Another World Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on AW
Tyrone kissed Marley. Grant gave a speech slamming the police department and demanding Joe be fired. Cindy warned Vicky that Grant planned to take Kirkland. Grant was killed, and Vicky believed she was to blame. Thinking she was protecting Vicky, Marley took the blame for Grant's murder.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 22, 1999 on AW
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Monday, March 22, 1999

Tyrone finds Marley in his office and demands to know what she was doing out of the hospital. He lectures her about how her little escape routine will damage her case, but she figures she doesn't have a future anyway. She shows him a letter she wrote saying that what she was about to do was her own idea and that Jake and Vicky have nothing to do with it. The letter doesn't say what she plans to do. Tyrone asks her what she's going to do. She says that it's personal, but then a gun falls out of her jacket pocket. Tyrone realizes that she's going after Grant. Marley says she owes it to Vicky to get Grant out of her life. Tyrone tells her she doesn't need more trouble than she already has. She says she doesn't have a life anyway, so what's a little more trouble? Tyrone hates hearing her speak that way. He told her people are lucky to have her in their lives, but she says that was a long time ago. He told her she needs to start a new life and move on, and that he's going to help her, starting by taking her gun away. He locks it in the safe. He asks what her plan was, and she says she didn't really have one. She just saw her chance to get out of Willowdale, and went to Tyrone's office because he made her feel safe. He told her no one will ever hurt her as long as he's around. Donna arrives, and Tyrone hides Marley. Donna heard from Willowdale that Marley was missing and frets about where she could be. She asks Tyrone to help her find Marley before something awful happens. Tyrone does his best to allay Donna's fears, and suggests she wait at home in case Marley went there. After Donna leaves, Marley thanks him for not telling Donna where she was. Tyrone tell her he has to take her back to Willowdale. Marley told Tyrone that she can't survive another six months at Willowdale, but he says, as an officer of the court, he has to bring her back. He says it's the only way to get her out of this mess and to have a future, which she deserves to have. She begs him not to take her back; she says she has to help Vicky, but he says she has to start thinking about helping herself. He says if she doesn't go back immediately, the six months could turn into six years, or worse. She says that's a chance she'll have to take and starts to leave, but Tyrone grabs her. He told Marley that he can't let her go, she could end up in jail, and he can't let that happen. What difference does it make, she asks. Tyrone answers with a passionate kiss.

Grant and Freeman watch the diving expedition for the missing tape. Grant says even if they find it, it won't be in time. Joe arrives at the docks, and Grant wants to speak to him. He reminds Joe that if he doesn't stop looking for the tape, he'll expose Paulina's selling of her baby. Joe says he's responding to a tip from a citizen; he has no choice but to follow it up. Grant reminds him not to miss his speech tonight. He says Joe and Paulina will regret going up against him. Jake went to see Vicky in jail, and she was very angry with him. She tells Jake he has to get her out of there. He tries to explain that he put her in jail for her own good. She wants to go home, but Jake says he can't trust her, so until Grant was in jail, that cell will have to be her home. Vicky worries that Grant was going to take Kirkland. Jake says once Joe finds the tape, Grant will go to jail and they won't have to worry anymore. Vicky knows that they can only keep her in jail until midnight. She told Jake he may not have a marriage any more after that. He told her not to talk like that, and asks her to just trust him. She says why should she... he doesn't trust her, so Jake walks away. Alone in her cell, Vicky has more fantasies about killing Grant. A guard walks by, and Vicky asks to call her kids so he lets her out and takes her to the phone. She calls Grant instead, and says she's really looking forward to his speech tonight.

Jake checks with Joe at the docks for progress, but there was none. They both worry about their marriages if they can't find the tape. Joe says it will all be over soon. Next, Joe visits Vicky. Then Grant arrives with Judge Walker and asks Joe to explain why Vicky was locked up. Joe says Vicky was a suspect in Grant's shooting, but Grant told the judge Vicky didn't do it. The judge orders Joe to release Vicky. She thanks the judge and Grant. When they're alone, Grant asks Vicky to leave town with him after the dinner tonight. Meanwhile, the judge has a talk with Joe, and recommends that he mend fences with Grant. He says he's made a powerful enemy.

Vicky gets home and Donna was surprised to see her. Vicky says Grant got her out of jail. Donna told her that Marley escaped from Willowdale. Vicky figures she's going after Grant, but says she's going to get him first. She gets a tape recorder, hoping she'll get Grant to incriminate himself.

Jake went back to Vicky's cell with roses. A guard tries to tell him he's wasting his time... then Jake sees her cell was empty. Joe finds him and told him Grant got her released. Jake runs out in a fury. Donna went to Grant's apartment and orders him to stay away from her girls. He says Marley's gone nuts, and Vicky can make her own decisions. She told him Vicky hates him, but he changes the subject and threatens to have her charged with attempted vehicular homicide. He also says he doesn't believe she really needs her wheelchair, and that she could get out of it... if she HAD to. He walks away laughing an evil laugh. Donna says he can do whatever he wants to her, but to stay away from her girls. When he leaves the room, she gets up from her chair, and fantasizes about killing him.

Joe checks in again with the divers, but there's still no luck finding the tape. He told Toni he has to have the tape tonight... before Grant gives his speech.

Grant gets Kirkland, who was supposed to go to a ballgame with Steven and the Gellars. He told him they're going on an adventure; they'll be taking a long boat trip together.

Jake gets home just as Vicky was about to leave for the dinner. He told her she's not going with Grant. He says that if she's determined to go, he's going with her, and he won't leave her side all night.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Tyrone and Marley are in his office kissing and after a while Tyrone pulls away. He was upset with himself because he was getting involved with a client. Marley told him that it was ok and he told her it was wrong. She asks him if it felt wrong to him because it didn't to her.

At the docks, Joe was telling Paulina that he was going to have to call the divers off soon because it will be dark. He told her that Grant saw the divers and was on to them. She was very upset and even considers bargaining with Grant, but Joe reminds her that that would be giving into blackmail and they decided they weren't going to do that. He asks her if she's told Tim yet, and she says no. Right at that moment Tim walks up and comments on the divers. Joe leaves and Paulina tries to tell Tim that she sold him. She starts crying and she can't tell him. She makes up an excuse and says that she thinks he should leave for college tonight. That way, it won't be as hard to say goodbye. She writes him a check and told him to hurry up and cash it because she checked the bus schedule and there was one leaving tonight. She also gives him her cell phone so that he has no excuse for not calling her. She gives him a hug and leaves. Tito decides to use the cell phone and calls Remy. He told her he was coming over.

At Jake and Vicky's, Vicky was arguing with Jake about him acting like her bodyguard. She really wants to go to the Harbor Club, but Jake was not letting her go alone. She told him that she has to get to Grant before Marley and Jake reminds her that Marley was at Willowdale. Vicky told Jake that she got out and so Jake says they can go to the Harbor Club so they leave.

Grant was on the dock with Kirkland and his 'spy person' and he was telling Kirkland about the adventure they are going to have. Kirkland asks if his mom knows where they are and he says it's also a surprise for her, too. Grant gets a phone call and it was someone with not good news. He gets upset and told them to call him the minute they can and hangs up. Kirkland asks if everything was ok, and Grant has his agent take Kirkland to get some food. Grant was standing on the docks when he hears a voice that he recognizes; it is his father. His father told him that he thought that Grant learned from his mistakes and that he can't just run away. Grant tries to defend himself and explains that he was never close to anyone his whole life, but now he has Kirkland and he's not going to let anyone tell him about his mistakes and take Kirkland away. His father reminds him that if he really loved Kirkland, he would have told him where his mother was when she was missing so he wouldn't have any nightmares. Grant told him that he was being blackmailed and dealing with a psychotic person and his dad just says he always has an excuse. Grant yells that he was a better father than him and his dad just looks at him. When Grant asks him what he was looking at he replies that he was trying to see the man that could have been. Then he leaves. Judge Walker comes up and asks Grant if he was ok. Grant says he's fine and Walker says that they had better hurry because Grant has a speech to make. Grant told him he forgot about the speech and they hurry off to the Harbor Club.

At Tyrone's office, Marley was trying to get Tyrone to leave but he won't. He told her that he found her with a gun and he doesn't want her running off when he leaves to get Grant. Cass walks in and was not thrilled to see and escaped Marley in their office. He asks Tyrone what was going on, they could lose their liscence for this and Tyrone says that it will only be for a few hours. Cass told them that he was never there and he never saw Marley and he leaves. He runs into Ann, literally and she was going to clean their office. Cass yells no and says that it doesn't need to be cleaned but she says it was her job. He won't let her go by which makes her very upset. She told him that she was not his wife so he can't order her around and she leaves.

Back in the office, Tyrone asks Marley why she gave up her old plan and Marley says because she feels better about herself because of Tyrone. He goes to kiss her again but the phone rings. It was Judge Walker, he told Tyrone that he had better get down there to watch Grant's speech if his career was any priority at all. Tyrone told Marley that he has to leave but he gets her word that she won't go anywhere.

At Remy's, Tito comes over with a box from a clothing store. He tell's Remy to wear it to dinner and she says that she was wearing another dress. He pulls out a red dress and says that the red one was better. After making sure he didn't steal it she went to put it on. While he was waiting for Remy, Nick knocks on the door. Tito decides to have a little fun with Nick and throws Remy's other dress on the floor and he takes off his shirt, this way they look like they are about to make love. Tito answers the door and Nick can't believe his eyes, from Remy's bedroom Remy calls to Tito to get ready to see her like he's never seen her before. Nick runs off.

At the Harbor Club, everyone was showing up for Grant's speech. Jake and Vicky are dancing and Grant shows up. Vicky slaps Jake and starts making a scene, making sure Grant was watching the whole time. She then runs off and tells Chris that she was afraid Jake was going to kill Grant then leaves. Jake comes running after her but Chris grabs him and told him to calm down. He know that he wants to punch Grant but not now, there are like billions of tv station cameras around and it would be the worst mistake of his life. Vicky went to the office and Grant follows her. He asks her if she was ready for tonight and she says she can't wait. She went into the office and takes out a tape recorder from her purse. Then turns on the radio to listen to Grant's speech.

Paulina went up to Grant and begs that he won't tell anyone. She asks him as a parent not to do it and he says that no parent would ever sell their kid for cash and he gets ready to make his speech. Tito comes up and finds Remy he asks her to come with him but she told him that his life was here. She leaves and Paulina comes up. She asks him if he missed his bus and he says there was another one that he can catch he was just saying bye to Remy. Paulina drags Remy over and Tito asks Remy to come with him so he will have someone to wave good-bye to. Paulina says that's a great idea and has them get their coats and they leave. Meanwhile, some guy was introducing Grant and just pouring on the compliments of how great he was and what a good job at mayor he was doing and how he has kept all his promises. Then Grant comes up to make his speech.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

At the Harbor Club, Paulina looked on with discuss while Grant was being complimented for his work during his term in office. Grant stated in his speech how he failed everyone in Bay City. As he vowed to confess, all of Bay City's residents looked shocked at what they just heard. Grant continued in asking for forgiveness. He said he failed as a mayor, man, and as a father. He then put the blame on all of his mistakes to the Bay City Police Department, and it would be in best interest of Bay City that he dismiss Joe Carlino as Captain of the BCPD. With that, Paulina jumped up and shouted, "No, you can't."

Joe calmed Paulina down as photographers took pictures. Grant continued to say how Joe and the BCPD have questioned his character and undermined his integrity with a bunch of vicious lies. He assured the public that Joe didn't find any evidence because that was all they were was a bunch of lies. Grant said he was about to sail into the sunset with the only person in this world he cares about.

Grant then accused Jake McKinnon of being Joe's accomplice. He trashed Paulina for paying Jake's bail. Grant informed the citizens of Bay City that tax payer's money was being wasted on a "fishing expedition" for an incriminating tape that doesn't exist. Grant then broke out in prayer. This disgusted everyone in Bay City.

At the pier, Toni persuaded the diving team to not give up looking for that tape. Gary and Cindy showed up and were not too optimistic in finding that tape. Gary replied, "There was only one thing to do. The only way to stop someone like this was if they are dead." Gary took off. Marley thought about the horrible threats Grant has been giving her. As she sat there in thought and listening to Grant on the radio, she began to get frustrated and angry. She through the radio across the room.

In Donna's office at The Harbor Club, Vicky vowed to stop Grant especially after hearing the accusations against Jake. Donna promised Vicky that they will stop him together.

Cindy saw some man carrying Kirkland. Cindy went to warn Vicky what she saw and how Grant was planning to take him away when Grant leaves tonight. Vicky didn't believe Cindy and told her to leave. After Cindy left, Vicky called Kirkland's friend's house to see if they were in fact at the ball game. To her surprise, they returned from the game, but Kirkland wasn't there. After Grant's speech, reporters bombarded Grant about his accusations. When he didn't give any information, the reporters went over to Jake. Gary threatened Grant and the two broke out in a fight. Tyrone was on hand to break it up. Grant then went over to Paulina. After the two argued and Grant expressed his discuss towards Paulina, she said to Grant, "I will truly feel sorry for you when you're dead."

After listening to Grant's speech, Marley broke free and went to warn Jake that Grant was going to take Kirkland away. Jake didn't believe her. She told Jake how she thought Grant was talking about Vicky when he told Marley he would sail away with the one person he loves the most. She warned Jake that it was Kirkland he was talking about not Vicky.

Remy tried to get Tito to stay in Bay City. Tito explained to Remy that it was Paulina's wish for him to disappear tonight. The two couldn't quite figure out why. Tito wanted Remy to go with him, but she declined. She didn't want Tito to use Paulina's money for anything other than its intended purpose. As the two began to reminisce about the good old days, Nick showed up and was very suspicious. Tito confessed that he called Nick pretending to be Remy and left a message saying she needed to see him. Nick and Remy told Tito to stay out of their lives. He kissed Remy good-bye, told the two to communicate, kissed Nick, (Don't worry. Nick didn't like it either.) and then he left.

Nick and Remy went to Carlino's. Nick told Remy how he used to be a lot like Tito. He would scam his family just like Tito was probably doing to Paulina. Nick and Remy bonded and began to kiss. Nick wanted to know that Remy trusts him or they won't have a chance. The two went inside and assured Paulina that Tito was no longer in Bay City.

Jake and Chris went to the marina to find Grant's boat that would be sailing away. Jake pretended that Grant sent him to tell the man who was watching Kirkland that plans have changed, and he was to bring the kid back. At first the man fell for the hoax but immediately called Jake's bluff. The two began to struggle and the man's gun went off. Jake managed to tie the man up while Chris rescued Kirkland, who was asleep. Jake went to find Vicky. Joe went to the pier to see if the tape had been found. Toni informed him that it was over. Joe left promising to take care of Grant himself. Just as he left, the tape was found.

As Donna came out of her office, she was greeted by Grant. She warned him to stay out of her office. Grant grew suspicious and pushed Donna in the wine cellar causing her to fall out of her wheelchair. Donna lied there yelling for help. She then recalled Grant telling her how she could get out of the chair if she really needed to.

Grant then proceeded into Donna's office. He heard Vicky on the phone saying that she was going to stall Grant and that she would handle him. Grant questioned Vicky on what exactly did she mean. Grant and Vicky began to come clean with each other confessing that they had nothing more than hatred for one another. Grant promised to take Kirkland away forever. He told Vicky that he would tie her up so she wouldn't get in the way of his plans of leaving with Kirkland. As he turned to get something to tie her up with, Vicky grabbed a statue and hit Grant over the head knocking him unconscious.

Thursday, March 25, 1999

Cameron stops by Josie's to see how she was doing. Josie told him she was fine, it's Gary she's worried about. Cameron asks her if she has heard from Gary. Josie told him no, and she doesn't expect to hear from him after what they put him through. Someone rings the doorbell and Josie opens it and finds a deliver guy with some flowers for her. She takes the flowers and thanks the man and closes the door. She reads the card and finds out that they are from her cousin in Oklahoma, who was congratulating her on the baby. Josie says her cousin must not know. She then told Cameron to excuse her, she needs to lay down. Cameron told her that he has got to bring Gary back here somehow. He then leaves to go find Gary.

Cindy shows up at the lounge and joins Gary at the bar. She told him that she knows he was upset about Grant's speech tonight and the things Grant said to him. Gary told her that he's got to find a way to get even with Grant. Cindy told him he's too late, she already did. She then told Gary that she caught a guy that works for Grant trying to sneak Kirkland onto a boat. Gary asks her what did she do and Cindy triumphantly reports to Gary that she's fixed her slimy ex-hubby by letting Vicky know that Grant planned on kidnapping Kirkland. Although Vicky didn't believe her, she will soon find out about it and there was no way she'll let Grant walk off with the little prince. Gary, however, reminds his drinking partner that without the tape she's still on the hook with Joe for her own part in Grant's crimes. Cindy told him they are looking for the tape right now. Gary asks her if she honestly thinks they're going to find a little, tiny tape in a gigantic lake? He then told her it's a fat chance and she's going to be going to jail if they can't find that tape and he'll be out of a drinking partner and Grant was going to get away with everything he's gotten away with again. Cindy told him no, Vicky won't let that happen. Gary told her this ain't the movies. The bad guys sail off into the sunset with everything they got and everything they want and the good guys get shafted again. He then told Cindy to save his seat, he'll be right back. After he was gone, Cindy told herself that Gary was wrong. Grant will not get away with this, she won't let him. She then leaps up from her stool chair and leaves. Gary returns and wonders where Cindy went to. The bartender told him that she left. Cameron comes in and asks Gary if he can sit down and told him he was just with Josie and she doesn't look really good. Gary drunkenly and sarcastically told him that he and Josie get along so well, especially during the rough times. Cameron told him that Josie needs him and he needs her too. Gary told Cameron he needs another drink and asks Cameron if he wants one. Cameron says no and Gary says that Cindy was a better drinking buddy, and wonders where she went. Cameron tries to persuade his brother to go home to Josie but Gary drunkenly mumbles about paying Grant back. Gary talks about Grant and his speech tonight and then has a flashback of his conversation with Grant earlier today after the speech. Cameron asks him what was wrong. Gary snaps out of it and told Cameron about how full of it Grant was tonight and how much he reminded him of their dad. Cameron told Gary it's not about Grant or their old man, it's about Josie. Gary told him to go to her. Cameron says that she needs him and the way he looks right now, he needs her to. Gary told Cameron not to tell him what he needs. Cameron then told Gary that right now he reminds him of their old man. Gary told him never to say that again and he doesn't care how much he drinks, he was nothing like their father. He then says if anyone knows their old man it's Cameron since he was the one who killed him. Cameron apologizes and Gary told him not to, because guys like their dad and Grant have it coming to them and he only wishes he had the guts to have done it. Cameron told him it's not about guts, it's about fear. Gary told him he doesn't care what it's got to do with, he's just saying if he had another chance, he'd do it himself and then races off. Cameron yells after him what the hell was he doing now.

Where Grant's yacht is, Jake and Chris have rescued Kirkland. Jake told Chris to take care of Kirkland while he go finds Vicky. Chris asks Jake if he was sure he can handle this alone? Jake told him that he has no choice. Chris told Jake to watch his back, because if Vicky did go looking for Grant. Jake finishes saying, 10 to one says she did, that's why he's got to find her before something happens. Jake then dashes off to find Vicky, while Chris looks after Kirkland and calls the police on Grant's goon.

Upset over Paulina's neurotic behavior, Remy questions why Paulina was waiting for the world to end. Paulina told Remy to forget she said it. Remy asks her how can she forget something like that and then told her that something was going on with her. The way she's acting, the way she pushed Tito into leaving town. She then asks Paulina what was going on? Paulina only told her that she had her reasons. Remy asks Paulina to just tell her what they are. Nick who has been standing on the sidelines, comes up to Remy and told her maybe they should just leave it alone. Remy told him no and then told Paulina that she was worried about her and pleads with her to tell her what was wrong. Paulina just told her that she can't talk about this right now and has a lot of stuff on her mind and then walks over to Joe to find out what has happened. Joe told her nothing has happened. Paulina asks him if the divers have found the tape? Joe told her no, and he doubts they're going to. Paulina asks Joe what are they going to do, Grant plans on destroying his career. Joe grimly promises his distraught wife he'll do whatever was necessary to stop Grant in his tracks. Paulina says how are you going to stop him. Just a few minutes ago he was up there in front of everybody, waving papers around that says that he proves that I sold my baby. Joe told her again that he won't let that happen. He'll talk to Grant and make him stop. Paulina asks him how and what was he going to say to Grant. Joe told her he doesn't know yet, but they have worked too hard building a life together and he was not going to let Grant Harrison take that away from them. Somehow, someway, he'll make him stop. After Joe leaves to go talk to Grant, Paulina says to herself that if Joe doesn't stop Grant, she will. She then thinks back to her own conversation with Grant after his speech. Toni comes up to her and asks her where Joe is. Paulina told her she doesn't know, but now was not a good time to talk to him he has a lot on his mind. Desperate to tell her captain that they have retrieved the tape, Toni told Paulina that she has got to talk to Joe and it can't wait. Toni then leaves to find Joe herself.

In Donna's Office, After conking Grant on the head, Vicky feels for a pulse and was alarmed to find none. Marley walks in and sizes up the situation, then told her hysterical sister she's going to take the blame for killing the mayor. Later, Jake arrives and sides with Marley, urging Vicky to consider what will happen to Steven and Kirkland if she confesses to murder. He then told her the boys have been through enough and are just barely getting over her kidnapping. Then Marley asks Jake to take Vicky and run. Jake and Vicky leave to check on Kirkland and Marley puts her fingerprints on the marble statue after wiping Vicky's off. However, she was unaware of Vicky's scarf and purse laying just on the other side of the desk. When Joe finds her kneeling beside the body, Marley claims she killed Grant in a fit of rage. Toni shows up at this point and was startled to find Grant lying on the floor dead. Joe told Toni that they'll need to call the medical examiner and the crime technicians. He then sees the envelope on Grant, the one with the evidence against Paulina. He told Toni to take Marley down to the other room. She asks him about securing the crime scene and he told her to concentrate on getting Marley settled and he'll come back and secure the crime scene later and leaves out with them. Left alone on the floor of the Harbor Club's office, Grant slowly begins to stir, but an unseen assailant soon comes along and finishes him off for real.

Vicky and Jake go to see how Kirkland was doing. When Vicky can't seem to wake him up, she asks Chris if Kirkland was alright. Jake told her he's just knocked out. Vicky asks him if Grant drugged Kirkland and Jake told her no, he just gave Kirkland some over the counter stuff for sea sickness, but Kirkland will be alright. Jake then notices that Grant's goon was missing and asks Chris what happened to him. Chris says he called the cops and Grant's friend was taken away for questioning. Vicky realizes that Grant almost got away with it. Jake says that bastard was going to do it Vic, that's why there'll be no regrets okay. Chris asks Jake what does he mean about no regrets. Jake covers and told Chris that it just means that they have Kirkland and that's all that really counts. Chris realizes something bigger was going on and wants to know what has happened. Jake told him that nothing has happened other than Grant was getting what's coming to him. Jake then told Chris that the most important thing was that Chris got Grant's goon to the cops. Chris agrees and told them he was going to go down and make sure Toni and Joe got him. He doesn't want Grant's goon slipping through their fingers like Grant. Vicky thanks Chris and Jake says he owes him. Chris leaves and Vicky told Jake that Chris was their friend and they just lied to him. Jake told her they had to do that. Vicky feels bad about letting Marley take the blame and how their lies will never end. Still, Jake wants her to let Marley take the blame. Jake asks Vicky if she was going to be okay waiting here on the pier for a while. Vicky asks him where was he going and Jake told her that he just has go -- he just needs to be sure about something and then leaves. Alone, Vicky told Kirkland to just rest. It's better he not know what happened tonight and she wishes he never had to know. She then wonders where Jake is. Meanwhile on another part of the docks, a drunken Gary went looking for Grant and says it's payback time! Cameron finds Gary stumbling along the docks and carries him back to Josie's. Gary steadily keeps mumbling that Grant Harrison was going to die!

The news of Grant's death spreads throughout the club. Etta Mae, Tyrone, Chris, and Toni are all discussing it. Chris can't believe that Grant was dead and Tyrone says if anybody had it coming it was Grant. Etta Mae told him to watch his mouth, Grant may have been evil, but no one deserves to die. Chris says he's got to call the Herald and cancel the whole front page. Etta Mae told him to be careful how he handles this, since Grant was Kirkland's father. Chris acknowledges that and says no matter what a monster Grant was, he truly believed he loved his son. Etta Mae wonders where Donna is. No one knows so Etta Mae sets out to find her and leaves. Joe comes up to Tyrone, Toni and Chris and Toni wonders why he was not securing the crime scene. Joe told her two other officers are doing it and the medical examiner was looking over the body. Joe then told Toni to get the uniforms together so they can take the suspect down as soon as possible. Tyrone wonders who was the suspect and everyone then sees Marley being taken away in handcuffs. Tyrone says there has got to be some mistake, but Joe told him that Marley confessed to killing Grant. Paulina returns to the main room from somewhere visibly shaken and Joe wonders where she has been, but decides to go back to see how things are coming along with the crime scene.

Back in Donna's Office, Joe asks the medical examiner how long Grant has been dead. He says it's too early to determine until an autopsy has been performed. Joe asks him to guess and the man told him about 10:15. When the medical examiner leaves the room, Joe takes the evidence on Paulina from Grant. Toni wonders if Joe has tampered with evidence after catching him searching Grant's pocket. Joe claims he was looking at something he thought was evidence, but their was none. Toni asks him why would he be touching evidence? Joe told her it looked like a fiber or maybe a strand of hair, but he was wrong, it was nothing. Toni told Joe she doesn't mean to overstep her bounds, but shouldn't they let the crime tech people gather that kind of evidence? An agitated Joe told her he just said there was no evidence. Toni told him he was the one who taught her everything she knows about handling crime scenes and how he always said don't touch anything that may disturb the forensic evidence. Joe shouts, did you hear what I just said? There was nothing to disturb and then told her to stop telling him how to do his job and concentrate on doing hers. He then leaves the room and questions the medical examiner about the time of death once again. The man told him it could have been as early as 9:30. Toni takes the envelope from Grant's body and bags it, but says she never noticed it earlier. Joe told her they were in a hurry to get out of the M.E.'s way and weren't looking for evidence. Toni says that must be it. Joe asks the medical examiner what's his initial take on the cause of death. The man told Joe that the suspect says she hit him over the head, so he's going to go with blunt trauma for now. Joe told him it sounds good to him and then told the others this was the last call for a photo-op, before they load him up and get him out. As Joe stands there with a satisfying smirk on his face, Toni looks at him strangely.

Down In The Wine Cellar, Donna's cries for help finally bring Etta Mae to the rescue. Etta Mae finds Donna in the wine cellar. She told her that Grant shoved her in and locked the door, but Etta Mae says the door wasn't locked now. Donna told her it was before, at least Grant said it was. Etta Mae asks Donna why would Grant do this and Donna told her she doesn't know, but Grant will probably get away with it like he always gets away with everything. Etta Mae says not anymore and Donna asks her what was she talking about. Etta Mae told Donna while she was down in the cellar, someone killed Grant. (The expression on Donna's face doesn't look like she was too surprised by the news to me.)They then head upstairs to the main dining room area.

Back in The Main Room, Joe reads Marley her rights and then has her taken away. Donna comes out witnessing all of this and says Marley couldn't have killed Grant. Marley says she did, and was taken off. Donna told Joe that Marley did not kill Grant, she knows that. Joe asks Donna if she knows something he should no and Donna says no she was locked in the wine cellar. Joe says what and Donna explains about running into Grant earlier tonight and telling him what she thought of him and how he shoved her down the wine cellar and locked the door. Etta Mae collaborates Donna's story by telling Joe she just found Donna and Donna didn't even know about Grant until she told her. Suddenly, Cindy shows up to give a few words to Grant and was shocked when she sees his body being taken away. Meanwhile, Remy finds a crying Paulina and asks if she did anything wrong. Paulina says no, she's just upset about what Grant said earlier and she went to the ladies' room to cry. Paulina then learns about Grant and everyone wonders why she seems unmoved about what has happened. Joe told them she was taken time to let it sink in. Toni finally remembers and belatedly delivers the tape to Joe, who reacts strangely to the latest twist of fate and told her if he had known about this everything would have been so different. Toni says different how? Joe told her it doesn't matter now and then excuses himself to go call the station leaving a bewildered Toni wondering about his attitude.

Out on the terrace, Vicky went back to the club and finds Jake. He wonders what she was doing here and she told him that he took so long coming back that she got worried so she came back to the club. He told her he just had to take care of something. Vicky says take care of what? She then notices that his shirt was torn and asks him what has happened to him. Jake told her he ripped it on a nail on the back of a door. Vicky asks him if he was sure. Jake says lets get out of here, but Vicky says no she can't let Marley take the blame for it and she was going to confess to killing Grant. Jake told her over his dead body. He then told Vicky that what Marley was doing was right, but Vicky says lying was never right. Kirkland finally wakes up and asks for his dad. Jake says his dad isn't here right now and that they are all going home, which they do. After they leave, Nick and Remy go out to the terrace and Remy told Nick she was getting a strange feeling about all of this. Nick wonders if she was getting another one of her vibes that something bad was going to happen. Remy told him no, only a feeling that after tonight, nobody's lives are ever going to be the same. Just then, Remy's cellphone rings, it's Tito calling to tell her that he really wants her to go away with him. He told her that they'll talk soon. Unfortunately, for Remy once Nick realizes who she was talking to, he leaves. After hanging up, Remy turns around to talk to Nick, but he's gone. Meanwhile, Paulina went to Donna's office and sees the white outline on the floor where Grant once laid. She then has another flashback of her and Grants conversation. Coming out of her memory flash, Paulina told Grant she's glad he's dead. Joe finds her and asks what she's doing here, and if she was she okay? Paulina says she was fine. Joe says good, because a lot has gone down tonight and if she wants to talk about it then he's there. Paulina told him what happened tonight was over and she thinks the sooner they forget about it, the better.

Cameron brought Gary home and Josie told him to go put Gary down in the bedroom on the bed. Cameron leaves and Gary wakes up and wonders why he's here. Josie says it's his home, but Gary says not anymore. Josie told Gary to just rest and she'll check on him later. Cameron returns with some aspirin for Gary's hangover and asks Josie if Gary has woke up. Josie told him long enough to put up a fight about being there and then he fell back asleep. Josie thanks Cameron again for bringing Gary home. Cameron told her they both love the guy and asks if there was anything else he can do. Josie told him no and thanks him for the aspirin. Cameron asks her if she was going to be okay with him. Josie told him she still knows how to handle Gary. Cameron told her when Gary wakes up, he's not going to remember anything. Josie told him it's okay, because she's just going to sit here, put on the music and pretend that he wants to be here. As she turns on the radio, both Josie and Cameron hear the radio broadcast that Grant Harrison was dead. Gary wakes up in the other room and also hears the broadcast and wonders if he killed Grant.

The McKinnon's are home and Jake comes downstairs from just checking on Steven and Kirkland and told Vicky they are out like a light. Vicky asks Jake if Kirkland said anything, because in the car on the way home, she started to get this feeling that he was on to something. Jake told her no and promises that Kirkland was not going to be on to anything. Vicky says not until they tell him that his dad was dead, and she did it. Jake told her Kirkland was never going to know that. Vicky told Jake she'll know it for the rest of her life, every time she looks at her child, she's going to know that she killed his father and lied about it and let Marley take the blame for it. She then asks Jake how was she suppose to live with herself.

Marley was booked and then lead to her cell for the night. Upon arriving, a hooker in the same cell ask Marley if she was the new tenant and what did and uptown girl like her do to deserve that honor. The guard leads the hooker out of the cell and closes it on Marley, who says to herself, the best thing she's done for a long, long time................

Friday, March 26, 1999

Lila and Alli are looking through a fashion magazine. Lila sees a dress she likes, but says it's far too expensive. Matt looks and says he thinks it would be worth every penny. He tries to get closer to her but is interrupted by the arrival of Cass. Cass delivers the news that Grant has been murdered. He also brought over duplicates of the divorce papers for Matt... it seems Matt's lawyer lost the originals. David arrives at the Cory's. He has a gift for Alli... tickets to a rock concert. When Matt, Cass and Lila are alone again, they discuss the trip Matt will be taking to New York. Matt suggests Lila and Jasmine come with him, but Cass doesn't like the idea. Lila wants to go, but concedes to Cass's wishes. Cass suggests that Matt sign the divorce papers before his trip, so that he can be a bachelor and have lots of fun. Matt says he's not signing anything until his lawyer looks at it. Cass decides to leave, but first he and Lila have a make-out session by the front door where Matt gets a front row view. He jams the divorce papers into the back of the desk drawer.

Paulina seems more shaken up than usual. Joe tries to comfort her, and when he asks her what's wrong, she blurts out that she was a horrible, awful person. Joe asks what she's talking about. She says it's because she's happy that Grant was dead, and they don't have to be afraid anymore. She says she wishes she were Catholic, so she could go to confession. Joe says if she has something she needs to get off her chest, she should tell him. He mentions the envelope that Grant said had other information about the baby she sold, and asks if she knows what that was. She says she doesn't know, but now that Grant was dead, the past can stay dead, too. Joe continues running the investigation at the Harbor Club when the judge shows up and reminds Joe that he was fired. Joe maintains that Grant only made an announcement that he'd be finding a replacement for Joe as captain... tomorrow. So for now, he's still in charge. The judge says he'll look into it with the new mayor, but considering all the shady things surrounding his family at the moment, it may be best for Joe to back off. Paulina interrupts and warns the judge that slander was a crime. The judge doesn't stop Joe's investigation, but says he'll be watching. Toni says she's going back to the station and offers to take the tape of Grant's confession. As Joe was handing it to her, Paulina grabs it and says, "wait". She insists that she must hear the tape. Joe lets her, and she freaks out when she hears Grant says he started a small fire and wanted to make it look like Paulina had done it. Joe manages to calm Paulina down. She's still seething inside... she says after what he'd done to them, he was laughing at them tonight. She says death was too good for him and he got off too easy. Joe agrees, but adds that tampering with evidence will only lead to more problems. He's about to go on when Toni comes back. She says he won't believe what they just found on the body. Toni says the envelope Grant had was a bluff, it was just full of blank pages. Joe laughs and says that figures, but then has a memory of putting the pages and envelope in Grant's pocket after he noticed the original envelope was missing. Paulina looks confused by this latest revelation. Toni says it's a good thing Marley got to Grant first, because after all the things he said in his speech, she thought Joe would kill Grant himself. Joe turns away, and Paulina just looks at him.

Tyrone visits Marley in jail. He doesn't believe her when she insists she killed Grant. Marley sticks to her story. Tyrone says he has to take himself off her case. He should have done it when he first developed feelings for her, he says. Marley protests... she says she needs him. He says he wants the truth about what happened at the Harbor Club, but Marley continues to stick to her story. He still doesn't believe her; she's not acting like someone who just killed a man. Marley says this can now even the score for what she did to Vicky, and Tyrone asks if it was Vicky who killed Grant. Marley refuses to budge from her story. Tyrone agrees to continue representing her, even though he was sure it was Vicky that killed Grant.

At home, Vicky was freaking out thinking that she killed Grant and was letting Marley take the fall. Jake says Marley gave her a get out of jail free card, and that she owes Vicky that much. Vicky asks how she's supposed to live with herself, knowing what she's done, but Jake asks how he's supposed to live without her. He also reminds her that if Grant hadn't been killed, he'd be gone with Kirkland by now. Kirkland wakes up when her hears them arguing and asks what's wrong. Jake told him they have some bad news. Vicky breaks the news to Kirkland that his father was dead. He finds it hard to believe, because he just saw Grant and they were supposed to go on a special trip. Finally, though, Kirkland believes them, and asks how it happened. Vicky tries to tell him it was an accident, but Steven comes downstairs and says he knows it was no accident. He heard on the radio that Aunt Marley killed Grant. Kirkland yells that he hates Aunt Marley and wishes she'd died instead. Donna says it's not right to turn against a family member, no matter what. When Donna and Jake are alone, she says she can tell that more was wrong than what she's been told. She says she can't believe Marley did it, and Jake changes the subject. She leaves to make some tea, and on the way stops to pick up Vicky's scarf (which I thought I last saw on the floor by Grant's body) and notices blood on it. Tyrone arrives and reams Jake for making Marley confess to Grant's murder. Jake takes him outside and told him to lay off... they just had to tell Kirkland that his father was dead. Tyrone asks if Vicky was upset. Jake says, of course. Tyrone says she should be, because she was the one who really killed Grant. Meanwhile, Vicky returned downstairs, and Donna confronts her with the blood on her scarf. She asks her what she's done. Vicky makes up a lame story about having had a nosebleed, but Donna knows she's lying. Vicky starts freaking out and Donna asks her to just tell the truth. Vicky breaks down and told her everything, including how Marley was determined to take the blame and that Jake agreed that was best. Donna told Vicky to calm down, and that she shouldn't suffer because of Grant's death, no matter how it happened. She told Vicky not to reveal the truth. Outside, Tyrone and Jake continue to argue. Tyrone says he believes in justice, but that Marley didn't kill anyone and this will put her away forever. Jake says he doesn't care. He wants Marley out of his life. Tyrone leaves in disbelief. Jake went back inside, and Vicky told him she told Donna the truth. Jake says from now on, no one hears that; the only story they're giving was that Marley killed Grant. Vicky was overwrought with the guilt that she killed the father of her son. Donna told her Grant is dead and there's nothing anyone can do about it. She told Vicky to just let it go. After Jake and Vicky go to sleep, Donna went to the fireplace and prepares to throw the scarf into the fire.

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