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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, February 1, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire. Check out more of Kathy's work in our Whaddya Think? poll!

Carly and Brad arrive at Fairwinds after their "date," to find John there holding baby Parker and hurling accusations. John tells Carly that he is watching every move she makes.

Denise, who is staying at Ben's because Gary evicted her from her apartment, has a poignant moment when she looks at a pair of ballet shoes in her bag. Ben sets her up on the couch with pillows and blanket, but Denise tells him she has no nightie to wear.

Jack, who is preparing to go to the police station for his shift, comments to Julia that she seems tired all the time. He questions her about how many sedatives she is taking, and Julia, to prove she no longer needs them, throws her bottle of pills into the trash.

Georgia tells Holden and Lily that James caught her and Eddie in the barn, and now James knows that Eddie is living in Lucinda's pool house with her. She tells the Snyders that she is sure James is up to something. Holden leaves for his latest project: renovating Lucinda's stables.

Denise puts on the tops only of a pair of Ben's scrubs. She is jumpy and concerned that Gary will find her. Sara Ruth appears at the door and chews out Ben for abandoning Camille in the recovery room.

Jack suggests a special get-away weekend for him and Julia in New York City, and just as he is walking out the door, he receives a cell phone call from Carly. Julia is very jittery and keeps looking at the bottle of pills in the trash. Carly needs Jack's help, the same old ploy. This time she needs his help in getting John to leave. When Jack departs, Julia retrieves the pills and takes some.

Brad reasons with John and convinces him to leave Carly's. Now there is no reason for Jack to come over, but Carly refuses to cancel her call for help. Brad suggests that Jack find them in a compromising position so that Jack will feel jealousy, but Carly is not convinced.

Sara Ruth is haranguing Ben when suddenly a half-dressed Denise appears out of the bathroom. Some heated words are exchanged between the two women while a helpless Ben looks on. Sara Ruth leaves in a huff. So ,who is this Camille? asks Denise.

In the barn loft, James has rigged an elaborate accident. He has roped several bales of hay together that can be triggered by a rope on the ground. He visualizes the scene he wants to happen: James confronts Holden about killing David and then releases the hay bales which fall and crush Holden. James' reverie is interrupted when Holden comes into the barn and begins sawing boards right beneath James' perch in the loft. Lily arrives and she and Holden make plans for the evening and point out their initials carved many years ago into a post in the old stables.

Back at Fairwinds, Jack checks out Carly's alarm system and the alarm inadvertently goes off. Brad rushes down from upstairs with his shirt unbuttoned and tells a surprised Jack that he is doing "renovations" in Carly's bedroom. Jack leaves to go home to Julia.

Julia is restless and imagines that she has lost Jack to a conniving Carly. To calm herself down, she takes more pills. When Jack returns home, he finds her groggy and sleepy on the couch. He carries her upstairs. Her pill container falls on the floor.

Holden leaves the stables, and James climbs down and secures the rope holding the bales of hay to the post with Holden's and Lily's initials.

Up at the mansion, Lucinda finds the mysterious note that James received declaring that David has been killed by Holden. Lucinda is stunned to realize that James knows the terrible secret!

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Kathy Gire.

Margo, who is dressed to go out, kids Katie about the teenager's blushing whenever Eddie Silva is mentioned. Katie admits that she would like to be more than friends with him, and Margo suggests that Katie ask Eddie out. Katie decides to give it a try to hurries out to find Eddie before she changes her mind.

Georgia tells Eddie that she asked her Aunt Lucinda for a computer for him, but that does not please Eddie. Georgia realizes that Eddie is packing to leave, and she frantically tells him that she will go with him since he is uncomfortable being in Lucinda's poolhouse, but Eddie tells her no.

Holden comes into the stables, unaware that James is lurking there. Holden does not see the screwdriver driven into the post that anchors the rope that triggers James' boobytrap. Lily and Luke arrive to have "Daddy Holden" allay the boy's fears about bad dreams and monsters.

Back in the mansion, Matthew tells Lucinda that James has gone down to the stables and Lucinda has a moment of fear for Holden, but then suddenly James is there. He tells her that he is looking forward to spending the evening alone with her when Lucinda confronts him with the note she has found that says Holden killed David. James says it came to him anonymously but that he believes it. Lucinda suggests that David and Emily have run away together, but James tells her he has proof that Holden killed David and cites the blood and fingerprint evidence on the revolver.

Lucinda is stunned and blurts out to James that the killing of David was an accident. James asks how long she has known, and then suddenly realizes that is why she married him. He goes ballistic, and Lucinda begs him to not seek revenge on Holden but to let their two families be resolved and at peace.

Margo is just ready to go out for a celebration at Yo's when Tom appears at the door. He asks her to go to marriage counseling with him, but Margo needs time to think about it. He inquires why she is so dressed up, and she tells him it is none of his business. She explains that his affair with Emily has consumed most of her waking moments while, although he was suffering too, at least Tom has had a job to occupy him. But that has all changed, says Margo, because the celebration at Yo's tonight is in honor of her being reinstated as a detective on the Oakdale PD. She leaves without inviting Tom along.

Eddie and Georgia continue to have a heated discussion about her staying at Lucinda's, and Georgia runs out telling Eddie that she will find Lucinda and "fix everything." Georgia runs into Lily outside the stables and Lily promises to speak to Lucinda on Georgia's behalf and convince her to let Eddie stay.

Katie comes to see Eddie and is too embarrassed to say what is on her mind. Finally she gets it out that he has been a wonderful friend to her but now she is hoping for something more and she hopes she has a chance with him. Eddie is delighted and they kiss.....just as Georgia bursts into the room.

Lucinda continues to plead for no revenge on Holden when it suddenly occurs to her that James might have already harmed him. She remembers that Holden is working in the barn, and she rushes down there. When she leaves, James phones someone and asks for his plane to be made ready and for all of Lucinda's World Wide stock to be transferred to his own private account.

Lily and Holden and Luke arrive at the mansion looking for Lucinda so that they can intercede on Georgia's behalf. Matthew tells them that James is going out of town on business and that Lucinda has just run out.

Lucinda runs into the barn, calling for Holden. She spots the screwdriver driven into the post with Lily's and Holden's initials and gets hysterical and vows to stop this here and now. She pulls out the screwdriver which releases James' booby trap. In dramatic slow motion, the entire loft, with all its bales of hay, falls down on top of Lucinda.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Ben wakes Denise from a nightmare. Katie and Eddie agree they want to be more than just friends. Georgia is incensed when she comes home and finds them kissing. Lucinda takes a blow to the head when the rigged scaffolding collapses on her. Lily decides to stay at the mansion and find out why her mother is upset. Holden gets a message that Hope's doctor called. Lily goes down to the stables and finds Lucinda.

Georgia informs the pair that they can't make out in her aunt's house. Eddie is mystified by Georgia's sense of betrayal, but quickly angers when she asserts that he wants Katie more than he's wanted anything else. Denise refuses to talk about her dream, insisting she can't remember--and she'd prefer to keep it that way. Hope's doctor calls Holden and advises him to make an appointment to see him immediately. He tells the worried father only that Hope's genetic tests did not turn out as expected, refusing to cite specifics. A crying Hope cannot be soothed.

Lily calls 911 with her cell phone. Sara Ruth advises her daughter to call Ben fast, because he's already moved on--he has another woman living in his apartment. While waiting for Holden to come over with Hope, Ben talks to Denise about her dream, telling her he heard her asking to have something taken away. Denise recalls dreaming about a bird, but refuses to tell him any more when she seems to remember more. Denise is disturbed when she sees Hope. Lily is frantic waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

Ben examines Hope and while not alarmed, he does remind Holden of his concern when he couldn't find a medical explanation for Hope's seizure. Denise asks Holden how long his baby is going to cry and confesses to not being a "baby person." Ben gets a call from the hospital about Lucinda and he alerts Holden to the accident.

Eddie is upset when Katie storms out. Georgia charges Eddie with dating Katie to try to fit in on campus, reminding him he said he enrolled in college just to impress her. Lucinda goes into cardiac arrest after the paramedics arrive. Eddie accuses Georgia of becoming more and more like her Aunt Lucinda, despite her claims to the contrary. In response, Georgia walks out to the stables, where the paramedics are using electric paddles to bring back Lucinda's heartbeat.

Sara Ruth elaborates to Camille about finding Denise wearing Ben's shirt and nothing else when she went over to talk to him. Camille is not surprised once she learns it's Denise. Sara Ruth is enraged when Camille admits that Denise is an exotic dancer and a patient of Ben's. Camille claims not to be interested in Ben's life, but she can't help looking over at him. Ben sees her interest and comes over to explain about helping out Denise, before he is called away by Lucinda's arrival. Holden and Lily are reunited at the hospital. In response to Gary's questions, an unwitting Camille tells him that Denise is staying at Ben's apartment.

While at the airport composing a goodbye letter to Lucinda, James sees a news report about her accident. Denise unwittingly buzzes in Gary, who's posing as a colleague of Ben's. She leaves the latch on the door and when she sees it's Gary, he tries to wedge his way in.

Katie returns and apprises Eddie of Lucinda's accident, which she heard about on the radio. Eddie runs off to find Georgia. Lily and Holden ponder telling James what's happened, but wonder about the timing of his "business trip." Lily refuses to believe he would do that to her mother, whom he claims to love. James arrives at the hospital and asks the couple what Lucinda's condition is.

Thursday, February 4, 1999

A frantic Carly waits with Molly for a doctor to look at Parker who is suffering from a rash. Brad arrives which makes Molly jealous. She warns Carly to stay away from him. However, the next day Carly, Brad and Parker board a private jet bound for New York City.

Bob and Ben tell Lily, Holden and James that Lucinda is not responding to conventional medicine. The doctors explain to Lucinda's family that they would like to try new "experimental" procedure . Lily and James argue briefly about who has the right to make final decisions regarding Lucinda's treatment. However, James concedes to Lily and Lily tells Ben to go ahead with the procedure. Eddie arrives to comfort Georgia who blames herself for what happened to Lucinda. Believing he doesn't care about her, Georgia sends Eddie away. Later, James and Holden argue about whose fault Lucinda's accident was, each blaming the other. Lily tells Jack she thinks what happened to Lucinda was no accident.

Gary kicks in the door at Ben's apartment and threatens Denise. Hal, Jack, Ramirez and Margo are celebrating at Yo's. Margo tells Hal she would prefer an undercover assignment immediately rather than being eased back into work. Later, Denise and Gary show up at Yo's where Gary continues to harass Denise. Hal warns Gary to stop. Gary flirts with Margo, not knowing that she is a cop. Margo decides to play along realizing that this will allow her to go undercover at the Oasis.

Friday, February 5, 1999

Ben has to break the news that Lucinda is not doing as well as he hoped after the procedure. Camille is horrified when she learns Gary beat Denise, as Denise blasts her for revealing her whereabouts. At the station Molly and Kim consult about Molly's new talk show. Brad is surprised by Carly's announcement that they're going to New York, not Chicago.

Under James' prodding, Ben agrees to contact a doctor in London who's considered to be the best neurosurgeon in the world. Jack and Julia stop by the hospital before leaving for their trip to New York. They deny Holden's assertion that he's to blame for not making the repairs. Lily is determined not to let him blame himself--she needs him to focus on Lucinda, she tells him.

Julia takes her last pill, then is unable to get in touch with her doctor for a refill. A distracted Ben gets an earful from Denise and warns Camille to stay out of his business. Julia asks her doctor's secretary to give her enough pills to last the trip.

Andy does a photo shoot of Molly on her new set, advising her not to worry about "the missing stud." Kim compliments Andy on how good he is with Molly. The secretary gives Julia some samples from the medical convention that is going on at the hospital, then calls the mystery man to tell him that Julia is dependent on the medication, just as he'd planned.

An exuberant Carly calls her cousin from the plane and blurts out that Brad is with her. Brad overhears Carly reveal that she planned to go to New York all along, so Jack would see her with Brad and get jealous.

Holden sits by Lucinda's bedside and reminds her about when they were trapped in the wine cellar together. If she wakes up, he'll never say another bad word about her husband, he promises her. James walks in and wants to spend time with his wife.

Brad slips in and takes over giving Carly her massage. Molly gets the brilliant idea to go to New York and film a segment on Carly for her show, and asks Andy to come along with her as a cameraman. Carly protests her innocence to Brad when he takes her to task for duping him.

Julia meets Jack on the train in her old disguise. Molly is disappointed when Andy turns down her offer. Molly insists to Kim that she's not following Brad, she's following a story. Andy is equally insistent to his mother that his refusal has nothing to do with Brad.

Lily comes running in, breaking up James and Holden's war of words, and informs them that the doctor Ben called isn't coming. Ben rushes in when Lucinda's pulse momentarily drops. Holden wonders if it's because she heard him arguing with James. Julia has Jack sing along to Hank Williams' "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" as part of their walk down memory lane. When the plane encounters turbulence, Brad catches Carly in his arms.

After James returns from an errand, Ben informs the family that Dr. Eckert changed his mind and is flying in. Jack and Julia plan what they'll see when their train arrives. Carly and Brad are ready to celebrate as their plane descends in New York City.


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