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Test results led Paulina to believe Tito was her son. Lila asked Cass to help her and Jasmine flee Bay City. Cass visited Frankie's grave. Stark made plans to distract Cass from Lila. Jake and Vicky worked to get the truth out of Marley and Grant.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on AW
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Monday, February 11, 1999

Joe captures Tito at Carlino's and, thinking he broke in, was about to arrest him, but Paulina covers for him. Joe asks to speak to Paulina alone, and Tito takes the opportunity to leave the adjusted lab results for Paulina. Remy almost catches Tito, but he quickly leaves. She follows him and says she knows he's up to something, and if he doesn't tell her what it is, then she's going to tell Joe everything she knows about him. Tito continues to deny that he's trying to work a scam, but she won't believe him. He told her he wants to make an honest living, so that he can buy her things and take her on a trip. He asks her what she wants and she says all she really wants was her mother. He gets quiet, and says he wishes he could help her with that.

Vicky comes up with a plan to catch Cindy and Grant. She wants to go after Grant herself. Jake was totally opposed to the idea, but she's determined. Jake will visit Marley in the hospital to see if she'll give him any information on Grant and Cindy. Vicky calls Grant and arranges to see him. He kicks Cindy out of his bed so he can meet with Vicky. Cindy's not at all happy about this, but he told her to lose the jealousy routine. He gives her some money and a credit card and sends her away. Vicky arrives shortly after Cindy leaves. She told him she's worried about Kirkland because he's afraid she'll be kidnapped again. Grant says he'll do anything to help his son. Vicky fakes being upset to gain Grant's sympathy. She told him it would be better if she can explain to Kirkland what happened... how Marley kidnapped her, and who helped her do it. Grant sticks to his story that he can't remember, but hugs her and says he'll help her any way he can. Suddenly, Cindy walks in, and she not happy to find the two of them in an embrace. Vicky and Cindy exchange a few harsh words before Vicky leaves. Cindy tries to warn Grant that Vicky was out to get them, but he doesn't listen. He warns her to leave Vicky alone, but she plans to do something with or without Grant's help.

Tyrone visits Marley in the hospital. She's having a hard time adjusting and begs him to get her out, but he says it was better than going to prison. And because she's still not over her obsession with Jake, she needs the treatment the hospital can provide. Marley insists that she doesn't love Jake anymore, but she's not very convincing and she you can see a small smile on her face when Jake shows up. Tyrone tries to send Jake away, but Marley wants to talk to him, and told Tyrone to leave instead. Jake was much calmer with Marley than he had been since her arrest. He starts making small talk, and Marley asks him what he really wants to know. They talk for a short while. He told her he could never hate the Marley he used to know, and she says she hopes she can be that person again once she gets better.

Nick visits Joe and the two of them chat. Nick mentions the way that Tito has been making himself a presence in Remy's life. When he describes Tito, Joe says it sounds like the same guy who has been hanging around Paulina. He vows that if someone was trying to con his wife, they'll have to deal with him.

Paulina finds Tito so they can look at the DNA test results together. Paulina was too nervous to open the letter, so she gives it to Tito. He opens it, reads it and passes her the results. She reads them and says, "I knew it! You're my son!" By this point, both of them are crying. She mentions something about how she thought no one would ever know. He asks her what she means by that. At first, she says she can't say... then she agrees to tell him.

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Though Remy attempts to throw him off the track, Joe remains grimly determined to prove that Tito was a con artist who has attached himself to Paulina. Meanwhile, "Tim" encourages Paulina to disclose the secret she's been keeping. Alli plans a nasty surprise for her mother and Cameron. As Cass urges Lila to tell him why she's so frightened, Jordan phones and reminds Jasmine's trembling mother that her baby's life hangs in the balance if she doesn't comply with his demands. Tito advises Paulina to wait a while before she blurts out the whole story to her husband. Later, when a suspicious Remy questions him, Tito claims that Paulina was always hanging around because she wants him. Amanda was mortified when Alli sweetly inquires of Cameron if the rumors about him murdering his own father are true. Paulina leaps to "Tim's" defense after Joe warns her that the boy has been running scams all over town. Ignoring Amanda's scolding, Alli loudly insists she won't attend a killer's wedding.! ! Paulina decides to foot the bill to rent an apartment for "Tim". Lila tries to trick Jordan into believing that she's carried out his orders but he quickly calls her bluff. Later, a panicked Lila asks Cass to help her and Jasmine flee Bay City forever.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Jake told Vicky that he was reaching out to Marley and eventually she will say what Grant and Cindy's involvement was. Vicky feels she was connecting with Grant. If it hadn't been for Cindy's interruption, she and Grant would have bonded a little more. Vicky feels strongly that Grant had something to do with Marley's decent into madness. She couldn't have gone insane on her own. Vicky went to pick Kirkland up while Jake went to see Marley.

At Grant's, Vicky waited for Kirkland to get his stuff together and started looking for the tape. Cindy walked in and caught Vicky. The two began to argue. Vicky said she was looking for the tape. Cindy replied "He wouldn't leave it lying around here." Vicky was happy to hear that Grant and Cindy were expecting it to resurface. Vicky told Cindy that she knows Cindy helped Marley. Cindy replied, "It's your word against mine." Cindy told Vicky that Marley went crazy all on her own. Kirkland came out and caught Cindy and Vicky fighting. He screamed and Grant came in. When Kirkland told Grant what was going on, Grant jumped to Vicky's defense. In the hallway, Grant and Vicky agreed to try and be friends. Cindy vowed to get the tape and save her own neck.

Jake went to see Marley. He told Marley that he wanted to help her. He wanted to know how the Marley he knew could change so much. Marley told Jake that it made sense to do the things she did at the time she did them. Jake told Marley if she was really sorry then she would give him the name of the person who helped her. Marley told Jake that she made her own choices and she was the only one to blame. Jake said if he knew who helped her she would be able to trust her again and eventually he would be able to forgive her.

Finally, Marley said that she would tell him in confidence only because she wants Jake's forgiveness. She then told Jake that it was Cindy who helped her. Jake began to get angry so Marley stopped talking. He left with the promise of returning so he could hear the rest.

Joe asked Josie to give up her desk duty punishment and help him track down the tape with Grant's confession on it. He wants to use the tape to find out Grant and Cindy's involvement was with Vicki's kidnapping. Josie told Joe that she couldn't do it. (She doesn't want to get on Cindy's bad side since she was being blackmailed by her.) Josie told Joe that she should check with Gary before she take on a case, since he was so worried about her health.

After Joe left, Cindy walked in and demanded the tape from Josie. Josie told Cindy that she doesn't have it. Cindy wanted to know everything about the Marley Hudson Case. Josie finally told Cindy to go ahead and tell Gary and that she didn't care. Cindy didn't believe her. Josie tried to convince Cindy that she doesn't know anything.

Jake stormed in and went straight to Joe's office. Josie was able to figure out by the look on Cindy's face that Cindy was involved with Vicky's kidnapping. Cindy tried to defend herself to Josie and reminded Josie that she will talk if Cindy gets caught for helping Marley.

Jake told Joe what Marley said about Cindy's involvement with Vicky's kidnapping. Joe already knew that. After Jake left, Joe told Josie to make Cindy her main priority. He wants her to get close to Cindy. Meanwhile, Cindy phoned Gary and asked him to meet her at the police station. Marley called Vicky and the two sisters bonded. Marley told Vicky to tell Jake that she wants to help Jake out as much as she could in hopes that Jake will one day be able to forgive her.

Cass refused to take Lila to the airport unless she tell him everything about Jordan. Lila was too frightened to tell Cass fearing that his life might be in danger. Cass demanded to why Lila was planning on running away. Lila told Cass that Jordan threatened Jasmine and that Jordan had something to do with her baby's kidnapping. She continued to tell Cass how Jordan wants Lila to spy on the Cory family. Cass then asked if Jordan made Matthew propose to Lila. Lila reluctantly responded, "Yes."

Cass took Lila home and then went to see Jordan. Cass demanded that Jordan stop his threats and leave Lila and Amanda alone. Jordan informed Cass that he was mistaken of Lila's accusations. Jordan told Cass that he wanted nothing to do with Lila.

Matthew searched for Lila and couldn't find her or Cass. Rachel told Matthew to make sure his marriage was worth defending before he continue to search for Lila. Matthew began to get angry with Rachel for her accusation. He was afraid that his family could be in danger. He doesn't have a choice, he needs to be a good husband to her. Matthew questioned why he has to defend himself to his mother. Lila called but refused to tell Matthew where she was. She promised that she wasn't going to run away. Matthew asked if she was with Cass. She said "No." Lila said that she needed time. Rachel doesn't think Lila was leaving Matthew because she was too happy being a Cory and living in the Cory mansion. Matthew threw his drink across the living room.

Cass went back to Lila's house. Cass assured Lila that Jordan won't bother her again. Lila admitted to Cass that she feels closer to him than she has been admitting. She feels safe with him. She then said "I love you Cass Winthrop."

Jordan began to research Cass and his life. He started by reading an article in the Herald about Frankie's murder.

Thursday, February 4, 1999

Amanda shows Cameron around the Cory chapel, hoping he'll agree to hold their wedding there. Cameron told her it was a little weird for holding their wedding there and where he's from to own your own house was a big deal, but to own a church. Amanda told him it was a Chapel and it was just an idea. Cameron told her he needs a second to get a feel for the place first. Trying to sell him on the idea, Amanda told him that she and Allie have been baptized here. Cameron told her so was Jasmine and he was there for that event. Amanda told him there are plenty of other places they can get married and then adds that they only have a couple of weeks to decide. Cameron grows silent and Amanda told him this was where he was suppose to tell her that everything's going to be okay. Still silent, Amanda begins to sense that Cameron was thinking of all those harsh words Allie said to him and asks him what was wrong? He hugs her and she told him that she realizes that what Allie said to him was still bothering him. He told her that's not what was bothering him, not exactly. She told him that she was kind of hoping that was what it was, because that could mean that her bringing him here was a mistake and that he's getting cold feet. Cameron says just now she asked him if everything's going to be okay and he doesn't know if he can say that. Amanda thinks it's because of Allie and told him that she just doesn't understand where he was coming from. Cameron told her it's a big step for Allie to see her mom get remarried and he sure doesn't look like stepdad material. Amanda told him he was wrong, but Cameron told her that things are bad enough the way they are and Allie finding out about him killing his dad probably made it worse. Amanda told him that they just have to make Allie understand, that's all, but Cameron told her what's the use. She says because they are going to get married and they're going to be a family. Cameron told her sometimes he thinks he's just full of surprises and they are all bad. He then told her that he doesn't want her to have any more bad surprises. Amanda asks him what was he talking about and Cameron told her she was the most precious, beautiful woman he has ever known, but every time he turns around, something from his past comes out and smacks him in the face. He doesn't want her or Allie to have to deal with his past and he doesn't want that kind of responsibility hanging over his head. Certain all the skeletons are about to start tumbling out of his closet, Cameron wonders if Amanda would be better off without him. He then has a memory flashback of making love to Josie and Amanda asking him if Josie's baby was his and him lying to her. Coming out of his flashback, Cameron told Amanda before they go any further, he has to tell her something. Amanda says she can see it in his eyes, he doesn't want to marry her. Cameron told her she doesn't understand. Amanda told him to just tell her. Cameron told her that he's not the guy she thinks he is. Amanda told him that she loves him and wants to marry him, but not if he doesn't want to marry her. Cameron told her that he does want to marry her and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Amanda asks if he was sure and he swears in front of her own private alter that he wants to marry her. While they professed their love for each other, Jordan watched from the shadows.

Gary shows up at the station and Cindy told him that Joe was trying to pin Vicky's kidnapping and Grant's shooting on her. Inside, Joe doesn't understand why Josie isn't jumping at the chance to nail Cindy. Josie has a memory flashback of Cindy telling her: She had better find out what they've got on her in the investigation or she will be forced to tell Gary that the little bun in there looks an awful lot like his brother. Coming out of the flashback, Josie grows faint and Joe asks her if she was alright. She told him she was just tired and was going to call Gary to see if he could bring her some dinner. Joe says why don't you asks him in person as Gary and Cindy then walk into the precinct. Josie asks Gary if he asked Cindy to meet her, but Cindy says she called Gary. Joe lays into Cindy about all the things she's done wrong and all he wants was the truth. Cindy told Joe that he believes everything everyone says about her and she doesn't like having a case built against her. Cindy says that she just wants to know what Jake said about Grant and her. Joe told her that he's not telling her anything and unless she has a statement, she should get out. Joe told Gary they need to talk and they go into Joe's office. Inside Joe's office, Joe asks Gary why he was siding with Cindy? Gary says he just came because she said he was in trouble. Joe told Gary that Marley admitted to Jake already that Cindy was helping her, which upsets Gary who can't believe that Cindy has been lying to him all along. Joe calms Gary down and told him they can use Cindy's trust in Gary to work for them. He then asks Gary to play along as Cindy's friend, it may come in handy.

Outside the office, Josie told Cindy that she heard what Joe said and if she was not going to make a statement, she should get out. Cindy told Josie she was not going anywhere until they get a few things straight. Josie asks Cindy what does she want from her. Cindy told Josie first off, she wants to know what Jake told Joe, second she wants everything Joe has on the investigation against Marley, and third and most important, she wants Josie to make sure that Joe turns up nothing on her and Grant. Josie told her that police investigations are supposed to be confidential and if she gives Cindy that information, she will be breaking the law. Cindy says that she hopes her and her conscience have a very happy life alone together. As Cindy continues to taunt Josie, she told her that she doesn't want to make things hard for Josie, but will if Josie doesn't do as she has asked. Gary comes out of Joe's office and told Cindy he'll walk her out and also told Josie to take care and he'll throw something on for dinner tonight. Josie told him that'll be fine and Gary told her that he told Joe to go easy on her -- her and the baby. Cindy takes one more sarcastic pot shot at Josie and says isn't that nice? A concerned daddy already, and the baby's not even here yet. After they leave, Joe told Josie that it'll be okay. Josie says why doesn't he see her for what she is? Joe told her that he does, because he just filled Gary in on what Jake told him. Josie asks if that was the reason why Gary's being all buddy-buddy with Cindy right now. Joe told her no, to get information and that Gary was the one person Cindy might open up and talk to. Concerned that Cindy may say more than she wants her to say, Josie hopes that Gary will be careful. Joe told her he never thought he'd say this, but it might be a good thing if Gary gets close to Cindy. He then told her to grab her coat so they can go. Josie asks him where are they going? He told her a crime scene and on the way over, he'll fill her in on what Jake told him.

An astonished Cass asks Lila to repeat what she said to him. Lila says "I Love You Cass Winthrop." Cass smiles and told her that was what he thought she said. Lila told him that she couldn't admit it to herself and that was why she couldn't say it to him. Cass told her that he said it to her. Lila finishes his sentence by saying a few times, especially on Christmas eve when we almost. Cass finishes her sentence and says made love. Lila then asks Cass if he still loves her. Cass told her yes he does still love her and he's not a fickle person. Lila told him neither was she, it's just until now -- Cass finishes and says that she was being terrorized by old scar face. Lila was surprised that Jordan doesn't scare Cass and Cass told her that loves conquers all, didn't she know that. Lila told him yes, she knows that now and she loves him with all her heart. Cass told her he knew eventually that she would come to her senses and asks her if she knows what this means? Lila told him yes, she does know what this means and asks Cass to tell her what it means. Cass told her it means that they love each other -- both of them, two ways at the same time. Lila told him that's exactly what she was going to say. Cass says well, then why didn't she? Lila told him because she wanted to hear him say it first. Cass told her to shut up and kiss him please. As the two of them are passionately kissing one another, they are also telling each other they love each other. Cass told Lila that he'll love her forever. Lila pulls away momentarily and told Cass this was all wrong. Cass told her it feels right to him, as he pulls her into another passionate kiss. He then told Lila that he has waited along time for her to come around. Lila told him she had a few other things going on in her life. Cass told her that he's known that she has wanted him right from the get go, he was just worried that she was going to wear herself out trying to resist him. Lila told him if conceit were people, he would be china and she did not love him right from the very start. Cass says HA! Lila told him that he loved her first, so why doesn't he just admit it. Cass told her that he remembers the first second that he did fall in love with her. A surprised Lila says you do. Cass told her she was irresistible -- pregnant, broke, the sheriff at her door, ready to evict her. She had everything to lose and then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she decided to take on the sheriff. You let him have it with that horrible Brooklyn accent and pushed right past him and sailed out that very door like the queen. He then told her that was when he knew she was his kind of woman. Lila told him the way she fell in love with him was just a little bit at a time, especially when every time she got rushed to the hospital, she'd wake up and there he was. Lila then told him from the moment he was dangling down the elevator shaft when Jasmine was born something happened to her inside and he was all she could think about and she knew she didn't want to live her life without him. Cass told her he doesn't want her ever to be frightened or sad again. She's going to wake up next to him, in his arms every morning, safe and happy. She's going to start every day knowing that something wonderful was going to happen to her and it will every day, he promises her. She's not going to have to run anymore from any sheriff -- unless, of course, they are both on the lam together. Lila told Cass that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to her and asks if it was really possible that they can be this happy forever? Cass told her yes they can and nothing will ever come between them now.

As Cass pulls Lila in for another kiss, Jasmine starts fussing and Cass told her he forgot about that. Lila picks her up and holds Jasmine, and Cass holds Lila and looks at Jasmine and says hey baby want to join the party. He asks Lila if she thinks Jasmine was ready to eat again and Lila told him know, she was probably wondering what all the laughter was about . Cass told her to get use to it, because this was going to be her steady diet from now on. Lila told Cass it's time they did a reality check because she was still married to Matt, and he's Jasmine's father. Cass told her part one he can fix, part two he can live with. Lila asks what about Jordan? Cass told her that he will protect her and now that he has heard her admit to him that she loves him, nothing can go wrong now and that was what he believes. He then told her about Frankie and how she changed his life. After telling Lila about Frankie and how she taught him how to love he told Lila that it's the same kind of love that she has for Jasmine and that they have for each other. The power of that love was far stronger, far more powerful than anything Stark could dream up with all of his mind games and fancy machines. It's the reality that they have to hold on to and it's what's going to make them strong when they take the next step. Lila asks him what next step and Cass told her they need to go to the Cory's and tell them everything, about them and Stark. Lila doesn't know if she can do that and Cass told Lila she had to subvert Jordan by telling Matt and Rachel every detail about what had been going on with Jordan and what she has been doing for him. Lila told Cass she can't because they will try to take Jasmine away from her. Cass told her they're going to get very angry, but they will understand the hold that Stark had over her, threatening her baby's safety. Lila told him that Matthew was not going to understand, because Jordan Stark has control over him. Cass told her if she told it like it is, Matt make shake himself free of Stark. Lila says what if he doesn't? Cass says then they have love on their side. If they come out swinging with the truth, Stark was smoke and ashes. He then told her to pack the kid up so they can go.

Jordan read through the article on Frankie's death. Jordan says that Cass might have more in common with him than he realized and wonders if Cass still mourned for Frankie the way he mourned for his own lost love. Jordan says that Cass isn't afraid of his power, which makes him dangerous. Therefore, the sooner he learns what power he holds, the better. He turned into David Halliday and went over to the Cory mansion.

Matt was furious that Lila had run out on him and blamed everything on Cass. A furious Matt vows to make Cass pay for breaking up his marriage. Matt decides to go find Lila, who he knows was with Cass. Rachel walks in and Matt told his mom that he doesn't understand why Lila was doing this, but then he says Cass put her up to it. Matt thinks he should call the cops on Lila, but someone arrives at their door. Matt thinks it was Lila and Rachel told him that Lila has her own key. She then told Claudia to get the door and closes the doors to the study and told Claudia they are not to be disturbed. Claudia opens the door to find David/Jordan standing there. He told her he was there to see Amanda. The maid told him that Amanda was out. He started to leave a note, but Cass and Lila returned home. Cass asks David if he was just leaving. David told him yes he was and then leaves. Outside he says that Cass won't look so triumphant for long. Inside, Cass and Lila walked into the living room and Matt was instantly hostile. Lila announced she had something to say and Rachel asks Cass to leave, but Lila says she needs him here to help explain what she has to tell them. Lila told them that they will be upset, but she hopes they'll understand. She told them that the entire time she's lived here she has been spying on them to Jordan Stark. Lila told them that he took Jasmine and gave her back to gain control over her. Lila told them that this man wants something from the Cory's and they have to protect themselves. Matt told Cass to get out of this house, but Cass told him to listen to Lila. Matt says there was something else he needs to know, why she came back with Cass? Lila says because Cass convinced her it was the right thing to do. Matt ask Lila if she will be honest about what was going on between the two of them? Matt asks Lila if she loves Cass? Rachel says that doesn't matter, they have to find out what Jordan knows. Lila told him she'll tell them everything. Rachel told her that she had better and then she can leave.

Joe and Josie arrive at Marley's place and Joe says they need to find the evidence to nail Cindy. Josie foresees Cindy telling Gary the truth and his reaction to the news. Joe snaps her back and asks what was wrong? Josie just says nothing. Joe finds signs of a body being dragged through the yard and he found a set of prints, stiletto heels, something Marley doesn't wear.

Gary and Cindy got hot chocolate at Carlino's. He tried to convince her that Grant would always try to use her for his own ends. Cindy noted that Gary was using her, too, and he admitted this was true, but it was to find out the real truth about the night of the shooting. He said he used to be like Cindy, but then he met Josie and everything changed. Gary says that he used to think he would have to settle for any kind of love, until he met Josie. Gary told Cindy that the love he has for Josie was the same kind of love that he wants for Cindy to someday have. Cindy was moved by the depth of his love for Josie, and told Gary that she never realized how happy he is. She told him that he'll be a wonderful dad. Cindy then asks if she rats out Grant, will he still help her, or will he turn on her? He told her of course he'll be there for her.

Jordan went to Frankie's grave and conducts an eerie ceremony. He reads "Mary Frances Frame Winthrop. Died August 19, 196." He then says, "O Lost and By the Wind Grieved, Ghost Come Back Again"..............

Friday, February 5, 1999

Jordan visits Frankie's grave and wonders how Cass would react to seeing her again.

Lila apologizes to Matt and Rachel for spying on them, and they react rather harshly. Rachel wants her out of the house, which Lila agrees was best. Matt, however, was more hung up on the fact that she's in love with Cass than anything she did for Jordan. When Rachel and Matt become overly critical of Lila, Cass leaps to her defense. Matt warns Lila that if she thinks their marriage has no chance, she can leave, but she can't take Jasmine with her. Matt claims he's not trying to be cruel; he just loves his daughter. He says he'd rather Lila stay, but she's free to leave if she wants; however, she has no right to take his daughter. Cass suggests to Lila that she should stay at the Cory house. If she spends even one night away, Matt could claim she abandoned Jasmine and get custody. He asks Rachel and Matt why they are coming down so hard on Lila when she was brave enough to warn them about Jordan. He told them to think about why Matt has no reaction whatsoever to the things Jordan has been doing to Lila and to Matt himself. Rachel questions Matt about Jordan and what went on when he visited Lumina.

Nick follows Tito to his new apartment. Paulina was waiting there, and she and Tito discuss their new relationship. The situation was a little awkward, especially for Paulina. Nick went to Joe and told him where to find Tito. Joe went to Tito's apartment and was shocked to see Paulina there. Joe has Toni place Tito under arrest. Paulina says she'll explain everything, but Tito told her not to. Toni and Tito leave. Joe asks about why she bought him things for his apartment, and why she gives him food from Carlino's. He told her he's a con artist and can afford to buy these things for himself. She says he doesn't run scams anymore. He thinks she's crazy to believe this. She doesn't tell him about Tito being her son, and nothing gets resolved. Remy was furious with Nick for turning Tito in to the police. He tries to justify his actions, but she refuses to listen.

Cass leaves the Cory house, and Lila told Matt and Rachel that she'd like to stay. She knows what she's done will be hard to forgive, but she hopes one day they'll understand why she did it. Matt agrees to let her stay. He says they have to keep in mind what was most important, and that was Jasmine's well-being. Matt told Lila that there was still hope that they can be a family. He says no one was controlling him and he thinks they can love each other, despite her feelings for Cass. Jordan spends some time at Frankie's grave, then hides when Cass comes to visit. He told Frankie how he thought he could never love anyone again. And he told her about Lila, and how much he loves her, and how happy he was to feel that way again. He also told Frankie that he loves her, too.



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