Another World Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on AW
Cass finally chased down the woman who looked like Frankie. Jake punched Grant after seeing Grant and Vicky kiss. Amanda ended her relationship with Cameron and gave back her engagement ring. Josie went into premature labor.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on AW
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Monday, March 11, 1999

Lila and Cass make plans to meet at the Paradise Lounge. It's a place they don't think they'll see anyone they know.

As Jordan was working on the painting, he hears the voice of Amalie. He thinks she's encouraging him not to give up.

Amanda was trying to forget her happier times with Cameron, when he arrives. He asks her for one more chance to make their relationship work. She says it's over and asks him to leave. He told her to look him in the face and say that. She looks at him, and they start kissing. She stops it, and told him she's still in love with him. He says that means there's still a chance for them, but she says no, love doesn't change the fact that Josie was having his baby. And even if she could accept that fact, there's still all the times he lied to her about it. She runs off, and Cameron chases her, but he's stopped by Alli. She says he's hurt her mother enough, and she's not going to let him do it again. Cameron told Alli that he loves Amanda and her too, because she's just like her mom. But, he says, he won't hurt either of them anymore. He told Alli to take care of her mom for him.

Felicia told Sergei that she has a top music agent coming to hear him perform tonight. He thanks her profusely for this opportunity, and she says to just make sure nothing went wrong. This particular agent, Mr. Klein, has no patience for temperamental artists. Sergei claims he's not temperamental at all, and asks her and Etta Mae to give him the chance to prove it, by making noise while he practices. He manages to pass the test.

The bartender at the Paradise Lounge asks Frankie if she's decided to stay in Bay City, and she says she's looking for a place to rent. She leaves the room, and Cass and Lila enter. They take a table where they kiss and cuddle. They don't notice when Frankie returns to her seat at the bar. They discuss Matt and figure he'll be much more reasonable about ending the marriage now that he's caught on to Lumina. Lila leaves to talk to him. Frankie talks to the bartender as she's leaving and Cass hears her. He went out after her.

David finds Amanda wandering around the Cory grounds. She's upset, but talking to David seems to help her. She told him about a door in the garden, but that she doesn't know what's behind it. It's locked, and she doesn't have the key. She gets upset again when she told him about Cameron's visit, and how she told him it was over. David hugs her, and tells her she'll fall in love again, with a man who will treat her right. David starts to put Amanda in a trance, but they're interrupted by Cameron. He told her of his plans to leave town. Amanda was shocked, but she told him goodbye and he leaves. She can't believe she just let him leave like that, but David assures her she did the right thing. When they talk, she speaks like Amalie again. He wants to do more, but she sends him away and cries alone for her loss.

When Lila gets home, she finds Matt completely deluminized. He said it must have happened when he hit his head. She asks him if he'll now end their marriage. However, Matt has developed real feelings for Lila and wants to give their marriage a chance.

Sergei impresses Mr. Klein. He wants to offer Sergei a contract, but accidentally offends him with one of his comments, and Sergei flies off the handle. As a result, Mr. Klein leaves and the deal was off. Sergei apologizes to Felicia and promises to do better next time, although she says she doesn't think there will be a next time. She then sees his newest composition on the table, which he has titled "Felicia". She changes her mind about getting another agent.

The audio cut out on the program at this point (with about 10 minutes left). All I could tell after this was that Cass chased Frankie and finally speaks to her, but she's behaving like she doesn't know him. Lila and Matt continue their discussion. Jordan returns to Lumina to confer with Ms. Allen.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Cass demanded for the Frankie look alike to tell him who sent her to follow him. She had no idea what he was talking about. "Frankie" tried to assure Cass that he was overreacting. Cass asked her to take her glasses off. She obliged and Cass became speechless. Frankie demanded to know what the problem is, but Cass didn't give much information. He left leaving "Frankie" confused.

Cass went to the cemetery. Lila showed up and told Cass that Matt agreed to let Lila go and be with Cass. Cass was pleased to hear it but had Frankie and the mystery woman on his mind. Lila knew immediately that something was wrong and that it had something to do with Frankie. Lila understood how important Frankie was to Cass. Lila admitted to Cass that she was intimidated by Frankie's memory, but she was going to try not to be jealous of what he and Frankie had. Cass told Lila that she was his life now, and they need to plan their future.

Gary told Josie that Joe told him about the missing tape. Josie was surprised that Joe would say anything. Just then Cindy called and threatened to go over and tell Gary the truth about Josie and Cameron if Josie doesn't meet Cindy at the dock to give her the tape. Josie stood firm and told Cindy that this wasn't a good time. After the phone call, Gary almost found where Josie hid the tape but Josie managed to distract him. Josie told Gary that she had to drop something off at the police station.

Grant showed up at the dock. He tried to sweet talk Cindy and ask her for forgiveness. Cindy was skeptical especially when she figured that Grant was after the tape. So she asked Grant to prove his love by marrying her. Grant stood there in shock. Grant took it as a threat but tried to talk Cindy out of marriage. Cindy told Grant that she knows he was using her, and if he isn't, he needs to marry her. Grant left.

Josie showed up at the dock with the tape and vowed that Cindy will someday pay for this. Josie realized that she was stooping just as low as Cindy. She decided to do the right thing and give the tape to Joe. Josie told Cindy that she will tell Gary herself about she and Cameron. Cindy threatened to get there first and make it sound worse than it really is. Cindy went to call Gary on her cell phone. Josie tried to stop her. They began to struggle and Josie's purse went flying into the water. Cindy tried to get the purse while Josie fell to her knees and started to moan. She was in pain. Josie begged Cindy for help. Her water broke. She again begged Cindy for help. Cindy told Josie to wait she was determined to get that tape.

Vicky wondered how they are going to nail Grant without that tape. She was determined to find something on him and Cindy. Jake decided that the two should take a road trip to the hospital to see Marley instead. They were hoping Marley would tell them something that they didn't already know. At the hospital, Jake and Vicky asked Marley for her help. Vicky was beginning to connect with the "old Marley" again. Marley finally confessed that she talked Cindy into shooting Grant. Marley tried to take the blame for everything, but Vicky assured Marley that at least she was paying for what she did. Grant and Cindy used Marley and they are getting away with everything. Marley offered to help them in any way she could.

Marley then went to her therapy session. Jake and Vicky argued about what should be done next. Vicky told Jake that she was going to do whatever she feels necessary and isn't going to ask him for permission anymore. Jake and Vicky continued their argument back at the house. Vicky told Jake that this was the only way for her to take back her life, and she isn't going to feel satisfaction if Jake or Joe does it for her. Vicky was determined to make Grant pay for what he did to her and Marley. Jake was hurt that Vicky had no regard for his feelings. Steven called Jake upstairs to help him with his homework while Vicky answered the knock at the door. It was Grant. He told Vicky that he was leaving Bay City for good. Vicky tried to convince Grant that she wanted to go away with him. Grant decided to leave before he found out that she was lying. Grant left.

Jake ordered Vicky not to pursue this anymore. Vicky told Jake that she was really sorry and she agreed with him. Vicky waited for the first opportunity and went to find Grant. Jake eventually discovered that she went after Grant and became furious. Vicky caught up to Grant and said she was going with him. She asked Grant if she passed his test. The two began to kiss passionately. Jake showed up and threatened Grant to stay away from Vicky. Jake punched Grant, and Grant hit the floor.

Tyrone went to see Marley at the hospital. Marley told Tyrone everything she told Vicky and Jake. Tyrone thought that she made a mistake in telling them. Marley wondered if Jake and Vicky would come back anymore now that she told them everything they wanted to know.

After Tyrone left, Dr. Shelly Clark introduced herself to Marley and told her that she can help Marley because she has a lot of experience with these type of situations.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Jordan Stark, staring at the beautiful painting of the garden, vowed to have his beloved again.

Meanwhile, standing in that beautiful garden, Cameron met Amanda upon her request. She didn't want their relationship to end with them being enemies. Amanda told Cameron that she understood why he slept with Josie. She also understood why he was trying to keep it from Gary.

By the end of their talk, Amanda gave Cameron back his engagement ring and told him to remember when they were happy. Cameron looked at Amanda and told her she was full of crap. Cameron thought that if she was willing to understand and forgive, then she should be willing to take Cameron back. Amanda reminded Cameron that this isn't about forgiveness, it's about trust. Cameron offered to tell Gary everything if that's what Amanda wanted. Amanda seemed to be flattered by his offer.

At the airport, Vicky, kissing Grant, asked him if she passed his test. As the two continued to kiss, they were caught by Jake. Jake quickly separated them and punched Grant knocking him down to ground. He yelled to Vicky that their game was over. When Grant asked what game he was talking about, Vicky pretended to not know what Jake was talking about. She called out to a police officer for help. Unfortunately for Grant, the police officer was a friend of Jake's. He told Jake to go home, and he ordered Grant to go along with him to the police station. Grant vowed to get his badge. Once Grant was carted away, Jake yelled at Vicky for what she did. Vicky tried to justify what her actions, but Jake was less than understanding.

At the docks, Cindy was desperately trying to find the tape where it had fallen into the water. Just as she was getting closer to finding it, Josie was screaming that her water broke. She begged Cindy for her help. Suddenly, Cindy put her differences for Josie aside and promised to get her to a hospital. She grabbed her cell phone and called 911. Josie continued to cry that it was too soon for her to go into labor.

Joe went to see Josie. Instead, Gary was there by himself. Together, they tried to figure out who stole the tape. They knew that it had to be a cop. Their conversation was interrupted by the ringing of Joe's cell phone. It was the police station warning him about the airport fiasco with Jake and Grant. When Joe hung up the phone, he told Gary that he was the one who ordered the police officer that broke up the fight between Jake and Grant to follow Grant. So, he knows for sure that Grant doesn't have the tape. When Joe left, the phone rang. It was the hospital calling about Josie.

While Cameron and Amanda were talking, David came out of the woods, catching Cameron and Amanda off guard. Cameron accused David of eavesdropping their conversation. David insisted that he was only looking for Amanda. Before they could go any further, Cameron's beeper went off. Cameron knew something was wrong and made an exit. When Cameron left, David tried to comfort Amanda. He gave his opinion of the situation that went on with Cameron which, in turn, turned into a confession that he was eavesdropping. David then started talking about his beloved that had just recently come back into his life. David and Amanda finally parted for the evening. David waited for Amanda to leave before pulling out the key. He went over the hanging tree branches and brushed them aside revealing a door. He placed his key in the keyhole, and the key lit up.

At the hospital, Cindy waited outside while Josie was brought into a room. When Gary showed up, Cindy tried to console him. Gary, in a rage, asked what Josie was doing with Cindy at the docks anyway. He threatened Cindy that she had better not have done anything to upset Josie. Then he ordered her to leave.

When Cindy left, the doctor came out of the room where Josie was. She said the baby was coming. She assured Gary that there have been babies born and survived before that were five and a half months into the pregnancy. Gary still cried that it was too soon. He then went in to see Josie and did his best to make her feel better. When the doctor told Gary to leave, he and Josie pledged their love. Gary went outside Josie's room to find Cameron there waiting. The brothers hugged.

Jake and Vicky got home and fought some more about what to do about Grant. Vicky wanted to see Grant pay. Jake wondered why Vicky was more vengeful towards Grant and not Marley. Vicky kept defending Marley because she was her sister. Marley was out of her mind and didn't know what she was doing, Grant did. Jake suggested that the two of them, along with Steven and Kirkland, get away from Bay City for a while. Before Vicky could respond to his request, the doorbell rang.

Through the door, Joe demanded Jake to open the door. Jake told Vicky not to open the door, but Vicky did. Joe and Grant walked in. Joe announced to Jake that he had a warrant for his arrest. Trying to get out of arresting Jake, Joe asked Vicky if Grant provoked Jake to hit him or if Grant was maybe partially to blame. Vicky insisted that Jake's hitting Grant was totally unprovoked.

Outside, Jake begged Joe not to take him to jail. Meanwhile, inside, Vicky shared words with Grant to continue to lead him on.

Back at the docks, Cindy put on her scuba outfit and dove into the water. She was determined to find the tape once and for all.

At the psychiatric ward, Marley, with the help of Dr. Clark, smiled and even laughed for the first time in a long time. Marley opened up to Dr. Clark about all the terrible things she did to Vicky. Dr. Clark suggested that Marley may have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder based on what has happened to her: her father's death, her sister's lies, her mother hitting her with her car, the fire in the hospital, and her disfigurement that caused her to look like a totally different person.

The smart doctor pointed out that the target she chose was the person who has everything she used to have, Vicky. She then explained that her subconscious wouldn't let her be angry with the person she was in fact angry with...Donna. This caused her anger and hatred to be transferred from her mother to her sister. Marley didn't want any excuses for what she did. Marley was hesitant in believing that theory for she wanted to take responsibility for what she did.

Dr. Clark went on to explain how to convince a judge and jury that she was temporarily insane at the time she kidnapped Vicky. She then told Marley that she should have taken the baby. When Marley asked her what she was talking about, the not-so-good doctor went completely bonkers, going on and on about some baby and being the fat, old wife who was no longer "bold or beautiful" (note: this actress, Kimberlin Brown's, prior soap role was on The Bold and the Beautiful) while there was a new pretty wife. All of this made absolutely no sense to Marley (or any of the viewers for that matter).

"Dr. Clark" continued to talk in hysterics about people hiding in outlets, pretending to have cheese, and other useless, weird things. Then, her doctor came in with a straight jacket telling her she needs to go back to her room. She exited telling Marley to treat everyone like cheese and she'll be okay. Once "Dr. Clark" was carted away, Marley realized that she, herself, wasn't as bad as she thought.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Amanda comes in from being in the garden and nearly runs Matthew over on her way in the house. He asks her what was her hurry and she told him that she came in to get some aspirin for David. Rachel enters the room and asks Amanda what happened. Matt explains that they nearly had a head on collision, but he's okay. Rachel asks Amanda who was in the garden and Amanda told her David Halliday. Rachel says good, I finally get to meet this guy. She then senses that something was bothering Amanda and asks her if she was okay. Amanda told her she's fine. She then says okay, maybe she's not fine, but unless they can do something about the feeling that you've had your heart ripped out. When Matt and Rachel sympathize, Amanda told them that Cameron left a few minutes ago. Rachel asks her if she talked to him and Amanda told her yes, it was all very neat and tidy. She gave him, his engagement ring back, so now it's almost as if it's a fresh start. She then told them that Cameron was leaving town. Matt asks her if she was just going to let Cameron go like that. Amanda told him that he was not the one to lecture her on relationships. Matt told her he knows, even if he was hypnotized into marrying Lila. Rachel and Amanda are shocked and asks him for further details. Matt fills them in on his latest information and then suggests to his skeptical sister that Jordan somehow engineered the abrupt end of her relationship with Cameron the same way he manipulated the wedding to Lila. Amanda says what was going on between her and Cameron was private and has nothing to do with Stark. Amanda leaves to go retrieve the aspirin for David. Alone, Matt told Rachel about Stark and what has happened with him and about how he was hypnotized into marrying a woman he didn't love. Rachel asks Matt what was he going to do about Lila and Cass? Matt told her that he has decided to give Lila a divorce or annulment. Rachel asks him about the baby and Matt told her that both Lila and Jasmine are going to stay here until they know that Stark was no longer a threat, besides he couldn't live without his little girl. Rachel says good, she never doubted his feelings for the baby. They then try to figure out just what was it that Jordan Stark wants. Rachel told Matt that she thinks it's time for her to schedule another sculpture session, but Matt told her there was no way he was letting her go back there. Though her son urges her never to go back to Lumina, Rachel remains determined to learn why Stark seems so intent on destroying the Cory clan. Matt says he wants to be the one to bring Stark down and feels he has let the family down. Rachel told him she doesn't want to lose him again and she'll take care of Stark. Matt told her to be careful and Rachel leaves.

Alone in the garden, David fits his special key into the gate and pushes his way through the overgrown foliage until he reaches a familiar-looking fountain. Amazed to find everything the way it once was, Jordan falls into a reverie about the first day he met Amalie. Reminiscing, Jordan told Amalie that he has an appointment with her father and he's sorry to disturb her. However, she knows who he was and wants to meet him. Jordan shows her his face, but she was not disturbed by it. Jordan returned into the present and says this was the first place they met, and it will be where they will be reunited. Hearing Amanda call, David hurriedly returns to the outer garden. He meets up with Amanda and she hands him a cup of coffee and his aspirin. David told Amanda that he has come up with something she's waited for all her life. David wants to go for a walk, but Amanda doesn't and jumps on the subject of Jordan Stark. David wonders to himself what she wants to know about him and Amanda told him about how Matt thinks Jordan hypnotized him into marrying Lila, and now he and Rachel wonder if Jordan caused her to break off the wedding with Cameron. David, covers by telling her that he doesn't know this Stark guy, but it sounds to him as if she broke off the wedding and they can't stand not knowing why. Amanda told him that she can't tell them, she can't tell anyone. David told her that he finds this whole idea of public disclosure of private thoughts and feelings overrated and often damaging. He then says, whatever happened to good old-fashioned repression? Amanda agrees and realizes that David in nothing more than an old-fashioned guy. David admits to it and told her that he feels out of place in time and longs for a period in history when things moved a little slower, lasted a little longer, and meant more. He then told her he senses that under that seen it all, done it all exterior lies a old-fashioned girl. Amanda doesn't think so and told him that she was too use to modern conveniences. David once again tries to hypnotize Amanda, claiming that it will help her relax. He encourages Amanda to visualize herself in another place and time. This time, he told her about the garden and leads her there in her mind. He asks her what she sees. Amanda says she doesn't see anything and balks at playing into his fantasy world. Amanda then thanks him for coming by and wants to leave. Upset at the thought of not being able to hypnotize Amanda, David insists he wants to show her something and told her that the universe demands it. She told him the universe was going to have to wait, because she doesn't feel like exploring her heart or head or anything else for that matter. When he becomes forceful and told her to stop resisting him, she yanks her hand away and she says no! She then asks him what was the matter with him. David apologizes and eventually gives up and Amanda asks what he wanted to show her. David said it was just rock formations. Amanda apologizes for snapping and thanks him for trying to lift her spirits. He asks some other time and she says "tout est possible!" She wonders where that came from, and walks off. After she was gone, David remembers a time long ago in the garden with Amalie when she was telling him about flowers. Jordan says soon they will be together again, forever.

Back At The Cory Mansion, Amanda returns and Matt asks her if she wants to talk about why she called off the wedding. Amanda says she wants to go upstairs and be alone for tonight and pretend that the last few days didn't happen. As she gets ready to head upstairs, the phone rings. Matt calls to her to get that. Amanda answers the phone and it was Cameron calling to tell her about Josie and the baby. He then told her he just thought that she should know since she's Gary's friend and all and he needs all the friends he's got right now. Amanda told Cameron that she wishes there was something that she could do, but things have changed and it's not really her place. An upset Cameron told her he just wanted her to know and then they hang up.

Cameron arrives and wonders what was going on. Gary informs him that Josie has gone into premature labor. When Cameron asks if there was something that can be done, a grim-faced Gary told Cameron the doctors cannot stop Josie's labor. After Josie delivers a son, Gary follows the tiny infant's incubator up to the neo-natal unit. Gary asks Cameron to take care of Josie while he went to see his son. Cameron went into see Josie, and tries to reassure the anxious new mom that everything was going to be okay. Josie was upset about the baby and told Cameron that she wasn't even able to see her baby. She asks how Gary was and Cameron says he's fine. Josie told Cameron that she fears that Gary will hate her, and she'll never forgive herself if anything happens to the baby. Cameron told her everything was going to be okay and he needs for her to be strong and so does her baby. Josie then cries out to God not to let her baby pay for what they have done.

Meanwhile, Cindy runs into Gary in the hallway and ask him how Josie was doing. He told her he has a son, but instead of seeing his newborn son come into this world, he had to stay out here, not knowing what the hell was going on. Cindy asks him if he has seen his baby and Gary sarcastically told her he's seen him, but he couldn't see him past all those tubes and machines they had plugged in him. Cindy told him she was so sorry, but Josie going into premature labor was not her fault. Gary says if it weren't for her, Josie wouldn't have been at that dock, she would have been at home taking care of herself. Gary then wants to know what was so urgent that they had to meet tonight. Cindy told him all she can tell him was she asked Josie to meet her there. Gary wants to know what for and asks her if she was covering up for Grant. Cindy told him no and that she wants to help nail Grant. Gary asks her again why the docks. Cindy asks Gary what does he think Grant would do to her if Grant knew she was cooperating with the police. She then told him that he knows Josie, she would do anything to nail Grant. Gary told her that sounds like Josie. Cindy then told Gary that if she had known there was any real danger, she wouldn't have asked Josie to meet her and she's sorry and couldn't take it if she lost him as a friend. Gary told her that he'll talk to her later and walks off. Later, Cameron confronts Cindy and told her that he knows everything she's done. Cindy threatens to tell Gary the truth if he doesn't watch himself. Cameron told her that she better get out of here before she does something he's not sorry for.

Back inside Josie's hospital room, Josie and Gary go up to prenatal to see there baby. The doctor warns Josie and Gary that their premature baby was battling a serious infection and may soon require a blood transfusion. She then told Josie since she was anemic, they need blood from his father. Gary says of course, whatever his baby needs. A nervous Josie blurts out "you can't!" Josie covers and quickly says a blood transfusion for a baby that size would be dangerous. The doctor confirms it and Josie told her they want to wait until they have to do it. Josie apologizes to Gary for everything, but he told her that they will beat the odds again, just like always because he loves her. Josie told him she loves him to as they both console each other.

At Neo-natal Unit, Cameron went to see his baby to see how he was doing. Cameron told his baby he needs for him to fight his hardest, because he was the newest generation of Sinclairs. He then told his son that he's going to try and be the best damn uncle he'll ever have, even if he's not around much. Cameron then starts crying and saying "Oh Lord please don't take this out on my son, and please don't take my son, don't take my son. Amanda shows up and consoles Cameron after finding him weeping in front of the neo-natal ICU.

Jordan triumphantly reports to Zak how he's found proof that Amalie's spirit lives on in Rachel's daughter. He told him that Amalie was inside Amanda. Jordan told Zak about the painting, and the garden. When Zak learns that Jordan plans to bring Amalie back through Amanda, Zak yells "you can't do that!" Jordan looks at Zak and says I can't do this? I've chased Amalie over two centuries, taught myself how to transform my face into one that Amanda could respect and love, removed every obstacle between myself and my goal, and you say I can't do this. Zak shall I show you just what I can do? Zak told him no, he knows what Jordan can do. He's helped him and learned from him and has learned and memorized "Beyond Imagination", but this final phase -- summoning Amalie's spirit, he knows what will happen to Amanda in the final phase, she'll die..........

Friday, March 5, 1999

Amanda comforts Cameron at the hospital. They and Gary watch over the baby, and Gary reminds them that family was the most important thing. He says they should think about that before calling it quits. Gary again questions Amanda about what could cause her to break up with Cameron. She says she'll tell him, but Josie interrupts. Gary's focus turns back to Josie and the baby. The doctor told them they've decided to go ahead with the IMG (medication for the baby.) After Gary and Josie leave, Cameron asks Amanda if she would have told Gary the truth, and she says she doesn't know. They meet back with Gary and Josie in Josie's room. Gary says the doctors are working to help strengthen the baby's immune system and bone marrow. Amanda was about to leave, but before she does, Gary asks her if Cameron would be a good name for the baby. Josie answers before anyone can speak. She says she would prefer Gary Sinclair Jr. Gary and Cameron go back to see the baby. Josie thanks Amanda for not Telling Gary the truth. Amanda warns Josie she'll have a hard time keeping this lie going the rest of her life. Josie tells Amanda to stop being so sanctimonious. She says she apologized over and over for what she's done, but now her only concern was for her baby, and all she's going to do was try her best to give him a good life. After Josie has fallen asleep, Gary calls Sharlene, and told her that her daughter needs her. Amanda sees Cameron before she leaves the hospital. She told him she used to think living a lie was the worst thing imaginable, but now she thinks that, for Gary, it would be worse to know the truth.

Lila and Cass hug in the Cory house when Matt walks in. Now, however, he remains calm and told them not to let him interrupt. He says he knows that he has to let Lila make her own decisions, even if he doesn't agree with them. While Matt isn't quite ready to call Cass his friend, the two of them swear an alliance to bring down Stark. Matt leaves to check Jasmine, and Cass and Lila discuss their future. Matt returned and hears Lila saying they'll be happy for the rest of their lives, and he seems upset to hear this. Matt enters the room again and Cass decides it's time for him to go. With Matt watching, he and Lila "shake hands" goodbye. She walks Cass to the door and gives him a quick kiss on his way out.

Zak protests that Jordan can't go through with his plan. It will kill Amanda. Jordan told him he won't let something like that stop him from achieving his life's work. Zak says Jordan must be stopped, but Jordan threatens him against getting in his way. Jordan was disgusted by Zak's new-found sense of morality. Zak says there's no way he can stand by and let Jordan commit murder, and Jordan warns him not to ruin his plans. Zak phones Amanda but she's not home. Jordan and Ms. Allen listen in on Zak. Jordan was angered by Zak's betrayal. Zak went to the Cory house to talk to Lila. Matt was suspicious, but when he says he's not with Lumina anymore, Lila wants to hear what he has to say. Zak doesn't want to talk in the house because he thinks it may be bugged. Matt and Lila go to get Jasmine and they'll all take a walk on the grounds. While he's waiting, Zak went out on the terrace, where Jordan is waiting. Jordan told Zak it didn't have to be this way. A flash of light comes from the sky. Zak looks up, screaming, "No!" Matt and Lila come back downstairs; they check the terrace, but Zak was nowhere to be found. Lila worries about what could have happened to Zak. There's a storm, and that's scaring her, too. Matt offers to stay with her until she falls asleep, and she agrees and thanks him. She tries calling Cass, and was surprised that he isn't home. She thanks Matt again for his understanding about her feelings for Cass. She says she's happy there will be no hard feelings or regrets between them. She turns in as Matt reads Alice in Wonderland to her. She falls asleep almost immediately, and Matt gently caresses her head and wishes her goodnight.

Cass continues trying to solve the Lumina riddle at his office. The cleaning lady enters, and it was "Frankie". Cass was surprised again, and so was "Frankie", but they manage to have a somewhat normal conversation. Cass's phone starts ringing off the hook, and "Frankie" takes a call and makes an appointment for Cass. Cass says with her telephone skills, it's obvious she's not an average cleaning lady. He asks who she really is. She says she has nothing to hide. Her name was Ann O'Donnell, she moved to town, needed a job and took the first one offered to her. Cass accepts this and they continue talking. He asks her to put something in his desk for him, and when she opens the drawer, she's shocked when she sees a picture of Frankie. Cass told her it was Frankie, and that she was his wife. He told her that Frankie died, and she says she now understands his reaction when he saw her. She says she can get the cleaning service to assign her to another building if she makes him uncomfortable, but he says he'd prefer her not to do that.

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