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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 15, 1999 on PC
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Monday, February 15, 1999

Lucy and Scotty at the Firehouse

Lucy is becoming very stressed over this manufacturing situation. Scotty tries to comfort her by reminding her of all of the worse situations that the two of them have encountered such as kidnappers, drug dealers, crocodiles, and hurricanes.

Lucy's problems are temporarily diverted when Serena and Neal head upstairs with several corny love stories claiming to be doing research for their Valentine's cards.

Upstairs, Serena and Neal discuss strategies to convince Lucy to move back into the Firehouse. Serena decides that in order to convince Lucy to move back in, her father is going to have to marry Lucy. So she and Neal plan a little skit.

Serena comes downstairs dressed as a fortuneteller named Zelda claiming to know what the future holds for Lucy and Scotty. The two adults decide to play along. Serena informs Lucy that the crystal ball has declared that Lucy will marry Scott Baldwin. Scotty convinces Serena and Neal to go get their PJ's on and brush their teeth. However, Scotty kind of likes the idea of marrying Lucy. Before he could give it much thought the phone rang. Mr. Farrar agreed to become the manufacturer of the Serena line. Scotty agreed to meet him the following morning.

While Scotty was tucking in the kids, Lucy was glaring into the crystal ball. She envisioned herself getting married however before she could see the groom, Scotty tapped her on the shoulder ending her vision. Lucy excitedly told Scotty that Serena's prediction was true. She was going to be a bride. Scotty teasingly asks whom the groom to be. Lucy truthfully responds, "I don't know! But it is going to happen!"

Victor, Mary, Eve, and Kevin in the Winnebego
While Victor and Mary were in front driving, Kevin and Eve shared a pleasant conversation regarding all of the sensual and romantic things that awaited for them at their lake retreat. Their conversation was halted as the Winnebego came to an abrupt stop. Victor informs the two that they were lost. The asphalt road had vanished and they ended up on a dirt road that narrowed to the point where they could go no further. Because of the lack of lights, he is unable to turn the winnebego around. It looks like they were stranded there till sunrise.

As if any thing else could possible go wrong, Victor found a leak in the propane, thus no heat. Victor is very upset about ruining everything for everybody. Kevin tries to convince Victor that the weekend is not ruined. They just will be starting a day late. Victor confides to Kevin that he had planned to ask Mary to marry him this evening at the lake.

Before any discussion could be had at this startling news, both women entered the cabin. There was a discussion as to who would sleep in the bed and who would sleep in the tent outdoors. Both Kevin and Victor wanted to be the noble one and sleep outdoors. Eve had a solution to the dilemma, She and Mary would sleep in the bed, and Victor and Kevin could sleep outdoors. However, Kevin decided that they would flip for it. Victor won so Kevin and Eve would be roughing it in the tent.

Mary admits to Eve that she has not felt like this since highschool. She now worries about her hair, if she looks alright, and all of the other pubescent fears that adolescent girls have when they first find that special guy. Outside, Victor is having a very similar conversation with Kevin. Kevin informs him that his problem is that he is in love. Victor fears that he will botch things up like he did with Kevin's mother and the boys. Kevin reassures him that he considers Victor to be more than a father but a good friend as well. Mary would be lucky to have him for a husband.

Inside the Winnebego, Victor lights two candles in order to provide a somewhat romantic atmosphere. Victor told Mary that he is very nervous. She mistakenly thinks he is talking about sleeping in such close proximity to his son. She confides that she too would be nervous if Frank or Joe were sleeping outside in a tent. Victor told her that he is not nervous about that. She asks what then? He says that it is about time for him to get down on one knee. At first Mary did not make the connection. Victor went down on his left knee and asked Mary if she would do the honor and become his wife.

In the tent, Eve is worried that this will become a habit. The first time they had made plans to have a rendezvous at the Lighthouse and they ended up making love in a race car bed at a thrift store. This time they decide to go on a romantic weekend away and they end up in a tent out in the Wilderness in the middle of winter with only their bodies for heat. Kevin tries to assuage her by telling her that it won't always be like this. Eve responded that that is what she is afraid of because she is beginning to like this. Further more she has never been so excited in her life.

Tuesday, February 16, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

Kevin and Eve in the Tent
Kevin and Eve wake up cold and sore. He massages the kinks from her neck as they fantasize about how their romantic getaway will be once they get to the resort and get away from Victor and Mary. They start to kiss as Victor bangs on their tent yelling "Are you awake??" He further ruins their morning by telling them that they aren't going anywhere - the motor home's engine is frozen.

Karen's Apartment
Karen wakes to find a yellow rose and a note from her "soon-to-be-roommate-and-fiance" who has gone out to get breakfast. Joe returns with her favorite muffins, having driven to several places (in the snow) to find them. Karen gushes that he's already spoiled her and Joe told her that she ain't seen nothing yet!

The Scanlon House
Frank arrives to cheer up a despondent Courtney. She hasn't come up with a plan to keep Joe from moving in with Karen. (Pout.) Frank pulls a listening device and two "bugs" out of a shopping bag. One he'll plant at Joe and Karen's apartment and the other one Courtney will take for Ramsey's. Later, Joe arrives and comforts Neil about his moving out. He promises Neil that he'll see him all the time. Frank plays nice and convinces Joe to let him help him move his things to Karen's.

The Motor Home
The RV's engine is still frozen, but Mary has prepared a special breakfast for all of them. Mary and Victor announce their engagement and Kevin and Eve congratulate them enthusiastically. Victor gets through on the phone to roadside assistance and they settle in to enjoy their breakfast and a game of Boggle while they wait to be rescued. Their fun is brought to a stop by a storm warning on the radio advising that no one travel to that area. Too late! They finally get the motor home started, but Kevin discovers that the RV is stuck on a boulder! He tries to reach roadside assistance again, but only gets static. "A game of Boggle, anyone?"

Karen's Apartment
Frank and Joe arrive with Joe's things and Frank teasingly warns Karen about Joe's personal habits. She and Joe go out for another load and Frank takes the opportunity to plant the bug on the back of Karen's radio.

The Motor Home
The weather has gotten worse, and Kevin and Eve decide to try to walk to the main road and flag down some help.

Karen and Joe's Apartment
Karen and Joe unpack and start putting everything away. Opening a small jewelry box, she hands him an old shoe lace that he gave her when they were kids. He can't believe she kept it, and in return gives her a heart shaped rock he picked up in Greece. He told her that she was all that he thought about while he was away.

The Scanlon House
An eavesdropping Courtney scoffs to Frank that Joe thought about a lot more than Karen when they were in Greece. He was thisclose to forgetting about Miss Goody Two Shoes, and she's not giving up. Frank doubts it, but convinces Courtney that the listening device will help them learn what Karen and Joe's weaknesses are, and then they can use them to break them up.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Frank and Courtney listen in on the bug they've planted at Karen and Joe's and plan their strategy for revenge against Chris. Courtney went to Chris's place for dinner and told him she's inherited a great deal of money from John Kannelos's estate. When the lights go out and the storm worsens, Chris starts to heat things up with Courtney.

Lucy receives a visit from a man named Sebastian Dupre, who claims to be the Duc d'Orleans from the story in her infomercial. Lucy fights the urge to tell him about Ellen, and has Scott distract him while she gives Ellen a call. Lucy told Ellen about the visitor, but Ellen refuses to meet him and tells Lucy to stay out of her business. Just as Sebastian is leaving, Karen stops by on her way home to her housewarming party. She calls Joe and told him the storm has made driving impossible. Karen told Scott and Lucy that Neil is Joe's son.

The lights go out as Matt, Joe, and Frank prepare for the housewarming party. When Joe and Frank share a pleasant memory from their childhood, Matt expresses his regrets about his own brother's death last year. Joe told Matt that Neil is his son and asks Frank to be his best man. Ellen's car gets stuck in the snow, and Sebastian comes to her rescue.

Thursday, February 18, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Larissa Howard.

Ellen and Sebastian
They can't get Ellen's truck to move on the ice, so they decide to walk to the Port Charles Hotel which is only a few blocks away.

Kevin and Eve
They discover a fork in the path that they haven't seen before. They realize that they're lost and that their tracks have been covered up by the falling snow!

Chris and Courtney
On Chris's couch, Courtney pulls away from Chris's embrace and told him that things are moving too fast for her; she wants to get to know him better first. Chris replies that he thought she was getting to know him better and pulls her back into his arms. Things heat up, but Courtney pulls away again and told Chris they need to find something else to do. Chris reminds her that with the power out, their options are pretty limited. They kiss again and Courtney suggests a game of cards. Chris raises the stakes - they'll play Truth or Dare Gin Rummy.

The Motor Home
Victor is worried about Kevin and Eve, so he decides to go out to look for them. Mary is to flash the headlights and honk the horn every three minutes while he's gone. She anxiously calls after Victor to be careful.

Kevin and Eve
As they walk around in circles, Eve hears a noise and asks Kevin if he's heard anything like it before. He has - it means there's an avalanche nearby!

Ellen and Sebastian
At the Hotel, Sebastian offers to buy Ellen a bowl of soup while they warm up. They sit down at a table in the restaurant and introduce themselves. Ellen quizzes him about why he's in Port Charles. He doesn't want her to think he's crazy, but he saw an infomercial on television that was a reenactment of something that happened to him at Mardi Gras ten years ago. Ellen realizes who he is as he asks her if she's ever been to New Orleans. She lies that she's never been there and he describes what happened to him so long ago. Ellen asks if he looked for the woman and he responds that he had; she was special and he couldn't get her out of his mind. He couldn't stop wondering what might have happened if they hadn't gotten separated. Embarrassed, he told Ellen that she must think he's nuts. She told him it's romantic and he went on to explain how he came to be in Port Charles. He didn't really buy Lucy's claim that she made the story up, so Ellen tries to convince him that he disbelieves her because he wants it to be true. He acknowledges that she has a point, but he has a feeling that he's in the right place.

Kevin and Eve
Still lost in the storm, they stop to warm each other up. Kevin jokingly asks Eve if he's losing his touch while she stares distractedly over his shoulder. She sees lights! It's the motor home!

Chris and Courtney
Chris wins the first hand and asks Courtney how long it will be before she gets to know him better. She avoids answering, reminding him that the game was supposed to take their minds off sex. She wins the next hand and asks Chris why he's still single. He's been focusing on his career, but she's a distraction. He moves in close and asks if she's over Joe. "Joe who?" she responds, and they start kissing again.

The Motor Home
Kevin and Eve blow into the motor home. Their relief is short lived as they realize that Victor is still out in the storm. Kevin went back out to look for him.

Courtney and Chris
They take a break from making out to watch the storm from Chris's window. Chris jokes that they may be trapped alone together for a long time when they are interrupted by a knock at the door. The woman, a neighbor, asks if Chris can look at her ill daughter. As soon as he leaves, Courtney gets the bug out of her purse and sticks it to the side of a table by Chris's loveseat.

Ellen and Sebastian
Sebastian pays the check and thanks Ellen for her suggestion that he try the fish. Ellen distractedly replies that it's better than Bucco's. Suspicious, he mentions that there's a Bocco's in New Orleans. Didn't she say she'd never been there? Ellen covers, saying there's one in Port Charles, and escapes to make a phone call after claiming that her beeper has gone off. Sebastian has a flash of memory and realizes that Ellen is his Lady of the Moon. He went after her but he's too late, she's gone.

Chris's Apartment
Courtney is still planting the bug when Chris returns. (One minute later??) Courtney hides the small bag the bug had been in behind her back and deflects Chris's advances by saying she has to go to the bathroom. While she's gone Chris gets her driver's license out of her wallet and makes a phone call. He told the person on the other end to look into Courtney's background and check on Neil's inheritance.

Victor is huddling under a bush when he hears Kevin calling his name. He answers and Kevin finds him. They hear more sounds of avalanches and head for the motor home's headlights. Back in the motor him, Mary frantically flashes the lights and honks until she and Eve hear a loud noise outside. They go to the door to investigate and discover that a mountain of snow is headed straight for them!

Friday, February 19, 1999

When Kevin and Victor rush into the RV after the avalanche, they find Mary in good condition, but Eve is unconscious. Kevin desperately pleads with Eve not to leave him, and she regains consciousness. When she told him that she heard his plea, Kevin confesses that he is falling in love with her. Eve is overwhelmed by his confession, but before she can say very much, she collapses once again and finds herself in the company of an angel named Bert (Tom Bosley), who told her that he has come to escort her to the afterlife. Eve refuses to believe that she is dead, but Bert insists that her encounter with Kevin happened only because he was lost and arrived three minutes late. When Eve sees her body lying on the bunk in the RV and hears Victor making a desperate phone call to 911, she is transported to Heaven by the angel.

In Heaven, Eve begs to be sent back, and Bert told her that only the Gatekeeper can make that decision. Eve demands to see the Gatekeeper (Star Jones), and asks if she can have Scott transported to Heaven to act as her attorney. The Gatekeeper allows it, and Eve and Bert travel to Scott's, where Eve begs him to plead her case. Eve told Scott about Kevin's confession of love, and Scott agrees to help her.

In the RV, paramedics arrive and begin their attempts to save Eve's life while Kevin looks on anxiously.

In Heaven, Scott calls Lucy as a character witness on Eve's behalf. At first, Lucy is reluctant to testify, and after Scott told her about Kevin's confession of love, she is even less inclined to admit the good things that Eve has done for her. After the Gatekeeper shows Lucy the agony that Kevin is experiencing as he frets over Eve's lifeless body, Lucy agrees to testify and admits that Eve is worthy of a second chance at life. The Gatekeeper hears Lucy's testimony, but is unmoved by it. She told Eve that she must take her place among the dead, but Scott demand to be allowed to present the rest of his case. He points out that Bert arrived three minutes late, and in those three minutes Kevin's confession of love occurred, changing both his life and Eve's forever. The Gatekeeper confers with the Bert for a moment, then agrees to send Eve back to her life on Earth.

In the RV, the paramedics bring Eve back to consciousness, and a grateful Kevin kneels at her side in relief.

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