Another World Recaps: The week of May 31, 1999 on AW
Paulina confessed that she'd seen Tito kill Grant and had protected Tito because she had thought Tito was her son. Joe had Judge Walker arrested. Marley considered returning to a treatment facility, thinking it would be best for Vicky. Doctors rushed to save Remy when her heart stopped.
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Another World Recaps: The week of May 31, 1999 on AW
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Monday, May 31, 1999

Felicia made a television appeal to the public to register as bone morrow donors. Etta Mae and KC bring Sergei's keyboard to him. His spirits are low, and Felicia thinks it would help him to do some composing. He starts playing very loud, dramatic music, and a nurse comes in and told him he has to be quiet. She unplugs his keyboard, and Felicia told her to get her hands off Sergei's private property, or she'll wind up in one of those hospital beds herself. The nurse says there are other patients who need peace and quiet, so Felicia suggests they compromise and use headphones.

Etta Mae and KC leave for the picnic, and Sergei feels bad that he's not part of the festivities. Felicia decides to take Sergei out of the hospital. The nurse told Felicia that Sergei can't leave the hospital without a doctor's permission. They decide to go anyway. They see Etta Mae, Toni, and KC in the park. Etta Mae talks to Felicia alone, and reminds her to remember to take time for herself. She can't make Sergei her whole world. Felicia listens, but doesn't seem inclined to change.

Vicky tries to convince Jake to attend the barbecue, but he refuses as long as Marley will be there. They search the park for Sean. They see Alli and ask if she's seen him, but she hasn't. They leave the park when they are unable to find Sean, who was there the whole time. Sean sees Alli sleeping in the park and takes a picture of her. Angry, she tries to take his camera from him. She gets the camera, but he tricks her and gets it back. He's about to leave when Alli recognizes him. She told Sean that Jake and Vicky were looking for him. Sean denies knowing them, but Alli looks at his bag and sees that it says "Sean McKinnon". He admits who he is, but says he hasn't met Jake, and that Vicky kicked him out. He leaves.

Kirkland was taking Jake's absence very hard. When Jake brought Vicky home, Kirkland runs to him and jumps into his arms, declaring that Jake won't go away again. Jake told him he's going to have to go back to work for a while. After Jake leaves, Marley feels bad because she knows she's the reason Jake won't stay. Donna explains that she shouldn't feel bad, and that she's very happy to have Marley there. Tyrone arrives, and sees that Marley was feeling down. She asks him to her give a ride somewhere. Kirkland was outside playing, but when Vicky tries to find him, she can't.

Marley went to the Herald to try to convince Jake to return home. He says he doesn't know how to explain to the boys why the woman who took their mother away was there. Marley suggests it would be good for them to see that people who are sick can get better, and that forgiveness can be one of the most powerful forces in the world. Vicky calls Jake and told him Kirkland was missing. Marley starts blaming herself, but Jake says it isn't her fault, it's his. He leaves. Marley told Tyrone that Kirkland was missing. Suddenly, she gets an idea.

Sean returns to Alli and apologizes for his earlier behavior. Alli told him he'd like Jake if he gave him a chance, but he's not so sure. She told him about her family. When she looks at some pictures in his bag, he gets angry. Sean says the woman in the picture was his mother, emphasis on "was". Alli apologizes for upsetting him, and asks about his father, but Sean gets angry again. He says he's going back to Idaho. She talks him into giving Jake a chance first.

Marley finds Kirkland at Grant's grave. They have a heart-to-heart talk. Marley knows he misses Jake and blames her for Jake leaving. She promises she'll get Jake to come home. Tyrone bring a relieved Vicky and Jake to Kirkland. After they leave, Marley asks Tyrone to get her re-admitted to Willowdale. He doesn't like the idea. He says even if she could stand to go back, he couldn't stand it, but Marley was determined to do what's best for Vicky's boys.

Alli brought Sean to Jake's house. Vicky apologizes to him, and Jake lets Sean know that he was welcome there. Sean says he doesn't have to stay if there isn't enough room. Marley comes downstairs with her suitcase and says that there will soon be room. She told Vicky she's going back to Willowdale. Vicky tries to object, but Marley says it's for the best. Jake told Marley that he can't let her do it. He says it was wrong for him to try to make Vicky choose between him and her sister. He says that until she can be on her own, she's staying, and so was he. There's hugs all around, and they start their barbecue. Donna mentions that the only one missing was Nick who, unbeknownst to them, was still trapped in his car following the accident.

Tuesday, June 11, 1999

Wednesday, June 22, 1999

As the Jury received their instructions, Joe barged in and yelled at Judge Walker that they have the wrong person. Joe handed Cass a piece of paper and then placed Judge Walker under arrest for conspiracy. Judge Rains, who walked in with Joe, excused the jury and ordered Joe to arrest Judge Walker. Toni read Walker his rights and escorted him out of the courtroom. Cass told the state's attorney that they would have to declare a mistrial.

Joe told Paulina that Tim was not her son. Paulina didn't believe Joe. Cass tried to help Joe explain, but Paulina didn't believe either one of them. Joe told Paulina that the paper he gave Cass was proof that Tim was not Paulina's. Joe told Paulina how Tim has been conning her to get her money. The paper Joe gave to Cass was the original release that Paulina signed 20 years ago. Judge Walker's signature was on the paper. The paper states that the sex of Paulina's baby was a female. Paulina stood there and cried. Joe and Cass then told Paulina that the DNA test was a mistake. Paulina cried. Joe urged Paulina to stop Tito from vanishing with the money. Paulina refused to believe that Tim wasn't hers. Still trying to protect Tim, Paulina confessed to the prosecutor that she killed Grant. Finally, Joe was able to convince Paulina the truth leaving Paulina in a hysterical state.

Paulina admitted what really happened the night Grant was killed. She went in to Donna's office and found Tito kneeling on the floor next to Grant. She thought he was helping Grant, but he was really putting his hands over Grant's face. Paulina tried to call for help, but when she opened her mouth, nothing came out. She saw Tito take the yellow envelope out of Grant's pocket thinking he did it for her. So that the truth about Paulina selling her baby wouldn't come out. Now, she realizes that Tito did it for himself. Paulina admitted that she was only trying to protect who she thought was her son. Paulina cried "I'm so sorry." When the state's attorney asked Paulina what really happened the night of Grant's death. Paulina replied "Tim did it. Tim killed Grant."

Tito was excited about leaving town with the money. His flight was delayed due to a fog. Tito tried to get on another flight. He didn't care where his destination was as long as he gets out of Bay City. Tito saw on the news that Judge Walker was arrested and that there will possibly be a mistrial. Josie showed up at the airport looking for Tito and started showing his picture to people to see if anyone recognized him. Joe called Josie and told her that Paulina told him everything. He ordered Josie to find Tito, bring him in, and book him for murder. Josie spotted Tito. He tried to knock her down and take off. Josie ran after him.

Nick sat with Remy at the hospital. Chris came in and told Nick that Joe walked in with some kind of evidence and Judge Walker was arrested. Nick relayed the message to a sleeping Remy. After Chris left, Nick sat next to Remy and told her a story. Remy started dreaming of searching for her mother. In her dream, as she gets close enough to her mother's face, the dream ends.

Cindy went to see Vicky. Cindy reminded Vicky that she would see to it that Marley would be put away for a long time unless Vicky helps Cindy get Grant's money. Vicky warned Cindy that she will never get close to KIRKLAND'S money. Cindy told Vicky how Judge Walker was a good friend of hers, and he will be willing to help her. Vicky didn't seem to care. Vicky tried to bluff by saying she knows of some witnesses that signed a document stating that Grant did, in fact, divorce Cindy. Cindy knew Vicky was bluffing and told her that she destroyed all the evidence and took care of the witnesses. Vicky then confessed that she bluffed to get Cindy to admit that there actually was a document that she knew about. Cindy left promising to get Grant's money.

As Cindy left, Jake walked in. Jake filled Cindy in on the courtroom happenings. Vicky was happy to hear about the mistrial. Vicky was also very happy to hear that Judge Walker was arrested. She saw this as an opportunity to get Judge Walker out of being the executor of Grant's will.

Allie ran into Sean in the park. The two compared notes on their dysfunctional families. Allie made plans to teach Sean how to roller blade. Sean invited Allie to Jake and Vicky's house to see what he was downloading on his laptop. When Sean tried to show Allie, all that was on the laptop was a recording of the conversation Vicky had with Cindy. Allie and Sean wondered why the laptop had recorded that. Sean suddenly remembered Vicky tripping over some of the wires connected to his laptop earlier and maybe he reconnected them incorrectly. As Sean walked Allie to the door, the laptop played out the conversation.

After Allie left, Sean showed Jake and Vicky what was on his laptop. Jake and Vicky were extremely excited and thankful for what Sean did accidentally. Vicky gave Sean a kiss and said "Welcome to the family."

Thursday, June 33, 1999

Cameron and Amanda are out at the Harbor Club, celebrating the end of Lumina and the "fact" that David has left town. Donna brought over some expensive champagne, and when she points out the man who ordered it for them, they see it was David. Amanda returns the champagne to David's table and walks away without a word, but David calls her back. He informs her that he's learned he holds stock in Brava, so Amanda won't be able to get rid of him easily. Amanda tries to convince David to sell his shares and go back to Omaha, but he says he hasn't decided what he'll be doing next.

Paulina was reeling after learning of Tito's betrayal. Joe begs June to allow Paulina to go home. She finally agrees on the condition that Joe brings Tito in. When Joe turns back to Paulina, she's gone. She went to the docks---very distraught. She remembers back to when she first met Tito, and berates herself for being a "sucker". She runs into Tito, who's looking for a way out of town. He calls her "Mom," and she lets him have it with both barrels. He shows no remorse for his scam. Tito tries to leave, and take the suitcase of money with him, but Paulina grabs it. They struggle, and Joe arrives and starts to run at Tito. Tito pulls out a gun and holds it to Paulina's head.

Nick remains at Remy's bedside, waiting for her to wake up. Chris arrives and told Nick that Tito killed Grant. Nick isn't surprised.

Jake and Vicky find Cindy at the Harbor Club. They play the recording of Cindy admitting her divorce on Sean's computer. They also inform her that her ally, Judge Walker, has been arrested. Cindy was most unhappy at this latest turn of events.

Cameron and Amanda leave, but David continues to treat other diners. Cindy notices him, and the money he's spending. She went to his table and asks to join him.

Cass visits Jake and Vicky and informs them of Paulina's release. He also fills them in about Tito.

Joe remains calm and tries to talk some sense into Tito, but he just becomes more and more angry. He warns Joe to back off or he'll kill Paulina. Joe does back off, and Paulina tries to calm Tito down and make him stop, but he tells her he never felt anything for her, and that this was what he's really like. Despite his claim, Paulina does get to him. She told him that if he kills her, he'll be killing the one person who ever loved him like a mother. While she's talking to him, Joe sneaks up behind him and gets his gun. As Tito was being handcuffed, Paulina demands to know where he got the locket and hair of her child. Tito says if she gets him out of trouble, maybe he'll tell her who her child is. After Tito was taken away, Paulina remembers about Remy, and rushes off to the hospital.

Cameron takes Amanda to "their place" in the park. He asks her if she thinks they have a future together. Amanda told him she doesn't have any answers. They admit they've missed each other, but they want to take things slowly, yet remain close.

David has Cindy join him, and they introduce themselves to each other. They begin to get to know each other. He explains to her the importance of taking your second chances when you have them. She suggests they explore their second chance together---tonight. David turns Cindy down, for tonight anyway. However, they agree that, perhaps another time, things can be different.

Paulina visits Remy. She told her that she's free, thanks to her and Nick. She promises that when Remy was better, she'll do everything she can to help her find her mother. Remy's heart stops, and the doctors rush in to try to revive her as Paulina looks on. Paulina was taken out of Remy's room, and finds Nick outside. As the doctors continue to work on Remy, her locket falls to the floor.

Friday, June 4, 1999

Due to coverage of The French Open, Another World did not air today.

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