Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on GL

After Teri emerged from her coma, Reva stopped Annie from silencing her. Hart proposed to Cassie. Blake realized Holly was the Nursery Rhyme Stalker.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 18, 1999 on GL
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Monday, January 18, 1999

Michelle and Danny returned to a beautifully decorated bridal suite full of flowers and champagne. Carmen boasted that she had done the decorating as a Santos family tradition and that she expected plenty of grandchildren from her son and his new bride. Michelle finally realized that Danny was in love with her. She explained to him that they would never have a romantic relationship.

Meanwhile, Jesse rushed back to Drew and Selena and told them that he had seen Michelle and had kissed her. He quickly added that he knew that Michelle still wanted him. The kiss really upset Drew. Selena went to Jesse and told him that he had made Drew feel bad when he had done that; Drew loved Jesse, and maybe Jesse should give up on Michelle. Selena said Michelle might be in love with Danny.

Frank promised to make Reva and Josh pay for the damage they had done to his partner. Realizing that Reva faced big trouble, Josh lied and confessed that he had caused Teri's coma. Ross stunned Josh with the news that tests showed Teri's coma had been caused by injuries suffered six months earlier. Meanwhile, the real Teri began to emerge from her coma.

Meeting face-to-face with Annie in the attic, Alexandra blasted her for returning to Springfield -- and Alex let her brother have it, too, for falling for a deranged woman. When Alan explained that he was hopelessly in love with Annie and the excitement she created, Alexandra finally agreed not to tell anyone she was there. Alex and Annie then had a private threat match.

Still hurting from Susan's words of departure, Harley complained to Phillip that she was a lousy mother and shouldn't even consider having a child with him. Susan called Harley from home and apologized for what she had told Harley, and the two agreed to talk regularly but keep it a secret by using Harley's cell phone. When Phillip asked who was on the phone, Harley lied and told him it was Frank.

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

This episode of Guiding Light was partially preempted by CBS News live coverage of the Presidential Impeachment Trial.

In the hospital, Reva asked the real Teri to identify a photo of Annie. Still in a post-coma groggy state, Teri identified the woman in the photo as "Tonia," supporting what Reva and Josh had been saying all along.

Later, Frank admitted to Reva that he believed her story and admitted to feeling used and betrayed by Annie masquerading as Teri for so many months. He vowed to put her behind bars forever.

Meanwhile, in her attic suite, a stir-crazy Annie pressured Alan to let her free. She began to realize that what Alex had said was true -- Alan enjoyed keeping her locked up like an exotic pet.

Vanessa tried to convince Dinah that her feelings for Hart had become a dangerous obsession and that she might need to be hospitalized. Dinah called Ross for help. Hart walked in on the conversation and stated that Dinah didn't need therapy -- she needed him.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

India invited Beth and Vicky for coffee and used the time to talk about her desires for Ross. Holly interrupted and took India aside to threaten her if she went near Ross again.

Caught at the hospital while waiting for their first prenatal appointment, Harley and Phillip were forced to tell Rick that Harley was pregnant. They asked him to keep their good news a secret for the time being. Rick later complained to Phillip about his sister marrying into the Santos family.

Ross was astounded to hear from Matt and Blake that Dinah had taken Vanessa's medication so that Hart would stay by her side. Seeing how upset Dinah was, Ross asked Vanessa why she had never told him about Dinah's troubles. He then met with his daughter and urged her to understand that Hart didn't love her. He added that she couldn't make him love her.

Though he claimed that he needed to do the "right thing" by staying with Dinah, Blake convinced Hart that the best thing for Dinah was professional help without him. Hart gave Dinah the news, and she reacted by angrily blaming her mother for all of her troubles. Ross then took his daughter home with him.

Beth was moved as she watched Vanessa in pain from her daughter's bitter words and told herself that Matt was off-limits.

Michelle asked Abby to convince Jesse that she loved Danny.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Up at Cross Creek, Hart took a chance and convinced Cassie to listen to his apology and his latest news from Dinah. Shocked by what Dinah had done to keep Hart, Cassie and Hart reunited and finally decided to name their baby Roger Joshua Jessup, or R.J., in honor of Hart's father.

Ben was touched when Blake revealed that she had ordered her mother to stay away until she accepted him as Blake's friend. As they talked and kissed, Holly stared through the living room window at them, mumbling threats and warnings to herself. Blake freaked out when she returned home and found her deranged mother shredding her dresses.

A stir-crazy Annie pleaded with Alan to get her out of the Spaulding attic. When that plea failed, Annie ordered her lover to ship the real Teri out of town so that Annie could resume her identity.

Reva visited with the real Teri in the hospital and tried to get Teri to open up to her by revealing her own past problems with her memory. Teri admitted that she had been warned by her friend "Tonia" not to trust Reva.

Alan, Annie, and Alexandra worried when they learned from Frank that the real Teri had awakened from her coma. Annie decided to take care of the matter and slipped out of the Spaulding mansion.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Taking Cassie and baby R.J. back to the farm and calling it home for all of them, Hart surprised Cassie by showing her a diamond engagement ring and asking her to marry him. Cassie happily accepted and was overwhelmed when he decided to give her his farm as a wedding gift.

Ben was amused when Alexandra let it slip that Annie was hiding in the attic at the mansion. He announced to the couple that his price for helping Alan with his legal problems had just gone up because of Annie.

When a smug Ben threatened to leave to catch his flight to Paris, Alan stopped him in his tracks by offering to make him the head of Lewis Oil. Annie sneaked into Teri's hospital room and shocked Teri by revealing who she really was and stating that she intended to keep Teri's identity.

Stopping Teri from calling the nurse, Annie said that she needed Teri's help and knocked her out with a sedative.

Later, after updating Josh, Reva managed to grab Annie.

Frightened to find the masked stalker shredding her newly cleaned evening dresses, Blake attacked the stalker but was knocked out. Awakening and grabbing the stalker's mask off her head, Blake was blown away when she realized that her mother was the Nursery Rhyme Stalker.

Ross defended Vanessa as he tried to take care of a shattered Dinah and pushed her to concentrate on her work.

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