One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on OLTL

Nora gave birth to a son, Matthew. Ben and Viki kissed. Renee told Jessica about a son she'd once given up for adoption. Jessica had second thoughts about giving her baby up for adoption. Viki won a pair of fuzzy dice. Kevin did some investigating.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 22, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, February 22, 1999

Kevin and Joey worried about Viki's whereabouts during the storm. Kevin told Joey that the storm kept him from meeting with Hamlet. Meanwhile, Viki received a rousing round of applause after her karaoke number and Ben awarded her with a pair of fuzzy dice. After Viki left, Ben forced Sophia to admit that she had pawned Viki's earring. Ben later placed a mysterious phone call and asked whether anyone had been looking for Hamlet. Sam remained by Nora's side as they welcomed a baby boy into the world. Jessica got nervous about her impending birth and expressed her ambivalence to Will about the adoption. After Bo explained to Lindsay that some lies were unforgivable, she decided not to tell him about tampering with his fertility test results. As Sam checked on the baby, Nora went into distress in the ER.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999

Written by: Grace Alumno

At Viki's Place

Viki's looks at her Karaoke prize and starts to sing. Jessie knocks, enters and asks her why she was singing.

At Sam's Office

Téa enters Sam's office and finds it ransacked.

At the bar at the Palace

Lindsay offers her help and herself to Bo. Bo turns her down, although he admits her offer is tempting. He tells her that he is not into one time things and is not yet ready for a relationship. Asa tries to reach out to Bo, but Bo rejects him and tells him to go and claim Nora's baby as one of his grandchildren.

At the Neonatal Nursery

Sam talks to the baby, who is still in the incubator. Sam is alerted by the nurse that he is needed in the emergency department. Nora goes into hemorrhagic shock.

At the Llanview Police Station

Téa calls John about the break-in at Sam's office.

Back at the Palace bar...

Bo tells his father his frustrations about finding out that he is not the father of Nora's baby. Asa again explains to Bo why he did what he did. Bo tells Asa that he would rather not have a father and leaves. Asa tells Renee that he has lost his son.

Back at the hospital...

Larry is able to revive Nora and has her stabilized. Sam tries to call Bo, but is not able to reach him.

Back at Viki's...

Jessie asks Viki about the fuzzy dice prize. Viki asks Jessie about what she thinks about her singing and tells her that singing seems to make her feel better. She then suggests to Jessie that she try to talk about what's bothering her. Jessie tells her mom what happened in the elevator. Jessie implies to her mother that she is having 2nd thoughts about adoption.

Back at the precinct...

Bo arrives at the precinct. Will is there and wants to talk to Bo about his feelings about Nora's baby. Bo tells him that he has to deal with that issue.

Back at the hospital...

Nora is doing better much to Sam's delight. Sam encourages Nora to get better because 'their' baby needs her.

Back at Sam's office...

John has his men at Sam's to investigate the break-in. John asks Téa about where she went after the storm. She tells him what she did, and he accuses her of 'running away'.

Back at the precinct...

Bo looks at the Llanview PD baby shirt. Bo and Will talk about fatherhood. Bo tells Will that he still has to respect his father and his actions, whatever they are.

Back at the hospital...

Larry tells Sam that Nora is getting better. Nora wakes up and asks about the baby. Nora tells Sam she heard his voice in her dream to come back for the sake of the baby.

Back at the Palace...

Asa asks Renee where he went wrong with his family. They talk about Jessie's situation and he tells her that he is against the adoption. Renee tells him that she understands Viki and Jessie's decision. Asa angrily disagrees with that, tells her that she and Viki are crazy and leaves. Lindsay pops up and tells Renee that she over heard Bo and Asa's argument. Renee tells her to leave them alone because she (Lindsay) is the cause of Bo and Asa's problems.

Back at the hospital...

Nora tells Larry that she wants to see her son. Sam tells her that he might have to buy some things for the baby, but Nora tells him that she already has stuff for the baby.

Back at Viki's...

Viki asks Jessie when she started to reconsider adoption and Jessie tells her that she thought about it during the elevator incident and when Nora had her baby. Viki reassures her ther Jessie's decision is her own and she will respect it. Jessie notices something different about her mother.

At Sam's Office...

Téa denies 'running away'. John tells Téa he cares about her. Téa admits to him that she doesn't want to make another mistake in a relationship. She then turns in the complete Todd Manning file to John and tells him that she now has room for a relationship.

At the Buchanan Estate...

Lindsay follows Asa home and tells him that she wants to ease Bo's pain. She tells him she's there to help him with his relationship with Bo.

Back at the precinct...

Will thanks Bo for listening to him. John tells Bo about the break-in at Sam's office and how it is similar to the break-in at the Rappaport home. He then shows Bo some details about the break-in.

Back at the hospital...

Larry wheels Nora to the nursery window so she can see her baby. Nora then asks the nurse to put hers and Rachel's picture in the baby's bassinet so that the baby will 'see' his family. Sam then gives is his, Will and Jen's picture to the nurse to also place in the bassinet.

Back at the precinct...

Bo tells John that they will begin investigating Sam.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999

Lindsay urged Asa to talk to Bo. Sam told Nora that he wanted to be involved in raising their child. Bo questioned an uncooperative Sam about the break-in at his office and vowed to discover what Sam was hiding. Sam placed another mysterious phone call and vowed to keep his family safe. Bo covertly questioned Lindsay about Sam, but Lindsay was hurt when she realized that Bo had come to see her on police business. Asa showed up at the police station and he and Bo started to reconcile. At the gallery, Lindsay listened as Bo left an apologetic phone message on her machine. Roseanne gave Will an ultimatum and told him to choose between her and Jessica. Roseanne ran out after Will refused to make a choice. Jessica visited with Nora and admitted to her that she couldn't stop loving her unborn child. Sam and Will began to make amends and Will even agreed to meet his baby brother. Roseanne confronted Jessica at the carriage house and warned her that the days of Jessica getting everything she wanted had come to an end!

Thursday, February 25, 1999

Viki discovered another personal ad from Ben. Meanwhile, Kevin informed Viki that he had placed a personal ad to flush out Hamlet. Kevin questioned Sykes about the plane crash and Sykes promised to delve into whether or not it was an accident. Ben rushed off after Viki unknowingly alerted him to Kevin's ad asking for a meeting with Hamlet. Sophia warned Viki that Ben was dangerous. Meanwhile, Kevin waited for Hamlet, who turned out to be none other than Ben. After Joey found Kelly and Max kissing, Kelly confessed to their affair. Blair asked Max to dinner on Starr's behalf, but Max informed a hurt Blair he already had plans. R.J. continued to be jealous over Téa's involvement with Sykes.

Friday, February 28, 1999

Written by: Diane Hopkins

Bo is checking up on Sam, wondering why someone broke into his house and office. Hank is also interested in what's going on with Rappaport, but warns Bo not to investigate Sam for personal reasons. Hank asks about Bo's well being and health and reassures him that he is not alone and to go home to sleep. Bo wants to be left alone. Bo orders Sam's telephone records. Bo walks out on Hank.

Nora and Sam are calling their son Stinger, talking to their baby and singing. She's making a tape for the baby. Jessica is inquiring about the baby as the doctor comes in and checks Nora out. Nora asks the Doctor about the baby's health.

Sam and Jessica are outside Nora's room and Sam is asking if she thinks Will can accept his new brother. Jessica asks to see the baby and they race off to see the baby.

The baby's fine, says the doctor. Renee comes in to see Nora and says Asa is fine and she saw the baby. Sam is talking to Stinger (his new baby). Renee says Bo is hurting. Renee says Bo has never stopped loving you. Nora is only thinking about the baby and his needs right now and that Bo will never forgive her. Renee asks, what about Sam, how does he fit in your world? Nora says he's the baby's father. Renee leaves as Sam enters the room. Sam and Nora converse about the baby. Jessie and Renee converse about the baby.

Kevin is in the garage with Ben, a.k.a Hamlet, and shows him his press pass. Kevin thinks Hamlet is scared and wants this story, whatever it is, told in order to protect himself. We should work together, Kevin offers. Before Hamlet can agree, a car speeds by and tries to run them down. Kevin and Hamlet both dive in different directions and when Kevin gets back up, Hamlet is nowhere to be found.

Jessie is telling Renee about her problems and Renee confesses that when she was young, she had a child and she was in no position to have a child because of the business she was involved in. You gave up a baby, Jessica asks. Renee says yes and that she thinks about it all the time. Renee understands what Jessica is going through. Renee says it's a secret and don't tell anyone I ever had a baby and gave it up for adoption. Asa walks in and asks what's going on, Renee says, girl talk. He speaks to Jessica about keeping her baby.

As Nora is saying to Sam that she likes the name Matthew, who was Sam's grandfather, the buzzer goes off in the neo-natal ICU.

Viki is at the Crossroads talking to Sophia inquiring about the bartender. Viki pays for her chili as Ben comes in with a bruise on his forehead, surprised to see her. What happened to you, Viki says. He says, I went to the dentist. Ben makes the barmaid go to the store so he could be alone with Viki. If he was meeting another woman, Viki says he didn't have to get rid of the barmaid to tell her that. He asks, if I were with another woman would you care?

Viki is asking Ben where he was and says that Sophia said he was dangerous. He asks are you scared and then tells her that he likes her a lot. He wants her there, but maybe she shouldn't care about him. Viki says she didn't come back here for the ambiance, she came for him. He asks why. Good question Viki says, that's the answer, I don't have to answer. Here I don't have to answer to anyone, I can be anyone I want to be and when I'm not here, I'm thinking about being here. She does think about him as well. That's honesty, Ben says, that's good. Is it dangerous for me to be here with you, Viki asks. Ben says, that's part of it. And what's the rest, Viki says. Ben answers her by giving her a kiss. They finally break apart when there's a banging at the door. Sophia is hollering outside and banging on the door for Ben to let her in, its freezing, she says and here's your lime juice. Viki is about to leave and Ben says are you coming back. Viki doesn't answer. Ben picks up the phone to call Kevin, but changes his mind.

Back at the Banner, Kevin tells Joey that someone tried to run him down in a car. Kevin says to Joey no one saw anything and Viki won't know anything about it. Know about what, Viki asks, coming through the door. Kevin admits to her that Hamlet took his press pass, but doesn't tell her about the car trying to run him down.

Lindsay and Asa are having a discussion about Bo at the gallery. Lindsay asks, did Bo speak with you? Asa tells her forget about sticking your claws into Bo since Nora's out of the picture. Lindsay tells Asa he's wrong about her. Asa says Bo will see through your phoniness, you're a user. Asa says you are not getting my son Bo and walks out on her. Lindsay throws a clump of clay after him in anger, but hits Bo instead. Bo has come to the Gallery and surprises Lindsay, he came to say thank you to her. She is asking if things are better, what do you want she asks him. He's sorry again about the information regarding Sam. She asks where are you going to work or to hide. He says to work because I feel right there. She claims she's not after anything. Don't worry about what Asa thinks he says. Bo says, I had my doubts about you and my brother and why you acted the way you did around Nora and also the way you put yourself in my path. Lindsay says, I will stop. I don't want you to Bo says. He sent her mixed signals. He's confused and he does not know what's going on. Lindsay suggests that he moves on with his life one step at a time. She suggests something to eat. He does not feel like being alone and they are going to have room service in Bo's room. They leave together. Bo says he's probably not ready, but leaves with her anyway.

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