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Monday, February 8, 1999

Tom is at the house and he wants to take the boys out to the movie. The boys don't want to go, they just want to hang around the house. Tom tells them that their mother needs some time alone. Adam tells Tom that his mother is not even going to be home. Margo comes downstairs dressed in a sleazy outfit. The boys are making over her and Adam tells her she is a babe. Tom is concerned about her going out dressed like she is. She tells him that it is an undercover assignment at the Oasis. Tom tells the boys to go upstairs, but Adam won't go. He says that he is not a child and he can stay for the discussion. Margo sends Casey upstairs to do his homework and Adam will be along shortly. Tom voices his concerns to Margo about doing an undercover assignment so soon after rejoining the force. She tells him that she can handle it and Adam is on her side. Margo goes upstairs to check on Casey and Adam reminds Tom about all the lame Career Day talks he had had at school. He says that in all the talks they all said one thing in common, that you need to find something that grabs you and his mother's job really grabs her and she is good at it. He goes upstairs and Margo comes back down. Margo calls the station and is getting some information about the man whom she is going to investigate. When she hangs up, Tom once again tries to make her see his side and how much he worries about her. Tom's cell phone rings and he answers it. By the conversation, Margo knows that he is talking about Emily to the other person. When he hangs up, she says that they should both stop worrying. Margo goes to the door and before she leaves Tom says to her, "Be careful."

Denise has cooked for Ben. They are eating chili, or at least Ben is trying to eat his chili, it is very, very hot. They are talking about the chili and her trying to find a job and there is a knock at the door. Denise jumps. Ben tries to calm her. Ben goes to the door and all it is, is someone put a flyer at the door to advertise a new car wash opening. Denise says that she isn't as cool as she thought she was. Ben suggest that they talk about Gary and she tells him that there is nothing to talk about. She tries to explain to him that she has never asked for help from anybody. She says that she has learned that when she yells all she gets back is an echo. Ben says, "To be so young and be so cynical." Ben wants to know about her personal life. She says that as far as she is concerned, women are from Venus and men are from hunger. Ben says that what ever happened to her, he is sorry. Margo comes in and Denise sees the way that she is dressed and thinks that Margo is after her job. Ben tells Denise that Margo is a cop and she is going undercover at the Oasis to try to catch Gary. Margo asks Denise to give her some information about Gary. Denise is hesitant to give Margo any information. Margo asks her if there is any of the girls that will talk to her. Denise says that no one is going to talk. Margo leaves and Ben tells Denise that Margo is just doing her job. She is trying to protect Denise. Denise tells him that she doesn't need him or Margo to fight her battles. Denise is tired of arguing with Ben and she asks him if he is going to scrub the chili pot or is she going to have to do it. Ben says that he will clean up. Denise says, "Good boy" and Ben says, "No, good man."

Carly, Brad, Parker, the nanny and a whole entourage of hotel personnel come walking into her suite in New York. Carly is admiring the suite and saying that she was meant to live this way. She dismisses the hotel personnel. Brad asks her about tracking down Jack and Carly tells him that she has given up on that, she has a new plan. She tells him that they need to go out and get some clothes for the evening. Brad tells her that when you are rich you don't go to the stores, the stores come to you. He leaves to go make the arrangements. Carly calls the hotel manager to see if Jack has checked in yet.

Jack and Julia have checked into their room and Julia can't believe that they are finally in New York. They are smooching on the bed and talking about the things that they are going to do while in New York. The phone rings and the hotel manager tells them they have won an all expense paid evening on the town. Jack and Julia discuss if they should take the manager up on the offer or not. They decide to go for it, but first they have to take a shower....together, of course.

Brad gets back with all the clothes, shoes and accessories and they have a spree of trying on clothes. After they are done, Brad shows everyone the way. Carly calls the hotel manager and asks if her surprise has been taken care of. As she is hanging up, Brad enters the room and hears her talking to someone on the phone. He asks who she was talking to and she tells him that she was just checking with the manager to make sure that their limo that she has ordered will be on time. She tells him that she is going to go feed the baby and get dressed. When she is gone, Brad picks up the phone and calls the manager.

Jack and Julia are all dressed and ready to go out on their night on the town. There is a knock at the door and it is the manager and he wants to talk to Jack alone. The manager asks Julia to go ahead and get into the limo. After she is gone the manager tells Jack that he just needs to go over some of the accommodations for the evening. When Julia gets downstairs, the assistant manager directs Julia to the side of the building where her limo is waiting.

Carly and Brad are ready to leave and Carly tells Brad to go ahead of her, she needs to give the nanny some last minute instructions for the baby. When Brad is gone, she calls downstairs and tells them that Brad Snyder is on his way down. She hangs up and has the "cat who ate the canary" smile of hers.

When Brad gets downstairs the assistant manger tries to guide him to the limo to the side of the building, but Brad has figured Carly out and he gives the manger a some money and says that he will take the limo in front of the building. Carly comes downstairs and gets to her limo, thinking that Jack is waiting inside. She opens the door and sees Brad inside and he pulls her in and the limo takes off. She is very upset with Brad and is yelling at him. He tells her that he is always just one step ahead of her. She tells the driver to stop the car. When they are stopped, Carly tells Brad to get out and he won't. She says that she will get out, then and he says, "And then what? You don't know the city." She says that she will walk back to the hotel or take the subway. He tells her that she needs to think about her son and she owes the responsibility to him. She tells Brad that he doesn't know how it is when she and Jack are alone. He leans over and tells her to show him how it is, when she is alone with Jack. She starts to laugh at him and then she says, "Do you think that that you can be a replacement for your brother?"

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Holden finds Georgia in the stable and tells her that it is not safe for her to be there. She tells him that it is her fault that Lucinda was in the stable and got hurt. He tells her not to blame herself, he is just as much to blame because he had not changed out the wood beams. She gets really upset and runs out of the stable and Holden yells for her. His cell phone rings and the person on the other end tells him that James had transferred money out of Lucinda's account on the day of her accident.

Lisa and Lily are at the hospital and Lisa is trying to console Lily. She tells Lily to get some rest and she will watch over Lucinda for her. Lisa goes to Lucinda's bedside and starts to talk to her. She asks her if she is ready to get out of that bed and have a good old fashion fight? Lisa tells her that Lily needs her and her grandchildren need her. James comes walking in and says that he needs her, too. Lily tells him to get out, she doesn't want him anywhere near her mother. Ben comes walking in with another doctor and introduces him as a brain trauma expert. Ben asks them to step out into the hall so they can examine Lucinda. James tells Lily that if anyone can help Lucinda, this doctor can. Lisa tries to reassure Lily that Lucinda is fighting her way back. Lily says that she knows that, she just wishes that it wouldn't take so long. James walks up to them and asks if the doctors are done yet. The doctors come walking out. They tell Lily that Lucinda's chances for recovery are slim. Lily gets upset. They tell her that she might come out of it on her own, but it may be a week or a month, there is no way to tell. The brain trauma specialist tells Lily that there is something that they can try, it is experimental. They have been doing some research with steroids. He tells her that the down side to the therapy is that it causes blot clots and could cause her to have a stroke. Ben tells Lily that they will give her some time to think it over.

Georgia is at Lucinda's bedside begging her to wake up. She tells her that she told Eddie to get lost. She says that it isn't fair that Lucinda has just come into her life and now she is leaving it so quickly. Lily hears Georgia yelling at Lucinda and runs into the room to see what is wrong. Lily grabs Georgia and asks her what is the matter. Georgia says that first her nana left her and then Sam left her and now Lucinda is going to leave her. Georgia runs out of the room. Lily asks Lisa to call Eddie and tell him that Georgia needs him. Holden comes in and asks about Georgia and Lily tells him that she is upset about Lucinda. Holden tells Lily about the call he got and James had taken money out of Lucinda's account the day of her accident. Lily says that she doesn't care about James anymore, she just wants her mother back. She tells Holden that she has a big decision to make and if she decides to go with the steroid therapy it could cause her mother to have a stroke. James walks in and tells Lily that he has been reading the research on the therapy and he has come to a decision.

Molly has arrived at the hotel in New York. She has her camera man with her. She stops the hotel manager and tells him that she is looking for Carly Dixon and she is her cousin. The manager tells her where the house phones are. Molly tells him that she already called Carly's suite and she is not there. She asks the manager if he knows what Carly's itinerary was for the evening. He tells her he does but he can't tell her. Molly gets mad at the manager and tells her camera man, Jerry, that they are going to all the hot spots in New York looking for Carly. Jerry says that is great and he knows New York like the back of his hand and he will get them a taxi. Molly says no taxi, they are going in style, she is going to get them a limo. As she walks away, Jerry yells that he doesn't think that there budget allows for a limo.

Molly goes out and pops herself into a limo and starts to ask the guy if she can rent the limo for the evening. When she finds out the man in the back seat is the owner of the limo and not the driver, she is really embarrassed and leaves the car. She goes back into the hotel and tells Jerry that they are getting a taxi after all. Jerry takes Molly to a very shady part of town. They are looking around for a nightclub and Jerry thinks that he sees John Kennedy Jr. and takes off after him, leaving Molly alone. Molly doesn't know where she is or how to get back to the hotel. She tries to stop a couple walking down the street, but they won't pay any attention to her. Then she breaks her heal. A limo pulls up and it is the same man that Molly talked to at the hotel. He asks her if she needs any help. She tells him that she will be OK. He gets out of the car and asks her if he could escort her back to the hotel. Molly tells him that might not be a good idea. He tells her that she can ride back and he will walk back if that will make her feel better. She decides that it will be OK if they ride together. Inside the limo, she starts to tell him about trying to find her cousin. The stranger tells her that he will help her look for her cousin, he needs an adventure. While they are riding around New York, Molly is telling him her whole life story including that she has written a novel. She tells him about her new novel and that the hero in the story looks a lot like him. She has told him about David and how much he reminds her of him. He asks her if her hero is going to be named David and she says no, she is going to name him Storm. They finally get back to the hotel and Molly gets out of the limo and thanks the stranger for all his help. She turns to walk away and quickly turns and says that she doesn't even know his name, but his is gone.

Carly and Brad are in the back of the limo and Brad is trying to kiss her. She is dodging him and he tells her that the man that she wants is him and she laughs and says that he is full of himself. He tells her to give him a chance, one night. He wants her to let him show her around New York. She doesn't want to go with him. He tells her that she is scared to be with him. He tells her to let go of the controls and let him lead. She says, "No thank you." He tells her that the offer is off table and they are going back to the hotel. She says that the night is still young and he tells her that he is not going to run all over New York chasing after his little brother. He picks up the phone and tells the driver to take them back to the hotel. Carly tells him to wait, she is having second thoughts.

Carly and Brad arrive back at the hotel and Carly tells Brad that she has had a wonderful evening and she doesn't want it to end. She asks him if they can take a carriage ride, she wants to see the city all at once.

After the carriage ride, the go to the hotel restaurant and Brad gets them a table and orders caviar. Carly asks the waiter to bring champagne to Brad and milk for her. Brad asks Carly to dance. Carly is in heaven. They are dancing around the floor and just past them, Jack and Julia walk in.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

John and Katie discuss her fear of hospital because of her dad's death. John alludes to a tough decision Margo had to make regarding Katie's father. James and Lily disagree over Lucinda's care and Ben insists to Lily that it's James' decision to make. Julia and Jack spy Brad and Carly kissing when they arrive at the restaurant, and Jack wants to leave. Eddie and Georgia argue when she denies caring about her aunt.

John backpedals when he realizes Katie doesn't know what he's referring to--it's Margo or Lila's story to tell, he insists. Brad and Carly claim their trip is all business. They make an awkward foursome as Jack reluctantly agrees to Brad's idea that they double-date.

Katie overhears Tom and Lisa talking about Lucinda and pretends to be in the know about the circumstances of her father's death. An unaware Tom makes reference to the tape Casey made asking Margo to remove his life support, which saved Margo from going to jail. Eddie practices tough love with Georgia and forces her to admit she loves Lucinda.

Lily argues to James that Lucinda would want the experimental treatment because her life was all about risks. James relinquishes the decision to her. Alone, Lily isn't so certain. Holden learns that James used the money he took from Lucinda's account to fund a brain trauma center so Dr. Eckert would agree to take Lucinda's case.

Katie listens to Tom as he talks about why Margo did it and claims she's fine, it's all in the past anyway, but she runs off. John apprises Tom that Margo hadn't told her sister anything about how Casey died. Brad pulls Carly aside and tells her that her infatuation is showing. Georgia compares Lucinda to a bossy hen. Katie finds Eddie cuddling Georgia down by the water.

Brad accuses Carly of orchestrating their kiss and leaves Jack and Julia to see her home. Katie asks Eddie to come with her and talk with her. Holden confronts James about the rest of the money he took. He refutes James' claim to loving Lucinda.

Lily has a heart-to-heart at Lucinda's bedside. Carly reminisces to Jack about their times together, but he interrupts her to ask her to go check on Julia. Carly finds Julia crawling along the floor of the bathroom looking for her pills.

Eddie apologies to Katie, but informs her he has to turn her down to be with Georgia in her time of need. Lily determines that Lucinda would have wanted a second chance at life. Carly pockets one of Julia's pills and determines to find out what it is that she's hooked on.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

At the Hospital:
Lily and Holden are confronted by Ben and asked what they plan to do about Lucinda and the drug treatment. Lily contemplates signing the release form but before she does Ben warns Lily again that the drug is experimental and the hospital can not be responsible for it. James walks in and tells Lily that he wants to see Lucinda James, alone with Lucy, pledges to Lucy that if she wakes up before the drug is administered then he will drop his vendetta against her family and will not hurt anyone. He says all he wants is for her to come back to him. Lily signs the consent form and goes back in to see Lucy. Holden tells Ben that he has to go to see Dr. Dorato about Hope. Ben and Dr. Edger start the drug therapy.

In New York:
Julia is awaken by nightmares. Julia looks for the luggage, Jack had already packed everything and set it outside for the bellhop. Julia runs into Brad in the hall and asked him if he was leaving today because Carly came to NYC to chase after Jack. Brad tells Julia that she already knows the answer to that. After Brad leaves, Julia calls the manager, who tells her he doesn't know where her luggage is. Julia is frantic. She goes downstairs yells at the him. Jack and Carly come up behind Julia and are startled at her reaction to the manager.
Molly asks the hotel clerk about the stranger in the Limo (Reid). She gives him her cell phone number and a tip and he agrees to pass it along. He immediately calls Reid and tells him Molly was asking about him. Molly spends the rest of her day thinking about her stranger.

Carly thinks back to Julia and the pill she found at the restaurant. She gives the pill to the clerk and asks him to have it analyzed, so that she can know what kind of pill it is. Jack sees her and asks about her and Brad and tells her that it bothers him for her to be with Brad. Jack tells Carly that Brad is on the rebound from Camille and reminds her of Brads track record with women. He also tells Carly he doesn't want to see her hurt. Carly sees Brad with his bags and questions him. He tells her that he is leaving and why. The clerk comes back and tells Carly that the pill is a highly addictive tranquilizer. Carly goes to Julia and goads her with the pill.
Carly goes to Molly and fusses about Brad. Molly tells Carly about Reid and how wonderful he was to her. Carly of course puts the whole situation down and try's to warn Molly to slow down, Molly doesn't listen. She says that she isn't waiting around for men who aren't interested in her. They talk about Brad and Molly announces that she thinks Carly has fallen for him. They go downstairs and Molly questions the clerk, who says he hasn't heard anything from the stranger. Molly goes up to pack. Just then Reid walks in the hotel.

At Dr.Dorato's
Holden receives terrible news. The Dr. tells him that Hope has fetal alcohol or drug exposure and will develop at a much slower pace than normal babies. Holden tells the Dr. that Lily never drank or used drugs and the Dr. tells him that she must have. He also says there is no cure for the damage that has already been done to the Baby, but that they can help her be productive in life with a lot of love and support.

At the Walsh Estate:
Barbara comes to see Lily and asks about Lucy. They talk about James and Barbara suggests that it is his fault that Lucy is in a coma. Barbara tells Lily about the any times that James tried to kill her. About this time, James walks in. James tells Barbara that he has changed and that she can not come into his home and spread bad thoughts to Lily about him. James tells Lily that he wants to try to make peace with her and Holden. Lily is irate and cuts him off before he finishes. Holden walks in. Lily tells Holden that she is going to think positively and not have anymore sadness. Holden can't bring himself to tell Lily what Dorato said.

Friday, February 12, 1999

Denise enthuses to Ben about her new job as a magazine telemarketer. Carly calls Julia to tell her to tell Jack to watch Molly's show for her interview. Carly refutes Molly's claim of being a ping-pong ball between the brothers Snyder. Carly's anger at Brad's desertion melts when he shows up at the studio with a large bouquet of flowers, but it turns out it's for Molly. Molly is more impressed by the single flower Andy presents her.

Julia confesses to Jack that Carly makes her doubt herself. After she invents an excuse to go to the hospital, Jack turns on the TV to "In Your Face." Carly admits to Brad that she needed him--to be her valet. Brad and Andy admire Molly's poise as the show opens.

Dr. Sullivan's secretary informs a frantic Julia that the psychiatrist took a job in Zurich and his replacement won't arrive for another week. Carly is uncomfortable when Molly quizzes her about her love life during the interview, zeroing in on the man from Carly's past whom she's still pining for. After the show ends, Molly tells Carly she did it to prove a point--Carly is in fact torn between Jack and Brad. Molly finds a pill in Carly's purse and is upset about her taking drugs while breastfeeding, until Carly corrects her--it's Julia's.

John refuses to fill Julia's prescription, citing its addictive qualities. When Denise flubs the call-waiting on Ben's phone, Camille gets an earful of her sales pitch. Molly disapproves of Carly's tactics and refuses to have anything to do with her cousin's scheme.

Kim observes Andy giving Molly a buss. Carly leaves Parker alone in the car while she runs inside to get a shovel and instead she runs into Brad, whom she had given a key. John is upset when he sees Parker unattended. Andy is enthused about being able to ask Molly out without complications. Molly interrupts his praises to say "yes."

Denise finally gets Ben to laugh when she runs with the idea he got from Camille of soliciting sex over the phone. Julia's lost luggage finally arrives and her bottle of pills with it. After assuring Carly that Parker is fine, John makes a call from the driveway of Fairwinds to report Carly for neglect. Carly frets to Brad that the cold harmed her son, and she leans on him for comfort.



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