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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 1, 1999 on GL
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Monday, February 1, 1999

by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Jenna

At the lighthouse, Jesse busts in the bedroom, in spite of Michelle's frantic pleading not to enter the lighthouse bedroom they once shared, Jesse is floored to see Michelle trying to hide half-naked body and Danny in their bed. She claims that she wanted to share everything with her new husband including this magical place. Jesse walks out, leaving Michelle to cry to Danny about what she has done and what kind of future she now faces. Jesse goes back to Drew's and drinks his sorrows away. Drew apologized and told Jesse that Michelle still loves him, but stopped before she said too much.

When Michelle and Danny arrive back "home", Michelle asks to speak to Carmen alone. She is sugary sweet to Carmen and to every rude comment Carmen utters, Michelle says something nice about the wedding plans. Secretly she says she is going to go so deep into the Santo's clan that she will find out all their secrets and bring the family down.

Vanessa worries to Matt about what may happen to her daughter now that she spilled the beans about Laura. Matt offers to go looking for her. Hart bursts into the living room at the farm just as Cassie tells a gun-toting Dinah that Rob is the father of her dead baby. Vowing to kill her to stop her, Dinah shoots but hits Hart in the back as he jumps to protect Cassie. When Tammy comes downstairs, Dinah is distracted and loses the gun to Cassie who quickly calls for an ambulance. Dinah slips out and runs to her mother's place where she asks for the help she once promised her. Vanessa panics when she finds blood splattered all over Dinah's clothes and hands. Dinah bursts into tears and cries that she shot Hart at the farm. She asks for help getting out of town. When Matt arrives, Vanessa hides her but Matt finds a bloody towel there. At the hospital Rick works to save Hart's life while Cassie tells Frank, Reva, Josh and Lillian that Dinah shot Hart. Rick tells everyone that Hart has been shot very close to his heart and is losing a lot of blood. Lillian tells Josh that Hart is in Extremely critical condition. It doesn't look good for him.

Tuesday, February 2, 1999

Feeling a bit guilty, Blake returns home with Ben after checking Holly into an inpatient psychiatric rehab clinic. When Ben decides he wants to spend some uninterrupted time alone with Blake, he disconnects the phone. Meanwhile, Ross tries frantically to reach Blake to tell her that her brother has been shot.

Meanwhile, Vanessa hides Dinah in the hallway when an inquisitive Frank comes looking for her. Even when Matt confronts her, Vanessa refuses to reveal Dinah's whereabouts. When she finally admits that Dinah is in the house, Matt feels betrayed. He goes to find Dinah and discovers that she is gone.

Rick tells a distraught Cassie that Hart has managed to pull through the operation to stop his bleeding but he has sustained serious internal injuries as the bullet still remains lodged perilously close to his heart. Cassie insists on seeing Hart even though he is still unconscious. During an extremely long, tearful beside monologue, Hart shakily regains consciousness, seemingly moved by Cassie's professions of undying love. As the couple embrace, Dinah, disguised in a pink silk scarf, creeps by the hospital window to check on Hart's condition.

While waiting at the hospital with Cassie and Reva, Harley gets a frantic call from Susan who is worried about what to wear to her Valentine's Day dance. Reva overhears the conversation and, while she is delighted to discover that Harley has reunited with Susan/Daisy, she is disappointed that Harley waited so long to tell Reva about her granddaughter. Harley decides that Susan will meet her extended birth family on her next visit. Discovering barred windows, locked doors and no access to telephone or T.V., Holly comes to the abrupt realization that her stay at the clinic is quite restrictive. When she starts to object rather loudly, she is promptly sedated by a large, blonde male orderly. As she drifts off into sedation, she mutters that Ben Warren is to blame for her imprisonment.

Wednesday, February 3, 1999

Shocked to find a hungover Jesse sleeping it off at Drew's place, Michelle explains to Drew that she intends to "bring down" the Santos family, including Danny. Insisting that she hasn't slept with Danny, Michelle also warns her not to date Jesse because he'll always love her more.

When Jesse comes out of the shower, Drew turns him down when he suggests they go out on a date.

Vanessa explains to Matt that she needs to keep the police from finding Dinah because she has vowed to kill herself.

After Rick convinces Cassie to leave to get some rest, Dinah slips into Hart's hospital room unseen. She tries to convince him that Cassie was to blame for the shooting, insisting that Cassie was telling lies and threatened to tell him the same lies. When he refuses to believe her and calls her crazy, she argues with him until he suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Panicking, she runs away without getting help for him.

Matt later catches Dinah fleeing the hospital.

In spite of a warning from Carmen that Michelle can't be trusted, Danny insists that Michelle is no longer in love with Jesse. He becomes defensive when Michelle starts questioning him about his family.

Thursday, February 4, 1999

Blake lays into Ben for defending a killer like Annie and finally backs off when Ben explains that he can be her attorney the same reason he can handle Holly's case.

Meanwhile, before her hearing, Annie is relieved and amused to hear from Alan that he has offered Ben Lewis Oil if he can clear Annie of all charges. Outside the courtroom, Josh warns Alan that he's made an enemy he'll soon regret.

Instead of turning Dinah into the police, Matt holds on to her outside Cedar's and calls Vanessa who claims that she'll turn her in. However, she quickly drives off with her daughter just as Beth spots them leave. Vanessa arranges for her daughter to exit Springfield and go to the convent in Lucerne. When Vanessa returns, she's outraged to see Matt with Beth, calling Frank about Vanessa helping her daughter escape.

Rick and the nurses work frantically on an unconscious Hart until he is stabilized. The cardiologist pushes Rick to get Hart into the operating room as soon as possible.

Blake manages to get her hands on an outside line and quickly calls Holly for help getting her out of the "hell hole" Ben put her in. Marge catches her on the phone and quickly takes it away from her patient.

Friday, February 5, 1999

When Vanessa overhears Matt calling Frank about the way she helped Dinah escape, Vanessa blasts a nearby Beth for gloating and then lays into her own husband for not being loyal. Matt attacks her sense of loyalty and claims that she doesn't want his support, only his compliance as she does whatever she wants to do. Vanessa claims that she doesn't know he loves her but he responds by reminding her of how she left him to deal with her death, a pain that he still feels to this day.

When Ross arrives looking for his daughter, Matt walks away, claiming that this is not his matter anymore.

In court Reva is forced to apologize to the judge when she continually voices her opinion about Annie during her hearing. The judge finally decides that Annie will not be granted bail. As Josh and Reva celebrate, Billy surprises them with the news that Lewis Oil is in trouble from a takeover bid.

When Marge decides to increase the dosage of her medication, Holly goes on the attack and manages to escape from the mental institution.

Harley and Phillip surprise Lizzie with the news that they're going to have a baby. Beth comes home at that moment and learns about the pregnancy. She offers her congratulations just as Susan calls to report to Harley that she shoplifted a dress and ran away.

Blake complains to Ben about committing her mother but he explains that she'd be in jail otherwise.

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