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Monday, January 18, 1999

Eve was at the Lighthouse, preparing herself for her rendezvous with Kevin. She tried to make sure that she looked her best. Kevin was doing the same. After a while, Kevin became concerned because Eve was late. He tried calling Eve but only reached the answering machine. A few minutes later, the phone rang. Kevin was relieved that it was Eve. Apparently, Eve's car had broken down near the Calvin Thrift Store. Kevin agreed to get her. Eve asked Kevin to hurry, since the store was about to close.

Kevin arrived at the thrift store and was very happy to see Eve. As they were about to leave, Eve remembered that she had left her coat in the dressing room. Both entered the dressing room to retrieve the coat and shared a very hot and steamy kiss. They both decided that they needed to get to the Lighthouse very quickly. As they started to exit, they realized that the door was locked. The owner had apparently left without realizing that they were still in the store.

Cool and calm, Kevin decided to just find a phonebook and call a locksmith. Eve decided that she would have fun shopping. She tried on some 70s style high heel shoes. As she modeled the shoes for Kevin, she stumbled, grabbing the only thing that was close to her -- the telephone wire. She inadvertently pulled the cord out of the wall, preventing the two of them from getting any outside help.

Wondering what their options were next, Eve and Kevin stumbled upon two laser guns. With a mischievous gleam in his eye, Kevin suggested that they make the best of their situation. The two decided to run around the store, playing laser tag. Each was defending his or her own world. Eve was victorious when she shot Kevin in the chest, and he fell dead to the ground. After a few moments of him not moving, Eve started to get worried. However, she told Kevin that she would not fall for that old trick. She had seen too many horror pictures, and he would not scare her.

Eve turned her back on Kevin and started to walk away. Kevin jumped up and grabbed her from behind, succeeding in his attempt to scare her. Their laughter turned into passionate kisses. Eve wished that the thrift store sold beds. Kevin laughed and pointed to a child's racecar bed. Kevin said that he had always fantasized about making love in a racecar. They both laughed and fell into the bed to continue their lovemaking.

After making love, Kevin and Eve cuddled in the bed and talked about fantasies. Eve claimed that Kevin should be thanking her for making his fantasy come true. After all, if her car hadn't broken down and if she hadn't forgotten her coat, they would not have been locked inside the thrift shop. It was she who had accidentally pulled the telephone wire out of the wall, preventing any outside help. And finally, it was she who had beaten him in laser tag.

Kevin asked what the laser tag had to do with his fantasy. Eve replied that she just wanted to be able to rub his nose in the fact that she had won. They both started to laugh. Soon the laughter turned into passion yet again.

Frank was at the hospital to receive the final results of his blood work. Karen told him that his blood showed no trace of DL-56. He was officially clean. The detox was complete. Frank worried about possible long-term side effects of the drug. Karen tried to assuage his fears.

Frank asked Karen to have a cup of coffee with him at the Recovery Room. Karen declined. She still had to make her rounds. Just then, Matt stepped out of the elevator. Frank approached him to let him know that Frank was officially off the DL-56. Matt did not seem pleased to talk with Frank. He was not very forgiving. Matt reminded Frank of the two people that had died because of Chris and Frank's greed.

Later, at the Recovery Room, Matt joined Frank. In a roundabout way, he apologized for coming down so hard on Frank. He realized that Frank had not purposely gotten himself addicted to the drug. The two had a heart-to-heart talk about women. The conversation turned towards Julie. Frank felt responsible. If only he had seen the signs, maybe he could have prevented the death of some of Julie and Cooper's victims.

Matt told Frank that he had to move on. Frank feared that he might be attracted to the wrong kinds of women. He wanted to stay clear of them. He said next time, he might fall for an international terrorist.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

Eve and Kevin returned home, and Eve realized that Kevin had removed Lucy's things from the lighthouse. Kevin and Eve ended up making love again.

Scott overheard Lucy say that she was going to move back to the Port Charles Hotel. Lucy clarified what she was saying and told Scott that she didn't want to break up with him but that her living at the firehouse sent the wrong message to Serena. Later, Lucy ran into Kevin and told him that she had left the firehouse.

Courtney was stunned when the Kaneloses gave her an ultimatum and said that she could stay in Greece with Neil or leave the island without him and never see Neil again. Joe reminded the Kaneloses that Neil was his son and made it clear he would fight for him. Later, Neil overheard that Joe was his father.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Kevin and Eve finally ended their date when Kevin dropped Eve off at General Hospital. Before they went their separate ways, they shared an awkward moment when Eve asked Kevin when Lucy had moved out of the firehouse. Later at the nurses' station, Eve told Chris that Lucy had moved out. Chris accused Eve of being delighted at the chance to rekindle her romance with Scott. When Eve protested that she was involved with Kevin, Chris said he thought both Eve and Kevin had just been using each other to get over Scott and Lucy.

Serena burst into tears when Lucy said she was moving out. Lucy promised Serena that she would still be around all the time, but Serena wouldn't hear a word of it. Lucy told Serena that she would always love both Serena and Scott, but she just couldn't live with them any longer. Serena ran upstairs to her room. When Scott told Lucy he wanted her to stay, Lucy explained that she didn't want to complicate her relationship with Serena any further by continuing to live in the firehouse. She asked Scott to try to make Serena understand why she had to leave. When Scott tried to do that, Serena told him that he should marry Lucy so they could all live together as a family.

Perplexed and concerned about Chris's observations, Eve took a break from the hospital and went to the lighthouse to talk to Kevin about the impact Lucy's move might have on their relationship. She admitted to Kevin that she felt a little thrilled to know that Scott was free again and explained that she'd be okay if Kevin decided to get back together with Lucy. Kevin confessed that he did feel some satisfaction over knowing that Scott and Lucy wouldn't be living together, but he told Eve that he didn't think those feelings would get in the way of their developing romance. Certain that they were both being honest with themselves and each other, Kevin and Eve made love.

Devastated over hearing that Joe was his natural father, Neil confronted Courtney, accusing her of lying to get back at his grandparents. He rushed out of the house, but Joe followed him. Joe caught up with Neil outside and said he was really Neil's father. Joe told Neil how happy he had been to learn that Neil was his son and reassured the boy that John Kanelos loved him, too. Joe told Neil that he really wanted the chance to be Neil's father.

After he put Neil to bed, Joe talked to Courtney about what she planned to do. After Courtney whined about how awful she felt about having created an impossible situation with all her lies, Joe convinced her that it was good that Neil finally knew the truth.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Frank and Karen met with Lee at police headquarters, where Julie was set to be examined by a court-appointed psychiatrist. When the psychiatrist arrived, Lee learned that Garcia had been talking to Julie without her counsel being present. While the psychiatrist, Dr. Davis, examined her, Julie hallucinated that he was her father, who berated and belittled her. When Davis asked Julie if she believed he was her father, she lied and told him she had been faking it. She refused to answer any more questions and said she was feeling sick and wanted to go back to her cell.

After the examination, Dr. Davis told Frank and Lee that despite her objections, he believed that Julie had hallucinated during the exam. He explained that he believed Julie was not competent to stand trial. Just after Davis left, Garcia walked out of the interrogation room and told Karen and Frank that Julie had become physically ill.

Courtney talked to Neil about keeping the truth from him and assured him that he had not been the cause of her arguments with John. She asked her son whether he wanted to stay with the Kaneloses or return with her to Port Charles. When the boys agreed to go home with his mother, Courtney explained to him that they would have to sneak off the island.

Victor and Joe cooked up a plan to drug the Kaneloses and their guards with opium poppies that grew on the island. While the men gathered the flowers and distilled the resin, Courtney and Mary staged a distraction for the Kaneloses. Courtney told them she planned to stay on the island with Neil. Mary objected to Courtney's decision and stormed off angrily.

Victor and Joe returned with enough poppy resin to knock out everyone on the island. While everyone else was having cocktails, Courtney tried to slip the drug into one of the dinner courses, but she failed. While Victor managed to distract the Kaneloses with a bit of Greek folk dancing, Joe slipped into the kitchen and spiked the yogurt dish with the opium. He passed the word to Courtney, Mary, and Neil, but Victor was still in the dark. When Mary finally got a chance to tell Victor which dish was spiked, it was too late. He'd already eaten some of it.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Joe and Courtney struggled to get Victor to the helicopter so they could make their escape with Mary and Neil. When they got to the helicopter, Joe told his mother that he'd been skydiving for years and had actually gotten some experience flying a helicopter when he had been in college. Both Courtney and Mary argued that it was too risky for Joe to fly them out, but with Victor still unconscious, they had little choice but to follow Joe's plan. They managed to get off the ground, and Victor woke up while they were in the air.

Joe asked if Victor thought he could take the controls, but Victor said he felt too groggy. He gave Joe some instructions and encouragement from the back of the chopper. When Neil asked if he could write in the log book, Victor noticed the boy's new military-style watch. Courtney, Mary, and Victor shared an ominous glance after Neil told them the watch had been a gift from Costas Kanelos. Back on the island, the Kaneloses regain consciousness, and Costas assured his wife that the watch contained a tracking device.

After determining that Julie really was physically ill, Garcia prevailed upon Karen to examine her. When Julie saw Frank and Karen, she berated them, telling them the "old" Julie would never be back. Nevertheless, Karen went ahead with her exam, noting that Julie's pulse and blood pressure were both slightly elevated. When Karen tried to determine the cause of Julie's problems, Julie threatened her.

Even after Karen tried to convince Julie that her friends were holding out for her recovery, Julie became hysterical and screamed at Karen to leave. Garcia interrupted before Julie could do any physical harm to Karen. Outside the interrogation room, Karen and Frank puzzled over Julie's behavior. When Frank admitted that he'd given up all hope of ever seeing the "old" Julie again, Karen wondered why Julie was so adamant about not seeing them.

Alone in the interrogation room, Julie paced nervously, closed the blinds, and then sat at the table. She placed her hands over her abdomen and had a conversation with her unborn child, promising it she would never let Frank and Karen take it away from her. Julie had a black-and-white June Cleaver fantasy about her perfect life with her perfect daughter.

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