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Port Charles Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on PC
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Monday, December 21, 1998

Karen's antidote was successful. She wants to inject the rest of the patients with the serum.

Joe calls his mom. When he hears about the outbreak, he wants to come home. Mary reassures him that things are under control and his primary concern should be Neal. Mary senses that something is wrong but before he could explain Courtney pulled the phone out of Joe's hand and hung up. Joe looked at her expecting an explanation when she pointed to the policemen that just entered the café.

Karen, Matt, and Eve visit their loved ones to give them injections of the serum.

Julie finally gets in touch with Frank. She is not that concerned that Frank was almost on his deathbed. She is more concerned with creating a situation that would allow her access out of jail. Frank inadvertently helps her when he admits that he has been secretly taking DL-57. She complains of cramping and lays blame to Frank causing him to feel guilty about taking the drug. A plan has formed in her head. Later, Julie contacts Gail. First she apologizes for her hysteric and paranoid behavior the day before. Second she convinces Gail that she needs to see the doctor immediately. Julie told Gail about Frank's substance abuse with the DL-57.

At the Scanlon house, Mary and Victor take comfort in the fact that their two boys have survived the outbreak. Mary then shares her concern about Joe to Victor. He decided to call some of his diplomatic friends to see if they can be of some service. Unfortunately, they did not have any new information. Mary decides to use the money that she has had saved for a rainy day and fly to Greece to save her little boy and grandson. Victor decides to go with her. They plan to keep this plan a secret and go incognito. They are going to let everyone else think that they are going on a romantic interlude.

Joe and Courtney have discovered that the Connellos have taken Neal to their Island paradise. Joe bribes a seaman to allow Courtney and him to stowaway on a workboat. Unfortunately the boat is going to the island next to where Neal is being held. Joe and Courtney decide to solve that problem when they get there. The compartment where they are hiding is very small and cramped. It could be an interesting voyage for the two of them.

Scotty and Lucy are celebrating the fact that they are both alive and will be able to see Serena soon. Kevin interrupts. Lucy is so glad to see that Kevin is all right. She thanks him for visiting her earlier. Kevin had no recollection of visiting her. In her delirium she mistook Scotty for Kevin. Scotty explained that she was delirious with fever. After Kevin departed, Lucy asked Scotty what she had said in her delirium. He honestly told her that she thought that she told Kevin that she regretted sleeping with Scotty and wished that they could just get married and start their own family.

Julie is being placed into the ambulance to go to the hospital. She is strapped to a gurney so that she can not escape. She looks into the eyes of the EMT to see the familiar eyes of her presumed dead brother... Greg Cooper.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Kevin congratulated Karen and Eve for finding a cure for the flu as the quarantine was called off. Kevin and Eve planned an intimate dinner at the lighthouse, but their plans were interrupted when Cooper and Julie arrived at the door. While hiding in the hold of the ship, Joe and Courtney remembered their romantic past. Joe and Courtney, however, quickly became alarmed when they realized a storm had broken out. Both Chris and Karen refused Frank's request for more DL56, but Karen promised to help Frank detox. Chris was stripped of his hospital privileges and learned that he would have to face the review board.

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

Finally out of the hospital, Frank went home with Karen to begin his weaning from DL-56. When he begins to show signs of withdrawal, Karen gives him a half-dose of the drug and promises to support him until he is free from the drug. When the half-dose doesn't have the desired effect, Frank becomes aggressive and angry, insisting that Karen give him more of the drug. Karen refuses and encourages him to fight the addiction one minute at a time. As a distraction, they play a game of cards, but Frank's withdrawal symptoms overwhelm him. He shouts at Karen, who still refuses to give him more of the drug, and storms out of the apartment. Later, Frank returns and tearfully asks Karen to help him kick the drug.

Scott brought flowers and goodies for Lucy, who is busily planning Serena's birthday party and Christmas from her hospital bed. When Scott tells Lucy how eager he is to see the excitement on Serena's face on Christmas morning, Lucy tries to talk to him about the significance of her fevered hallucinations about Kevin. Before she can say very much, however, Garcia arrives to tell them that Julie is missing and her driver and guard were found tied up at the side of the road. When he tells them that the guard has positively identified Greg Cooper as the man who helped Julie escape, Lucy panics. Scott promises to keep her and Serena safe from Cooper while Garcia went off to give Kevin a call. At the lighthouse, Julie and Cooper force Kevin to pack up his computer and reference books because Greg plans to take them away so Kevin can write the "true story" of the General Homicide murders as he orchestrated them. While Eve distracts Greg, Kevin slips his modem cord into his pocket. Greg ejects the battery pack from Eve's cellular phone and trashes Kevin's study looking for his computer power cord. As they are about to leave, the phone rings and Greg threatens to kill Kevin if he answers it. They walk out of the house as the phone rings and Garcia waits on the other end of the line for someone to answer the call. As the storm around them grows more violent, Joe and Courtney realize that the hold of the ship is taking on water. When Joe bangs on the door to make noise and get someone's attention, Courtney told him she is afraid that the crew may have abandoned ship and have left them on board to die. The crew member who sneaked them on board opens the door to the hold and told them that the ship is sinking.

Garcia and Scott go to the lighthouse to look for Kevin and find the place a wreck. As they shuffle through the mess, Scott notices that Kevin's computer is missing and Eve's prescription pad is lying on the floor. He and Garcia conclude that Cooper and Julie have already been at the lighthouse and probably have taken Eve and Kevin hostage. Scott answers the phone when Lucy calls to check on Kevin and told her the bad news.

Cooper and Julie take Kevin and Eve to the Stanton house, which Cooper has been using as his base of operations since Jasmine Island. He fits Kevin and Eve with containment anklets that will give them electrical shocks if they try to leave the property. Kevin whispers to Eve that he needs to find a working telephone jack so he can access the Internet and send e-mail for help.

Thursday, December 24, 1998

Julie told Kevin and Eve the details of the murders she committed with Cooper's help and of the scheme they cooked up to throw suspicion onto Kevin and Eve. She admits to having poisoned herself with morphine and killing John Kanelos after mistaking him for Joe in the Halloween funhouse. Cooper sets Kevin to work writing the "true story" of the General Homicide murders.

Joe awakens to find Courtney unconscious after they were washed up on a beach. After Joe awakens her, Courtney recalls the time when they had made love in Greece years earlier.

Karen helps Frank through his withdrawal from DL-56 by getting him to talk about his experiences with his alcoholic father. Frank admits that he is afraid he'll be just like his father. Karen strengthens the bond she's developing with Frank by recounting her own troubles with drug addiction and growing up with alcoholic parents.

Friday, December 25, 1998

Due to the Christmas holiday, Port Charles did not air today.

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