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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on ATWT
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Monday, January 4, 1999

Ben wants to say something to Camille. As he is approaching her, Brad walks into the church and Ben turns and goes the other way. Camille runs after him and asks him what he has to say. He brushes her off and the services at the church begin. Reverend Dansby asks Ben to speak to the congregation. Ben gets up and says that he had a whole speech made out about all the wonderful memories that the old church held for him. He looks at Camille and says that as he was listening to the Reverend speak, he knows that he can always come here and know that he is not alone. As long as he has Jesus he will be all right. He stares at Camille for a second, then turns and leaves.

Carly is trying to hide from John. She goes to Jack and ask him to hide her and he tells her that he won't get in the middle of her marriage. She explains to Jack that she signed a contract with John to give him the baby after it is born. At first he doesn't understand why she would do such a thing and then he remembers the money. She tells him that she doesn't care about the money anymore, she has had a change of heart. She tells him that if he can have faith in her, maybe she can have a little faith in herself. She tells him that as soon as the baby is born, she is leaving Oakdale, for good. Jack tells her that she can stay, under one condition. Carly says, "Let me guess, that one condition is coming in the door right now." Julia and Deloris come in and are talking about how beautiful the service was at church. Julia looks past Jack and sees Carly. She wants to know why she is there. Jack explains that she needs a place to stay and it will be for just one night. He tells her the whole story about hiding from John. Julia tells him that she does not think that she can forgive Carly like he has. The phone rings and Julia answers it, John Dixon is on the other end. He tells her that Carly has run off again and he is looking for her. Julia says that it isn't the first time that she has done something stupid. John agrees and wants to know if Jack is at home. Julia looks at the pitiful look on Carly's face and softens. She tells John that Jack is not there and she will have Jack call him when he gets home. After Julia hangs up, Carly tells her thank you and how much she appreciates what Julia is doing for her. Deloris tells Carly that she should be down on her knees kissing Julia's feet. Jack and Julia go upstairs to prepare Carly's room. Carly is left alone with Deloris and Deloris gives Carly a piece of her mind and tells her that she has her figured out. She says that she knows that she would like to stab Julia in the back and get her hands on Jack. Deloris warns her that she is watching and Carly better walk a straight line. Deloris leaves to go to Emma's house. Julia comes down and tells Carly that her room is ready, but before she goes upstairs they have to set some ground rules. You are staying for one night and one night only. There is a knock at the door and when Julia answers it, John pops into the room saying, "so, there is the Mrs."

Lily and Holden are talking and cooing over Hope. They are discussing her recent bout with roseola. Lily is walking with Hope and she is sharing with Holden the feelings that she has sometimes about Hope. She doesn't always feel connected to her. Holden gets out a scrapbook that Emma made for them when Hope was born. Lily sees a picture of Holden and realizes that Hope has his smile. Meanwhile, back at the Mystery Guy's home, the nanny comes in and tells him about talking to a friend that was in nursing school with her and this woman told her about the Snyder's baby spending Christmas Eve in the hospital. The next thing you see is the nanny finding an envelope at the front door and brings it to the mystery guy. He waits until she is out of the room, then opens it. The envelope contains a file from the hospital marked Hope Snyder. When the nanny returns, he puts the file back in the envelope so she can't see it and says to her, "the Snyder's will find out what is wrong with their daughter in due time.

This is short and not so sweet, but I was trapped in the blizzard and just got home today (Monday). I had my son home from work and my husband trying to get the drive plowed out. Plus phone calls going on, sorry that I might have missed some things. I tried to put the most important parts in. Thanks for understanding. Sandy> she will be glad when everything gets back to normal.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Margo goes to the police station to ask Hal if he thinks that she might have a chance to partition for getting her badge back. Hal says that he thinks that she has a very good chance seeing how she stood up for Eddie and then finding out that Emily had lied about the mugging. Margo decides to leave and try to get home before the storm gets too bad. Tom comes into the station and Margo wants to know why he is there. He tells her that he was worried about her since the storm was getting worse and he borrowed the neighbors 4-wheel truck to come and take her home. As they are leaving, Hal takes a phone call from Emily. She is in hysterics. She tells Hal that someone is scratching at the windows and the door and she is all alone and very scared. Hal tells her that he does not have time to play games with her, he is shorthanded because of the storm. She swears to him that she is not lying. Margo says to Tom, "can you believe it, she is still playing games." Hal finally tells her that he will send a unit over, but he doesn't know how long it will take because of the storm. He tells her to go to a neighbors house and wait. She says that nobody is home because it is a holiday. Hal says that is all he can do for her. Tom says, "no way, she is lying. Margo and Tom are getting ready to leave and Margo asks Tom if he wants to go check on Emily and he says, "no way." Emily comes running into the station, she is out of breath. Hal asks her why is she there and not at home. She says that she was too scared and ran all the way from her house because she could not get her car started. She is so excited and out of breath from running that she starts to hyperventilate. Margo takes her into another room and tries to get her to settle down. All she can say is that she is not lying and she is so scared. Finally, she gets her breath and she says to Margo that she must look like an idiot. She tells Margo that she is not lying, someone was trying to get into her apartment. She asks Margo if she believes her and Margo says that she believes that she is scared. An officer comes in and tells Hal that a big limb from a tree has fallen in the drive and nobody can get out. Margo says to Tom that it looks like they are stuck there for the night. Emily is around the corner and you can almost see a smirk.

Brad and Camille are at the church and he has just asked Camille to marry him. He says that he didn't mean to say it now, it just came out. She tells him that she can't marry him she is not free. He tells her that they are free, the hardest part is over and they can do anything with their life that they want to. Camille tries to explain to him that she has always had a man in her life and right now she just needs to be alone. He doesn't understand, he thought that she loved him and she says that she does love him. She tells him she thinks that it was because she didn't know her father and she always felt like she needed a man in her life to be by her side. Brad gets upset with her and he doesn't understand and leaves her in the church by herself. She prays to God to help her find strength and face her future alone.

Ben is at the strip club looking for Denise. Another stripper latches on to him and is bugging him to buy her a drink. He asks her if she knows Denise and she tells him that she will be there later. Andy Dixon comes walking in and orders a glass of champagne. He looks over and sees Ben with this stripper and says, "Ben? Oh well, to each his own." Molly comes in and surprises Andy. He wants to know why she is following him and she says that she isn't following him. She says that she was at home alone and the storm started but she didn't have any supplies to ring in the new year with. She asks him to go back home with her. He doesn't want to. She coaxes him onto the dance floor with a glass of champagne. A guy grabs her around the waist, he has mistaken her for one of the strippers. Andy starts to laugh and tells the guy that she doesn't work here and tells Molly to get back to the bar. The guy tells Andy to leave her alone, she will dance with who ever she chooses. Andy goes to grab Molly and the guy decks Andy and the whole place erupts into brawl. Ben gets in on the action. Molly grabs Andy and they run out of the club. Ben gets punched and falls to the ground. He looks up and Denise is standing over him. She says, "If you need a doctor, you won't have to look very far." She walks away and Ben follows her. He is trying to explain about the blow she took to the head, that if she has a blood clot in her head it could cause a stroke. She tells him that he is too nosy and that is why she left the hospital the other day. She tells the bouncer that the Dr. is ready to leave. The bouncer steps in front of Ben and won't let him go after Denise.

John has found Carly at Jack's house. He tells her that she is going home with him. John grabs her and tells her to get her coat on. Carly is yelling for Jack to help her. Jack looks at Julia with a helpless look on his face. John and Carly get to the door and Carly is struggling to get away from John. Jack tells them that he doesn't care if they stay or go, just close the door. Carly breaks away from John and runs back into the house. John says fine, he will stay with her, he is not going to let her out of his site until the baby is born. She tries to convince John that she had given up on the money. She was going to let the baby be born on its own time and then she was taking the baby and leaving Oakdale, their deal is off. She and John get into a shouting match and Jack has to break them up. Carly turns to go sit down, she is holding her stomach. Julia asks her if she is OK? John comes over and tells her to take an aspirin and Carly tells him to go to hell. Jack gets a call from the station telling him that the storm is getting worse. Carly gets up and John asks her where she thinks that she is going. She says that she is going to bed and he can hold vigil outside her door all night, she is not going anywhere but to sleep. John can't believe that she is going to go to sleep so early. As she is walking away from John, she doubles over in pain and everyone is asking what is wrong. She looks up and says, "This baby is going to be born...right now!

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

Tom phones home to let Adam know his parents are stranded at the police station. When she sees Eddie in the road, Georgia asks Fenwick to stop the car, and the limo skids. Eddie is anxious to see that Georgia is alright. Brad is cool to Molly when she asks him for help with an unconscious Andy. John is surprised to discover that Carly's labor pains are all-too-real. Carly blames her husband for causing her to go into labor. Molly is stunned when Andy swaggers through the door, intent on having more "fun." She reluctantly leaves to tend to her roommate.

Eddie and Georgia shiver inside the limo while Fenwick goes for help. Eddie is irked when Georgia announces her intent to "hook up' at the New Year's party--she's not going to start 1999 alone. Julia learns that the ambulance has skidded off the road and is going to be delayed getting to Jack's. John tries to calm Carly--he can deliver the baby if needed.

Emily comforts a girl named Susan whose dad is brought to the station for drunk driving. Carly begs Jack to be her coach. Julia is assailed by memories of helping Lily to deliver her baby and has to leave the room. Eddie insists that he and Katie are just friends. Georgia says that she wants more than friendship in her life. Molly returns to Brad's with the makings of a party and insists she's staying. Brad can only relent, and Molly confesses that Andy is an alcoholic. Brad is dubious that Molly can actually help Andy get better, but later asks Molly to help him change his life.

Julia sees Jack holding Carly and comforting her. John realizes Carly's baby is not going to wait--it wants to be born in the living room. Carly glances at Jack's watch when John reminds her that it's not yet midnight. Tom tells Margo that his New Year's resolution is to get her back. Georgia doesn't like it when Eddie characterizes her as a "kid"--she'll be 18 at her next birthday, she reminds him. They clear the air about what Lucinda had told them about the other.

An exhausted Carly learns that her baby is breech. John tells her to do exactly what he says, and it should be fine. Molly asks Brad to be her partner again. Emily calls Tom and Margo aside to insist to them that though she's not proud of some of the things she's done, she wasn't lying about the writing on her mirror or the noises outside her apartment.

John manipulates the baby's body and prepares to deliver it head-first. Carly clings to Jack's hand for support. Molly is quick to tell Brad that if things don't work out with Camille, she'll be there. Brad declines, saying he's not ready to get involved with anyone, and gives her a kiss on the forehead. Eddie and Georgia inch closer together as the radio announcer counts down the minutes. The lights in Emily's motel room go out and her door creaks open as she calls out. Carly gives birth in the dark.

Thursday, January 7, 1999

The mystery man has followed Emily to her hotel room. He confronts her and Emily becomes hysterical begging him to leave her alone. The man warns Emily to stay away from the police Tom and Margo share a New Year's kiss. Hal shares Emily's 9-1-1 call with them, but Margo believes it is just another one of her tricks. However, Tom isn't so sure. Hal decides not to respond to the call due to Emily's past history, but Tom can't let it go and asks Margo to go with him to check it out.

John is administering to the baby as Carly marvels that he was delivered before the deadline. John brings the baby to Carly and the two share a tender moment as they dote over their newborn son. However, the bickering starts again when the ambulance arrives and Carly refuses to let John hold the baby.

Georgia and Eddie are about to kiss when Fenwick arrives to inform them the tow truck has arrived. Meanwhile, Lily and Holden discuss his guilt about killing David. Lily assures him that by doing so he saved all their lives. However, Holden can't help but worry that James will somehow find out. Lucinda arrives and the three share a New Year's toast. Georgia and Eddie also arrive and Georgia immediately confronts Lucinda about meddling in her friendship with Eddie. When Georgia and Eddie leave, Lucinda immediately calls Eddie's landlord with plans to have him evicted.

Friday, January 8, 1999

Tom (with Margo hot on his heels) finds Emily's hotel room in disarray. Margo thinks that Emily's scheming again, but Tom isn't so sure. Dolores arrives at Jack's along with the ambulance. Carly asks Jack to go along with her to the hospital and Julia convinces Jack that he should go. When Kim arrives, she notes Andy's haggard appearance. Kim accidentally drinks from Andy's coffee mug, noting the contents have been spiked. Tom follows the source of the scream to the hotel basement, where he finds an almost-catatonic Emily.

Carly reluctantly hands the baby over to Dr. Samuels. John asks his colleague to perform a paternity test. John apprises Lisa that Carly gave birth on New Year's Eve. Hal shows up in Carly's room and bitter congratulates his ex-wife for making her deadline. Molly covers for Andy, claiming the spiked coffee as her own. Kim then reads her the riot act for leaving alcohol around Andy.

Emily tells Tom that it was David who came after her, but refuses to let Margo call the police. Julia admits to Dolores that Carly has been chasing after Jack, but remains steadfast in her belief that Jack will return home--to her. When Jack defends Carly, Hal questions if Jack is another "contender" in the "paternity sweepstakes." Lisa questions John when he tells her that he had Carly sign a contract to actually give up her baby.

Under questioning from Margo, Emily is forced to confess her lies about David being in touch with her earlier. Margo grills the hotel clerk in Emily's presence and he denies that anybody got past him the lobby after Emily checked in.

Andy refuses his mother's request to go see Christopher in New York and find out what is going on with his brother. Lisa remembers when she was deemed an unfit mother and couldn't see her son Scott grow up. I'm disgusted with you, she seethes, and walks out on John.

Baby Joey is given a clean bill of health, and when John wants to take him, Carly delays by suggesting he needs to be nursed. John hands the baby over, but not before reminding her of their agreement. Alone with Jack, Carly gets the idea to flee with the baby.

A hurt Kim walks out when Andy claims to be too busy. Andy recalls to Molly about his drunk driving accident that hurt Lien and vows never to drink and drive again. He's adamant that Molly not continue to cover for him, and resolves to stop drinking. Molly is relieved that he recognizes he has a problem. Dolores relates to Julia the story of how she met Jack's father--he was a fresh-faced cop when he retrieved her purse from a mugger.

Jack tries to dissuade Carly from her idea of leaving, though he admits he wouldn't stop her if she did. John informs Carly that when the paternity test results come in, baby Joey is going home--with him. Carly vows to her son never to let that happen.

Tom admits that he doesn't believe Emily, and is worried about the stress it's causing the baby. He and Margo agree--she needs psychiatric help. Emily asks them what they're plotting. I'm not crazy, she declares.

Jack returns home and apologizes to Julia for how their evening turned out. They belatedly celebrate the New Year. Hal and John stay at the hospital awaiting the results. Hal alerts John to Carly's room being empty.


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