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Dorian planned to take Cassie to Switzerland secretly, but Kevin interceded. Nora was mugged in the park. Viki and Mel were headed to the Bahamas for the newspaper. Viki withdrew from the flight before departure, but Mel was killed when the plane crashed.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 25, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, January 25, 1999


Call me jaded. Max and Blair have the exact same conversation/ argument/ discussion they've been having for months without end. Today, he's angry with her for printing a story she promised not to print, which hurts people who've been good to him, BUT he *knows* her. He *understands* her. It's weird. One second he's mad at her, the next he's trying to get her to say she loves him. Anyway, Blair retaliates as has been her want the last seven long months. She's mad, she flirts, she scoffs, she teases. They kiss passionately. She refuses to not hurt people he cares about through her decisions at The Sun. He promises that THIS TIME she'll rue her choice, and should from now on consider herself alone. He stomps off. She looks a bit troubled, yet thinks he'll be back.

Meanwhile, at the hotel lounge, Asa makes this huge, blustering scene as he snatches copies of The Sun (with it's blaring headline featuring the Buchanans) from the startled hands of patrons. Renee flutters in and gently orders him to knock it off. Asa is distraught, so she tries to comfort him with calm assurances that Bo will eventually forgive him, once he has some time to think, but Asa's afraid he'll die before that day dawns. Max arrives, bent on revenge.. or something. He struts straight to Asa with the offer of his 2% share of The Sun. Asa whips out his checkbook, stating that he'll buy it for Bo.


At Dorian's, Mel prepares to leave for work, after apparently sleeping in the guest room. He and Dorian have an incomprehensible argument about her actions re Kevin and Cassie. But you know what? No matter what inanity these two are forced to say and do, Dorian and Mel still absolutely sparkle together. SM and RS have such fantastic chemistry with one another. Sigh. After Mel departs, Dorian tells Ming to call her divorce attorney, and also to call her "Ms. Lord."

At the Banner, Kevin leaves a message on Téa's machine, since he needs to know what's happening in the fight against Dorian's (miraculously granted) order of protection against him... the one which prevents him from seeing Cassie. Viki hovers, and has everso many things to do before leaving for the conference in the Bahamas. Téa arrives to inform Kevin that she got a hearing for him in two days, but he must have a very strong case to win. She gives him a list of attorneys to call then departs for the station.

Viki and Mel express their happiness for Kevin, and then Mel has a request to make of Viki... but here my cable went a little wacko. I'm afraid I have no idea what he asked of her. In the next scene, Viki and Kevin offer Mel the position of Editor-in-Chief. Mel stammers with surprise and pleasure, and agrees to the job, but only until Kevin has more time available. Once Kevin's problems are under control, Mel wants Viki to send him on assignment in Baghdad.

At this point Dorian arrives to brazenly announce that she's asked her divorce lawyer to get Cassie's marriage annulled for two reasons. One, Cassie wasn't in her right mind when she married Kevin, and two, the marriage wasn't consummated! Kevin has to be restrained! :-) Kevin pulls it together and leaves, after desperately telling Dorian she can't do anything. Viki rolls her eyes and finds work to do. Mel and Dorian argue again. He informs her of his decision to go on assignment in Iraq, and she realizes that this might spell the end for them. She appreciates the irony of it happening in the very room where they spoke their vows to one another. Sigh. Somehow, SM and RS manage to infuse Mel and Dorian with big, pretty hints of their deep love for one another. I can't help but to hope that one day they will find one another again, and be the highly invigorating, entertaining couple they once were months ago. That might even make me start watching the show regularly again, but I'm not holding my breath.

After Dorian leaves, Mel asks Viki to send him to Baghdad immediately, but good naturedly agrees to stay as long as Viki needs him. She tells him to get ready to go to the Bahamas with her that night.

Later, Dorian returns to her home, with a surprise guest... a very glazed, weirdly smiling Cassie! Dorian is going to take her daughter someplace far, far away.


Bo enters his office, displeased to see Nora sitting at his desk, smiling at him. He is unmoved by her attempts at "honest" communication, and accuses her of heartlessly using the innocent baby she's carrying. He expresses pity for the child. Nora counters that he's wrong, that she's going to love this baby as much as she loves it's father... who is Bo. She compares his fatherhood of the baby to Clint's fatherhood of Kevin and Joey. Bo says that the difference between he and Clint is that Clint doesn't hate their mother. (gasp!)

Nora is appropriately taken aback by this, but soon can't believe that he actually hates her. Bo enumerates all the ways Nora has been manipulative lately, ending with how she's now using the baby to emotionally force him to forgive her. Nora wants Bo to be the baby's father, and insists the reason she did what she did to get pregnant was right, even if the action was wrong. Bo refuses to agree that love justifies everything, and strongly suggests that she turn to Sam now for what she wants.. just as she always does.

Nora utterly refuses to give up on their relationship, because she loves him. So Bo asks her to leave him alone, then, if she really loves him. Again, he points out that everything she did was really about what *she* wanted, and is now about what *she* wants... but what he wants is for her to leave. Sadly, she does.

Bo then heads out into the station, where he and Téa work together taking turns berating some Evil Bad Young Perp who is very mouthy, especially to Bo, because the Perp had heard all about Bo's sordid love life. After Evil Perp leaves, Bo tells a cop to watch him closely, and as soon as he commits another crime (purse snatching), Bo wants him crucified. Bo and Téa chat for a bit, and she asks him out for a drink, but he declines, saying he'd prefer to go for a walk in the park.

In the park, Nora sits sadly on a bench, and sadly slips her wedding ring half off her finger, while the Evil Perp, smoking a cig, leers at her from behind some leafy bushes. Oh my!

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Written by: Grace Alumno

At the Banner

Viki and Jessica arrive at the Banner. They apologize to Mel for being late due to Jessica's first pre-natal appointment. He then tells them that their flight has been delayed. Viki then looks at Jessica and Jessica in return questions her over protectiveness for her. Viki tells her that she noticed how Jessica seemed to be unnerved by how graphic the childbirth film that they saw earlier. Jessica admits that the film did get to her, that it seemed too 'real', but reassures her mother that she is ok. Viki then asks her who will be her childbirth coach.

Kevin informs Mel that it was Dorian that was able to get Cassie out of St. Anne's and asks him if he had any idea where his Dorian has taken Cassie. Mel tells him that he doesn't know and that he noticed that their home is vacant. They both agree that the one sure thing about Dorian is that you can never be sure about Dorian. The two men also think that Dorian is still in the country because Mel mentioned that he noticed that she didn't take her passport with her.

At the airport

Dorian and Cassie are awaiting their delayed flight to Switzerland. Dorian tells Cassie that she will taking her to a wonderful place and tells Cassie that she deliberately left her passport to throw Mel and Kevin off of their trail, but was able to obtain another passport.

At the Palace

Renee expresses her surprise at how Max sold his share of The Sun to Asa. Asa tells her that he paid a "pretty penny" for it. She then says that she is relieved to hear that Max wants nothing to do with Blair. Just when Asa thinks he was taken care of his 'Blair' problem, Lindsay walks in and demands that he write out the check that he owes her.

At the Llanview Police Station

Hank asks Bo to take a look at a case for him, but notices that his friend has not been himself since the incident with Nora. Hank then tells Bo that he is there for him. One the the officers approaches Bo and informs him that there has been a major accident on one of their major interstate and that they are needed at the scene.

At the Park

Nora sits alone on a park bench, sadly looking at her wedding ring. As she gets up to leave, a mugger, who has been watching her behind the bushes, attacks her at knife point, and demands that she give up her purse and her jewelry. She gives him everything, but her wedding ring, but he wants that, too.

Back at the police station

The interstate situation is taken care of. Hank tells Bo to go home and offers his place if he needed a place. But Bo tells Hank that he already has a room at the Palace.

Back at the Banner

Jessica tells her mother that she isn't sure about who will be her childbirth coach, but had Cris in mind, although she thinks that he might not want to be involved since it is not his child. Viki then tells her that she should choose someone who cares for her and someone that she absolutely trusts. Viki then volunteers to be her coach, but Jessica politely turns her down.

Kevin and Mel still don't know where Dorian has taken Cassie, until Kelly arrives. She then tells the two men that she heard a message on the answering machine saying that Dorian's flight to Switzerland will be delayed- which means that Dorian is taking Cassie to Switzerland. Kelly has all of the flight information and leaves for the airport with Kevin. Viki asks Mel if he is going to the airport, too, but tells her that he won't be going because Dorian is acting on impulse and getting back at him at the same time for siding with Kevin and taking that foreign assignment.

Back at the airport

Dorian encourages Cassie about their trip to Switzerland. She then approaches an airline employee about how long their flight will be delayed, but isn't able to get any information.

Back at the Palace

Asa laughs as Lindsay asks for her 'fee' and then gets angry. He then decides not to pay her since she didn't hold her end of the deal. Renee asks her to leave. But Lindsay tells her that she's already 'home'- the "The Palace" should change it's name to "The Lovelorn Lodge" since Téa, Bo and herself are staying there. She then flaunts the insulting headline on The Sun to Asa. Lindsay then threatens to tell Blair all about Asa's blackmail scheme to keep her quiet, but her threats do not bother him.

Back at the park

Nora eventually surrenders her wedding ring to her assailant and he takes off. She screams for help, and suddenly Bo appears in the scene to comfort her, but the mugger gets away. He comforts her, but she turns away. He then calls an officer to the scene. The officer arrives and takes Nora to the station to try to identify the mugger.

Back at the Banner

Viki doesn't want to leave Jessica and doesn't feel right about it. But Jessica tells her to go, that she will be OK, and not to be too concerned about her.

At the airport

Kevin and Kelly arrive at the airport and spot Dorian and Cassie. Kelly has Dorian distracted. Dorian doesn't realize that Kevin is also at the airport, too.

Back at the police station

Hank talks to Nora as she looks through some mug shots. Hank admits to her his disappointment in her. An officer approaches Nora and asks that she give a description of the things that were taken. Nora then describes her wedding ring that has a inscription inside that says, "Forever Yours, Bo."

Back at the Palace

Asa informs Lindsay that he now owns the controlling shares of The Sun and that the "gravy train isn't stopping here anymore." Bo walks in in Lindsay's defense and reminds his father that he has never gone back on his word in any deal. Bo tells Asa to pay Lindsay. She tells Asa to consider the matter settled, but he tells her not to be sure. Asa tells Bo that he really doesn't know Lindsay. Bo tells Asa that he really doesn't know Asa. Asa leaves the table. As Renee gets up to join Asa, she tells Bo that this whole incident is 'killing' Asa. She then turns to Lindsay and tells her that she hopes that she chokes on that check. Lindsay tells Bo that he really didn't have to come to her defense. They both head for the bar and they drink to their 'independence'.

At Bo and Nora's place

Nora is home in an empty house. The baby starts to kick and she then realizes that the really isn't alone.

Back at the Palace

Lindsay and Bo are still at the bar. Lindsay thanks Bo for what he did for her. Bo asks her how long has she known about Sam and Nora. Lindsay also admits that she did what she did because she felt rejected and second rate.

Back at the Banner

Mel and Viki finally leave for the airport.

At the airport

Kelly manages to make Dorian go to the restroom to 'touch-up' on her make-up. As Dorian head for the ladies room, Kevin gets a hold of Dorian and locks her in the Janitor's Closet of the airport. Kevin gets to Cassie and they get away.

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Written by: Marina Lawson

Ah, the agony and the ecstasy of being a recapper! Before I begin, may I say that I was pleased as punch to recap the scenes with Asa and Blair, but was having a hard time trying to stomach the Lindsay and Bo scenes. Here we go.

The Sun

Blair enters her office thinking Max is back. She wants "Max" to check out her latest headlines: "Asa in Exile" or "Asa Buchanan Bites the Dust." "Max" turns in the chair and Blair is unhappy (to say the least) that it's Asa. Blair orders him out of her office, telling Asa that she has the 1st Amendment to back her up, there's nothing he can do about the headlines. When she goes to call security, she runs into Max. As Asa smiles at them, Blair asks Max to do something. "I already have", he says, "say hello to your new partner." Asa waves "hello" to a disbelieving Blair.

The Palace

Lindsay and Bo are having a drink and she is asking Bo to be her friend. Bo says he doesn't have alot to offer. They discuss Will and his acting out over his father. Lindsay continues to play the victim, telling Bo her troubles, labeling Sam a hypocrite, etc., all of which are hitting a nerve with Bo. Bo tells Lindsay about Drew and they commiserate about Drew, which also touches Bo.

The Plane to Switzerland

Cassie is sleeping and Kevin, still in the pilot's uniform, is talking to her. The nurse Dorian hired approaches them and Kevin explains that Dorian will not be joining them. (Kevin has a very strange hair thing going, like he slept on his head).

The Closet at the Airport & The Airport

Dorian is trying desperately to get out of the closet at the airport, yelling for someone to help her. Viki and Mel come into the airport and walk past the closet. Viki still can't shake her feelings of dread; her bad dreams and sense that something bad is going to happen. She and Mel discuss Kevin and Cassie when Kelly approaches looking for Dorian. Kelly tells Viki and Mel that Kevin has taken Dorian's place on the plane. No one know what has happened to Dorian.

Viki doesn't believe that Kevin would do anything bad to Dorian, Mel can't believe that Dorian would leave Cassie. As they go to look for Dorian, they go past the closet and hear Dorian yelling behind the door. They get the closet open only to have Dorian start to accuse them of conspiring to keep her from Cassie. Dorian realizes that the plane has left and she starts to accuse Kevin of being a kidnapper and a criminal. Mel intervenes as Dorian continues to spout.

The Plane to Switzerland

Cassie wakes up and asks "the pilot" (Kevin) why they are on a plane. Kevin explains she is going to Switzerland and Cassie remembers her mother wanted her to have a rest. As Kevin explains why Dorian isn't there, Cassie tries to get up; she wants to leave, she has a little boy at home. Kevin explains that Andrew is watching him. Cassie is obviously not lucid, she thinks she is having dreams. Kevin tries to explain the situation to her, and Cassie is still not getting it.

The Palace Bar

Bo is talking to Lindsay about Nora having a baby and how he was looking forward to raising it. Bo says he didn't realize how much being a father meant to him until he realized that it was impossible. Lindsay looks guilty (you should, you wench!). She says maybe he can still father a baby. Bo says the tests say otherwise. Lindsay asks what if it wasn't true?

The Sun

As Asa smirks at her, Blair turns to Max. She tells Max that their fight wasn't serious, she was teasing him. When Max asks if she was teasing when she ran "The Fall of the House of Buchanan" after he asked her not to, she tries to weasel out an explanation. Max tells her he sold his share of The Sun to Asa. Blair tells him he can't do that, she gets first refusal. Blair then orders Asa out of the office, and then tries to sweet talk Max. Max tells Blair he doesn't want 2% of her. Blair again tries to cajole Max into a "nice, long dinner" . Max says he would rather have 100% of someone else. Asa is enjoying the exchange, as Blair realizes that Max, her ally, has finally had enough and is serious; he's sold her out!

The Palace Bar

Bo reminds Lindsay about the medical report. Lindsay says maybe the tests were wrong, maybe someone made a mistake. Bo says he doesn't want sympathy. Lindsay makes up a story about a girlfriend of hers who was told she couldn't have kids, someone made a mistake, and she had children. Lindsay tells Bo to have the test again. Bo says there is no need, his marriage is a wreck, his wife is carrying another man's child. Lindsay tells Bo he's a good man. He tells her she has a soft heart and she plays on his sympathy, telling him he should tell that to Asa, Sam and Clint. Bo admires her for trying to make him feel better.

The Airport

Mel and Dorian are looking at each other as the airport clerk asks if he should report "the kidnapping." Dorian says no, it's a family matter, and asks for the first plane to Switzerland, first class. Dorian then tells Kelly she's a traitor; Kelly counters with the fact that Dorian has always interfered in all of their relationships. Dorian tells Kelly to get out of her sight. Mel tells Dorian she is hurting and not helping. Dorian tells Mel that he has betrayed her once again, he's conspiring with Viki. When Mel denies this, she asks what he and Viki are doing at the airport. Mel tells her they're on a flight to the Bahamas. Dorian looks at Mel and Viki with disbelief and horror.

The Plane to Switzerland

Cassie recognizes Kevin and Kevin reminds her that they are married. Cassie remembers being at Llanfair and not being able to walk. Kevin is overjoyed, but Cassie thinks it is a dream. She asks for Dorian, and Kevin tells Cassie that Dorian tried to have the marriage annulled, Dorian blames him for Cassie's condition. Cassie still wants to know where Dorian is. Kevin explains that Dorian is with Mel. Cassie tells Kevin that her mother was right to have the marriage annulled.

The Airport

Dorian accuses Viki and Mel of carrying on behind her back. Viki explains that it is a publishing conference, Mel is subbing for Clint. Dorian sarcastically asks Mel, "Subbing for Clint"? Mel tells Dorian that he is not having an affair, he loves her. Dorian then asks Mel how he can leave. Mel says he gave his word. Dorian tells Mel he can't leave, she forbids it. Mel refuses to do her bidding and he and Viki board the plane to the Bahamas. Viki gives Mel his ticket, telling him he'll be in seat 1B. Mel goes to bid farewell to Dorian; she can't believe he's leaving. Mel tells her they'll talk when he gets back.

The Palace Bar

Lindsay, continuing to play the victim, says she should be the one leaving town. Bo says he doesn't blame her for what has happened. They talk about what a good man Clint is, and she apologizes for what happened with him. Lindsay tells Bo that she doesn't like being alone, she wishes she was a better person. (All of her self pity is really hard to take). They agree to talk about something else. Bo asks her if she knows any good jokes. She says she just heard a good one, and they have another drink.

The Sun

Blair starts to jab at Asa, he's miffed about her headlines, that's why he bought the 2% of the paper. She tells Asa that 2% of the paper doesn't mean anything, it won't give him any control. Kelly enters in the midst of it all, and asks what is going on. She's informed about Asa's acquisition and Max asks her what she thinks. Blair tells her not to answer, Max is a traitor. Max leaves. Asa asks Kelly whose side she's on, Blair's or his.

The Plane to Switzerland

Cassie tells Kevin that their marriage was a mistake. Kevin thinks it's the drugs talking. Cassie starts to talk about how she fell from grace. As Kevin tries to explain their love for each other, Cassie tells him she took a vow with Andrew, she has to honor it. Kevin goes to hug Cassie and resists, telling him that Andrew is her husband. She starts to get upset and her nurse asks if she needs anything. Kevin says Cassie has all she needs (what an obtuse jerk).

The Airport

Dorian wants a notepad, she writes a hasty note for the stewardess to give to the passenger in "1B."

Viki gets on the plane, still with a heavy sense of foreboding. Mel trades seats with her, telling her if she has the "goo goos", sitting next to the window won't help. They talk about Dorian and Viki gets the note meant for Mel (the note says there is a family emergency). Viki wants off the plane, but she's told that they've already started to pull away from the gate, she can't get off.

The Palace Bar

Lindsay is drinking and telling her joke, but she can't remember the punch line. Bo thinks this is amusing. She says that she needs to have dinner and invites him to join her. When Bo is unsure, she says they can order room service. Bo says that he needs to spend time alone. Bo's pager goes off, saving him.

The Sun

Blair tries to sweet talk Kelly, telling her that she's been hard on her to toughen her up, to consider it "boot camp." She goes on to tell Kelly that Asa will steamroll her, and after all, they're family. Kelly turns to Asa and asks if it's true. Asa tells Kelly she knows where he stands. Blair continues her push at Kelly, telling her it's Cramer and Cramer all the way (it's a terrific scene, watching Blair grovel at Kelly's feet). Kelly turns to Asa and asks him what she should do. Asa tells her that Kelly has grown up, he'll respect her decision. Blair looks hopefully at her, and Kelly turns to Asa, welcoming her new partner. Blair can't believe it and Asa goes to tear up the headlines that Blair had previously been waving. Kelly is pleased and she and Asa leave the office arm in arm, leaving Blair behind, frustrated and angry.

Dorian's House

Dorian goes into her living room and asks R.J. how she looks. She is wearing a beautiful sequined royal blue gown. R.J. tells her that Mel will want to rip it right off her (I thought this was a really weird thing for R.J. to say to her). Dorian is pleased and asks R.J. if he's found all of Mel's favorite foods. She asks about the cheesecake, and R.J. says she didn't mention it, he got apple pie and ice cream. Dorian insists that it has to be cheesecake, Mel will be angry when he realizes she tricked him to get him off the plane. Dorian goes on to say she wants to give him a night he'll never forget, she wants to convince him to go to Switzerland with her in the morning to rescue Cassie from Kevin.

The Palace Bar

Bo returns from answering his page, there's been a plane crash.

Thursday, January 28, 1999

Bo arrived at the police station and attempted to field frantic calls regarding the plane crash. Sykes told Bo he would take over the handling of the calls so Bo could go home and get some rest. Bo returned to The Palace and ran into Lindsay. Over dinner, Lindsay tried to explain to Bo that she had meant to hurt Sam the night of Nora's awards ceremony and never intended to hurt him. Meanwhile, Nora told Asa that she had promised Bo that she would stay away from him for a while. Asa was afraid that Nora was giving up without a fight. When Nora assured him that she wasn't, Asa promised to stand by her and the baby. Jessica and Joey learned of the plane crash and feared for Viki. Having received the note meant for Mel, Viki rushed home thinking there was a family emergency. Viki, Jessica and Joey learned that the plane that crashed was the one heading for the Bahamas with Mel on board. At the same time, Dorian waited anxiously for Mel to return home. After almost giving up, Dorian rushed to the door when the bell rang. Thinking it was Mel, Dorian was shocked to find Viki at her door.

Friday, January 29, 1999

Will, Sam and Roseanne

Sam returns home from his mysterious trip to find a messy house, but no Will. Will is over at Roseanne and Cristian's apartment. They are trying to watch a movie, but Cristian is sick and his constant sneezing soon convinces them to go to Will's house for some privacy.

Before they get there, however, Sam gets another mysterious phone call. He asks the person why they are calling and assures him/her that his hand is fine(it is wrapped in a bloody bandage). The person apparently asks him how he feels and Sam responds that he feels like his gut's been ripped out. "It's like the past reared up and grabbed me by the throat. There are a lot of feelings I'd rather not go through again, understand me?" "Don't call me...because it's dangerous, that's why. I know how to reach you." Sam hangs up the phone and looks at his injured hand.

Will and Roseanne arrive at Will's house and, thinking they are alone, start kissing. They are interrupted by Sam. Will asks Sam where he was and what happened to his hand, but Sam says he can't tell him. This makes Will even more angry, that after everything that has happened, Sam is keeping more secrets. Roseanne leaves so that they can talk alone. Will says that growing up he wanted to be just like his father, now he wants to be anything but. He also informs Sam he's dropped his plans to go to law school. "I'm done following in your footsteps, I don't like where they go", says Will. After some more arguing, Will walks out and Sam tries to call Nora, but gets her service instead and doesn't leave a message.

Meanwhile, Roseanne returns and slips into bed next to a sleeping Cristian. He rolls over and puts his arm across her. Roseanne gently removes his arm.

Blair and Kelly

Blair arrives at the Sun to find Kelly cleaning out the office. Kelly is now the editor-in-chief of the paper, according to herself and Asa. She won't fire Blair, she will be moving to the cityroom and working as a reporter. The two are arguing on how to run the paper when they are interrupted by a Sun employee, who tells them the awful news that Mel was killed in a plane crash. They rush home to be with Dorian.

After going to Dorian's(see below), Blair sits down and starts typing out the article about Mel that Dorian requested they write. Kelly wonders how Blair can so calmly write about someone who just died. What should she do, moan and cry, Blair asks. When Kelly ask her how she does feel, Blair quietly says, "I miss him." Kelly talks about Mel, how generous and kind he was, how he always searched for the truth and fought for the underdog. Do you think he was going to leave Dorian for good, she asks Blair. As it turned out, he did, but Blair thinks Mel would have come back to Dorian. Kelly reads Blair's article about Mel and is impressed. Kelly declares that in the future she's going to be more like Blair and not let things affect her so deeply. "You might as well live life while you can", says Kelly.

Viki and Joey

After visiting Dorian's(see below), Viki returns to Llanfair and finds Joey waiting there. Viki tells him that Dorian didn't know about the crash when she arrived and she had to tell Dorian what had happened. Joey says he'll go see Dorian tomorrow. Viki also tells him that the message that brought her home was meant for Mel, she should have been the one on the plane, not him. Joey tells her she can't think like that, but Viki insists it means something, she was spared for some reason, some purpose, and she intends to find out what that is. Viki emails an obituary for Mel to the Banner and then calls to let them know. She can hardly keep from crying as she asks them to run it on the front page with a picture of Mel. She hangs up the phone, holds the copy of the obituary close to her and cries.

Dorian, Viki, Blair, Kelly and R.J.

When Dorian answers the door expecting to find Mel, Viki realizes that Dorian hasn't heard the terrible news yet. Dorian tries to get rid of Viki, but Viki pushes her way in and insists that she has something she has to tell Dorian. Viki tries as gently as possible to break the news that Mel was killed in a plane crash. Dorian doesn't believe her, she sent Mel a note that there was a family emergency and he will be home soon. Viki tries to explain that she got the note instead of Mel, but Dorian doesn't really seem to hear her (but I guarantee that when it sinks in Dorian will use it to blame Viki for Mel's death). Dorian insists that Viki leave and not spoil her romantic evening with Mel, that Viki's just envious of her relationship with Mel, seeming totally convinced that Viki is wrong and that Mel will walk through the door any moment.

As Viki reluctantly leaves, she runs into Blair and Kelly in the foyer, who rushed home to be with Dorian after hearing the bad news. Blair and Kelly try to comfort Dorian, but she still refuses to accept that Mel may be dead. She doesn't want the girls hanging around to spoil her dinner with Mel, she tells them and tries to get them to go back to the office. Write something about Mel, she suggests. An obituary, Kelly offers, hesitantly. No, Dorian says impatiently, an article praising Mel, like the one Blair did about Sam a few months ago. They finally do leave and go back to the office (see above). Dorian lights some candles and sits down to wait for Mel's arrival.

The doorbell rings and Dorian rushes to answer it, sure that it is Mel. Instead, she finds R.J. standing there with the very hard to find N.Y. cheesecake in hand. R.J. and Dorian sit down and Dorian tells R.J. about the first time she met Mel, how he was drunk and fell on top of her. R.J. patiently lets her talk about Mel until her face finally starts to crumple and tears fill her eyes. Finally allowing herself to face the fact that Mel is dead, Dorian sobs while R.J. gently holds her in his arms.

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