Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on SB

Sara and Tim conspired to keep Casey and Meg apart. Gabi was given an undercover assignment. Olivia was suspicious of Gregory.
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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on SB
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Monday, January 18, 1999

Ben arrived at the hospital to pick up Maria. Maria tried to get him to talk about her not signing the divorce papers. Maria explained that she had been ready to do it, because Meg was her friend, until she had gotten her memory and feelings back. She confessed her love for Ben and asked him if he still loved her. Ben told her he would always have feelings for her because she had been his wife. Maria said she couldn't move back to the house.

Dr. Estrada had told Ben he had to convince Maria it was for her own good. Ben told her it was okay for her to move back as long as she would be comfortable in the studio. Maria and Ben returned to the house. She started remembering where they had acquired different artwork. They shared a memory.

Maria went upstairs to the studio. Ben picked up a picture of Meg and forlornly said, "What am I going to do?" He went onto the balcony. Meg arrived and proceeded to use her key. She stopped and knocked. When no one answered, she went in the house.

Gabi arrived at the mission and told Antonio they needed to talk about what had happened the day before. She said she had to know if he had feelings for her. Antonio said yes, as a friend. Antonio fantasized about Gabi saying she loved him and him carrying her upstairs in Surf Central. After Gabi left, Antonio made a revelation that Gabi loved him too.

Ricardo was seen leaving a house after investigating a possible break-in. Carmen arrived all excited. Ricardo ruined the moment by telling her Antonio was going to Guatemala. Carmen instantly blamed it on Gabi. Michael was walking the beach when he saw a little boy heading for the water. He rushed over and stopped the boy. The boy's father arrived, and Michael gave him a tongue-lashing about not taking care of his child.

At police headquarters, Gabi received a glowing report from Antonio about her work at Christmas at the mission. There was a new police chief.

Meg went downstairs at Surf Central, and Casey instantly noticed the missing wedding ring. He assured her that Ben was in love with her. Casey convinced Meg to move back to her old room. Casey left, and the answering machine picked up. Ben was calling, trying to locate Meg.

Michael awakened in his old room with Virginia hovering over him. Michael wouldn't tell her what was bothering him. Vanessa stopped over, and Michael asked Virginia for privacy. Virginia went outside to eavesdrop. Vanessa begged Michael to forgive her. Michael couldn't get over the fact that she hadn't planned to tell him the truth about the baby. Michael stormed out after they'd had a heated conversation. Virginia entered and called Vanessa a slut for sleeping around on Michael. Virginia told her it was time she left him to someone who really loved him.

At Shockwave, Sara was distracted, and when Joan asked why, she admitted to causing the Maria accident. She gave her version of what had happened at the grotto. Hank believed it and voiced his hatred for Ben. Meg arrived, and Sara quickly exited. Hank told her that they knew what had happened at the grotto. Meg defended Ben, and so did Joan. Meg stormed out after telling Hank that it was about time he figured out that her happiness depended on Ben. She also told him that he needed to learn to support her in her decisions.

Michael answered the phone. Tyus wanted to talk about his baby. Meg went upstairs to get the rest of her things. Maria said, "Meg, you're home." Meg replied, "This is your house now." The police chief told Gabi that he wanted to put her on a regular assignment. Ricardo objected to the idea. Antonio was praying about being weak when Carmen entered and blamed Gabi for his leaving.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Casey told Sara that he thought Ben and Meg might be over, and she set off to encourage Meg to not let go of Ben. Casey told Sara that Meg was moving back to Surf Central.

Maria told Meg she loved Ben and wouldn't give him up easily. Ben overheard the conversation. She also told Meg that she would not sign the divorce papers. Ben saw that Meg had removed her wedding ring.

Carmen went to the mission to plead for Antonio to stay. Carmen told Antonio that she knew that Gabi was trying to drive the family apart, and that was why she was supporting Antonio. Carmen saw the transfer letter and learned that Antonio had requested the transfer; it had not been assigned to him. Maria went to the mission and found out that Antonio was leaving. She asked him why, and he did not tell her. Maria told Antonio that she wanted Ben back.

The police chief told Gabi that he wanted her to do an undercover assignment working with A.J. Deschanel investigating embezzling at the resort project; Ricardo objected. Gabi accepted the police assignment to further her career. Ricardo was unhappy with her decision.

Sarah found Tim and told her that if he would help her keep Casey, she would help him get back together with Meg.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Because only part of the country was able to watch Sunset Beach due to the Presidential Impeachment Trial on Tuesday, NBC chose to re-air the episode from Tuesday.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Annie had a nightmare about Gregory finding out that Trey was actually his biological son. She dreamed Gregory woke her up with breakfast in bed, but it was really her last meal. Annie woke up and rushed out. She knew that she had to get to the hospital before Gregory and Trey got there for the blood test.

Annie put on a disguise and tried to pull off the scam of being a lab tech. Little did she know that one of the lab techs had gone to high school with her. He recognized her right away and informed her that he was one of the geeks she had picked on. Annie realized she was going to have to do some fast-talking if she wanted his help -- and so he wouldn't call security.

The lab tech informed her that, although she was her normal charming self and treating him like dirt, he had always liked her and still did. There was, however, a catch -- he wanted her in return for helping. In the meantime, Gregory and Trey were right outside the door. But the problems were not over for Annie; they were just beginning. The geek Annie thought was going to help might, in fact, use the opportunity to get revenge.

Caitlin told Olivia that Gregory knew that Trey wasn't hers. She said Annie had told him that she had bought the baby from an unwed mother and that Gregory could have told Cole everything, but he hadn't. Olivia knew he was up to something, and she didn't buy the story that he was feeding Caitlin.

Ben was still confessing his love to Meg. She, however, felt he still loved Maria. Meg decided to move back to Surf Central .

Casey was there to lend a hand, but he wanted Meg. He bumped into Maria, and she acted like they were the best of friends. However, he was not very happy to see her and was torn because he felt sorry for Meg. Maria took the opportunity to inform Casey about her plan of not giving up Ben. He was not surprised.

Sara and Tim decided that they needed to conspire together to keep Casey and Meg apart. Sara thought that if Meg decided it was over with Ben, she would run to Casey. Tim wanted Meg back and tried to get in good with Casey and Meg. It was just the beginning of their plan to keep Meg and Casey apart.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Olivia was suspicious of Gregory being in the lab with Trey. Gregory told Olivia it was because of Trey's ear infection. When Dr. Manning went out to confirm Gregory's story, Annie tampered with the paternity test. Gregory was later told that Trey wasn't his son. Deeply pained, Gregory stormed out but later met face-to-face with Olivia again.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Cole posed as a masseur to learn information on Dr. Brock. When Cole arrived at Brock's apartment, someone was inside with a gun.

Vanessa learned Michael was moving out. Vanessa almost convinced Michael to stay, but then Tyus showed up. Later, Michael reexamined the letter from Dr. Green and noticed something peculiar.

Amy worked to make Emily believe Amy was her friend by saving Emily's job when, in actuality, it was Amy who had put it in jeopardy.

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