One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on OLTL

Dorian blamed Viki for Mel's death. Kelly took control of the Sun. Bo served Nora with separation papers. Dorian planned revenge. Viki found the crossroads that she had dreamed about.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, February 1, 1999

Written by: Brandy Daniels

Dorian reads the obituary that Viki wrote in the paper. Lindsay shows up at Dorian's to see if she was all right and if she needed her to take care of the gallery. Lindsay starts taking to Dorian and Dorian wants to know what or who Lindsay wants to know about and she says Bo Buchanan.

Téa comes into the police station with her new hair cut. Going over to talk to Bo, she noticed something on his desk, it was separation papers for Nora.

Nora was at the doctor's and he told her that her baby is doing fine, but she needs to cut down on work. Sam is at the hospital waiting to see his doctor for his hand.

Dorian tells Lindsay that she should tell Bo about the switching of the test report or, knowing Bo, he would find out for himself, so Dorian tells her to steal it from the hospital.

Nora's doctor tells her that she needs to take a Lamaze class and that she needs to get a coach or a friend to go with her. Nora walks out of the office and bumps into Sam.

Kelly and Blair show the article they wrote about Mel to Dorian.

Nora's doctor came out of his office and gave Nora some info on the Lamaze classes. Sam asked he if Bo was going to be her coach.

Kevin came home and told Viki that Cassie is still in Switzerland getting her therapy and that Cassie wanted an annulment.

Nora tells Sam that Bo is too mad to be her coach.

They caught the man that stole Nora's ring and Bo was holding the evidence, which was a ring and Nora's wallet. He told an officer to take this stuff to the evidence room and he will hold on to the ring.

Téa was talking to John about the key that Todd had left for her and John asked her if she would like to discuss it over dinner and Téa turns him down.

Lindsay went to the hospital to destroy Bo's records and she asked a doctor where the records room is. She told him she was here for a friend and he told her that you need written permission to get those records.

Sam tells Nora that he is the baby's father and to let his help her and she tells Sam that it would just make matters worse with Bo.

Sam goes to the police station to see Bo and tells him that Nora loves him and needs him and she always will.

Lindsay runs into Nora at the hospital and tells her that she doesn't deserve Bo and Nora tells her that Bo loves her and she always will. Lindsay asks Nora, is that why he was with me in my hotel room last night?

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Written by: Grace Alumno

At Viki's Place

Viki, all set to go to Mel's memorial service, tries to look for her keys that she seems to have misplaced. Jessie helps her mother find them. They reflect on Mel's memory. Viki again questions why Mel was taken and Joey reminds Viki that there were others with Mel that died in that crash.

At Dorian's Place

Kelly makes some last minute calls before they go to the church as Blair sneers at Kelly for trying to be "so in-charge of things." Kelly offers to Blair that they put aside their differences just for today, but Blair just laughs at her. Dorian also reminds Kelly that she was Kevin's accomplice in "abducting" Cassie. The three women wonder if Kevin is also in Switzerland. Dorian tries to blame Kevin for making her 'waste' precious time with Mel at the airport. Just then, the doorbell rings and it's Kevin at the door.

At the hospital corridor

Nora is speechless by Lindsay remark (she claims to have spent the night with Bo). Nora accuses Lindsay of going after Bo even when "the ink isn't dry yet" from her divorce settlement from Clint. Lindsay continues to boast about what good company Bo is. Nora tells Lindsay to go after Asa since he's got more money. Lindsay continues to taunt her, but Nora tells her to stay away from Bo. Lindsay tells her that Bo is ready to serve Nora with separation papers.

At the Precinct

Sam pays Bo a visit and tries to tell him that Nora needs him especially now. Bo tries to explain to Sam that what Sam really wants and needs is Nora, but Sam objects to Bo's remark and tells Bo that the separation papers is not the answer to their problem.

At Dorian's

Kevin offers his condolences to Dorian, even though Dorian doesn't want to talk to him. He also tells her that she is right about leaving Cassie alone and will have their marriage annulled.

At the diner

Will tells Roseanne that he can't go out with her tonight because he and Jessie will be meeting with the lady from the adoption agency. She tells him she's in a bad mood- indirectly telling him that Mel's death reminds her of her own mother's death. Will tries to tell her that he understands, which surprises her.

Back at the precinct...

Sam and Bo argue about Nora's motive in sleeping with Sam. They also get the equation of their triangle straightened out: Sam loves Nora; Nora doesn't love Sam; Nora loves Bo. But the way how Nora got pregnant still doesn't sit well with Bo. Sam asks Bo to forgive Nora. Sam leaves and Bo looks at Nora's recovered wedding ring.

Back at the hospital corridor...

Nora is stunned by Lindsay's remark. Lindsay tells her that Bo might serve the papers to her himself, maybe even at the funeral. Nora asks Lindsay what she wants from her and why she constantly wants to ruin her life. Lindsay accuses Nora of ruining her life with Sam because she seemed to live under the 'ghost' of their relationship (Sam and Nora's past). Nora warns her to stay away from Bo. Somewhere in the argument, Nora calls Lindsay a "malicious malignant fraud."

Back at the precinct...

As Bo looks at the wedding ring, one of the officers approaches him and tells him that a wedding ring can mean a lot, even when a marriage is in trouble.

Back at the diner...

Will tries to explain to Roseanne about what he meant about losing a parent: his falling out with his father. Sam runs into Will at the diner and wants to talk to Will, but Will takes off.

At the Church...

Viki arrives at the church early and sees Andrew preparing. Viki expresses her grief to him, and he tries to console her with words of comfort. Andrew goes to his office and leaves Viki alone with her thoughts and questions of why she was not the one on that plane instead of Mel. Dorian enters the church and listens as Viki thinks out loud.

Back at Dorian's...

Kelly is upset because everyone left for the service without her. Kevin offers her a ride and tells her that maybe they left ahead of them due to his presence there. Kelly resolves not to let Blair "drag her through the mud" anymore. They reflect on Mel and second chances.

At the church...

Viki tries to find some meaning in Mel's death, but at the same time is grateful that she is alive. Dorian approaches Viki. Viki offers her condolences and Dorian 'graciously' thanks Viki for being there. Carlotta tries to console Dorian, but Dorian tries to put up a brave front. R.J. sits next to Dorian and asks how she is holding up. She tells him that she has recovered from the 'meltdown'. Nora arrives at the church. Viki sees her and offers her help. Nora tells her that Lindsay said that Bo has filed for a separation, but Viki tells her not to believe Lindsay since she is such a trouble maker. Bo arrives at the church and Bo and Nora exchange a glance, but Lindsay motions Bo to sit next to her, which is does, leaving Nora alone. Nora notices the separation papers sticking out of Bo's coat pocket as Lindsay gloats.

At Viki's...

Will and Jessie meet with the agent from the adoption agency. The agent offers some profiles of some potential adoptive parents. Most of them are successful, but Will rejects them. The agent then asks Will what he is looking for in a 'father' for the baby.

At the diner...

Sam notices a father and his some arguing over their lunch. Roseanne approaches Sam and tells him that Will is still upset with him. Sam then tells her that all he wanted to be was a good father to him.

At the church...

Nora cannot stomach seeing Bo with Lindsay. Kelly and Kevin arrive at the church. Kelly tries to sit in the same pew with Dorian, Blair, and R.J., much to Blair's dislike. Andrew offers some words of comfort to start the service, then asks Dorian to say a few words.

Back at Viki's...

Will tells the lady from the adoption agency what he wants in a 'father'. The agent tells then she will try her best to help them find that certain couple for their baby. When the agent leaves, Jessie blasts Will for being so difficult and the only one that could be the right 'father' for his baby is himself.

At the diner...

The father and his son continue to argue. Sam recognizes the duo and offers some mediation. The son explains his side. Sam tries to explain the idea of 'trade bargaining' to the boy. The father and the son reach a deal that leaves everyone happy.

Dorian's scene at the church...

Dorian thanks everyone for being there and talks about how passionate Mel was with life and shares some special memories of Mel to them. Nora- nauseous from seeing Bo with Lindsay, gets up and leaves. Bo follows her, much to Lindsay's dismay. Dorian goes on and questions what Mel was doing on that plane. Bo chases after Nora and is about to give her something, but Nora thinks he is about to serve her with the separation papers. Dorian tells everyone present that Mel didn't have to die and she blames Viki for his death.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Written by: Marina Lawson

Club Indigo

Asa and Renee are toasting Mel at Club Indigo. Renee is looking sad and Asa calls her on it. Renee says she is surprised that The Sun wrote a tribute to Mel. They discuss Blair and Max selling Asa his 2%. Asa says he bought a lot more than 2% of the paper, he's also acquired Max's loyalty.

Carlotta's Restaurant

Sam is leaving the restaurant and runs into Téa. He compliments her on her hair (which really is quite attractive). Téa asks Sam if he has heard from Todd and she shows him the keys. She notices the bandage on his hand and he says it's not from Bo. They discuss how it is to be the chief topic of conversation in town.

Andrew's Church

Dorian is blaming Viki for Mel's death. Andrew tries to stop her, but she continues on, saying that Mel's plane went down over the ocean because Viki was trying to get her hooks in him. Blair looks on, looking uncomfortable; R.J. looks horrified. Kevin tries to stop Dorian, but Viki stops Kevin, telling him to let her talk. Dorian continues to accuse Viki of being jealous. Viki asks Dorian if they can continue the conversation after the service; Mel deserved better. Dorian continues her tirade. Kelly turns to Blair and tells her that someone has to stop it.

The Church Vestibule

Nora looks frightened. Bo tries to give her the ring, but Nora is resisting, afraid he is going to serve her with papers. As he tries to give her the ring, Lindsay comes out and they both turn and look at her (I could just choke her). Bo asks what's going on (you can hear Dorian ranting and raving in the background) and Lindsay tells Bo that they might need his help inside. Nora slips away. Bo says there is nothing he can do and Lindsay "apologizes" for interrupting. Bo turns to Nora and finds her gone.

Inside the Church

Dorian accuses Viki of taking Mel away for something other than business. Kevin tries to explain the trip, but Dorian continues her tirade against Viki citing her many ulterior motives for getting Mel away from her. Dorian further explains that Viki intercepted the note she sent to Mel. Andrew again tries to stop Dorian, but Viki tells him to let her talk. Dorian goes on to say that Mel loved her, repeating it again, as if to reassure herself, and then asks what Mel's final words were. She asks if his last words were about her, what were they?

Club Indigo

Asa asks Max if he was to ask him for a favor, would he have a problem with it? Max avoids the question and leaves Renee and Asa alone. Renee tells Asa that he's tough to cheer up today. Asa is melancholy. He says men are lucky if they can find one true match in a lifetime; Bo found it in Nora, he's found it in Renee. Renee tells Asa to promise he's not the first to go. He asks her for the same promise. Asa says they should go on a trip together. Renee says they should go someplace with no phones, no family and no interference. Asa perks up and shouts that's it! He calls Max over to ask for his favor. Max can't wait.

The Diner

Cristian comes into the diner and gives Téa a kiss. He has good news, he's had three paintings accepted into the university show. Cris wants to tell Jessica, but Roseanne tells him that Jess and Will have gone to meet with the adoption counselor. Cris goes to get a beverage to celebrate with and Téa calls after him that his mother will be so proud of him. Roseanne sarcastically says that it must be nice to make your mother proud. Téa reminds her that her mother isn't alive either and asks about her attitude. Roseanne tells Téa to think about it. Téa turns and finds Sykes sitting at the counter. They agree to sit down to lunch together. She asks him to help her solve the mystery of the key.

Club Indigo

Asa thinks the solution to solving Bo and Nora's problem is lock them up together. They discuss the logistics of Asa's wild idea. Asa leaves and Renee asks Max about his feelings for Blair. He tells her that Blair is history, but Renee doesn't believe him, he looks like a whipped puppy every time he mentions Blair's name. Nora enters looking nervous and distraught. Asa approaches Nora and Renee and says he has a plan. Nora stops Asa and tells them that Bo tried to serve her with separation papers.

The Church Vestibule

Bo is looking down at Nora's wedding ring in his hand. Lindsay is shocked to see it and asks if he's planning to forgive Nora. When Bo looks unsure, Lindsay the Wench starts to remind him of Nora's lies and shortcomings. She tries to lure him back in the church but Bo declines, saying he's leaving. Lindsay volunteers to "keep him company."

Inside the Church

Dorian wants to know what the last thing was that Mel said. Viki tells her that Mel said he loved her. Dorian asks if they were the exact words. Viki tells her that he said "he loved that woman." Andrew tries to get Dorian to go to his office, but she finishes her "sermon" saying that "Mel is still here in our hearts" before she steps down. Dorian kisses Blair and Kelly and then tells Viki that she will never forgive her for the rest of her life and then leaves the church.

Club Indigo

Nora is telling Asa and Renee about her brief conversation with Bo and mentions Lindsay's part in it and how chummy Bo and Lindsay have gotten. Renee surmises that Lindsay must be after Bo. Asa thinks Bo is crazy. They discuss the separation papers. Nora can't believe she's lost her spine, she's left the field wide open for Lindsay. Asa tells her to go back and claim her territory. Nora tells Renee and Asa that she's going back to fight for Bo, Lindsay is messing with the wrong wife.

The Church

Bo says he's going to find Nora and Lindsay tells him that she doesn't think he's ready to reconcile. She thinks if Bo gives Nora back the ring that it will give her the wrong message. Lindsay continues to remind Bo about Nora's sins and Bo tells her that he and Nora have to deal with each other. Lindsay volunteers to "help" Bo find Nora.

Andrew's Study

Andrew reminds Dorian that Viki had no way of knowing that Mel's plane has gone down. Dorian can't understand why everyone is so ready to forgive Viki. Andrew tells Dorian to put her focus on her daughter.

The Banner Newsroom

Kevin asks Viki why she didn't tell Mel's real last words (that he couldn't live with Dorian). She says it wouldn't do any good, after all, she's still alive and Mel's dead. Viki laments having had Mel go to the conference. She continues to go over the "what ifs" and Kevin comforts her.

The Diner

Téa discusses the key with Sykes. Sykes notices a number on the key and he offers to "run the numbers" on the key (which is really stupid, because cops don't do this). Roseanne approaches them and pours Sykes coffee, but not Téa. Téa knows Roseanne is upset, but can't fix it because she doesn't know what it is. Carlotta comes in and tells Cris about the memorial service for Mel. She notices the glasses set out for a toast and Cris tells Carlotta his good news. As they toast to Mel, Roseanne also toasts her mother and icily reminds Téa that it was her mother's birthday.

Club Indigo

R.J. tells Max to break out the Irish whiskey, he's offered up Club Indigo for a wake. Blair enters the room and approaches Max, opening up her jacket. "Look but don't touch" she says. Asa tells her that she should brush up on her clerical skills. Blair reminds him that she still owns 49% of The Sun, but Asa tells her that her sun has set. Max and Blair trade insults and Max reiterates that he's over Blair. R.J. doesn't buy it. Bo enters "with the wrong woman" says Renee.

The Church

Sam enters the church and says he's sorry, he meant to let sleeping dogs lie, but it wasn't meant to be.

The Banner Newsroom

Zach tells Viki that the staff is going to donate money to Mel's favorite charity and Viki asks to be included. Viki is holding Mel's appointment book and Dorian the Psycho snatches it from her, saying that Mel is all hers, hers in life as well as in death. Viki leaves Dorian to collect Mel's things from his desk.

Club Indigo

Asa turns to see Lindsay looking coyly over her shoulder at him as she cozies up to Bo. Renee asks Bo and Lindsay about the service and Lindsay says she is worried about Dorian. Renee lures Lindsay away under the pretense that they should do something for Dorian to give Asa a chance to talk to Bo alone. Lindsay reluctantly agrees.

Blair approaches the bar and tells R.J. (within Max's earshot) and she's leaving Max to gloat alone. Max tries go after Blair (to get the last word in) and R.J. stops him. R.J. repeats Max's words about getting Blair out of his system and taunts him about dating. Max says he'll go out with the next woman who walks in the bar. The next woman is Kelly. R.J. laughs and says, "this I've got to see." Bo asks R.J. if he's seen Nora. Asa tells Bo that she's at St. James Church and she has something to tell him.

The Church

Nora runs in to see Sam kneeling at the altar praying. She's puzzled and concerned and calls Sam's name. Sam turns and looks at her with a face full of pain.

Thursday, February 4, 1999

Written by: Dawn

Nora and Sam shared a bonding moment in the church as he tells her a secret of his own--his father recently passed away. He is sorry to bother her with his secret, after what secrets had done to Nora. She allows him to feel her baby kick and they hug. As the embrace continues, an angry Bo walks in. He tells them they should get a room and stop sneaking around. Sam tries, at no avail, to convince Bo he is the one Nora wants and loves. Nora sits in a pew and cries. She tells Bo she doesn't deserve to be forgiven. Bo then tells Nora he was planning to return her wedding ring. Just as her eyes glimmer with hope, he decides to serve the separation papers instead.

Meanwhile, Lindsay and Will decide to have a bite to eat in Club Indigo and they run into a furious Asa and Renee. Heated words are exchanged about lies and babies. Max comes over and asks the Rappaports to leave. Lindsay and Will talk about the adoption and how Lindsay feels too old to be a grandmother. She then reminds her son a new sibling is on the way--a sibling Will says he feels sorry for and will not accept. They run into Bo, upset after misconstruing Nora and Sam's hug, who is happy for their company.

Blair and Starr talk and play a game at their house. Starr wants Max. Blair explains that Max did something bad when he made it so Mommy could not run Daddy's paper. Starr doesn't understand why Max would do such a thing as Blair misses Max's friendship. Starr asks why everyone always leaves them.

Later, Kelly comes in after talking to Reverend Carpenter. She's realized that everyone she touches gets hurt, something she realized after she broke up with Joey. Two fiancée's and now a step-uncle. She tells him she old her is gone. At home, she pulls out a trunk, containing the frocks that a young Kelly once wore. She admires the tight leather and bright feathers, dons them and begins to dance around.

Tomorrow---a saddening dream, an angry conversation and a story revealed.

Friday, February 5, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins

Music playing--The Sun

Kelly asks Mike to explain the details regarding the Sun.

Dorian's House

Dorian says to Blair, "ready or not here I come. I will pay Viki back for Mel's death. Earlier today I was writing my own personal timebomb. Viki is responsible for Mel's death and she will pay, that pompous, hypocrite." She looks at Blair and says, why are you still in your robe? Blair says Kelly stole the paper away from me with Asa and Max's help. Asa bought Max's 2%. Asa's using Kelly, Dorian says. Blair says that paper has gone to Kelly's head, Kelly's demoted me and she's gloating. She has been going crazy ever since she got her 49%. She will need me. Blair says The Sun will be in shambles as long as she stays away. Dorian says pull yourself together and let's pay Ms. Kelly a visit.

The Sun

Kelly was talking with Briggs saying, the Sun doesn't need Blair to function, who did this before? Todd wasn't interested so, I did it, Briggs replies. You look cool, didn't mean to interrupt, says Joey, entering Kelly's office. Kelly says with enthusiasm, Blair is a minority shareholder, I am running the show now. Do your job and I will do whatever I need to do. Mike says, great, the Banner had better watch out.

Kelly says to Joey, I like making decisions and Joey says, you are good at it. The Sun will be an exciting place to work now that I am in charge, but I need your help as a photographer, she says.

Joey says Viki won't like my working for the competition. Joey says I like the beautiful piece about Mel. Kelly says Blair wrote it and she's good at writing. Joey likes to see tributes to Mel, Kelly says she owes him, the Front page of the Banner was a class act. Kelly wants the Sun to succeed.


Viki bad dreams return, she sees Mel in her dreams, he calls out to her. Viki says to him those premonitions were about my death, I was supposed to be on that plane, why did you die? Why did I survive? Mel says I set everything in motion, there's more to live for now. What is it I need to do, Viki says. Mel says make your choices, each of us has to write a good story, he will be watching over her. Viki cries out, Mel, Mel wait.

The Banner

Kevin was looking for password for Mel's computer files, he wants to work on a story Mel started. Kevin told a weary Joey that Viki went home early, exhausted. Viki was at her desk early in the morning. Joey asks are you looking for the nursing home series for the nursing home expose'. Kevin says yes.


Will, thinking about adoption, I just want to make sure the baby's loved. Once it's adopted, I won't have any chances. Jessica says nobody's perfect, they will find the right parents. Will says he will be her coach, but she turns him down. Why not me, he asks. I turned down my mom, she's not the right choice. She says Cristian and I are getting back together slowly, and I want him to be my partner every Tuesday until due date for the parenting classes.


Kevin is still looking for Mel's password. Viki says why are you at Mel's desk. Kevin tries to convince her to go home, but Viki insists decisions have to be made. Kevin tells her "everyone is pitching in--don't try to do it all." He tries to console Viki, who feels so guilty. She tells them Dorian came over and was growling revenge.


Dorian says hello to Kelly. Blair says to Kelly, no matter what you wear you won't change. We have a family matter to discuss, Dorian says to Joey. Kelly immediately pipes in and says, "I am in charge here." As Joey leaves, Kelly says to him "don't forget my offer." Dorian says, you haven't let him back into your life again, have you?? Blair shrieks, what offer? She's in cahoots with the entire Buchanan clan, Blair accuses. Kelly says to Blair--Briggs was asking for you, nothing we could not resolve, though. Dorian says, the Buchanans are using you and I was up all night writing Viki crimes and I want the Sun to publish this article.

Viki's house

Will, I am sorry, says Jessica. Will tells her that he is happy for her and that Cristian's going to be her partner. But why start by sharing the birth of our baby, Will says, are you sure he's ready for this? Jessica says yes and Will says it's intimate, it's your choice Jess. Just let me hang around for the next few months, he requests. The doorbeell rings and Cristian enters, he has some good news.


Joey says he just left the Sun--Dorian's threatening revenge. Kevin asks Viki, "Mel didn't give you any information did he in your dreams?." What did he say in the dream, Joey asks. Mel said in the dream she has a choice to make, an important one, Viki replies. They suggest she go on another cruise or to the spa. Don't worry about me, says Viki.

Mel's death hit her hard and Dorian's after her, that's all she needs, says Joey. Try 'Pulitzer' for the password says Joey, but it doesn't work. Zach says Mel told him, choose something you wanted more than anything in the world and could not get. It worked, "Martini."


Blair, Dorian and Kelly feuding: Dorian - Kelly this is a family. Kelly says it is not the Cramer newspaper, I decide what to do and this is not headline news. Kelly says Mel would not have wanted this. Blair goes along with Dorian. Kelly says to Blair, I am the flea now and I'm running the circus. You can go home, I am not printing that article. Dorian shouted, "I paid your tuition, car, clothes, you owe me." Kelly says adamantly, I will not do it. Dorian demands, you will print this article.

Viki's house

Cristian has good news, the art school has given him a showing in their gallery and he will be swamped for awhile on Tuesday, he has art shows. (Tuesdays are Jessica's parenting classes). What do you want to ask me, Cristian asks, Jessica says nothing.

The Sun

So you will print this, Dorian asks. Kelly says no. Dorian says she will disown Kelly, "you won't be a Cramer, you will be out of my life." Dorian leaves Blair--I told you could not run the Sun--you will be bankrupt in a month. The Public buys the Banner. Kelly--I am running a paper with integrity-- I will make it up to Dorian. Go and write the article, she commands Blair. Kelly asks, is that what you think, I will screw up and you come running? Asa is using you, Blair tries to tell Kelly, he will run the paper and you will be the puppet. You have no chance to run this paper; I am a pro and so you should let me run it, says Blair. Kelly says, a brand new Kelly has arrived and she is no pussycat. You're no tiger, laughs Blair, I am taking sick and personal days, and let's renegotiate, says Blair. Kelly says I have a proxy to make decisions, Blair keeps rattling on and Kelly burst out with, "You're fired, and good luck." Wait a minute you can't do that, says Blair, shocked.


Kevin and Joey are looking at Mel's notes. Kevin says something is important in those notes and very special and he will crack Mel's code.

Dorian's House

Dorian thinks to herself, I don't need Kelly or anybody, oh I want Viki to suffer and by the thing she loves most in the world.


Viki was driving in her car, but she suddenly stops and gets out. I know this place, she says, it's the crossroads in my dream.

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