuss business with Amanda. Amanda couldn't help but notice David staring at her. When she asked him about it, he apologized and told her that she reminded her of someone he saw in a painting. Cameron came in and wanted to know what was going on. Cameron was suspicious of David's true intentions. He was wondering why David keeps popping up. Amanda began to get embarrassed when Cameron got David flustered. Amanda dragged Cameron into the living room and scolded him for his behavior. For Amanda's sake, he apologized to David. The two men shook hands and called a truce. Grant and Cindy confirmed their story. They are going to tell everyone that Marley was the one that shot Grant. The newly found lovebirds decided to hear the tape one last time before destroying it. To their surprise, they discovered that it was the wrong tape. Instead of Grant's confession, it was music that was on the tape. Grant accused Cindy for doing this on purpose. Cindy tried to defend herself, but Grant refused to believe her. Grant headed over to see Marley's arraignment. Cindy headed over to see Josie. Josie told Gary that she was thinking of quitting the force. Gary tried to persuade her to stay on and that she was overreacting. Josie felt that she didn't deserve to be a cop. After Gary left, Cindy accused Josie of purposely giving her the wrong tape. Josie was actually relieved that the real tape was still out there somewhere. Josie told Cindy that that was the only tape in Marley's personal belongings. Cindy threatened to tell Gary the truth about Josie's baby and bragged that she has Josie wrapped around her finger. Josie called Cameron and requested a meeting. Cameron agreed to meet her. Cameron told Amanda that he had to help Josie with a surprise for Gary. David wondered what surprise Cameron and Josie were cooking up. Amanda left the room for a minute. When she returned, David was nowhere to be found. Josie met with Cameron. She told him about Cindy. He offered to help her but didn't know how. Josie was longing for happiness. Josie sensed that something awful was out there and was about to happen. David looked on listening to what the two had to say.

At Marley's arraignment, Vicky walked in. Marley was excited that Vicky showed up. Vicky told Marley not to plead guilty. Marley informed Vicky that she already did. Vicky told the judge that she knows Marley better than anyone. She tried to convince the judge that Marley needs help. After the judge ordered for a recess, Vicky demanded that Marley "cut the crap." Jake was reluctant about letting Vicky talk to Marley alone but eventually agreed. Jake went out in the hallway to wait with Tyrone, Donna, and Nick. Once Vicky and Marley were alone, Vicky slapped Marley across the face. Vicky demanded for Marley to stop the "passion play." Vicky told Marley that she and Donna will be forever concerned about her despite the fact that she doesn't want to. She and Donna will both feel better if Marley went for help instead of prison. Vicky told Marley to be brave. If she admits she was sick, then she will get better. Marley needs to take responsibility for her mistakes.

Grant showed up after the recess. Gary wondered why he was even there. When the judge asked Marley if she changed her plea, she pled "not guilty by reason of insanity." The judge ordered for Marley to go for an evaluation until further sentencing can be done. Bail was denied. Marley looked at Vicky and thanked her. Marley was taken away, and Vicky began to cry. After they took Marley away, Donna told Nick that the past was more powerful than the future. Cindy showed up at the courthouse. Jake yelled at Grant and Cindy to get out. Just then, Vicky remembered Cindy's involvement with Marley. She screamed, "It was you. You were in on the whole thing with Marley."

Thursday, January 28, 1999

Lila was on the phone trying to get a hold of Cass and was frustrated to learn that he has gotten all her other messages, but still hasn't called back. Matt walked in on her and told her to hang up the phone and wanted to know why she was calling Cass. Lila covers by saying that she felt bad about some of the things she had said to Cass the other night and wanted to say she was sorry. Matt insisted she had to pick either him or Cass. She didn't like being bossed around, and told Matt that Cass was a friend. Matt then reminds Lila that she'll have to vastly limit her contact with Cass if she truly wants their marriage to work. Lila told him that she does want their marriage to work. Amanda came in, looking for David, and asked if they had seen him. They tell her they haven't. She then starts wondering why he would just walk out of a meeting. Lila offers some off the wall reason for David's sudden absence, but Amanda was still puzzled. The phone rings, it's Jordan/David calling Amanda to tell her that he's at the airport and remembered he had to drop papers off for a client. He suggest they have dinner, but Amanda says she has plans with Cameron. Jordan/David suggest she bring Cameron along, but Amanda told him that she will call him tomorrow. Jordan/David told her he'll be looking forward to her call and they hang up. Afterwards, Amanda asks Matt and Lila what they are doing this evening. Lila thinks Amanda wants to be alone with Cameron and asks her if she wants them to leave. Matt jokingly told her that she was just alone with Cameron up at the Cory Cabin. Amanda told them that they weren't exactly completely alone and then told them about her run in with the mysterious disfigured man at the cabin. As Amanda told her brother about her strange experience at the cabin, Lila realizes that the hideous stranger being described sounds a lot like Jordan Stark.

As Jordan listens from his hiding place, Josie warns Cameron that Cindy was increasing her blackmail demands. She also told him about how guilty she feels about betraying Joe and that she tried to resign from the police force, but Gary tried to talk her out of it. Cameron told Josie he'd speak with Cindy, and made Josie promise not to turn in her badge. Josie agreed for now, but says that Cindy now feels that she has a cop in her pocket and will try to use the information she has on them to further her plan any time she wants. Cameron tried to reassure her it would be okay. He then told her he has to go because Amanda was expecting him. Josie says she's due back at the force to and they begin to leave. Jordan calls Zak and told him he no longer needs him to research Cameron, because he now had everything he needed to get Cameron out of Amanda's life forever. As Jordan tried to leave, a boy ran into him and seeing his disfigured face, begins screaming "Help! A Monster." Jordan tries to tell him not to be afraid, but the boy runs off and runs into Josie and Cameron. Josie asks what was wrong and the little boy told them he'd seen a monster. Cameron jokes that there was no such thing as monsters, but the boy told them about seeing a man with a messed up face, who looked like a monster. Cameron went after the guy and Josie stays with the kid. Cameron returns and says the boogie man was gone. The boy sees his friends and leaves. Afterwards, Cameron told Josie that Amanda says she saw a disfigured man up at the cabin. They both tell each other they will be in touch and leave. Jordan comes out of hiding and calls Amanda as David.

After recalling how the mayor's ex-wife foiled her attempt to escape from Marley's basement, Vicky furiously confronts Cindy and accuses her of helping Marley keep her locked down in the basement. Cindy denies her accusation, but Jake knows it was true because he found her at Marley's the same day Vicky said she was there. Cindy tries to leave, but Grant pulls her back and asks her if this was true. Cindy continues to deny it and told Vicky that she must have been hallucinating. Gary walks in and hears all of this and was shocked. Cindy begs Gary to get her out of there and says he knows what kind of a person she was and knows that she couldn't do what Vicky was accusing her of. However, Gary doesn't believe Cindy and was angry at her for lying to him. Vicky demands to speak with Joe, but Jake says they should just go home and rest. Vicky agrees, but says she won't forget this and will press charges. After Jake and Vicky are gone, Cindy told Gary that Vicky was as nutty as her sister, but Gary doesn't believe her. Grant grabs Cindy and takes her home.

An enraged Grant accuses Cindy of conspiring with Marley and demands Cindy tell him the truth, all of it. As they fight, Grant accuses her and Marley of leaving Vicky for dead. Finally blurting out a confession, Cindy reveals that she was working with Marley and that Marley promised her that Vicky wouldn't get hurt! Grant told Cindy that she disgusts him and she begs Grant to believe that everything she did was for him. Grant doesn't buy it and Cindy told him if Vicky had gone to the police, he'd be in prison right now. She then told him that she had to keep Vicky locked up until he was well enough to fight her. Grant asks her if the bullet he took in the chest was her protecting him too? He then strikes a nerve when he asks her if she shot him to nurse him back to health and make him hers again? A nervous Cindy denies it and told Grant not to flatter himself. Grant seductively comes on to her and told her that she would do anything for him wouldn't she. Cindy almost breaks into a confession when he starts kissing her on the neck, but holds her own and keeps mum about shooting him. She then told Grant that he was an addiction she despises, but can't get enough of. Attracted by their mutual loathing, Grant and Cindy's love-hate relationship boils over and plunges them back into one another's arms as they began to make love. Afterwards, Grant warns Cindy if he finds out that she was the one who shot him, he would come after her.

Gary went to the station and fills Josie in about what happened at the courthouse and what Cindy may have done. Josie was excited at the prospect of arresting Cindy, and told Gary it was no surprise to her and begs Gary to see Cindy for who she really is. Gary defends her and advises prudence because he was concerned for Cindy and says that Grant was somehow making her do this. He then told Josie he wanted to talk to Cindy about all of this. Josie panics when Gary considers squeezing Cindy for the truth and begged him to keep away from Cindy, claiming that she would suck him into trouble. He finally agreed to keep away from her and would try to drop this vendetta against Grant. He then comes up with a better idea and says that he'll get Cameron to lean on Cindy instead, and left before Josie could protest.

Jake takes Vicky home and Steven and Kirkland welcomed Jake and Vicky home with balloons and banners. Noticing that Kirkland isn't as overjoyed as the rest of them, Vicky asks him what was wrong. He asks her if she was home for good now. She promises the boys that she was home for good and Jake promised the boys that from here on out, everything would be all right, and that they would make sure whoever did this would pay. After they are through celebrating Vicky's homecoming, Vicky sends the boys to bed and promises that when they awake next morning, she would be there. The boys kiss her and Jake goodnight and go upstairs to bed. Alone, Vicky told Jake that she needs to find out who was really behind everything. Jake speculated that Grant was in on it and Vicky was angry at the hold Grant always seemed to have over their lives, and vowed that she would break that hold. Jake agreed and told Vicky he just wants to hold her and make sure nothing ever happens to her. Vicky was wound up by all the memories she recalled today and wanted action. Jake convinces Vicky to rest and the two cuddle by the fireplace. Later, Vicky hinted that she had a plan and told Jake that she was the only one who can get close enough to Grant to find out the truth. Sensing where Vicky was going with all of this, Jake told Vicky that he doesn't like what she was thinking of doing.

After hearing about Amanda and Cameron's time up at the Cabin, Matt and Lila tried to arrange it so Cameron and Amanda could get some quiet time together. Amanda vetoed the idea and suggested that they all go out to dinner together. They agreed and Amanda went upstairs to get ready. While she was out of the room, Matt suggested to Lila that they should go on a honeymoon. Lila was shocked and a little apprehensive about it. Matt told her that they could take Jasmine and the nanny with them. Before Lila could agree or disagree with it, Cameron came home just about the same time Amanda came back downstairs and kissed her. As the lovebirds carry on like there was no else in the room but them, Lila and Matt felt awkward in their presence. Later, Jordan called Lila and said he wanted to see her immediately. Lila told him that was impossible because she was getting ready to leave to go out to dinner. He told her he expects to see her in 15 minutes and hangs up. A suspicious Matt asks her who was on the phone. She lies and told him it was someone calling from a dress shop that has an item she ordered for Jasmine and she has to go and get it. Matt told her that they can pick it up when they all get ready to leave for dinner, but Lila told him that was okay she will just run over there and get it and be right back before it was time to go. Matt asks her if that was Cass on the phone. She told him no it wasn't and then ran out quickly, promising Matt she wasn't going to see Cass. Matt was still suspicious and went upstairs to get ready for their dinner date. Alone, Amanda mentioned to Cameron how Lila was starting to grow on Matt. Cameron notices it too and they both think it was because of baby Jasmine. Later, Matt returned downstairs dressed and ready to go, but was somewhat unnerved that Lila hasn't returned yet. Amanda told he she should be along any minuite as they all sit there and wait on her.

Jordan went back to Lumina and looks at Cameron in his crystal ball. He told Zak all he has to do was arrange for Amanda to find out what Cameron has done, and then she'll be his. Lila arrives and asks Jordan what he wants now. Disclosing that Cameron has impregnated Josie, Jordan orders Lila to open Amanda's eyes to the truth about her husband-to-be. Lila laughs at such a ridiculous thing and told Jordan that she doesn't believe him. Jordan told her that he has proof. Lila asks him what kind of proof and Jordan told her that was not her concern, her concern was doing what he has asked her to do. Lila told him that Josie and Gary and Amanda and Cameron have the a kind of rare love that you don't see every day and they don't deserve to be hurt and she won't have anything to do with it. Jordan told her she can't expect to come to him begging him to make Matt love her and be a husband to her and not think that she won't get called for a favor. Lila told him she knows and was very grateful to him, but begs him not to make her do this. She told him that Gary was one of her closest friends and he and Josie have been wanting a baby for a long time and even if what he says about Cameron was true, she can't take that away from him and won't. Jordan told her she doesn't have a choice. Lila then accuses Jordan of being afraid of life and love. Jordan told her that she doesn't know the first thing about fear. Lila asks what he was after and he told her that she wouldn't believe him if he told her. Jordan told her to do what he told her or else. Lila still refused to tell, even after Jordan threatens her. His face appears in front of her inside the crystal ball and after seeing how serious he is, a frightened Lila gave in...........

Friday, January 29, 1999

Cass and Felicia return to her apartment, where Cass was surprised to see a shirtless Sergei serving food for Felicia. He demands to know what's going on. Felicia explains what happened. Cass thinks she's crazy to let Sergei stay there, and lets her know it. Felicia just seems amused by the whole situation, but eventually, she reminds Sergei that it's time for him to go.

Matt gets impatient for Lila to return. It's obvious that he thinks she's with Cass and it's driving him crazy. She's really at Lumina, trying to convince Jordan not to make her help him break up Amanda and Cameron. He refuses to let her off the hook, and uses Lila's fear of what he'll do to Jasmine to stop her from arguing with him. He gives her 24 hours to tell Amanda that Cameron was the father of Josie's baby. Lila finally returns home with a flimsy excuse for why she was gone so long. Cameron, Amanda, and Matt are ready to go to dinner, but Lila says she doesn't feel well and can't go. Matt gets angry and says she was fine when she left, and asks if something happened when she was out. She says she just doesn't feel well, and leaves to lie down. Amanda points out that she looked fine, but Cameron says that she looked terrified. He figures she's just having a hard time fitting in as a member of the Cory family. Matt tries to get Lila to tell him what was really wrong, but she sticks to her story. He leaves, and Lila holds Jasmine. She realizes she can't bear to put her daughter in danger, and that she has to do what Jordan wants.

Sergei gets his things packed and leaves. Cass restates his position that she was crazy to let him stay there... anything could have happened. But Felicia defends Sergei's character, and also points out that she was responsible for him losing his job. He starts lecturing her about the dangers of giving too much of yourself to someone who won't give back to you, and it doesn't take Felicia long to realize he's really talking about Lila.

Lila talks to Amanda. She says how important the truth is. She can't quite tell her about Cameron. Amanda, thinking Lila was just uncomfortable talking to her, encourages her to say whatever was on her mind. She also apologizes to Lila for not making her feel at home there. She asks Lila to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Lila was touched and accepts. She can't tell her about Cameron. After Amanda leaves, Lila takes Jasmine out of her crib and wonders what she's going to do about Jordan. Right after she picks up the baby, the French doors blow open and knock a big vase in the crib, where Jasmine was moments before. Lila runs out crying, "he's not going to take you away from me again."

Cass leaves and Sergei returns to Felicia's. He brought her flowers (from the lobby) to say thank you. He leaves again, but Felicia calls after him. He returns and Felicia asks him where he's going to sleep. He says he'll find a park bench. She says she doesn't want him to think she asked him to leave because she doesn't like him. He's thrilled to hear her says she likes him and says that knowledge will keep him warm. Then he leaves again.

After returning from dinner, Matt realizes Lila isn't home. He figures he knows where she went, and leaves to find her. Lila takes Jasmine to Cass's house. She's very upset, and told Cass how scared she was that Jasmine will never be safe. Cass asks her to slow down and tell him what she means. She says there's no time, there's no telling what he'll do next. Who, Cass asks. She tries to leave, but he stops her. Cass asks her to tell him, once and for all, what was going on. She says he can't tell anyone what she told him, and he agrees. She also asks him to forgive her, and he told her nothing she says will change the way he feels about her. Before she can say anything, there's a knock at the door. It's Matt. He orders her to come home with him. She told Cass everything will be OK and prepares to go. Cass told her he'll do whatever it takes to protect her, but that she has to tell him the truth about what was wrong before he can help her.



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