One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on OLTL

Kevin visited Cassie in St. Anne's, dressed as a minister. Bo moved out of his house and into the Palace. Blair attacked the Buchanans in the Sun. Téa tried to find out what the key Todd had given her opened. Sam left town after a mysterious phone call. Clint sent a fax, resigning as editor-in-chief. Mel and Dorian argued. One of Nora's clients fired her. Téa encouraged Nora to fight for Bo.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, January 18, 1999

Jessica went to see Cristian and was surprised to learn that Roseanne had moved in with him. Jessica told Cristian that she still loved him and wanted to keep him in her life. As Jessica was leaving, Cristian offered to see her home so they could talk more.

At St. Anne's, Andrew gave Kevin clerical garments that allowed him to sneak past the guards to see Cassie. Kevin was heartbroken when he realized that Cassie thought he was Andrew and had no memory of their marriage.

Renee kept Nora company as she agonized over Bo's whereabouts. Asa arrived and had to be convinced to stand by Nora's attempt to save her marriage. Meanwhile, Bo confronted Sam about his relationship with Nora. Sam tried to convince Bo that Nora's actions had been out of love for Bo. Bo punched Sam when Sam admitted to Bo that he still wanted Nora.

Will overheard Sam and Bo's confrontation and argued with Sam about his dishonesty. Will walked out on his father and sought comfort from Roseanne. Bo returned home and ordered Asa to leave. Nora tried to make Bo understand her actions, but he packed a bag and walked out on her.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Due to breaking news events, One Life To Live did not air this day. The episode that was scheduled to air Tuesday, January 19, was moved to Wednesday, January 20.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Max had his feet up on Blair's desk as he read the Sun. Blair entered the office and gleefully told Max that the Sun had sold out and how it would run Sam Rappaport out of town on a rail. Max looked up at her and said that she had to have loved him a lot to do such a number on him. Blair looked down at Max with disdain.

Nora answered the door and found Sam reading the Sun. She couldn't believe he was there. Sam asked Nora if Bo was there and handed her the paper. He asked if she was okay; she said no. Nora noticed the bruise on Sam's left cheek and asked if Bo had done it. Sam said he'd live; Bo had lost his temper at Sam's house. Nora told Sam that Bo had moved out and didn't consider her his wife. Sam asked if there was anything he could do. Nora said she'd like to turn back the clock.

Bo was asleep in his chair at the police station and was awakened by the "computer guy." Bo asked what he was doing there, and the guy unwittingly said he was there to get Bo's software up and running. Bo was struck by the irony and left his office. As he went out into the station, he noticed one of the patrolmen looking at him with a guilty expression as he put down the newspaper he was reading. Bo picked up the paper and read the Sun's headline: "RAPAPORT LAYS EGG IN COMMISSIONER'S NEST."

Will woke up and found himself next to Roseanne. He realized he has spent the night at Cristian and Roseanne's apartment and looked up and found Cristian in the room. When he apologized for being there, Cristian said to relax; he and Roseanne were just roommates.

Nora read the paper at home and commented on what a good time Blair had to have had writing the article. Sam commented that Blair wouldn't be having such a good time when he sued her. Nora said that Blair had just been quoting Lindsay. She told Sam that if he went after Blair, the next day's headline would be worse. Sam said Todd had taught Blair well.

Sam and Nora talked about the irony of it all -- she had meant to tell Bo; Lindsay had just gotten there first. Nora said the big mistake was losing faith in her husband. Nora then asked Sam to go; there was nothing he could do. Sam told Nora she would always have his friendship and respect. Nora told Sam she was going to fight back. Sam expected nothing less.

At the police station, Bo gave the Sun back to the officer and told everyone within earshot that he didn't want any gossip behind his back because his personal life was his own. As he continued to rail at them, Hank appeared and told Bo to take it easy. They went into Bo's office. Bo kicked the "computer guy" out of his office yet again.

Bo asked Hank if he was an idiot, since he was supposed to be a detective. They continued to discuss how Bo had missed all the signs and how he had missed the excuses. Hank said he couldn't believe Nora had done it. Hank tried to defend Nora, but Bo wasn't buying it. Asa entered Bo's office. Father and son looked at each other.

Back at the Sun, Blair denied that she still loved Sam. When Max pointed out that she had put Sam in the headlines, Blair said it was to point out what a hypocritical liar Sam was; she had been jumping through hoops to live up to his image. Max said he liked Blair the way she was -- manipulative and conniving. Max told Blair it was fine to drag Sam through the mud but that it was also affecting Bo and Nora. Blair said they were his friends, not hers. Max said they were important to him and not to kick them while they were down. He said Kelly would agree with him. Blair disagreed.

In Nora's home, Sam said that Nora was a fighter. Nora said no matter what happened, the baby would be okay. Sam said he had faith in her. Nora said she just had to find a way to win back Bo's love and respect. She again tried to get Sam to leave. They looked at each other sadly. Nora went to the mantel and looked at a picture of her and Bo in happier times.

Asa entered Bo's office, and Hank excused himself. Asa told Bo that if Bo could try to see the whole picture, maybe he could understand how it had happened. Bo couldn't understand how Asa had kept it from him; all he had wanted was the truth. Bo was too overwhelmed by the "lie" to listen to Asa, and Bo rehashed the chain of events again, including that Asa had known that Bo was sterile while he had been at sea. Asa tried to explain, but Bo didn't want to hear it.

Asa again tried to explain that it had been Nora's pregnancy that had gotten Bo back from the "dead" when he had been in the hospital; Asa had known then how important the pregnancy had been to Bo. Bo still didn't want to hear it. Asa told Bo that he would do anything to protect him. Bo told Asa that the baby Nora was carrying was not a Buchanan, and that was lucky because after the way the family had treated him, he didn't see what the big deal was to be a Buchanan.

Bo went on to say that being a Buchanan was nothing to be proud of. Asa told Bo to get some rest. Bo had had enough. He kicked Asa out of his office. Hank returned and asked if Bo was okay. Bo said he just wanted to do some work. The "computer guy" returned, and Bo realized he wouldn't be able to get any work done there. He told Hank he was going home.

Nora phoned to talk to Bo. Hanks took the phone from Bo and told Nora that Bo had gone "home."

Max was still protesting Blair's overuse of Nora's story. Blair was determined to use the story to drag down the Buchanans; it was payback time. They could use the story for months. Max reminded Blair that the Buchanans fought back. Blair asked Max if he had lost his nerve. Max said enough was enough. Blair popped out her computer disc to run the story, and Max trailed after her.

Téa entered Blair's office and took out the key that Todd had sent her for Christmas.

In Roseanne and Cristian's apartment, Will and Roseanne talked about their relationship. They discussed their assessment of each other. Will couldn't believe that he still had Roseanne's support after everything that had happened. Will talked about how his mother had been right about Nora and Sam all along.

At Sam's house, Sam was saying "no comment" to someone on the phone, and his doorbell rang. It was Lindsay. He told her to go away. He asked her if she was happy. Lindsay said she hadn't meant for it to happen. She tried to justify her actions: she had been hurt, she had been drunk, and she loved Sam.

Sam didn't believe Lindsay. She noticed the bruise on his cheek and asked if Bo had done it. Lindsay reached to touch his face, and Sam told her not to touch him. He took her by the arm and threw her out of his house. Lindsay stood outside his front door, weeping.

Téa was going through Blair's desk, trying to find something the key fit, when Blair walked in, catching her in the act. Blair started to call security, and Téa tried to stop her. Max walked in and asked what was going on. Blair mistakenly thought that Téa was trying to dig up more dirt on her, and she planned on putting Téa behind bars. Max said he had thought they were through with that.

Téa tried to explain what she was doing there, but Blair said she was going to call the police. Blair then noticed that Téa had a key and realized it was the present Todd had sent her. Blair also realized that Téa didn't know what it opened. When Blair offered to take the key and try it out, Téa refused. Blair tried to call the police again, but Max stopped her.

Blair said if she caught Téa near the penthouse or her daughter, she'd follow through with her threat to call the police. Téa left. Max realized that Blair wanted the key -- badly.

At his home, Sam received a phone call from someone in trouble. Sam told the person on the phone he'd be on a plane that day. Will entered, overheard the conversation, and thought Sam was skipping town to escape "the heat."

In her office at the Sun, Blair said she and Starr had more of a right to the key than Téa. She tried to cajole Max into getting the key from Téa. Max said he'd try if she backed off on Nora and Bo. Blair refused; she'd get the key herself.

Sam and Will talked about their "shared traits," and Sam said he was there for Will. Will asked Sam about the phone call. Sam said it was urgent and that he had to leave town. He asked if it was okay with Will. Will said he had to get used to the idea of Sam and Nora. Sam said if Will needed anything, day or night, Sam would be there for him. He gave Will an emotional hug.

Asa walked into Nora and Bo's house, looking haggard and worn. He told Nora he had gone to see Bo and that he was much worse. Nora said she had done a terrible thing to Bo. Asa told Nora she was his daughter-in-law, and the child she was carrying was his grandchild. Nora told him that Bo was on his way home. Asa thought he might have lost Bo forever.

Bo was checking into the Palace. Lindsay approached and apologized to Bo, but he didn't feel like talking. Lindsay said if he ever felt like talking, she was right down the hall. Bo was pensive.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Asa barged into Blair's office and threatened to sue her for printing the trash about Sam, Nora, and Bo in the Sun. Asa chewed Blair out and told her she was a loser. Max asked Blair not to print any more articles about the Buchanans, but she went behind his back and printed one anyway.

Mel and Dorian had another huge argument, and he apologized for not defending her to Viki. When Mel wanted Dorian to stop keeping Kevin from Cassie, she threw him out again. At the Banner, Kevin told Jessica and Joey about Cassie's condition and that he had to impersonate Andrew in order to get in to see her. An overworked Viki told Joey about the bad dreams that she had been having lately and attributed it to missing Clint. Viki later received a letter from Clint tendering his resignation. Mel told Viki that he was working on a big story but couldn't tell her about it yet.

Jessica agreed to think about letting Will be more active in her pregnancy. During their discussion, Will and Jessica got excited when they felt their baby kick for the first time. Will announced that he wanted to quit school, but Jessica and Roseanne talked him out of it. Will vowed not to turn out like his father.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Mel returned to Dorian's to apologize for walking out and found his clothes still decorating the foyer. "I want this marriage to work," he told her. He wanted to sit down and discuss it like adults, but she said she had to change and go visit Cassie. Mel asked if he could accompany her. "Only if that means you agree with me about keeping Kevin away from Cassie," she told him.

Mel didn't agree, but he did want to be there to support Cassie. The discussion soon turned into an argument, with Dorian accusing Mel of not loving her because he supported Kevin and Mel telling her he was taking that position because he loved her and didn't want her to do something she'd regret later. Dorian finally agreed to let him go with her to visit Cassie but only so he could see that Dorian was right. She demanded that once he saw that Dorian was right, he would print a public apology to her in the Banner.

Andrew arrived at St. Anne's and went to the desk to sign in. He noticed a picture of Kevin lying on the desk with a warning for security not to let him in. When Andrew went to sign his name, he noticed that his name had already been signed.

Kevin, dressed as a minister, was talking to Cassie. The only problem was that Cassie was delusional and believed that Kevin was Andrew. She told "Andrew" how she thanked God every day for their marriage. She continued by telling him that the day that they had lost William had been the worst day of her life, but she had a secret.

After a little convincing from Kevin, Cassie told him the secret: she had found a baby in the manger outside the church. The real Andrew walked in just as Cassie was asking Kevin if they could adopt the baby she had found. The conversation was interrupted when Cassie had to leave to go to a therapy session. "Kevin, what are you doing?" Andrew asked.

Andrew was angry that Kevin appeared to be using Cassie's memories of her marriage to Andrew. Kevin insisted that was not what he was doing. He was not sure how to react to Cassie's state of mind -- or whether he should tell her the truth or go along with her delusion. Mel and Dorian arrived, and when Dorian spotted Kevin, she threw an absolute fit, screaming at the guard for allowing Kevin to see Cassie. Kevin tried to explain that what Dorian was doing was not helping Cassie, but she refused to listen. Kevin finally had no choice but to leave, and he asked Andrew to watch after Cassie for him.

Cassie returned from therapy and informed Andrew that she had fed the baby. She then said hello to Dorian and asked Mel when he was going to make an honest woman out of Dorian. Cassie was worried about Mel and Dorian knowing about the baby, but Andrew assured her they wouldn't tell. Cassie informed Andrew that she would like to name the baby William, but they'd call him River. Dorian and Mel looked on with worried expressions on their faces.

In his office at the police station, Bo was having trouble with the new computer system when Sykes walked in. Sykes informed Bo that Asa was still calling, trying to reach Bo. "Tell him I'm on a case and not available," Bo instructed. Sykes left, and Bo picked up and stared at a picture of Nora.

There was a knock on the door, and Bo put the picture of Nora in a drawer. It was Sykes returning with the good news that Senator Graham had resigned and there was going to be a federal investigation into his cover-up of Barbara's crimes. Sykes would have to testify for the investigation and also at Barbara's trial, for which a date had been set. Bo really didn't care that much about the trial.

There was another knock on the door; it was Téa. She was there for some help, since the new computer system seemed to have erased all the evidence in a case she was trying against a Freddie Pelligrino. Sykes thought that the files had to have been renamed and headed off to try to find them. Bo offered to go with Téa to talk to the judge and try to get a postponement.

At her law office, Nora was also looking at a picture of herself and Bo, and she told reporters on the telephone that she had no comment. She called a client, Mrs. Montclair, and left a message confirming their appointment at the courthouse at 2:00. Will walked into Nora's office, gave her a letter from Sam, and quit. He had really respected her, and he couldn't understand how she could do that to Bo.

Nora said she asked herself the very same question. In hindsight, she knew it was wrong, but at the time, she had been frightened and thought a baby would be the only thing to give Bo the will to live. Nora tried to take all of the responsibility for what had happened, but Will didn't believe it. "Don't give me this 'friendship' crap," he told her. Will said Sam was in love with Nora and "this was just his own sick way of acting out his fantasy."

Nora suggested that Will cut Sam some slack. Will didn't seem inclined to do that, especially since Sam had turned tail and run as soon as the news had hit the papers. Nora was shocked to learn Sam had left town. Will left after suggesting Nora read Sam's letter. Nora angrily ripped open the letter, and Sam's note told her he had to leave town suddenly to deal with an emergency. He hoped his absence would help Nora and Bo get back together and told her to get in touch with his service if she needed anything at all.

Will was at home, working on a term paper, when Sam called. Will assured him that everything was just fine. Lindsay arrived, grabbed the phone, and tried to talk to Sam, but he hung up on her. Will and Lindsay discussed the whole situation, and Will was not mad at her for what she had done. He was disappointed in his father and didn't think he could ever trust him again.

Lindsay offered to stay and make Will dinner, but Will wanted to be alone; he needed some time to think about everything. Lindsay went back to her hotel room and had a drink while looking at the pictures of Nora and Sam on the front page of the Sun. She tore out Nora's picture and crumpled it.

Nora was at the courthouse to meet her client, Mrs. Montclair. Mrs. Montclair informed Nora that her services were no longer needed, saying, "I can hardly have my name associated with an adulteress." Bo and Téa arrived in time to overhear the remark. Nora offered to at least brief Mrs. Montclair's new representation so that they didn't go into court unprepared. "I find that far less worrisome than the prospect of being represented by someone who's hardly better than the town tramp," said Mrs. Montclair.

Bo turned away and headed into the courtroom, but Téa stopped to defend Nora. She told Mrs. Montclair that Nora was a wonderful attorney and Mrs. Montclair was a fool if she fired Nora. However, Mrs. Montclair refused to change her mind and walked away. Téa tried to make Nora feel better, but Nora thought Mrs. Montclair was right; any evidence Nora tried to present would be tainted by association with her.

Nora was not so concerned about her law practice, though; she would gladly give it all up as long as she didn't lose Bo. "Fight for Bo," Téa told her, "and don't give up." Téa said Bo loved Nora very much, and love would win out in the end. Bo poked his head out of the courtroom, and Téa joined him. Bo and Nora exchanged glances but did not say a word.

Bo and Téa walked out of the courtroom, disappointed and frustrated that the judge wouldn't grant a continuance and had thrown the case out because of lack of evidence. The defendant, Freddie Pelligrino, left the courtroom, gloating that he was a free man. He rubbed it in to Bo and Téa and made suggestive remarks to Téa that he could help relieve her loneliness and frustration. Bo was furious and swore that he would dedicate himself to getting punks like that off the street. Téa agreed with him but suggested that he not bury himself in his work instead of dealing with the situation about Nora.

As the song "Anyone Who Had a Heart" by Dionne Warwick played, Bo returned to his office and found Nora sitting behind his desk.

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