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David promised Junior that he would save Dixie's life. After watching Dixie's tape, Tad whisked her away from the Chandler mansion. Gillian was thrilled when a delirious Ryan said that he loved her. Erica was stunned when David let Joe take over after Vanessa collapsed due to chest pains.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on AMC
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Monday, February 1, 1999

"We're a package deal," said Mateo, indicating that he would not oppose Hayley's decision to move out of Wildwind. Hayley thanked Mateo with a hug. The only glitch in their agreement was the term in which they each believed that they'd be moving out; Hayley wanted to leave immediately, but Mateo planned on a more gradual move. Mateo didn't think that it was fair to uproot Max. The young boy had not exactly known stability in his life. Mateo told Hayley that he'd "probably lose custody" of his son when he went back to court in a week or so and urged Hayley to put off the move until that time. Hayley's eyes welled with tears. She knew that she was the probable reason that Matt was going to lose custody of Max. Hayley decided that the only way to preserve Mateo's custody arrangement was to move out on her own. She knew that life would be "a disaster" if she stayed at Wildwind. "I want to be the perfect wife," Hayley told her husband. Mateo told Hayley that he didn't expect her to be perfect. Hayley, however, held herself to a higher standard. Hayley explained that she knew their departure date would be delayed and delayed as more crises popped up. She wanted to get away from the craziness while she still had a shred of her sanity left. Mateo understood and agreed to let Hayley move out on her own for a little while. He promised that he would follow suit just as soon as the custody hearing was over.

Tad was pleased to see Junior, but it didn't take him long to figure out that something was bothering the young boy. Junior said nothing as Tad tried to figure out what was wrong. He finally broke his silence when Tad decided to call Dixie to let her know that her son was okay. "No!" Junior yelled. Tad now knew that something was definitely not right. Tad recalled that he'd once run away from home when he was about Junior's age, but he wasn't able to remember why he'd runaway. Tad assured Junior that as he got older he would forget all the things he'd done wrong. Junior quickly injected that he hadn't wrong away because he'd done something wrong. He explained that his parents had gotten into a fight. In an ironic choice of words, Tad told Junior that he had to call Dixie so that she would not "worry herself to death." At Chandler Mansion, Dixie and Adam were in the process of bickering when Tad's call rang through. Dixie took the call and told Tad that she and Adam would be right over. She didn't give Tad the chance to tell her that Junior was okay nor did she offer any information on why Junior had run off. As Adam and Dixie were on their way to Tad's house, Liza appeared. She was relieved to hear that Junior had been located, but Dixie didn't much care for Liza's feelings. She haughtily told Liza to mind her own business because Junior's welfare was none of her concern. Meanwhile, Tad was left to ask his own questions. Junior commented that something was wrong with his mother---but he didn't go into any more detail. By the time the boy looked as if he might spill the beans, Adam and Dixie showed up and Junior crawled back in his shell. The two parents raced to Junior's side and gave him a big hug. Adam went on and on about how much he cared for his son and how he'd never be alone. Dixie looked very nervous, obviously fearful that Tad might know about her illness. She told Adam to wait until they got back to Chandler Mansion before discussing things with their son. Adam and Junior headed for the car. Junior looked towards Tad as if he was trying to summon some emotional support. As the boy left, he completely forgot about his knapsack---and the videotape inside of it. Dixie hung around for a few minutes to gauge exactly how much Tad knew. Tad tipped his hand when he asked Dixie what was going on. When she realized that Tad knew nothing about her illness, she told her former husband that she might tell him "somewhere down the road."

Back at Chandler Mansion, Liza tried her best to get the details on Dixie's ailment from Braden. She claimed that she wanted to be able to offer support to Adam, Dixie, and Junior---but that she needed to know what was wrong in order to help. Braden wasn't as gullible as Liza had hoped and clammed up. Fortunately, he was given a few extra minutes to concoct a story when he had to answer the phone. The call turned out to be WRCW's news manager. Liza took the call as Braden unassumingly eavesdropped from across the room. He was uninterested in the chat until Liza mentioned Ryan's name. Braden's ears perked up and he turned his head slightly in Liza's direction. When Liza ended the call, Braden stepped in to ask her a few questions about Ryan. Before Liza could answer, Dixie, Adam, and Junior returned home. Dixie was angry that Liza was still lingering and ordered her to leave. Braden decided that he'd better get a move on as well and walked Liza to her car. Dixie wanted to speak to her son alone---hoping that she could undo the damage that had been done. Dixie sat down on the sofa next to her son and tried her best to comfort him. "It's not fair," Junior sobbed. Dixie took Junior in her arms and tried to figure out what she could say to help ease her son's pain.

Back at Tad's house, Tad came across Junior's backpack. He looked at it curiously and plucked the videotape of the bag.

Gillian called David the "most vile, contemptible, heartless monster" she'd ever encountered. David claimed to be flattered, an arrogant remark that only infuriated Gillian all the more. David laughed when he learned that Ryan had thrown the money he'd given him down the ice fishing hole. Gillian accused David of turning her and Ryan in because he was jealous of their relationship. David finally clarified a misconception that Gillian had been carrying for months. He had never told Gillian that he loved her. She had told him that he loved her. There was a reason that David had been stringing Gillian along. It was the same reason that he had told Ryan about their affair. And it was also the reason that he had turned Ryan in to the police (even though he claimed he was performing his "civic duty"). "Like all women you needed to learn a lesson," David said coldly. He didn't seem intimidated by the gun that Gillian was still waving at him. His remarks were icy, calculated, and ultimately scary. Gillian, who had been aiming the gun at David's chest, decided that she would shoot "the part of [David] that [he] loves the most." She dropped her hand slightly and aimed for David's, um, "nether region." David was slowly losing his composure. His face turned red as he demanded that Gillian stop playing games. The door to the office swung open and Jake walked inside. He was unfazed by what was unfolding before him. In fact, he remarked that he was not surprised to see a woman waving a gun at the doctor. "Don't try to stop me," Gillian said madly. "I wouldn't dream of it," Jake replied. He offered Gillian a bit of "medical advice." He told her that since she was aiming at such a small target---and Jake uttered his remarks with an audible laugh---it might be wiser for her to take a few steps back. That way, he said, Gillian's beautiful red outfit would not be tarnished with blood splatter. "Very funny, Martin!" David panicked. He hoped that someone would stop Gillian before she fired the pistol. Jake told Gillian that she'd forgotten to take of the safety on the gun. Gillian couldn't figure out how to arm the gun and handed it over to Jake. Jake then proceeded to uncock the gun and remove the bullets. Gillian threw a fit, sobbing that she couldn't even shoot someone without screwing up. David picked up the phone and prepared to call security. Jake, however, pressed the receiver and told David that he needed him to check on one of his patients. David pursed his lips and filed out of the room. Jake told Gillian that he strongly believed that David would be done in one day. Perhaps a former lover would toss a television into a hot tub while David was soaking. Gillian smiled gingerly at Jake and thanked him for giving her hope that David would one day suffer greatly.

Trevor told Ryan that his best defense was to claim that he and Kit had engaged in consensual sexual intercourse. Ryan was first stunned by implication that telling the truth might not be enough to clear his name. Then he became angry as he flatly refused to alter from his version of the truth---he did not have sex with Kit Fisher, consensual or otherwise. Trevor sighed heavily and asked Ryan if there was anything he could do for him or anyone he could call for him. Ryan shook his head and Trevor went on his way. Ryan's condition continued to deteriorate. He huddled under a flimsy blanket on his cot, all the while coughing and hacking away. He began to shiver and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Someone slowly walked up to the cell and observed Ryan carefully. "Ryan," said a voice softly. Standing just feet away from Ryan was Braden.

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

News of Ryan's arraignment finally made it to Wildwind. A jubilant Edmund told Kit that Ryan had been denied bail. Overjoyed, Kit wrapped her arms around Edmund and thanked him once again for standing by her. Now that Ryan was safely behind bars, Kit decided that it was time for her to attempt to get back on her feet. Kit suggested that the time had come for her to move out of Wildwind. Edmund told Kit that she shouldn't move out---and not to feel guilty about Gillian and Hayley's decisions to move out. Sam and Maddie scurried into the room and commanded their father's attention. A housekeeper entered several seconds later and apologized for letting the children get out of her sight. Edmund was called away on some domestic matters. Kit offered to watch Sam while everyone was tending to their business. She did a wonderful job of keeping Sammy entertained. She draped a blanket over the sofa and table and created a fort. Once inside, Kit put on a puppet show for Sam using her socks. Edmund returned to the room and smiled happily at Kit's "parenting" skills. Again, he asked Kit to do him the favor of sticking around a little while longer.

Ryan's coughing fit continued. The severity was so great that Ryan tumbled off his cot and onto the floor. Ryan looked up at the man standing just outside his cell. His face echoed his surprise. Even more surprising was that Ryan knew Braden---and referred to him by name. Before he could say anything else, Ryan collapsed. Braden called out for help. Moments later, a guard and Jack entered the cell area. Jack believed that Ryan was feigning illness so that he could mount an escape. The attorney also accused Braden of being an accomplice. Braden became very angry and told Jack to pat him down. He sassily remarked that he was not concealing a cake with a file in it. Jack demanded to know who Braden was and why he was visiting Ryan. Braden dodged the question, instead accusing Jack of having beaten Ryan. The paramedics had already been summoned and arrived in the middle of Jack and Braden's discussion. When the cell was opened, Braden tried to dash inside to tend to Ryan. He was pushed off to the side. Jack's jaw dropped when one of the paramedics informed him that Ryan had a hundred-and-five-degree temperature. Seeing that the District Attorney was momentarily distracted, Braden slipped out of the station. Jack threw a tantrum when he realized that Braden was missing. He phoned Derek and requested that an armed officer be stationed outside Ryan's room at the hospital. Until then, Jack said that he was not going to let Ryan out of his sight because he wanted to make sure that Ryan ended up in jail for a long, long time for raping his sister.

Gillian thanked Jake for taking her back to Myrtle's. The pair briefly discussed their past run-ins with the evil Dr. Hayward. Gillian told Jake that it had been David's phone call that had led the police to Ryan's hideout. She completely omitted the part about her affair with the doctor. Gillian listened carefully as Jake told her how David had gotten him suspended from the hospital. Rather than talk about David all night, Jake suggested a way for them to release their stress. He went to the closet and retrieve a flat basketball and an air pump. Gillian looked at the two objects and knew exactly what Jake had in mind. "You're going to pump David full of air and then blow him up?" Jake was somehow able to keep himself from laughing. The pair hit the basketball court---and from what Jake said, Gillian wasn't that bad a b-baller. Jake sensed that Gillian had left something out about her dealings with David. He urged her to come forward with any information that might be able to be used to get David kicked out of the hospital. Gillian bowed her head and claimed that she knew nothing about David and his personal life. Jake was paged by the hospital and had to end the conversation. Jake hung up the phone and softly told Gillian that Ryan had been taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Jack ordered the officer standing sentry duty not to allow anyone other than police and medical personnel into the room. Jake and Gillian arrived just moments later. Jake flashed his hospital badge to the guard and was permitted entry into the cubicle. Gillian announced that she was Ryan's wife, but she was barred from the room. Gillian waited until the guard was distracted and then dashed into the room. She called out to Ryan and told him that she loved him---but Ryan was unconscious and unable to hear a word she'd said. Ryan's condition was quite serious. He was diagnosed with a severe case of pneumonia and ordered to stay in the hospital for a few days of observation.

Junior told his mother that he viewed her videotape. Dixie tried to downplay the meaning of the tape, but Junior knew what was going on. Junior said that after watching the tape, he knew that his mother was sick and possibly dying. "I'm not a baby," muttered Junior as he asked his mother to come clean. A lone tear stream down Dixie's cheek. She finally confessed that she was not in the best of health. She strongly denied that she was going to die. Dixie pulled Junior close and gently brushed his hair. Dixie came up with an idea to ease her son's fears. She headed to the phone and placed a call to David. Some time later, David showed up at Chandler Mansion and set out to reassure Junior that his mother would be okay. Adam walked into the room as the doctor was giving his solemn vow that he would "fix" Dixie. Adam looked coldly at David and told him that they would all hold him to his word. On a notepad, David drew a rough sketch of Dixie's heart and tried to explain to the boy what was ailing Dixie. Junior listened carefully and seemed to understand everything that he was told. There was one thing that was still confusing the young boy. If Dixie wasn't going to die, why did she make the videotape? Dixie laughed nervously and told her son that she'd overreacted. She likened her decision to make the tape to the way she did all her holiday shopping weeks ahead of time. Junior bought the explanation. Dixie asked to have the tape back, but Junior realized that he must have left the tape in his backpack. Dixie nearly had a nervous breakdown when she learned that the bag---and tape---were still at Tad's! Braden had no sooner arrived at the mansion when Dixie grabbed him and told him that she had a mission for him. Adam pulled David aside and told him that his services were no longer needed. David refused to take himself off of Dixie's case. He called himself Dixie's "best hope---and only hope." He then warned Adam that he would back off if he knew what was best for Dixie and Liza.

Tad got ready to pop the tape in his VCR, but he was sidetracked by a knock on his back door. Outside, Liza bounced around. Tad later learned that Liza had to use the bathroom. Before dashing off to relieve herself, Liza told that that she had big news for him. Tad fidgeted nervously---almost a much as Liza had done while waiting for Tad to answer the door---as he waited for Liza to return. He was phenomenally disappointed when he learned that Liza's "big news" was more gossip about Dixie. Tad repeatedly shushed Liza before she could reveal what she'd learned about Dixie's health. Liza wasn't about to be silenced because she felt that her news could change everything between Tad and Dixie. She waited until Tad was quiet before blurting out that Dixie was in very poor health. Tad's face expressed his concern. His attitude changed when he realized that Liza had no real proof that Dixie was sick. Her hunches and Dixie-and-David sightings failed to convince Tad that Dixie was really sick. After all, he'd just seen Dixie a few hours before and she appeared to be in perfect health. Tad told Liza that it pained him to think about how happy he and Dixie once were. "I still love her," he said softly. "I can't go two minutes without thinking of her." Liza had to fight back tears when he learned that her help was actually causing Tad more pain. She explained that she felt a need to get him back together with Dixie since she had been the one that had broken them up in the first place. Liza hugged Tad and told him that she would never bright up the subject again. Tad told Liza that he'd reviewed some of the tapes she'd sent him for show topics. Liza nodded her head and grabbed an armful of the tapes that sat atop Tad's television. One of the tapes turned out to be Dixie's videotaped farewell. After Liza left, Tad decided that he'd watched Junior's tape. He looked high and low and could not find the tape anywhere. He got down on the floor and searched under the sofa. As he did this, Dixie, thinking that the house was empty, slipped in through the back door. Tad looked up and called out Dixie's name. Dixie screamed in horror and quickly donned a big, innocent smile.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Tad poked his head up and calmly told Dixie that she might want to try knocking the next time she drops by. Dixie smiled nervously and claimed that she didn't knock because she didn't want to pull Tad out of bed. Tad didn't buy the excuse, but he didn't challenge Dixie either. Dixie explained that she wanted to pick up Junior's backpack. Tad handed it over and Dixie immediately dove into the bag to find her videotape. Tad eyed her curiously for several minutes before asking her if she was looking for the tape. The fact that Tad knew of the existence of a tape---even if he didn't know what was on it---was enough to strike fear into Dixie's heart. Tad found a cassette tape on the floor and popped it into the VCR. Dixie yelled out that it wasn't fair of them to violate Junior's privacy by playing the tape. Tad worried that the tape might be something that could have a negative impact on the boy and decided that playing the tape was the only smart thing to do. Dixie held her breath as Tad pressed the play button. In seconds, the sound of the Loony Tunes>tm blasted through the speakers. Dixie laughed hysterically, obviously relieved that her videotaped farewell wasn't in Tad's VCR. There were now another problem. Where was the tape? Tad remembered that he was supposed to drop by the hospital to visit Jake. Dixie asked permission to hang around for a few minutes and make a phone call. Tad obliged and headed off to the hospital. Braden waited until Tad was gone before scurrying in through the front door. He and Dixie rummaged through Tad's stash of videotapes, hoping to find Dixie's tape. Their search turned up nothing. Dixie vowed to find the tape before anyone else could view it.

Adam looked at David with a wry smile and asked him what he believed he had on him. David returned the evil smile saying, "I have it and the facts are indisputable." Adam was intrigued and asked David to spill the beans on what he thought he knew. David made a cryptic remark about never telling a patient with a terminal illness that they are going to die. The underlying message was an ambiguous warning that Adam and Liza's relationship was on its last leg. After babbling on for several minutes, David opted to tell Adam exactly what was on his mind. "You will never marry Liza Colby," he said confidently. Adam didn't wait to hear the rest of David's tale. Instead, he countered with a teasing of his own information. He told David that he'd had him investigated shortly after he'd tried to kill him. David argued that Adam's allegations could never be proven. That aside, Adam told David that he'd learned a lot about his mother. "Your mother is quite a woman," he said drawing out the word "quite." David reacted peculiarly to Adam's statement. He looked as though a horrible secret was about to be revealed. Adam told David that, "he who owns control of information owns everything." David warned Adam that, "[Adam] would lose what [he] loves most" if he tried to make trouble for him. Adam laughed as David stormed out of the house, muttering that David was woefully overmatched.

For the third consecutive year, The Valley Inn played host to a fundraise for "Teens Against Addiction," a charitable organization founded by Erica Kane. Erica made small talk with guest, contributor, and former husband, Dimitri, as Joe worked to room solicit donations. Brooke waltzed over to Erica and thanked her for having entertained her escort for the evening. She then took Dimitri by the arm and led him to their table. Erica took to the stage and issued a superb rallying cry. In her speech, Erica thanked a "special man" for having helped her through her own addiction. "It's a battle---a war that must be fought every day," Erica said. Brooke was unimpressed by Erica's not-so-secret reference to Dimitri and failed to match the fervor of the other attendees' applause. Erica then announced that twenty percent of the profits from Enchantment's new line of teen cosmetics would be donated to Teens Against Addiction. Erica then worked the room and got several other bigwigs to donate portions of their profits as well. After her speech, Erica asked Dimitri if he'd heard the reference to him in her speech. Dimitri smiled humbly and told Erica that she had been the one to do the hard work; He had only been there to offer support. At a table with Phoebe and Myrtle, Brooke stared across the room at her escort and his former wife. Phoebe and Myrtle discussed Laura's adventures in China---and Brooke was off in another world. The two women gently teased Brooke about her "absence," asking her what she was thinking about. "I think I had a good thing," she said softly. Brooke told Phoebe and Myrtle that she was leery of Erica's new attitude and belief that her life was more complete without a man. Phoebe and Myrtle exchanged stunned glances and urged Brooke to go and rope in her escort. Brooke did just that, but she had a unique way of doing so. Dimitri remarked that Erica's charisma had succeeded in drumming up a substantial amount of money for "TAA." Brooke nodded and asked Dimitri if he was "still carrying a torch for La Charisma."

Gillian plead her case to the police officer, but he refused to bend the rules. Jake exited Ryan's room and briefed Gillian on her husband's still tenuous condition. Gillian begged the doctor to let her see Ryan, but Jake said that there was nothing he could do. Well, almost nothing. He returned to the room a short time later and relieved one of the nurses from duty. A second nurse hovered in the background, but Jake seemed less concerned with her presence. Jake told the nurse that he had to run to the lab to pick up some test results and left the room. The nurse slowly made her way to Ryan's side. Even with a surgeon's cap and glasses, the nurse's true identity was recognizable. Gillian leaned close to her husband and asked him if he could hear her. Ryan's eyes fluttered slightly and he called out to Gillian by name. Gillian was overjoyed to hear her husband's voice. Ryan looked around and asked Gillian what she'd done with the Christmas tree. "Oh Ryan," Gillian cooed. "You're del-air-ious. You've skipped back!" Gillian informed Ryan that he was in the hospital and that all of the Christmas decorations were back at home. She vowed to cure Ryan back to health using love as medicine. She gently kissed Ryan on his forehead unaware that the police officer had entered the room. The policeman demanded to know what Gillian was "doing to the patient." Gillian was in a bind. She looked at the wall and saw a little placard reading "inhalation therapy." Basically, it was a glorified term for the oxygen tube that was affixed to Ryan. Gillian disguised her voice slightly and told the officer that she was administering inhalation therapy to Ryan---and warned him that he'd better leave before he was infected with deadly bacteria. The guard skeedaddled very quickly. Outside, Tad flagged down his brother and asked him if he wanted to join him for a night out. Jake sighed heavily and sadly informed Tad that a new workload would prevent him from leaving the hospital. Tad was not without problems on his own. He told Jake that he was still trying to get used to the fact of having a brother that moonlights as a spy and an ex-wife that he still moons over.

At Cortlandt Manor, Opal tried to find a way to talk to God. As she spoke aloud, Adrian knocked on the bedroom door. He'd overheard Opal talking and wanted to make sure that everything was okay. Since he was there, he updated Opal on the discussion he'd had with his father. "He said I was a jerk," Adrian said with a twinge of embarrassment. Adrian also told Opal that he'd spoken to his mother, Alice. Things were definitely hard for everyone to handle. Opal apologized for having created such a mess. She told her son that she would have done things differently had she had the option. Adrian had so much to say to Opal, but he wasn't sure how or where to begin. "If a Ph.D. from MIT doesn't help," said Opal, nothing would. Adrian said that he knew Opal was different----"good different"---from the first time he met her. Opal had been kind to him even before she knew that Adrian was her son. Opal asked Adrian if they could remain pals and if Adrian could try to become friendly with his brother, Tad. Adrian smiled and said that he'd give it his best shot. He told her that he was going to set out to find Tad because he'd been very concerned about her.

Junior sat on the sofa waiting for his mother to return home. Adam entered the room and sat down near (not next to) his son. Usually, Adam is not one to admit his faults. This time, however, he ready to do just that. He told his son that he should not have told him about Dixie's illness. That, he said, was not his place. He explained that he own experience with his mother's illness caused him to overreact. Adam changed the story about his mother's illness, saying that he was upset when he learned that she was sick rather than saying that he didn't find out about her illness until after she'd passed away. Junior put forth a strong front and seemed quite confident that his mother would get better. Adam asked his son if would be okay for them to get to know each other a little better. Junior nodded his head slightly and said that it would be "cool" to spend more time together. Junior excused himself and headed off to bed. Adam called out to him and asked his son wait. He said that he knew his son was getting older-but he still hoped that he could get a goodnight hug. Junior rolled his eyes and grudgingly agreed. Dixie returned home later and told Adam that she planned on moving back to Pigeon Hollow immediately.

Liza dealt with one problem after another at the station. Wendy, the weathergirl, called off for a second consecutive broadcast, something that apparently violated the terms of her contract. Liza threatened to fire her if she didn't report to the station within the hour. Liza noticed that one of the tapes she'd taken from Tad's wasn't one of WRCW's tapes. Before she could view the tape, David appeared in the doorway and asked for a few minutes of her time. Liza tried to brush off David, but David insisted that what he had to say was important. He mentioned that his news had to deal with Adam and Liza immediately rolled up the drawbridge. She told David to stop badmouthing Adam because she'd already accepted the fact that Adam has little eccentricities. David told Liza that she was making a big mistake by getting involved with Adam, but Liza paid him no mind. David left the office in a huff and Liza went back to her task at hand---watching the misplaced videotape. She pressed the play button and watched as Dixie's farewell message played.

Thursday, February 4, 1999

A look of horror crept over Liza's face as she watched Dixie's videotaped farewell message. While Dixie isn't one of her favorite people, Liza was nearly moved to tears by the contents of the tape. She pressed the eject button, grabbed the tape, and headed off to find Tad.

Gillian prayed aloud, promising God that she would never disappoint Ryan again if he would save Ryan's life. Outside the room, a nurse offered the police officer a cup of coffee, thereby unknowingly providing Braden with an opportunity to slip into the room. Gillian had her back to the door when Palmer's mysterious assistant entered the room. Without looking, she mumbled that only authorized personnel was permitted in the room. Braden smiled and told Gillian that her accent gave her away. Gillian was relieved that Jack or the officer hadn't returned. Braden, on the other hand, was somewhat surprised that Ryan was the husband Gillian had spoken about during their brief meeting at The Valley Inn a few months back. Ryan's eyes fluttered and he again regained consciousness. Gillian was elated to see her husband's big blue eyes. Ryan was unable to speak, but his facial expressions were worth a thousand words. Ryan forced a smile when he looked at Gillian---and his face froze when he caught sight of Braden. Braden nodded his head slightly just before Ryan's eyes closed yet again. Gillian became worried that her husband's condition had worsened. Braden stepped in to comfort her, saying that Ryan had top-notch doctors caring for him. Braden filed out of the room and left Gillian to sit by her husband's bed. Gillian told Ryan that she felt she had more now then she ever did when her family was rich. A nurse and orderly entered the room signaling the arrival of another threat. The nursed looked at Gillian and realized that she didn't belong. Gillian quickly rattled off that she was a new nurse---and a police officer to boot. The nurse bought her story and asked her for her help in wheeling the patient to his new room.

Adam told Dixie that he would not allow her to leave Pine Valley. Dixie looked down her nose at Adam and told him that she would not obey his orders. Dixie reminded Adam that Junior's life had been a mess since their return to Pine Valley. She informed her former husband that she would be leaving Pine Valley just as soon as she recovered her videotape. Adam looked sternly at Dixie and told her that he knew she wasn't leaving Pine Valley for Junior's sake. She was leaving town because she didn't want Tad to know that she was sick because she still loved him. Even though Adam hit the nail on the head, Dixie adamantly denied that that was her reason for wanting to leave. She told Adam that the only reason she had stayed was so Adam could get to know his son better. Adam thanked her, calling her decision to stick around "admirable." Now, however, Dixie wanted to move back to Pigeon Hollow and spend her remaining says with her son. That was met by bitter opposition from Adam. He called her motive "selfish." Junior walked downstairs and asked his parents if they were fighting again. Adam shook his head and said that he'd merely been trying to convince Dixie not to head back to Pigeon Hollow. Junior's jaw dropped as he told his mother that he would not allow her to move back to Pigeon Hollow. Junior feared that Dixie would compromise her health if she moved away from Dr. Hayward's care. Dixie was not happy with Adam's interference. She told Adam that once again he'd proven why she didn't want him near their son. Adam threatened to get a court order to prevent her from leaving town. Dixie had a strong counter. She warned Adam that she would phone Hayley and tell her how Mateo had gotten custody of Max if he even thought of making a phone call. Adam backed down, knowing that Dixie did indeed have the upper-hand. Dixie headed upstairs to pack her bags. While she was gone, Braden appeared. Adam greeted him coldly, asking if he was there to take Dixie to the airport. Braden had no idea what Adam was talking about. Braden ordered Adam to stop playing games, to which Adam quickly retorted that Dixie was leaving Pine Valley. Braden raced upstairs and told Dixie that she could not leave Pine Valley because he cared too much for her.

Dimitri admitted that he did still care for Erica. Obviously, that was not the response that Brooke had hoped the hear. Dimitri added a disclaimed about Erica's insistence that she did not want a man in her life, but that failed to boost Brooke's confidence. "Timing is everything," Brooke mumbled. Last summer, Dimitri had wanted to pursuit a relationship with Brooke, but she felt that she was unready to begin a new relationship. Now that she was ready, it seemed as though Dimitri wasn't. Brooke wondered if Dimitri was getting ready to tell her that he no longer had any romantic interest in her. That was not necessarily the case, however, Dimitri told Brooke that he wanted to remain good friends with her. Joe and Erica teamed up to request a sizable donation from a very, very wealthy couple. They were successful and Erica looked for their next victim. David Hayward entered the room and Joe turned green. He told Erica that she'd have to handle David by herself. Erica thanked David for attending her "little party." David smiled and said that he was always willing to help a good cause. He coughed up ten thousand dollars for the charity. Erica smiled and told David that she hoped he didn't believe that his very generous donation would "worm [his] way back into favor." David shook his head and remarked that he might ruffle a few more feathers by the time the night was over. "As long as your check clears, ruffle away," Erica grinned. David froze in his tracks when an older red headed woman emerged from the crowd. The doctor told Erica that he needed to get his checkbook and disappeared. The woman rushed over to Erica's side and immediately engaged in chit chat. The woman introduced herself as Vanessa Bennett, a first time visitor to Pine Valley. Rather presumptuously, Vanessa chatted about her excursions in Europe and hoped that she and Erica could become close friends. Erica had no idea who the woman was---or anything else about her for that matter. Erica watched closely as Dimitri and Brooke left the party together. Erica and Vanessa filed out of the party after Erica concocted a bogus tale of needing to go to Enchantment. In the parking lot, Vanessa clutched her chest and told Erica that she couldn't breath. Vanessa fell against her car and slowly slid to the ground. Fortunately, David appeared on the scene and Erica immediately summoned his help. David frowned angrily and didn't budge an inch.

At the hospital, Tad and Adrian filed into Jake's office. Tad introduced his two brothers, but the civility didn't last long. Adrian told Tad that he wanted to lay down some ground rules for their new brotherhood. Tad didn't appreciate being given guidelines and he and Adrian began bickering back and forth. Jake stepped between the two men and told them that they were acting more like jerks than brothers. Jake was sure that he would grow to like Adrian, but he wasn't so sure that Tad and Adrian would become friends. An out of breath Liza burst into the office and told Tad that she had something to tell him. When he learned that Liza was still sticking her nose into Dixie's business, he rolled his eyes. Tad scolded Liza for breaking her promise not to interfere. Liza quickly explained that she knew the reason why Dixie was giving Tad the cold shoulder---she was very sick. Adrian casually commented that he'd overheard Braden and Dixie talking about a videotape shortly after he and Tad had had their run-in. He also noted that Dixie was "on her death bed" when he tracked her down in New York. Tad's face grew concerned when he learned that Dixie's hospitalization coincided with their planned rooftop rendezvous. Tad ordered Liza to pop the tape in the VCR. He pressed the play button and Dixie's videotaped farewell started to roll.

Friday, February 5, 1999

Silence set upon Jake's office. Nearly simultaneously, Tad, Liza, Jake and Adrian sat down in chairs, their eyes never straying from the small television set before them. Liza was unable to hold back her emotions as she viewed the tape. A single tear rolled gently down her cheek. When Tad heard Dixie urging Junior to go to him should he ever need anything, Tad instantly realized why Junior had runaway to his house. "She sent him," he said softly. The tape concluded with Dixie's heart-wrenching rendition of "You Are My Sunshine." Tad rose from his chair and walked over to Liza. He gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. He then did the same to Jake before walking out of the room.

A panicked Erica looked to David for help. "This woman's having a heart attack," she cried as David stood idly by. David looked frozen in time, his mind obvious elsewhere. Voices sounded from nearby, causing David to shake lose the cobwebs. Instead of helping the stricken woman, David walked off and simply vanished. Erica screamed for help and fortunately Joe was on his way out of the party. He dropped to the ground next to the woman and checked her vital signs. Moments later, Brooke and Dimitri were filing out of the party and found themselves helping in the rescue. Joe sent Dimitri to his car to get his medical bag. He also was asked to call the paramedics. The paramedics arrived shortly thereafter and Vanessa was rushed to Pine Valley Hospital. Thinking that Erica had hitched a ride with Vanessa, Dimitri offered to take Erica back to her house. Erica smiled graciously, but informed Erica that she'd come alone. Meanwhile, Brooke received a peculiar phone call from Tad. Tad asked his former wife if she'd mind looking after Junior for a few days. Brooke told Tad that she'd have no problem watching Junior for a few days, adding that Jamie would love to spend more time with his best friend. Tad said only that the reason Brooke was needed was because "true love" had called him. Brooke ended the call and told Dimitri that a change in plans required her to make an appearance at Chandler Mansion. Erica chuckled to herself, but neither Dimitri nor Brooke were amused by her antics. Dimitri and Brooke left arm in arm and Erica was not happy in the least. As she stood in the parking lot fuming, David emerged from his hiding place and headed towards his car. Erica was not about to let the doctor walk away without explaining his actions---or lack thereof. "Give me one reason not to report you to the [Pennsylvania] medical board," Erica snapped. David shrugged indifferently and told Erica that she should not worry about why he'd acted the way he had. The woman, he noted callously, had been taken to the hospital and she'd probably make a full recovery. David claimed that he'd only walked away because he heard Joe Martin's voice in the distant. That was not what happened, according to Erica. The voices came after David had left and she'd resorted to screaming for help. David referred to Joe in very unglowing terms, comparing his "come to the rescue" approach to that of Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. Erica argued that David would have been more suited to handle the situation since he is a cardiologist and Vanessa had suffered a heart attack. David condescendingly pointed out that Erica is not a licensed physician and that she had no way of diagnosing Vanessa's condition as a heart attack. "She was in pain and you acted indifferent," yelled Erica. She told David that it was not up to him to decide who lives and who dies. David felt differently. Every day, he said, he does exactly that---the fate of many patients are in his hands. He looked coldly at Erica, a woman he called a "person of great passion," and asked her if there was anyone from her past who she would not lift a finger to help---even in that person's time of need. Erica looked down at the ground and took a deep breath. She nodded her head and admitted that there was one person who had hurt when she was a teenager. The reference was to Richard Fields, that man who had raped her. David warned Erica against judging a person on their appearance alone. "You think you're looking at a person with the face of an angel, but in truth you're looking at the devil sporting a new disguise." Erica noticed that David's hands were shaking uncontrollably. David claimed that he was cold. Erica felt that something else was bothering the doctor. He had, after all, been acting strangely all night. "What did that poor woman do to you?" asked Erica, referring to Vanessa Bennett. "I knew her alright," David said, finally admitting that he had known the woman. "The Vanessa Bennetts of the world make me sick!" With nothing else to be said, David bid Erica good-night and walked away. Erica was stunned by what had taken place. As she turned around, she noticed that Vanessa's purse still lay on the ground. She scurried over to the purse and began rummaging through it.

At the hospital, Vanessa's blood pressure had stabilized, but she was not out of the woods. Joe brought Jake up to speed on the patient's condition. Both found it odd that David hadn't descended upon the scene to reap the glory of saving the woman's life.

Marian and Stuart arrived at Chandler Mansion, but no one else seemed to be around. The two discussed their honeymoon plans. They almost seemed set on going to Paris, even if neither of them spoke much French. The did a little role playing, with Marian as Josephine and Stuart as Napoleon. Marian stood up on a chair (so that Stuart would seem smaller---a la Napoleon). Adam wandered into the room and demanded to know why Marian was standing on his furniture. Marian jumped down from her perch and started to explain, but Adam really wasn't interested in anything she had to say. Adam asked Stuart to join him in his office so that they could talk about Dixie's plan to leave Pine Valley. Adam carefully tried to enlist his brother's help without revealing that Dixie was sick. It wasn't easy and he ended up looking a bit foolish. Marian didn't approve of the way Adam was trying to wheedle her fiancé into his scheme. Adam became angry and implied that Marian should butt out of his business because he was giving her the wedding of her dreams. Stuart and Marian both agreed that they did not want Adam's help it came with strings attached. Adam threw his hands in the air and encouraged the couple to plan their own wedding. He sassed that they'd probably end up having a "tacky, neon elopement."

Junior was unable to sleep and wandered out of his bed for a little late night video gaming. Tad rang the doorbell and Junior put down his control pads long enough to answer the door. Junior was overjoyed to see Tad. Tad sat the boy down and asked him if it would be okay if he "borrowed" Dixie for a few days. Junior thought deeply for a few minutes and decided that it would be okay. His permission came with several stipulations. He asked Tad to make sure that Dixie took her pills every day and made him promise that he would look after Dixie. Junior softly stated that his mother was "quite sick" and that he wanted to make sure that she stayed healthy.

Upstairs, Dixie found it odd that Braden would want to take time away from his duties for Palmer to look after her. Braden claimed that he cared for Dixie and had gotten use to taking care of her---but Dixie knew that something didn't quite fit. She asked Braden if part of his duties was to look after her. Braden did his best to dodge the question, but ultimately he was forced to admit that Palmer had asked him to watch over her. While in the confession mode, Braden also told Dixie that Palmer had asked him to help her forget all about Tad. Dixie shook her head and sighed heavily. She said that she would never get over Tad because he was the love of her life. She was very angry at her uncle, but realized that his behavior was actually quite typical---at least for Palmer. Tad casually waltzed into the room. Actually, swaggered might be a better word. He plopped down on the bed and asked Dixie why she was packing her bags. Dixie told Tad that she was moving back to Pigeon Hollow. She expected to be met with resistance---and was stunned when Tad asked her how the weather was in West Virginia. Dixie pouted and blasted Tad for wanting to talk about the weather. She ordered him---and Braden---to leave the room. Tad nodded and told Braden that he'd follow him out. Braden left the room. Tad walked towards the door, but turned around at the last minute. He grabbed Dixie and hoisted her over his shoulder. He then picked up her suitcase and carried her out of her bedroom.

Back downstairs, Brooke arrived and told Junior that she'd be watching him for a few days. Adam entered the room and asked Brooke why she'd dropped by so late. As Brooke was answering, Marian and Stuart filed into the room and told her how beautiful she looked. Brooke got sidetracked and told the pair that she'd just come from a charity benefit. Dixie protested the way Tad had picked her up even as they were making their way down the main staircase. Marian and Stuart giggled and shouted their encouragement to Tad and Dixie. Brooke also chuckled and Junior had a big smile on his face. Adam was the only one to show concern over what was happening. "What's the meaning of this lunacy?" he quacked. By now, Dixie had accepted that she was going to be taken away. "Say goodnight, Dixie," Tad chirped as he opened the front door. Dixie's eyebrows raised and she muttered, "Goodnight, Dixie." Junior closed the door behind the couple and loud cheers erupted for the possibly reunited couple.

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