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Paulina told Joe that Tito was her son. A mysterious woman who looked like Frankie Frame appeared in town. Cindy warned Grant that Vicky was plotting to put Grant in jail. Matt was angry at Lila for spending time with Cass. Paulina admitted to Joe that she'd sold her baby.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on AW
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Monday, February 8, 1999

Rachel told Amanda how Jordan has been using Lila to spy on their family. Amanda wonders who Jordan will go after next. Meanwhile, Jordan isn't worried about not having Lila's co-operation anymore. He has other means of getting what he wants.

Joe was happily locking Tito up in a cell when Toni told him they have to let him go. Apparently, someone posted bail for him. Before he lets him leave, Joe warns Tito to stay away from his wife. When Tito gets home, Paulina was there waiting for him. Nick and Remy argue about Tito. Nick wants her to stay away from him, but Remy says she can relate to what his life was like. Joe and Nick discuss Tito after Remy leaves, and how both Remy and Paulina keep defending him. Joe tries calling Paulina at Carlino's, but there's no answer. Paulina wants to tell Joe about Tito being her son, but Tito says he doesn't think Joe was ready to accept that. He convinces her to wait a little longer.

Etta Mae was trying out a new musician at the Lucky Lady and she wants Felicia to hear him. It was Sergei. She's impressed by his talent. She encourages him to follow through with his dreams. He asks her if she would be able to help him, and she says yes. Felicia promises to get Sergei a start in the music business, and he gets on his knees thanking her. Etta Mae offers him a job, and he thanks her the same way. However, they hit a sour note when Etta Mae suggests her customers would prefer a mellower style of music. Sergei gets defensive, and Etta Mae is ready to forget the whole thing, but Felicia smoothes things over.

Amanda was still upset with Alli's miserable behavior, so Cameron told Alli that the wedding was off. Amanda starts freaking out, thinking that Cameron was serious. He winks at her to let her know of his plan and asks if she had to choose, who would she pick... him or Alli? She says she would choose Alli, of course, and Cameron says since Alli was against the marriage, it can't happen. Alli says that was fine with her, and happily walks off. Amanda drags Alli back into the room, and Alli says she knows they were just trying reverse psychology. Amanda asks her daughter if they can start over, and Alli hugs her, but when she looks at Cameron, she still doesn't look happy.

Rachel and Jordan work on his sculpture. She discusses romance with him. He says romance doesn't fit in with his scientific research, but she says she knows Lumina was about more than just science. He admits to her that he's looking for happiness, as was everyone. He brought up Alli, and the fact that she's against Amanda's marriage to Cameron. Remy visits Tito's new apartment, and questions how he can afford it, and also how he paid his bail. He told her Paulina paid for everything. Remy freaks out at Tito, but he claims that he and Paulina have a special bond. She says if he ever hurts Paulina, she'll never forgive him.

Paulina rushes to open Carlino's, but when she arrives, Joe was already there. Joe starts questioning Paulina. She keeps trying to explain away her actions, but was quite unconvincing. Then she told him she can't lie to him anymore. She told him she was paying Tito's bail. They argue about her involvement in Tito's life and she leaves saying things might not be like this if he trusted her and stopped spying on her. Toni arrives and told Joe that Paulina was the one who paid the rent for Tito's apartment. Joe confronts Paulina and told her the lying has to stop right now. He talks about the bail, and the rent, and says it seems like she's fooling around with someone young enough to be her son. Finally, Paulina told a shocked Joe that Tito was her son.

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Cindy was pouring Grant champagne and telling him that there was no way they can go to jail because Joe has Josie on the case and she has Josie in check. Just then, there was a knock at the door, it's Josie and another officer with a search warrant. Grant was totally relaxed but Cindy was totally ticked! The other officer went into the bedroom and returned out w/Cindy's shoes, explaining they were under the bed. Cindy tries to stop them from taking them but Josie explains that they might match a set of prints in the ice at Marley's where Vicky was dragged out. Josie and the cop leave and Grant calls Vicky's. He figures that maybe he can find out from Vicky what Marley told Jake and maybe find the tape. He learns, (from Donna), that Vicky and Jake are at the Harbor Club and he went to 'have dinner' while Cindy went to get back her shoes and remind Josie just exactly what she knows.

At Carlino's, Joe was blown away by the fact that Paulina had another kid, in fact he doesn't believe it at all. (well actually he doesn't believe that Tito was her kid) He was very upset and hurt by the fact that Paulina never told him about this. He told her that he thought all the secret and lies were over. He thought that she could trust him but apparently this was to big a secret for her to be able to trust him with. Paulina tries to get him to understand but he told her that this was gonna take a while. He starts asking her about who Tito's dad is. She told him that it was someone she was seeing at the time. He asks her if she loved him and she says she thought she did at the time but it doesn't matter now. Joe asks if Tito reminds her of her old boyfriend and how could it be possible that he was her kid. It was possible that he was scamming her because that was what his past is. Paulina told him about the DNA test and that really hurts him that she has known about it and hasn't told him yet. She also told him about the necklace and other little details. He still doesn't believe that Tito was her son. They are interrupted by the phone, it was Tito/Tim. Paulina told him that she will call him back and turns around to talk to Joe but he was gone.

At the Harbor Club, Jake and Vicky are having dinner when Grant walks in. Vicky told Jake that it makes her so mad that Marley was going through all that trouble when Grant and Cindy are free. Vicky comes up with a plan to have Jake yell at Grant and Vicky stop Jake so it looks like she's defending Grant.

At the police station, Gary and Josie are talking when Cindy walks in. She told Gary that she needs to tell him something right away and she feels bad that she hasn't told him before. Josie starts to get really uneasy and Cindy told Gary that she thinks Grant was setting her up. Gary asks her why and she says she was not going to talk without a lawyer. Gary told her to call one but she says no one will want to defend her so he calls up Cass and Tyrone. While he was on the phone, Cindy told Josie that she had better get her shoes back, now! Josie told her she can't just give them back so Cindy comes up with a plan where Josie will keep Gary busy and Cindy will sneak in and get her shoes. Her plan works, but she was almost caught by Gary.

Tito was ordering food when there was a very loud knock on the door. Surprise surprise: it's Joe. Tito lets him in and Joe told him that Paulina just told him that he was supposedly his son. Tito was shocked that she told him but Joe warns him that if he was scamming Paulina then he had better watch out. Tito told him that he really was her son but Joe doesn't buy it. He was yelling at him when Paulina comes up and yells at Joe for yelling at HER son! Joe tries to explain that he was only trying to protect her but she was not listening. He leaves and Paulina yells at him saying that everything will be ohsomuch better by him leaving. Tito told Paulina that this was all his fault and that maybe he should just leave Bay City for good, but Paulina talks him out of it.

Back at the Harbor Club, Jake gets up and starts yelling at Grant. He told him that he wants to have a nice dinner with his wife but every time he looks over and sees him he wants to puke. Amazingly, Grant says he will leave and Jake was shocked by this. They get into a deep conversation about Cindy and Grant says that he thinks she shot him. Then Grant asks Jake what Marley told him and Jake told Grant that he was almost believing him. Grant asks him what he means and Jake says he thought he knew all his tricks but obviously not and he leaves. Vicky asks Jake what that was all about and he says that Grant just wanted to know what Marley told him. Cindy walks in and her and Grant get into a fight. Jake says he wonders what they are fighting about so Vicky acts like she was on her way to the bathroom and eavesdrops. They are fighting about Vicky. Cindy says that Grant's career could end and all he's worried about was how Vicky sees him. Vicky uses this to her advantage and went back to the table where her and Jake 'fight' so she can manipulate Grant.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

At the Harbor Club, Jake and Vicky staged an argument for Grant and Cindy's benefit. Sure enough Grant rushed right over to see if Vicky was all right. Cindy was jealous and outraged. Vicky and Grant sat down and Vicky began confide in Grant. Jake too was beginning to get a little jealous. When Cindy made an attempt to stop the cozy conversation, Jake distracted her by planting some unflattering remarks about Grant in her head. He then asked the annoyed Cindy to join him in a drink. She agreed to in hopes of making Grant jealous. Cindy began to question Jake about the reasons behind Jake and Vicky's argument. Jake wasn't going to continue with this charade any longer. He immediately broke up Vicky and Grant's conversation. Vicky tried to keep the peace between she and Grant while calming Jake down in the process. Grant offered his shoulders for her to cry on anytime. After Vicky and Jake left, Grant left Cindy at the Harbor Club to have dinner alone.

At Grant's, Cindy tried to warn Grant that Vicky's intentions were probably to put him in jail since they usually are. Grant told Cindy to pack and ordered her to leave and be gone by the time he returned.

At Jake and Vicky's, Vicky tried to persuade Jake into letting her have more time with Grant. Jake refused to subject her to that. After losing their electricity Jake began telling ghost stories to Vicky, Steven, and Kirkland. The four sat in the dark fearing that Jake's story was about to come true. Just then there was a knock on the door bringing part of Jake's story to life. They all screamed. They opened the door to find Grand standing there in the rain. They screamed again. Grant brought books for Kirkland. He offered a sympathetic ear for Vicky whenever she needs one. Cindy watched as Grant left Vicky's house.

Cindy managed to get back to Grant's house before Grant did. Cindy tried to warn Grant. He refused to listen to listen to her advice. Cindy then vowed "I will get you Grant, and your little Victoria too."

Lila wants Matt to stop pretending that their marriage was for real. She told Matt that she was in love with Cass. Lila wants to leave. Matt told her to leave whenever she wants to, but she was not to take Jasmine. Matt tried to talk Lila into staying chalking her feelings for Cass up to fear. He was assured that she would soon return. The two began kissing leaving Lila more confused. Cass looked in on them from out in the rain.

Lila spotted Cass and ran over to the window crying his name. Cass thought Lila and Matt were being intimate and stormed off. Matt decided to have Jasmine sleep in his room for the night. Lila disagreed with Matt's decision, but Matt insisted. Lila eventually gave in and promised to see her baby first thing the next morning.

After Matt went upstairs, Lila called Cass to explain, but Cass didn't want to hear it. He hung up on her. Fighting her fear of rainstorms, Lila went to Donna's house to see Cass. She explained her reasons for letting Matt kiss her stating that Matt was acting weird and that she knew that he would leave her alone for the evening after the kiss. Cass didn't want to hear her excuses. Cass demanded her to leave. Lila didn't know what else she could possibly say to him so she kissed him. The two then pledged their love to each other. The two then planned on making love, but Cass admitted that he didn't want it to be this way. He wants Lila to have the best of everything. Lila finally realized that it isn't monetary value that brought happiness. Matt brought Jasmine to Lila's and discovered Lila wasn't there.

Ms. Allen warned Jordan about the legalities that were slapped on him and Lumina. Jordan then filled Ms. Allen in on Cass's dead wife, Frankie. Jordan told Ms. Allen that there was no such thing as death. It was all scientific. It was all matter that can be changed into a different form. She questioned if he thought of it as raising the dead. He replied, "That was exactly what I am planning to do."

Jordan went to the cemetery to see Frankie's grave. Jordan recited poetry about everlasting love. He placed a yellow flower on her headstone. When he walked away, a woman baring a striking resemblance to Mary Francis Frame- Winthrop (Frankie) walked by the grave and picked up the flower left by Jordan. The mystery woman read the headstone: "Love was as strong as death." The mystery woman watched the shadows of Cass and Lila through the window.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Amanda's was in the study admiring her and Cameron's wedding invitations when someone comes up from behind her and puts their hand over her eyes. It turns out to be Cameron. As they admire their wedding invitations and smother each other with affectionate kisses, Cameron suggest they he and Amanda adjourn upstairs for a little lovemaking. Amanda told him she would love to, but tonight was her girls night out with Allie and she promised her they would spend some mother, daughter time together bonding. Cameron asks her if she thinks it was going to work and Amanda told him that it couldn't hurt and she thinks that Allie was coming around and asks Cameron if he sees it too. Cameron sarcastically says sure he sees it. Amanda told him not to let Allie get to him and she was sure by the time the wedding rolls around, the two of them are going to be gliding across the dance floor together. Cameron was skeptical, but told Amanda that she expects a lot from this girls night out venture, doesn't she? Amanda told him she does and then kisses him and says that pretty soon all her nights are going to belong to him. As they get back to the smooching, the phone rings. Jordan called as David, claiming he had some papers that needed to be signed tonight and apologized for not calling her about them earlier. Amanda told him it was okay and that she was going to the Lucky Lady tonight and asked him to meet her there. Jordan agreed and they hung up. Afterwards, Amanda asked Cameron if he wouldn't mind running Allie over to the Lucky Lady for her. Cameron said no problem and Amanda left. After Amanda leaves, Allie comes downstairs and asks if her mom just left? Cameron says yes, she had to do some business and he's supposed to drop her off at the Lucky Lady. She vehemently refused and told Cameron she would call a cab instead. Cameron and Allie shared some verbal warfare, and she let him know exactly how she felt about him. As Cameron tries to talk to the girl, she rudely keeps interrupting him which causes Cameron to asks her if she learned not to interrupt people when they are talking at that Fancy Swiss boarding school she went to. Allie says as for going anywhere with him, N-O-N. That's French and just a little something she picked up at that Fancy Swiss boarding school. She then parades upstairs. A little while later she returns downstairs with her coat and Cameron asks her where she was going. She days duh, to meet my mom, girls night out remember. He then asks her how was she going to get there on her bike. She sarcastically told him she has called a cab to come get her. Cameron says how was that going to look if she shows up at the Lucky Lady in a cab. She told him that his opinion means squat to her and she was not her mother. Cameron told her she has made that pretty clear and Allie told him that she has been in the backseat during a couple of her mothers emotional collisions and she won't be conned as easily as her mom, she knows what he really is. Cameron told Allie no matter what she wants or does, he will still marry her mother. Allie says that she will not sit around and be happy that her mom was going marry him, she already played that game with Grant. She then reluctantly leaves with him.

Meanwhile upstairs, Matt was holding Jasmine while knocking on Lila's door, but gets no answer. He assumes she was asleep. He enters into her room and realizes that Lila's bed hasn't been slept in and instantly guesses where his wandering wife has decided to spend the night. Matt hugs Jasmine and told her that he won't let Cass Winthrop break up this family and that mommy will have a surprise when she gets home.

Alone in his office, Jordan steps up his scheme to throw a monkey wrench into the nuptial plans. He says to himself that he has gotten himself some time with Amanda, and they are closer than ever to the day when they'll be together again. He looks into the Lumina crystal ball and calls her Amalie. He says how she has haunted him, but they are about to find one another again and the haunting will end for him, but Cass Winthrop's haunting experience will just be beginning. Ms. Allen walks in and reminds Jordan that he has an appointment with Amanda Cory. Jordan asks her to get the car ready and then pulls out his key and transforms himself into David Halliday. He then leaves to go meet Amanda at the Lucky Lady.

AT DONNA'S HOUSE (Temporarily Cass' Place)
Lila and Cass are taking off one another's clothes and kissing. Lila told Cass that she loves him and Cass told her if this was a dream, he hopes it never ends. Lila told him it was a dream, a dream you never, never wake up from. A dream come true. As they continue to undress each other, Lila starts kissing Cass down his chest. As she comes up to kiss him, they accidentally bump heads. Cass told her she has a hard head and she apologizes again and they start back to lovemaking. Lila told Cass that she never knew the spot behind her ear that he was kissing turned her on so much. Cass told her he was sure she has a million other little spots that turn her on as well. Lila says lets find them all. As Lila and Cass embrace, a familiar figure watches the silhouettes on the shade from the darkened street below. Drawn to the window by a sudden gust of cold air, Cass was startled to see what appears to be his late wife gazing up at him from beneath a streetlight. Cass closes his eyes and the lightening flashes and she disappears. Lila told Cass that he looks like he's seen a ghost. Cass says the lightening was just playing tricks with him, but was visibly distracted. Lila told him she understands and has been plagued by the lightning her whole life and whenever a storm came she would always tremble , but now she was steady as a rock. She then told Cass that's how safe he makes her feel. Cass told her she was so beautiful and they start kissing again, but Lila senses that something was bothering him and says ever since he looked out of the window, he hasn't exactly been here with her. She then told him she thinks he's had a little time to think and maybe he's still a little bit mad at her for letting Matt kiss her and thinks maybe she should go and starts getting dressed. Cass stops her and told her it's okay. Lila asks what happened and Cass says that he thought he saw someone he once knew, but it was a trick. Cass convinces her to stay. Down on the street, Frankie walks away. After overcoming some last minute fears, Cass and Lila made love for the first time. In the afterglow, Lila told Cass she's never going to think of thunderstorms the same again and then asks Cass if they're going to be together? Cass says oh yeah and seeing the ecstasy on Lila's face, ask her what she was thinking about? Lila says she just can't get this smile off her face. Cass told her she better get use to it because that's the way it's going to be for the rest of her life. Lila told Cass all of her life she has waited and wished for what they just shared and there he was, standing right in front of her and she was too stubborn to see it. Touched by her words, Cass told her that he wishes he had something eloquent to say to her. Lila told Cass to give it a shot and Cass told Lila she made him feel alive again and for that, she'll have his heart in the palm of her hands for the rest of her life. Lila told him that was very eloquent as the two of them start kissing each other. Lila asks Cass if there were others before her that he loved. Cass told her after Frankie, nobody came close. Until one day this sexy, beautiful, bullheaded southern belle walked into his life. Lila told Cass he couldn't have known way back then, but he told her he had a few stirrings and speaking of stirrings -- Cass was ready for round two, but Lila told him that's going to have to wait for now. Cass told her he was keeping her captive tonight, but Lila told him it's time they got back to reality. She reminds Cass if Matt were to find out, she could lose Jasmine. Cass asks her since when did she become the voice of reason? Lila told him they are going to be together forever, but tonight isn't it. Cass says he just wants to hold her, to which Lila agrees. Later, Cass woke up and discovered Lila was gone.

David and Amanda meet at the Lucky Lady. Amanda told David that he has had her sign so many papers, that she was starting to develop writer's cramp. David offers to perform a massage called Shiatsu on her to relieve the pressure. However, Amanda declines the offer and was somewhat distracted. David asks her what's the matter and she told him she was expecting Cameron to bring Allie here and hopes nothing went wrong. As if right on cue, Cameron and Allie show up. Everyone greets one another and Amanda pulls Cameron away for a moment to go look at wedding cakes. While they are away, David talked with Allie. Allie confided in Davie her distaste for Cameron. Allie told David she hates her step-father to be and says she wishes her mom would marry someone like him. She told David if Cameron's killed his father, there was no telling what else he was up to. David told her there was no way of knowing what Cameron was up to unless she follows him around. Allie told David that was a great idea, she'll spy on Cameron. David feigned shock at the idea, which he subtly suggested in the first place. He then covered by telling Allie that was not what he meant, he was speaking hypothetically and suggest that Allie give up this crazy idea and take up an intern ship at the Herald. Allie told him that was how her mom met her dad. Amanda and Cameron return and David told them that he has to be going and bids everyone adieu. Cameron kisses Amanda and told her he was getting ready to go as well, so she and Allie can have their girls night out thing. Putting her plan into motion, Allie told Cameron it'll be alright if he drops by the house later. Cameron and Amanda were surprised, while Jordan/David watched from the shadows pleased. He then left and Cameron left shortly afterwards.

A tired Jordan went back to Lumina, pleased with how the day has gone. Margaret comes in and told him she just wanted to make sure he got his messages. He says yes, thank you. Margaret then told him that she hopes he doesn't mind her saying this, but he looks tired. Jordan says that she would be too if she had put into motion as many things as he has tonight. Margaret then asks him if he has begun dealing with Cass Winthrop. Jordan told Margaret that Cass will be so caught up in his past that he won't have time to think about Lumina or anything else. He then says poor Lila and adds that he has found the strongest ally possible to keep Cameron from marrying Amanda. Margaret asks him who would that be and Jordan told her Allie, Amanda's lovely daughter and he would say things are more than under control.

Lila sneaks back to the mansion and finds a furious Matt waiting for her. Matt says welcome home Mrs. Cory, you mind telling me where you've been all evening? Lila told Matt she was tired and really doesn't want to get into this tonight. Matt says oh no you don't and flat out asks her if she was with Cass? Lila told him that what she does in her spare time was really none of his business. Matt told her he was her husband and her spare time was his business. Lila says this marriage isn't based on love and they both know that and she has been completely honest about her feelings for the first time and wishes that he would be to. Matt told her he has been completely honest about his feelings, but Lila says no he hasn't or he would admit that this marriage was based on a lie. She's in love with Cass and he was in love with Sofia, until Stark got a hold of him. Matt told her that people change and he never thought he could love anyone as much as he loves their child, but he does and doesn't want her to grow up with divorced parents. Lila says but it's okay for her to grow up with two people who don't love each other? Matt told her he doesn't want that either, but has no intention of just accepting her going out in the middle of the night to meet her lover. Lila told him talking to him was like talking to a brick wall and he pleads with her to give their marriage a chance, but Lila says that won't happen. Matt told her we'll see, until then, Jasmine stays here.

Meanwhile downstairs, Amanda and Allie returned to the mansion, giggling after having a good girls night out together. Amanda told Allie she wants to thank her for inviting Cameron to come back over to the house. Allie told her she was the one marrying the guy and if he she really loves Cameron, then she will try to meet them half-way. Allie then apologized for her behavior of late, saying she didn't want to see her mother get hurt again. Amanda promised Allie she wouldn't get hurt this time and has finally grown up. Allie says cool and then announced that she was going to bed and told her mom to have fun tonight. Amanda told her she loved her and thanked her. Allie left and shortly afterwards, Cameron arrived. Amanda told Cameron that she was thinking of asking Josie to be in the wedding. Cameron told her that it's up to her. Amanda says she'll call her now, but Cameron told her that he wants to do it, he has to talk to Gary any way. Amanda leaves to get some wine and Cameron calls Josie and told her that Amanda wants her to be in the wedding and he wants her to say yes. While Cameron was talking, Allie eavesdrops on Cameron's whispered phone conversation with Josie. Cameron then makes plans to meet with Josie tomorrow at 1:00pm and hangs up. Amanda returns and asks Cameron if Gary and Josie was home, and he told her no he left a message. Amanda and Cameron then poor themselves a glass of wine and toasted to their upcoming wedding. Amanda told Cameron that she doesn't think she has ever been happier before in her life than she was now. Meanwhile, an eavesdropping Allie plans to be there when Cameron and Josie meet.

Later on back upstairs, Lila calls Cass and told him that Matt caught her. Cass asks her what happened and Lila told him that Matt was living in a dream world and was still vowing to make her love him and says she'll lose Jasmine if she tries to leave. Cass wants to have it out with Matt, but Lila told him that they have to be smart and patient if her, Cass, Jasmine and Charlie are ever going to be a family. Cass says that was easier said than done. Lila told him no one can take away the beautiful memories they have made tonight and even though they are not together, they are where it counts, in their souls. Cass told her they always will be and Lila told him nothing on earth was more powerful than love. It's what brought them together and nothing and no one was going to keep them apart.

Frankie showed up at a bar for a drink. As the bartender fills her glass, he asked her if she was new in town. Frankie told him no and that she has walked these streets before. He then asks her if she was just here for a visit or back for good? Frankie doesn't get a chance to answer because the bartender has to go tend to the jukebox. Later after he returns, Frankie asks the bartender if he knows a place where she can spend the night. He says he knows of a place, but needs to know how long she'll need it. With a smile on her face, Frankie told him as long as it takes..........

Friday, February 12, 1999

Paulina phones Tito and told him she wants to read her diary with him. He's about to return the diary but was stopped by Remy. She asks Tito why Paulina rented him an apartment and paid his bail, but his answers are evasive. She thinks he knows something from Paulina's past and was blackmailing her, which he denies. She told him she's not giving up until she finds out what he's up to. Meanwhile, Paulina tries to patch things up with Joe, but was upset to learn that Joe has been looking into Tito's criminal past. When they can't come to terms about Tito, Joe orders her to keep him out of his house and away from Dante. Joe says he's just trying to protect her, but she's furious and walks out.

Cass visits Lila at the Cory house, and they're caught in an embrace by Matt. Matt reminds Cass that Lila was his wife, but Cass told him that he and Lila love each other and he'd better get used to it. Matt grabs Cass to throw him out, and Cass informs him that Lila was filing for an annulment. Matt vows to fight the annulment and to fight for custody of Jasmine. He says it won't look good for Lila to be sleeping with her lawyer. When Cass says Matt can't prove adultery, Matt decks him. Lila worries that Matt will never let her go, especially while he's Luminized, but Cass was confident that he and Lila will be together. Before Cass leaves, he serves Matt with the annulment papers and told him the court date was set. Matt threatens not to show up, and Cass tells him he'll lose the right to contest the annulment. Matt says the whole thing was a joke, but Cass says a marriage that hasn't been consummated isn't a marriage in the eyes of the law. Matt then claims that his marriage to Lila has been consummated. Lila denies it, but Matt says it happened the night she went to all that effort to seduce him. Cass believes Lila. Matt brought up the fact that everyone knows she'd go to any lengths to be a Cory. Lila asks Matt why he's fighting like this. Matt says family was everything to him, and he'll do anything to keep Lila and Jasmine with him.

Tito sneaks into Paulina's house, but before he can return the diary, Remy arrives with Dante, followed by Nick. Tito hides while Nick tries to make up with Remy for getting Tito arrested. He says he was just trying to look out for her, but she says she can look after herself. Nick asks if there's more between her and Tito than she's letting on, but she just asks him to leave. She went to put Dante down for a nap, and sees Tito as he tries to sneak out. She accuses him of trying to make time with Paulina while she and Joe are fighting. She says he's conning her right along with the rest of the world, and that it has to stop.

"Frankie" talks to a local bartender and he cashes a check for her. He questions he a bit about herself, but she's not very forthcoming with her answers. He asks if she's staying in Bay City, and she says her plans are up in the air at the moment.

Dante starts crying and Remy takes him out of the room. Tito returns the diary just before Paulina comes in. She told him Joe was still suspicious, and he says maybe it would be best if he just left town, but Paulina wants him to stay so they can have a relationship. She says she has so much to make up to him, but he says she didn't do anything wrong. It's obvious that she's still overcome with guilt. She hugs Tito, and Remy comes in and asks what's going on. They don't tell her, and Tito leaves. Remy asks Paulina if Tito was what's wrong between her and Joe, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Later, Remy sees Tito again and asks him what the hug between him and Paulina was about. She still thinks there's some kind of romance going on with them, so to prove her wrong, Tito kisses her. Remy punches him and warns him never to do that again.

After Cass leaves, Lila and Matt are angry at each other, but they spend time together with Jasmine and their anger melts when Jasmine smiles. Lila holds her and when Matt gets the camera, he reminds her that if they lived apart, one of them would be missing this moment. Back at home, Cass looks out the window and can't believe it when he sees a woman who looks like Frankie. He runs out to talk to her. By the time he gets there, she's gone. But he does find the flower he'd just left at Frankie's grave.

Paulina reads her diary, and it says she hopes her baby will be proud of her one day. She cries and says he'll never forgive her, and Joe comes in and told her anyone can be forgiven. He knows she hasn't told him everything, and unless she does, he doesn't know how they'll get through this. She doesn't tell him; she says no one could forgive what she's done. Joe won't let the issue drop, and finally she told him that she didn't give her baby up for adoption... she sold him.



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