One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on OLTL

Dorian held Kevin responsible for Cassie's condition. Roseanne agreed to move in with Cristian. Bo learned that Nora's baby was not his, but Sam's. Lindsay continued to make a play for Sam.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on OLTL
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Monday, January 11, 1999

Dorian arrived at the hospital and held Kevin responsible for Cassie's condition. Mel encouraged Dorian to work with Kevin for Cassie's sake, but she got a restraining order to prevent Kevin from seeing Cassie. Despite Renee's argument against it, Nora decided to tell Bo the truth about the baby. Meanwhile, Bo confronted Sam and demanded the truth. Sam lied and said that he had been chasing Nora since Bo was in the hospital. Bo then threatened to kill Sam if he ever found him with Nora again. Nora never got the chance to tell Bo the truth because he told her about the story that Sam fed him. Will was furious when Roseanne told him that Jessica was meeting with a representative from an adoption agency. Just as the representative asked Jessica how the baby's father felt about the adoption, Will burst in and declared that no one was taking his baby away!

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Written by: Grace Alumno

At the Llanview Police Station

Kelly tries to persuade John to tell his version of the Graham situation for her newspaper. Kevin walks in and tells John about the restraining order that his "incredibly well-adjusted, fair-minded" mother-in-law had done. Kevin tells Kelly that Dorian blames him for what has happened to Cassie. John reviews the restraining order and says that the charges that are stated in it is serious. Kevin tells John that he has to do something about it and that he (John) owes him (Kevin) big. Kelly and Kevin then outline John's role as an accessory to the crime. John then tells them that he will talk to the judge about it.

At the Student Union

Cris runs into Roseanne looking at an ad for a roommate and informs her that the ad that she was looking at is his. He tells her that he met with Jessica and that things will work our for them. Roseanne then tells him that she wishes that it were the same thing for her and Will. She tells him that Will is not happy with the idea that Jessica want to give up the baby for adoption. Cris tells Roseanne that he can't keep trying to solve Jessica's problems for her- he tried that before and it didn't work. Cris figures out Roseanne's plan: for him to go to Llanfair and kick out Will so that Will go back to Roseanne. Cris tells her that her plan will not work and that Will and Jessica have to work out their problems themselves and that they have to respect their decision. To divert their minds, Cris asks Roseanne to dance. After they dance, Cris and Roseanne reminisce about their childhood and reaffirm their friendship. He then offers her to move in with him. Roseanne tells him that Jessica will not approve, but he tells her that she has to deal with it like how he has to deal with the fact that she slept with Will.

At Bo and Nora's home

Bo is suspicious of Nora's actions.

At Sam's Office

Nora goes to Sam's for the finalization of Clint and Lindsay's divorce. Sam informs her that she has just won the Llanview Bar Associations' Woman of the year award. She then thanks him for 'covering-up' for her when Bo spoke with him. He then tells her that he wanted to warn her, but wasn't able to, and hoped that it has relieved her in some way. Lindsay walks in and expects to see Clint. But when she sees that he is not there, she threatens to raise the price of their divorce. With that remark, Asa strolls in and announces that Clint will not be joining them. He then gives Nora a fax from Clint which states that Clint has offered a very generous settlement. Lindsay then adds that she hopes that Asa can "sweeten" the deal in exchange for keeping Sam and Nora's indiscretion a secret. Asa wants a speedy end to of the this, agrees and remarks, "Rappaports don't mix with Buchanans." Lindsay then realizes that she now has the advantage over the Buchanan's and asks if the offer is for the change in her marital status or for her silence. Sam then ask to speak with his client alone.

As Asa and Nora go to the other room, Sam informs Lindsay that she should accept the settlement and let everyone get on with their lives. Lindsay accepts the settlement and Asa's offer. As Asa and Nora walk out of Sam's office, Asa turns around and says that Sam and Lindsay make a nice couple, that they should reconcile, and go back to Chicago. Lindsay dwells in the thought that she is divorced- again. Sam reassures her and that she is now a rich divorced woman and can do whatever she wants to now. Sam leaves to file the paperwork and Lindsay stays behind in his office. She then writes him a letter stating that she still loves him and that he is the only man for her.

Sam and Nora run into each other at the courthouse. Bo sees them together. Nora then tells Bo that Clint and Lindsay are no longer married and that Sam is really out of their lives now.

At Viki's

Will protests the fact that his child is up for adoption. With the lady from the adoption agency present, Will states that he knows his rights as the father of the baby. He then threatens to bring this to court and argues with Jessica about their decision. Viki tries to tell Will to leave, but he refuses. Viki then calls the police (Bo). Jessica begs Will to go home, but he doesn't budge. Bo arrives and Will resists, and Bo attempts to arrest him and takes him away. Will then says he needs a lawyer- his dad. Jessica tries to analyze Will's behavior. Viki tells her that he is like that because he is young and that the two of them will have to come to some kind of agreement about the adoption.

At the police station

Bo and Will talk. (Will really isn't arrested, but is brought to his senses at the station.) Bo tells him that he doesn't get along with Sam. The discuss fatherhood and advises Will that he has to know what he is getting himself into, but that the baby comes first.

At the hospital...

Kelly and Kevin arrive at the hospital thinking that John has taken care of the restraining order, only to find that Dorian has released Cassie. They ask the attending doctor that is present where Cassie is, but he doesn't know where Dorian has taken Cassie.

Back at Viki's...

Will is released and goes to Viki's. There, he apologizes. He tells Viki and Jessica that he was being very selfish, that he is not ready to be a father, and that he is willing to sign the necessary papers for the adoption.

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Written by: Marina Lawson

Cassie's Room

Kevin and Kelly are searching Cassie's hospital room, trying to figure out where Dorian might have taken her, but are unsuccessful. Kevin decides to call all the other hospitals in the surrounding area to see if Dorian might have taken her to one of them. (He's already begun to use the irritating "my wife" term).

St. Anne's Sanitarium

Dorian is holding up a picture of Kevin and is telling the doctor that he is not to come anywhere near Cassie. She tells him that it's Kevin's psychological abuse that has put Cassie there. When the doctor tries to point out Cassie's contributing mental history and the Cramer family history of mental illness, Dorian (who is borderline herself) reminds him of the generous contributions she has made to the sanitarium. As the doctor assures Dorian that Cassie will be well taken care of, Dorian continues her assault on Kevin with Mel listening in the background. As the doctor tells Dorian he won't let Kevin near Cassie, Mel bursts in on their conversation; he won't allow her to do this. Dorian looks at Mel in disbelief.

Sam's Office

Sam is reading Lindsay's love letter. As he reads, he shakes his head in disbelief. Sam is interrupted by Lindsay reciting verbatim from her letter about his sleeping with Nora and how she will keep the secret. Lindsay's voice is full of pleading and hope.

The Police Station

Bo and Hank are walking around the station amid the installation of computers. They go into Bo's office to talk, but another workman is in there. Bo and Hank dismiss the workman so that they can talk about the "Nora situation." Bo tells Hank about his conversations with Sam and Nora and says he knows they're both lying to him. He thinks they are having an affair.

Bo & Nora's House

Nora is practicing her acceptance speech (she looks quite lovely in a black evening dress, but how can someone that pregnant wear such high heels?) but stumbles when she repeats the words "integrity" and "truth." She tries on her confession to Bo for size and the anguish of her confession is apparent.

The Palace Dining Room

Téa walks in and sees River and Andrew having dinner. River is picking at his dinner. River wants to see his mother and Andrew explains that Cassie is sick. River asks if his Mom is going to die and does she still love him. Andrew reassures River, but River continues to play with his food. Andrew starts to reprimand him, and suddenly Téa puts a laptop in front of River. She asks him if he would like to make a card for someone? While River works on the card, Andrew takes Téa aside and thanks her. Téa understands how River feels, she remembers how it felt for her mother to suddenly leave.

The Sanitarium

Mel is telling the doctor he can't do this. The doctor says he has no choice but to obey Dorian because of the court order and her allegations. The doctor goes to leave the photo with the security guard. Mel can't believe what Dorian is doing; Kevin loves Cassie. Dorian tells him that love has nothing to do with it, it's marital abuse. When Mel tries to reason with Dorian, she continues to spew her twisted logic for what she's doing; she'll keep Kevin away. Mel tells her she won't have his help. Dorian doesn't care.

Cassie's Hospital Room

Kevin is still trying to phone hospitals to find Cassie. The Ace Reporter can't believe that they won't him any information (because hospitals have rules like CONFIDENTIALITY you dope!) The nurse comes in to tell them she needs the room. Kevin asks her if she knows where Dorian has taken "his wife." The nurse has no idea. Kelly tells Kevin they'll try another hospital. Kevin's cell phone rings and it's Mel. Mel tells Kevin where Cassie is and informs him that Dorian has arranged it so that he can get nowhere near Cassie. Kevin tells Mel to warn Dorian to stay out of his way.

Sam's Office

Lindsay is still trying to convince Sam they can make a go of it because they always loved each other, even during the bad times. She relives the old, good memories for him. As she continues to stroll down memory lane, Sam reminds her about the fights they often had at the tail end of her memories, including the morning he found out she was sleeping with his junior partner. Lindsay says it's all in the past and they can start over. Sam says they can't, it's been tried before and they failed. Lindsay tells him she still loves him, he tells her he's not living in the past and she shouldn't either. Lindsay says she is living in the present and hoping for the future (how poetic). She tries to get Sam to say that if he loves her a little, she can build on that, but Sam finally tells her he doesn't love her. It's over and she has to accept it.

Bo's Office

Hank can't believe that Bo thinks Nora and Sam are having an affair. Bo says if he saw them together, he would know what he was talking about. Hank says he has (Now, this really kills me, Nora and Hank are supposed to have the connection, they share a child, and he's snitching on Nora, talk about loyalty!) and he thinks something is going on, but it's not Nora's style. Bo continues to list all of the things that are making him suspicious of Nora, but Hank says it's the pregnancy. Bo is tired of that explanation. Hank starts to defend Nora (finally). Bo says that there's always been something between Sam and Nora. Hank reminds him about the baby and Bo thinks that Nora is sick, maybe that's what the secret is all about.

Bo & Nora's House

The doorbell rings and Nora answers the door. It's Max. He tells her she looks great. Max wants to talk about something personal. Max wants to be sure that Nora will still be his lawyer after she has her baby. When she asks why, he tells her that while they are batting about words like "integrity" and "decency" around the room at her awards ceremony, he doesn't want her to remember that he isn't any of those things (why this particular scene is necessary other than to add another brick of guilt to Nora's already heavy burden is beyond me). Nora is looking really guilty. Max asks if she is okay. Nora says she doesn't deserve any award.

Sam's Office

Lindsay is still trying to prove to Sam they still have something special. Sam is still resisting the notion. Lindsay, the glutton for punishment, asks him why not, He was so nice to her over the holidays? Sam tells her he examined all of these things after they divorced. His plans did not include being married to her again. She gasps in hurt. Sam tells her he likes himself better away from her. She tells him it's a terrible thing to say, but he continues to try to explain why, saying that all they did was fight. He tells her again they have to let go of the past. Lindsay says Sam hasn't let go of the past, he can't love her because he still loves Nora.

Nora & Bo's House

Max tells her she deserves everything, that she's only feeling that way because of hormones. Nora tells Max it's something with Bo. He asks if he can help. Nora tells Max that there is something she's holding back. Max reminds her that Bo forgave her for not telling him that she knew about the kidnapping of his kids. If he could forgive her that, he could forgive her anything. Nora says she has to tell Bo her secret, and Max reassures her that everything will be okay. Nora shoos Max out. She has someplace to go before the ceremony.

Bo's Office

Bo is sure that Nora is sick. She was like this when she had a brain tumor. Hank echos what I was just thinking. Two seconds ago he thought Nora was having an affair, now he thinks she has a brain tumor?! Bo says that Sam is her best friend and she has run to him for other things (i.e., Georgie). He says Nora didn't begin to act like this until she got pregnant and the behavior all ties into the pregnancy. Bo is sure that Nora is putting the baby's life before hers because she is sick. Hank tells him to get the facts.

The Palace Restaurant

Andrew tellsTéa that Dorian blamed him for Cassie's first nervous breakdown, and now she's blaming Kevin. He says that if Dorian succeeds in keeping Kevin away, Cassie will withdraw further and further into herself; he can't let that happen. Téa asks Andrew if he's still in love with her. Andrew tells her that River needs his mother. River has finished his card and wants Téa to print it out. When Andrew tells River that Téa has a meeting, River says he needs it now. Andrew tries to reason with River. Téa tells him if he eats a little more of his food, the three of them will go to her office to print out the card. As River goes to eat his food, Andrew asks her about the awards dinner. Téa says that Nora won't miss her.

The Sanitarium

Dorian comes into the room and tells Mel that Cassie is calm and it's because she's kept Kevin away from her. Mel tells her that it could be due to anything, like medication and rest. Dorian sarcastically asks Mel when he got his medical degree. Mel says that he and Kevin suffer from the same illness, they both love Cramer women and would do anything to save them; that's why he called Kevin. Dorian can't believe Mel is working against her. Dorian says she should have learned her lesson from Canton, Mel has put her daughter in danger.

Kevin walks in with Kelly and is being chased by a nun. Dorian is hysterical, asking where security is because Kevin is not supposed to be allowed in. As if on cue, two big burly security men run into the room. Mel tells Kevin what room Cassie is in. As Kevin turns to go to her room, security restrains him.

Sam's Office

Sam refuses to discuss Nora with Lindsay. Lindsay tells him that the reason their marriage failed was because of his love for Nora. Sam tells her it was because of "stupid explosions like this" and he doesn't have to listen to it anymore. Lindsay realizes she has gone too far and calms down. She tries to tell Sam that she knows it must be hard for him to see Bo and Nora together, but that Nora is out of his life, please give them a chance. Sam tells her it's too late. Lindsay says she meant what she said in the letter, she won't throw Nora up in his face (what was that two seconds ago?) they'll be better people if they give each other another chance. Sam says he won't, not now, not ever. Lindsay continues to grovel and plead for another chance. Nora walks into the room (the door to Sam's office is open) and hears Lindsay begging. Sam finally stops Lindsay from going any further, and Lindsay turns to see Nora. Nora apologizes for interrupting, but Lindsay sarcastically tells her not to leave on her account. Lindsay starts to leave and calls Nora "Woman of the Year' and then sarcastically adds, "but then again, you're his woman every year, aren't you?" Sam asks Lindsay where she's going. "Suddenly you care?" she says. After Lindsay leaves, Nora tells Sam that she's going to tell Bo the truth tonight.

The Sanitarium

Security is still trying to restrain Kevin, who is repeating "she's my wife" (note: does he have some aversion to calling her Cassie?). Dorian snarls at Kevin and tells him that he's the one who betrayed her. Kelly tells Dorian that the judge has lifted the restraining order. Mel tells Kevin that Dorian has had herself appointed Cassie's legal guardian. Kevin reminds everybody (as if they didn't already know) that Cassie is his wife. Dorian says it's temporary. Kevin says that he wants to talk to Cassie's doctor. Mel tells Kevin to get legal help. Kevin takes Kelly aside and tells her to find Cassie. He tells to make sure Cassie knows he loves her. Kevin then tells security to take him away.

Dorian tells Mel that things are already hard enough and she doesn't want to have to fight him, too. Mel starts to leave and Dorian issues a warning to him: he if goes out the door, she might not take him back. Mel looks at Dorian in disgust and leaves. Dorian's pinched face looks disappointed and sad.

Bo's Office

Hank reminds Bo that Nora's award ceremony is about to start. Hank tells Bo that this is Nora's night and to wait until it's over to get to the bottom of things. Bo says that things will get settled tonight; they're in this together, he'll do everything he can to help her get well, and it won't be Sam that helps her, it will be him.

Sam's Office

Sam tells Nora she has to be honest with Bo. Nora tells Sam she wanted to warn Sam, she doesn't know how Bo will take it. Sam tells Nora it will affect all of them. Nora is worried about how it will affect Will. Sam tells her not to worry, just take care of herself now. She tells Sam she's sorry. Sam tells her that all that's important is her happiness. Nora tells him that their friendship is going to end the minute she tells Bo. Sam says they both knew that. Nora says it never seemed so real or so scary before. Sam thanks her for the opportunity to say good-bye. He tells her he'll miss her. Nora says she will also miss him. They look tearfully at each other and Nora leaves.

Sam says tearfully and with a lot of emotion, "I love you, I always will" (this was very moving, I was tearful!).

The Palace Dining Room

Lindsay walks into the dining room and looks at Nora's picture naming her "Woman of the Year." Lindsay says to no one in particular "Woman of the Year; I know what kind of a woman you are, maybe it's time everybody else did, too."

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Dorian attempted to make amends with Mel, but he walked out on her again. Viki tried to reason with Dorian about Kevin, but Dorian refused to change her mind. Viki and Dorian argued and with Mel backing her, Viki threw Dorian out of the newsroom. Kelly couldn't believe that Blair supported Dorian's actions against Kevin. At Nora's award ceremony for Llanview's Bar Association Woman of the Year, a tipsy Lindsay taunted Nora about her friendship with Sam. Nora admitted to Bo that she had been keeping something from him and they planned to talk right after the ceremony. As Hank introduced Nora, Lindsay returned and decided to take the stage ahead of Nora. As Nora, Bo, Asa and Renee watched, Lindsay announced to the crowd that she had a few words to say about her dear friend Nora!

Friday, January 15, 1999

Kelly, Andrew, Cassie, Kevin and Téa

Kelly and Andrew are visiting Cassie at St. Anne's. At first she seems much better, she's no longer making up nursery rhymes, but they soon realize she's not in touch with reality. She thinks that it is summer and she just came back from a trip to Rio with Kevin, which actually happened two years ago. Kelly explains that Kevin can't be there right now, but he is worried about her and loves her very much. Cassie is puzzled, Kevin flirts with her, but she's a married woman, she doesn't understand why Kevin would be so concerned about her. Andrew and Kelly gently explain that she is married to Kevin, but Cassie just looks at them as if they are the crazy ones.

Meanwhile, Kevin corners Téa at the police station and asks for her help. She tries to explain that she's a prosecutor and can't take his case, but he presses her to help him. She does tell him that if Dorian keeps putting out restraining orders and charges that are overturned, Kevin can charge that Dorian is harassing him. If he can prove it, Kevin will be able to see Cassie. She tells him the first step is to get Dorian's court order charging abuse overturned. As she goes to get the papers, she is saying to him that he must remain calm and not give Dorian any ammunition against him. But her words of warning go unheeded, when she turns back, Kevin is gone.

Kevin goes to St. Anne's and tries to get past the guard by winning his sympathy, one married man to another. When this fails, Kevin makes a rush for the door and manages to get in long enough to see Cassie. Cassie doesn't say anything and Kevin is quickly hauled out of the room. Kelly and Andrew join him outside. They explain that while Cassie is doing better, right now she's living in a happier time, not dealing with reality, but they don't tell him that Cassie doesn't remember being married to him. Kelly promises to do whatever she can to change Dorian's mind about Kevin.

Will and Sam

At Sam's house, Will tells Sam about getting taken down to the police station when he flipped out about Jessica giving the baby away for adoption. He tells Sam about his talk with Bo and Sam seems a little hurt that Will talked to Bo and not himself. Sam also seems a little suspicious of Bo's influence on Will's deciding adoption would be the best for the baby. Sam suggests that Will give it some more serious thought, even though he told Jessica he would back her, it's not written in stone and he could still change his mind. Will, though, seems fairly at peace with his decision. Sam and Will talk about Lindsay and Will wonders if his parents will ever get back together again. It will never happen, Sam tells him, he doesn't love Lindsay in that way anymore and although Lindsay professes to love him, Sam feels it's just a reaction to the divorce. Lindsay's feeling lonely, Sam says, and suggests Will spend a little more time with her. Sam also suggests that Will do some more studying, Sam had a call from the dean and Will is on the verge of being suspended. Will promises to concentrate more on his studies now that a decision has been made about the baby.

Country Club

At the country club, Lindsay continues making a scene, talking about how the Buchanans never accepted her as Clint's wife, but they love Nora. Asa steps forward to try to get her to shut up, but Lindsay asks him if he's going to offer her some more hush money. Next Renee tries to get Hank, who's standing next to Lindsay, to stop her. He does try to pull her away from the podium, but Lindsay hangs on for dear life and says she has something to tell all of them. Nora asks Lindsay to stop and begs Bo to take her home. But instead of leaving, Bo encourages Lindsay to continue, he wants to hear what she has to say. But Bo thinks he already knows what it is, are you having an affair with Sam, Bo asks her in front of the room full of people. Nora finally admits that she slept with Sam, just once. Bo figures out for himself that the baby isn't his and she confirms it. She tells him why she did it, to bring him back to them and to keep him alive. Why couldn't they just have a baby together, Bo wants to know. Nora tries to avoid telling him in front of everyone, but Bo persists and Asa finally tells him about the test results from the fertility clinic. Bo storms out, leaving Nora alone, sobbing. As Renee leads Nora away, Blair(who was there the whole time watching with Max) is filled with glee at the thought of tomorrow's headline and rubs it in to Asa. Max, on the other hand, is not happy, he feels sorry for his friends. Meanwhile, Asa is threatening Lindsay, "Do you have any idea what happens to scum like you when I'm crossed?" Asa leaves and Lindsay wonders, "Why doesn't anyone ever blame *her*."

At Sam's house, Will is in the other room studying when Sam hears a knock at the door. It's Bo. "Bo, is something....?", Sam begins. "Wrong", Bo finishes the sentence for him.

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