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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on PC
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Monday, February 8, 1999

Joe was still upset over Frank's deal with Lance Pharmaceuticals and considered whether or not to tell the review board that he did not call in the prescriptions for Frank. After Karen pointed out that Joe would be enabling Frank to continue his self-destructive behavior by lying, Joe decided to tell the truth. Frank learned that Joe didn't cover for him and Frank blasted Joe and maintained that Chris set him up. Scott and Lucy's infomercial aired and it contained details of both Ellen and Lucy's romantic pasts. Kevin and Eve's romantic afternoon was put on hold when they watched the infomercial and then got mad when they realized it was partly based on Scott and Lucy's adventure in Florida. Ellen was livid when she and Matt saw Lucy's infomercial from their Las Vegas motel room. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure watched the infomercial with great interest.

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard. Larissa's a new recapper on the block and I'm sure that you'll enjoy her Tuesday summaries.

Lucy's Hotel Room
Lucy finds out that 4,000 dresses have sold in the first two hours following the infomercial and calls Scott to give him the great news. After they hang up, the phone rings. It's someone claiming to be the Lady of the Stars. Lucy hangs up on her after telling her that it's wrong to go around claiming other people's stories.

Matt and Ellen's Hotel Room
Ellen packs her bag as she rants to Matt that she's going to pull out all of Lucy's hair - one strand at a time! How dare she do this?! Matt suggests that Lucy "borrowed" Ellen's story, but Ellen disagrees. Borrowing something involves getting permission and Ellen refused to give Lucy her permission. Matt asks her why she doesn't call Lucy. Lucy's not getting the chance to wiggle out of this one over the phone, Ellen seethes, she's not firing until she sees the whites of Lucy's eyes!!

In the Waiting Area by the Nurse's Station
Chris's attorney coaches him how to behave in front of the Board. Chris says he's got it, play the humanitarian. His lawyer advises him not to get too cocky, but Chris assures him that the hospital would rather use Frank as a scapegoat than lose a promising young researcher. The attorney muses that he'd hate to be in Frank's shoes, and Chris agrees - cheap material chafes his feet!! Joe was a big help, testifying to what he thought was the truth, he smirks. Dr. Boardman comes over to tell them that the Board has made its decision.

Lucy's Hotel Room
Lucy is on the phone with Scott, gloating that they are going to need 15,000 dresses to make the shipment. If Scott was there, she'd show him how grateful she is for his help... Scott told her that he's on his way! Before he leaves, he calls the manufacturer, Willie, and gives him the latest numbers. There are a lot more orders than expected and Willie says he can't do it. Scott told him he wants to see him. How does now sound?

The Review Board
Chris is asked if he has anything to say on his behalf. He stands and apologizes and says he wants to make up for it by being the best doctor he can, preferably at GH. Dr. Boardman announces that the outbreak wouldn't have happened if Frank hadn't stolen the virus. Chris is reinstated and censured for his unauthorized work on DL56. Lee Baldwin objects, and Boardman makes a note of his objection, going on to say that Chris is on probation for 12 months. He told Chris not to forget that people died.

Scanlon House
Frank rants to Courtney that the Board is a bunch of idiots if they don't get rid of Chris. He is being framed! It's only us outcasts here, purrs Courtney, tell me the truth! He is telling the truth, his money is on Chris being behind the set-up. When Courtney suggests that he forget Chris exists and go on with his life, Frank answers that he has no life, and probably never will after what Chris and Joe said to the Board! Joe enters and Frank lays into him for not covering for him. Joe gets angry and told Frank that he told the truth. It isn't his fault that Frank called in those prescriptions, and Frank has to face the consequences of his addiction. Frank once again throws the fact that Joe owes him in his brother's face. Joe, tired of hearing it, asks Frank how many times he is going to play the martyr routine with him, that's all he hears anymore. Frank shouts that all he wants is loyalty and Joe responds that Frank abused that loyalty by lying to him over and over. They both think they've been stabbed in the back by the other. Frank says that it's every man for himself, then, but Joe answers that Frank has been acting that way for months and at least it's official, now. Frank told him to go to Hell and storms upstairs. Courtney, who has been watching the exchange, takes advantage of the opportunity to offer her assistance to Joe in any way she can. He can lean on her day or night!

Back at that Hospital
A reporter approaches Chris for an interview. Chris offers his regret for his part in the outbreak, his happiness at being vindicated, and after the his lawyer interjects that Lance Pharmaceuticals supports him and will be taking over the research and development of DL56, they pose for a picture together.

Lucy's Hotel Room
Lucy is on the phone when Ellen arrives at her door. She hangs up as Ellen yells at her for breaking her promise. Lucy apologizes, told her that she really tried not to use her story, and apologizes again. Ellen snaps that she knows Lucy's sorry. Well, as sorry as Lucy gets! Lucy told her that the important thing to focus on is that her story sold 15,000 dresses! Ellen is stunned.

At the Fire House
Willie told Scott that he has to raise the price of making each dress from $50 to $80. Scott disagrees, they have a contract and either he does the job for the price they agreed on, or Scott will take his business somewhere else!

Scanlon House
A still simmering Frank lets Karen in and informs her that Joe is upstairs. She tries to talk to him, but Frank wants to know how she can think he's lying after she stood by him while he detoxed. Karen attempts to apologize, but Frank cuts her off and told her to save it. Joe comes in and asks if she's heard anything about the hearing. She hasn't but Frank jumps in to taunt Joe that Chris will be just fine after all of Joe's help. Karen and Joe leave, and Courtney (still in the living room, observing all) sarcastically thanks Frank for sending Joe running into Karen's arms. Frank reminds her that Karen and Joe are getting married, but Courtney says maybe they are, maybe they aren't.

Lucy's Hotel Room
Lucy gets a call from the mysterious man. He wants to know where she got the idea for the commercial. Lucy sarcastically guesses that the same thing must have happened to him, and told him that the story is fictional, he can call someone else to talk about romantic moments that didn't happen to him! She hangs up on him as Scott knocks on her door. She welcomes him happily, showing him how many more dresses they've sold, but Scott stops her and told her that he fired the manufacturer. Lucy shrieks "You what??!!??", as she shoves him backwards onto the bed.

Scanlon House
Chris calls Courtney with the news of his reinstatement and invites her to his place for dinner. Courtney congratulates him and accepts his invitation, as Frank storms around the room, having overheard the conversation. After hanging up the phone, Courtney slyly suggests that she'll help Frank bring Chris down, if Frank will help her break up Joe and Karen.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

When Victor tries to share his excitement over Lucy's infomercial, Kevin tells him in no uncertain terms that Lucy is part of his past. When Eve drops by for a visit, she and Kevin soon discover that they're going to have a rough time getting romantic with Victor underfoot. Eve told Kevin she feels that Victor sees her as an interloper, but Kevin assures her that Victor is a fan. Frustrated by their lack of privacy, Kevin suggests that Eve take some time off from the hospital to go on a romantic getaway. He tells her pack for their trip and send her off to work with a kiss. Victor tells Kevin he overheard them making romantic plans and admits that he's hatching some of his own for Mary.

At the Scanlon house, Courtney reads the front page news about Chris's reinstatement at the hospital and his deal with Lance Pharmaceutical to Frank. When she once again offers to help him get revenge against Ramsey in exchange for help breaking up Karen and Joe, Frank once again refuses. When Joe comes in, Frank greets him coldly, but Courtney has nothing but flirtation in mind. When that doesn't work, she tries to stir Joe's jealousy by bringing up Chris's sudden success.

Karen can't contain her sarcasm when she congratulates Chris at the hospital. When she accuses him of ignoring the dangerous side-effects of DL-56 in his pursuit of profit, Chris told Karen she's just feeling envious because she didn't have the nerve to continue her research.

When Mary reads the story about Chris's reinstatement and the sidebar about Frank's being blamed for the flu outbreak, Frank told her his side of the story. When Joe offers his version of events, the brother's begin to argue. Mary tries to avert the argument by suggesting that Frank take a job working for Mike at the Recovery Room. Frank takes offense at the notion of having to work as a fry cook, but Joe defends Mary's suggestion. Mary leaves the brothers to work their problems out, and Joe offers to pay Frank's portion of the mortgage until he finds another job. Frank refuses Joe's offer of "charity."

Frank went to the hospital to collect some items he's left in the on-call room and runs into Karen. He apologizes to her for allowing Chris to steal the credit for developing DL-56. Karen accepts his apology and told Frank that she isn't going to waste any more time worrying about Chris. She suggests that Frank do the same. Frank sees Mary and told her that he has reconsidered her offer of work at the Recovery Room. After Frank leaves, Chris stops at the nurse's station, and Mary gives him a piece of her mind. When Chris condescends to her, Mary told him about Frank's new job and predicts that her son will soon be back on top. Mary leaves the nurse's station just as Courtney arrives to flirt with Chris. When Frank stops by and drops an insult on Chris, Chris responds with a stab at Frank's new job. Chris leaves to do rounds, and Courtney once again approaches Frank with her deal. Angrily, Frank agrees to help her break up Karen and Joe in return for her help in annihilating Chris.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Joe told Neil that he plans to move in with Karen.

Frank starts his new job at the Recovery Room with some encouragement from Mike, but Courtney is on hand to make certain Frank hasn't forgotten about their agreement. Courtney tries to convince Frank to help her break up Joe and Karen before they go after Chris. Frank suggests they use Joe's jealous nature against him and told Courtney he plans to patch things up with Joe just to win back his confidence.

Karen stops by the Recovery Room for food and talks with Mike, who told her Frank has taken a delivery to GH. When Courtney spots Karen, she told her that she respects what both Karen and Joe have done for Frank. At the hospital, Frank tracks Joe down and offers him an apology, which Joe accepts. When Joe told Frank about his plans to move in with Karen, Frank takes the opportunity to put his plan in motion. Frank asks Joe if his decision to move has anything to do with what happened while he was in Greece. When Joe told Frank he doesn't know what he's talking about, Frank explains that he kissed Karen one night. Joe tries to hide it, but his jealousy rears its ugly head. When Karen returned to GH, Joe confronts her with Frank's story. She explains that Frank was drunk at the time, and she didn't think it was worth mentioning to Joe. She apologizes for keeping it a secret and Joe apologizes for being jealous, but it's obvious his anger hasn't completely passed.

Back at the Recovery Room, Frank reports on his encounter with Joe to Courtney. He also told her that Joe plans to move in with Karen. When Courtney starts to panic, Frank points out that living together in Karen's cramped apartment could prove to be more of a strain on their relationship.

Kevin whisks Eve away for their romantic weekend in a luxury limousine. Along the way, Eve told Kevin about her childhood fantasies about being saved from her life by a movie start in a limo. When Kevin asks is Eve has had any other limousine fantasies, they raise the partition between themselves and the driver and make love. When the limousine breaks down, the driver told Kevin it will be another couple of hours before the service can send another car. He also mentions that Victor has left a message for Kevin to call him. When K told Victor about the car breaking down, Victor offers to swing by and pick them up. He and Mary arrive in a rented motor home a little while later.

Friday, February 12, 1999

Due to ABC News coverage of the Impeachment trial resolution, Port Charles was pre-empted. The episode that was to have been broadcast today will be shown on Monday.

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