One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on OLTL

Viki met Ben at the Crossroads Bar and introduced herself as Blondie. Nora was ordered on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Kelly fired Blair. Dorian kicked Kelly out of the house. Sam placed a mysterious phone call.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 8, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, February 8, 1999

Written by: Brandy Daniels

Lately Viki has been having dreams about the cross roads, but this time it's not a dream it's real. Blair told Kelly that she can't fire her. Kelly came home and asked Dorian if she is ok. Max tells R.J. he's over Blair and the next woman that walks in he will ask out, and that woman is Téa. Asa tricks Bo and Nora into having dinner together to patch things up. Bo comes in the restaurant and sees Nora reading the separation papers and he walks over to her and says "haven't you signed it yet?" Sam was looking frantically for some paper work on Mel's desk.

Kelly asks Dorian how she can help her and Dorian tells her by publishing the article. Dorian tells Kelly she is taking Viki's side over her own family. Blair comes into the club and slaps Max! Bo tells Nora that every time her turns around he sees her with Sam, and then Sam walks into the restaurant with Viki. Viki tells Bo that Sam didn't know that you where going to be here. Max asks Blair what she slapped him for and she said because you made me lose my job. Blair told Max that she thought that he was her friend and she can't stand the sight of him, Max said "I thought you were here because you missed me so much" and after that remark Blair slaps him again!

Dorian tells Kelly to pack her bags and get out! Kelly tells her, "fine, I'm gone." Téa asks R.J. why Max asked her out and the look on R.J. face gave it away. Téa asked R.J. was this a bet and R.J. confesses and then Max comes back over to Téa and ask where were they. Téa tells Max you were about to pay R.J. the fifty dollars you owe him. Kelly comes to the club and orders a shot of whiskey and she buy a drink for Max and says this drink is for Dorian and Blair. Dorian talks Blair into moving out of the penthouse and to move into her home. Sam goes over to Nora and asks her how she is doing. Nora asks Sam for a pen so she can sign the separation papers. Sam giver her the pen, she signs the paper and says that's that, then asks Sam if he would like to have dinner with her. Viki drives back to the crossroads, and a voice tells her to choose well, the choice you're about to make is crucial.

Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Written by: Grace Alumno

At The Crossroads bar...

Viki enters a bar- "The Crossroads." She automatically causes a distraction at the bar (since she stands out compared to the rest of the bar's patrons). The bartender notices her and questions her why she is there. He gets smart with her. She then tells him that a friend had recommended the place to her. The bartender tells Viki that he cannot picture her with any of the regulars there. Viki then orders a martini and asks him where the fork on the road leads to. To her disappointment, he does not know. She then tells the bartender that the drink is in memory of her friend (Mel). The bartender notices a suspicious customer. He asks Viki again why she is at this particular bar. She tells him about her dream. He finally tells her his name (Ben). Viki and Ben try to figure out her dream, but they get nowhere. The suspicious customer provokes Ben to get defensive. During the mistaken scuffle, Viki leaves. Viki returns, much to the delight of Ben, and tells him that her car will not start.

At Club Indigo...

Max pours another tequila for a drunk Kelly as Téa and R.J. look on. Téa tells R.J. that she has never seen Kelly drunk. Max and Kelly drink to her new found independence. Knowing that Dorian has kicked her out, Max offers Kelly to move in with him. She laughs at him and tells that she cannot trust him. Kelly tells Max about how she fired Blair and Max tells her about how Blair came to him after she fired her and slapped him. Kelly then tells him that he deserved to be slapped. R.J. and Téa are still watching them. John walks in with more information about Téa's key mystery. She buys John a drink. R.J. offers to help her out with the key as Téa accepts. John again tries to ask Téa out for dinner, but again, she turns him down using (again) work as an excuse. R.J. makes a bet with her stating that he will solve her key problem before John will. Max tells Kelly about his bet with R.J. R.J. points out to Téa that John wants to be more than her friend. Kelly, obviously very drunk, decides to go find a place to stay. She thanks Max for the 'party'. Max, seeing that she is not fit to drive, offers to drive her home. R.J. intervenes and tells them to take a cab home. R.J. and Téa dwell on the idea that "you never know who ends up with whom" nowadays.

At The Palace...

Sam and Nora dine together. They discuss how she's feeling about her separation from Bo. She tries to tell him that the separation papers are not bothering her, but Sam knows her too well. Nora suddenly feels sick. She tells a concerned Sam that it's just nausea. Sam suggest that they call her doctor, but she refuses. She then decides to take Sam's offer and let him take her home.

At Bo and Nora's House...

Bo asks Lindsay why she is there. She insists on helping him take his things from the house. She puts her arms about him and tells him that she will help him get through this. Bo politely turns her away. Lindsay continues to tell him that she knows how he feels. She also tells him about Sam and Will's broken relationship. As Lindsay babbles on, Bo gets hold of the dance champion trophy that he and Nora had won and is deep in thought. Bo tries to tell Lindsay (again) that he does not need her help. As they talk about how 'perfect' their relationships were with their former spouses, Lindsay tells Bo that he will get through this. She gives him a 'comfort' kiss as Nora and Sam walk in on them. Nora verbally attacks Lindsay, but Bo defends her. Nora tells Lindsay to get out of her house. Sam tries to tell Bo that he drove Nora home because she was not feeling well. Bo then reminds Nora about the separation papers and that they need to be signed. She hands them to him and tells him that she signed them. He then returns her wedding ring to her and leaves. She cries out. She thinks it is Bo that is checking up on her, but it is Sam.

At The Palace...

Lindsay and Bo see each other in the hallway to their rooms at The Palace. She offers Bo a night cap, but he turns her down. He tells her that he is not ready to get involved with anyone yet.

Back at Nora's House...

Nora is feeling better, but numb, after the incident with Bo. Sam tucks her in bed and tells her that he will be downstairs for a while if in case she needed something.

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

After discovering that Mel's files were incomplete, Kevin went to Dorian's hoping to find Mel's missing research. A crafty Dorian convinced Kevin to give Blair a job in exchange for Mel's lap top. After Kevin left, Dorian informed Blair that working at The Banner would give her the perfect opportunity to spy on Viki. Jessica asked Will to be her birthing coach because she didn't want Cristian to give up his art show. Cristian was angry about Jessica's decision, but had to live with it when Will told him the reasons behind Jessica's decision. At The Crossroads, Ben was unable to fix Viki's car and they had to wait for a mechanic. Viki questioned Ben, who was reluctant to reveal anything about himself. Before Viki left the bar, she told Ben that she preferred "Blondie" when he asked what her name was. Viki didn't realize until she returned home that she had left an earring behind.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Written by: Dawn

Kelly awakens hung-over and realizes she slept with someone. Clothes are strewn about and well, she's naked. She pushes her tousled hair aside and looks around to figure out where she is. Max walks in, refreshed and happy. She realizes she's slept with none other than Max Holden. They discuss the tryst and decide never to mention it again--to anyone. Kelly, draped in a blanket, grabs her suitcase and hides as the doorbell rings. In walks Blair. She immediately senses another woman is there and begins insulting whoever that woman may be. She then goes on and on about how she's going to get revenge on Kelly and Max, as Kelly attempts to get dressed behind the couch. She leaves and at the end of the show, Kelly returns to Max's house, presumably to his arms.

Nora sees the doctor with Sam in tow. The doctor tells her the baby's heartrate is slow and she needs to come back in two days. A worried Nora says she'll hire a nurse. Sam vows to be there. Nora tells him she's fine and tells him to go home to Will. Just as he tells her that Will will have to understand he's staying with her, who else but Will (who is in the hospital to get birthing pamphlets) overhears. He storms in and confronts them about sleeping together before Bo's side of the bed is even cold. They explain about the baby. He displays some compassion for the baby, but then decides he doesn't want to talk to his father.

Lindsay and Dorian have a chat at Dorian's. Dorian warned her against falling in love with Bo, but could tell it was already too late. Lindsay said she was only trying to hurt Nora, but planned to have fun in the process. Later, at the Palace, Lindsay and Bo happened to run into each other. Bo invited Lindsay on a planned date and said he enjoys her company. As Lindsay begins to say something, Bo's cellular phone rings. It's Will and his house has been ransacked.

tomorrow....Mel's clue may be revealed, Will's address may change and Bo may sense a problem with the break in.

Friday, February 12, 1999

Bo checked out the burglary at the Rappaport home and found it strange that only personal items were stolen. Sam arrived and was distressed to find Will being comforted by Bo. A furious Lindsay let Sam have it for allowing Will to live in an unsafe environment. Later, Sam placed a mysterious phone call and questioned whether the break in was something more than just a burglary. Sam returned to Nora's and told her that they had to leave town. At the police station, Bo told Sykes that something just didn't add up regarding the Rappaport burglary. Will accepted Joey's offer to move in to the gatehouse with him. When Blair arrived at The Banner with Mel's laptop, Kevin kept his promise and put her to work. With a clue from Blair, Kevin was able to break Mel's code to discover that Mel was supposed to meet someone named "Hamlet." Kevin decided that he would keep the appointment. Max tried to convince R.J. that nothing happened with him and Kelly. R.J. returned Max's bet money when he saw Max and Kelly trying to cover their attraction to each other.

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