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Joe was reinstated as captain of the Bay City Police Departmnet. Paulina and Remy bonded as mother and daughter. Tyrone and Marley confessed their love for one another. Cameron and Amanda married. Gary and Josie reunited. Vicky told Jake she was pregnant. Frankie's ghost paid Cass a visit. Carl returned.
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Another World Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on AW
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Monday, June 14, 1999


June was ready to close the book on Grant's murder, but she still wants to deal with Joe. After tensing everyone up, June announces that there will be no charges against Joe, and that he's being re-instated as captain. June buddies up to Joe while the press takes pictures. Toni can see she's paving her way to the mayor's office.

Matt, Rachel, and Amanda discuss the pros and cons of keeping David as a partner at Brava. Amanda says she'd rather "deal with the devil" she knows, rather than let him sell his shares to persons unknown. Alli brought flowers that were delivered. Amanda was disappointed they're from David instead of Cameron. Everyone thinks he's a creep. Rachel suggests making the best of it until she can raise the money to buy him out. She thinks they should sell some more assets to pay off David. She recommends the house in Key West. Amanda and Matt worry that it's too big a sacrifice, but she convinces them that anything was worth doing to get rid of David. She asks Amanda to make the arrangements for her.

David and Cindy go to the Harbor Club. Cindy and Donna exchange words again, and Cindy was about to get nasty. When David reminds her of their million dollar bet, Cindy calms down. Donna uses fancy word-play to essentially call Cindy a prostitute. When David points this out to Cindy, she's furious, and wants to go after Donna, but David asks if a million dollars isn't reason enough to turn the other cheek.

Josie meets Cameron at the Harbor Club and asks him to find Gary. She's going crazy not knowing where he is. He agrees to help her, and asks her to help keep David away from Amanda. She warns him to stay within the law. Cameron lets her know that he's already tracked down Gary. Alli finds Cameron, and told him David was after Amanda again. She told him about the flowers David sent.

During their meal, David objects to Cindy's use of terms such as, "whatever floats your boat." She says it's just the way she talks, but seems willing to work on it. David gets a phone call. After he leaves the table, Cameron went over and told Cindy that she has competition, and told her about the flowers David sent to Amanda. Cindy tries to act like she's not threatened by Amanda, but Cameron wants them to work together to get David out of Amanda's life. He asks Cindy what David wants, she says he just wants to start over and become respectable. He gets an idea. Cindy asks him not to work too fast... she still wants to get her hooks into him. He returns to Josie, who had quickly gone to the police station. She gives him a police file on David. He looks at it and exclaims, "I got it!"

Remy and Paulina begin to bond as mother and daughter. Paulina told her she'll have to get used to things like Dante waking up at 6 in the morning. Remy's confused; she thinks Paulina was saying Dante will be sleeping over at her apartment. They're interrupted by a doctor, who gives them the good news that Remy can be released today, provided that she doesn't overdo it. Paulina promises she'll take good care of Remy from now on. Paulina brought Remy home with her, but Remy's worried that she'll be in the way. She's also worried about how Joe will react. When Joe gets home, he and Paulina talk alone about having Remy stay. Joe has no problems with it.

Cameron confronts David with pictures taken of him in the Cory garden, naked and slimy. He says if David doesn't leave Amanda alone, he'll show the pictures to his shareholders, and they'll think he's crazy. David tries to dismiss this, saying everyone knows that Jordan brainwashed him, but Cameron doesn't let up until David agrees to leave Amanda alone. David leaves, and threatens to charge Cameron with stalking if he doesn't leave him alone.

Cameron calls to tell Amanda the news, but Alli told him she's on her way to Key West.

Remy insists on going back to her apartment, despite the fact that both Joe and Paulina want her to stay. She says she doesn't want to take advantage of them like Tito did. Remy starts packing, but Joe told her she can't go because family sticks together. He shows her and Paulina plans he has for a new home, which includes a room for Remy. She can't believe that they want her, but Paulina says of course they do... she's their daughter. As a final surprise, Joe announces his re-instatement. Paulina says she doesn't think she could get any happier.

David returns to the Harbor Club and finds Cindy still there waiting for him. He thinks Cindy helped Cameron blackmail him, and she admits that she told Cameron that David's reputation was very important to him. She also reminds him that he's the one who told her to be honest at all times. David agrees, and allows her to join him for dinner. Cindy told David about her life with Grant, and the fact that she always seems to end up with men who use her and break her heart. She says what she needs to do is marry a decent man who will treat her right. He thinks that may be a good idea, provided she isn't doing it to get a million dollars. They do a little mild flirting, until Donna informs David of the kind of horrible things Cindy has done to members of her family. After learning more of Cindy's escapades, David says he didn't realize just how corrupt she really is. He says she'll have a hard time getting a decent man to marry her. She looks him in the eye and says she's sure there's a man out there somewhere who wants to make an honest woman out of her.

At the house in Key West, Amanda remembers better times with Cameron. She calls Rachel and says she can't bear to sell it. Rachel still thinks it would be a good thing, so they decide to discuss it further in the morning. After hanging up the phone, Amanda was surprised to see Cameron walk in. He tells her that David was backing off, so she doesn't have to sell the house. They decide to spend a romantic night there together.

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Tuesday, June 15, 1999


Down in Key West, Amanda and Cameron wake up after making love all night long. Amanda thanks him for not giving up on them. Cameron promises her that nothing will ever come between them again. Cameron asks Amanda to marry him, and she says she has one condition, she wants to do it today! Amanda says they have all the documents, all they need was someone to fax it to them. Cameron says that she has a family and they should all share this together. Amanda says he was right and thinks she could get them here by tonight. Amanda makes a call to her mom and Matt and told them that she wants to get married today.

Rachel, Ali, and Matt arrive in Key West and the cottage brought back memories of Carl for Rachel. Amanda apologizes to her mom for all the things she did to interfere with her and Carl. Rachel says she waited a long time for her to say that, and she does forgive her. Cameron's wedding present arrives, it's Gary! Gary congratulates him and told him that he wants to ask for his forgiveness. Gary says he should have accepted his apology when he gave it to him. They hug and Cameron thanks Gary for coming. Cameron also thanks Amanda for his present. As Amanda gets ready for her wedding, a mysterious person spies on Rachel.

At the station, Toni gets a call about a job offer. She told Josie that she has just been offered a captain job in Tampa! Josie asks if she will go? Toni says she should, shouldn't she? Josie asks what about her family and Chris? Toni asks Josie if she sees a ring on her finger? Toni says that her boyfriend was always standing her up, they had a date today and he didn't show. While she vents about Chris, she was unaware that Chris was standing behind her listening to every word she says. Toni says that she needs to plan her future, and if it won't be here as Chris' husband, then she has to plan it elsewhere.

Vicky helps Marley pack and move out. Tyrone shows up to pick Marley up and take her to get her car. Before Marley leaves, Jake tells her that he's sorry. Jake told her that he doesn't want her leaving thinking that her staying here was trouble. Jake says that he's seen things in her that he thought he'd never see again, he saw the old Marley. Jake also says that he thinks Tyrone saw this all along, and that was why she got well so fast. Marley says that if she was ever going to get better it was due to them allowing her to stay here with them, and she thanks them. Marley and Tyrone leave and Vicky told Jake that he made Marley's day. As Jake and Vicky are about to get intimate, Chris shows up. He was upset and says that Toni wants to get married. Vicky excuses herself so that they can talk. Jake gives him a pep talk and Chris says he knows what he has to do. Vicky and Jake then invite the Carlino's over for dinner. KC shows up and asks Jake if he can get a surprise wedding announcement in the paper tomorrow? He says he will. Suddenly, Vicky becomes sick and rushes upstairs. She returns downstairs and says that she has the flu, or his cooking has poisoned her. Vicky and Jake then realize what made Vicky sick.

Chris went back to the station and told Josie that he heard everything she and Toni said about him. Both Josie and KC realize that he is going to propose, but he makes them keep it a secret. Toni returns and was cold to Chris. Chris wants to talk to her, but Toni says there is a meeting and she can't talk. Chris suggests they have lunch, but Toni says all she can schedule was an early dinner. Chris promises her that he will be there and she won't be disappointed. Toni told him that if he isn't there, she will leave.

Chris and Toni meet for dinner. Toni told Chris that she got a captain's job offer, and Chris congratulates her. Toni says she wanted his input, the job was in Florida. Toni asks Chris if he can give her a reason why she shouldn't move to Florida? Chris told her that she can't, her life was here. Toni says that she has to think about the future. They end up in a fight and Toni told him that it's over, it has been over for a long time. Then she walks out on him. Chris chases after her and told her that she always jumps the gun and passes opportunities that are about to slap her in the face. Toni asks what opportunity, and they fight some more. Chris told her to just go to Tampa, and she thanks him for making the choice easier.

Tyrone and Marley arrive at Marley's house. Tyrone tries to turn the power back on, but gets a major shock. Tyrone was a mess and Marley told him that he can use the shower upstairs. Tyrone jumps into the shower, but screams. He comes rushing out in a towel and asks Marley if the hot water heater was electric? Later, the two talk and Marley told Tyrone that he always knows what she needs to hear when she needs to hear it. Tyrone says he only says the truth and told her how strong she is. Tyrone then plants a kiss on Marley. Marley doesn't know if they should be doing this, but Tyrone says they have past the point of no return. Tyrone told Marley that he loves her. Marley told Tyrone that she feels like she's always loved him, and asks him to stay with her tonight. Tyrone says they don't have to do this, but Marley says she was ready and kisses him. The two fall down onto the couch.

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Wednesday, June 16, 1999

At the cottage in Key West, everyone gathers for Cameron and Amanda's wedding. They have prepared their own vows and recite them. Amanda says that she has waited so long for this day and that she realizes that she had cursed herself when it came to looking for and finding love, until she found him. Amanda says that she now knows if you have faith in love it will light the way through the darkness. She told Cameron that he restored her faith in love and herself. Cameron told Amanda that he never understood what love was until he met her. The priest then has them recite the standard vows, they place the rings on their fingers, and are pronounced husband and wife. After the wedding, Cameron and Amanda dance. Rachel told Matt that she's decided not to hang on to the past, and she told him that he has to do the same with Lila. Later, Rachel gives a toast to Cameron and Amanda. Afterwards, Cameron urges Gary to go back to Josie. Cameron and Amanda leave for their honeymoon, and everyone leaves but Rachel. Rachel walks out to the beach and Carl follows her. Just as he was about to make himself known to her, the news interupted the show!

Cameron and Amanda go home and Cameron has a surpise for her, he has some planetarium like setup in her room and stars are shining on the walls. He also has a telescope set up and says that he's having a star named after her. After they make love, Amanda makes a wish on her star that all their friends will find happiness.

At the station, Josie runs into Gary on her way out. He told her that he has something to ask her. He asks her if she can forgive him for walking out on her, he wants to come home to her. Josie told him that's all she's ever wanted, and the two kiss.

Cass shows up at Felicia's place and Felicia told him that Sergei was going to be fine. Felicia asks Cass how things with him and Lila are? Cass says that they aren't getting married, and Felicia realizes this has something to do with Anne. Cass says that he thought he had accepted that Frankie was gone, but realizes that he still loves Frankie and isn't over her yet. Felicia says that she knew Anne would be trouble and asks Cass if he wants her around to remind him of Frankie? Cass says at times it almost seems like Anne was Frankie, and tells her about the chimes and tofu. He also told her how he kissed her. Felicia told Cass that he better figure his feelings out because he's about to lose the woman he really loves.

Lila talks with Etta Mae at the Lucky Lady. Anne spies on them as Lila told Etta Mae that she isn't moving in with Cass, she's moved back to her apartment. Lila leaves and runs into Anne, who wants to know why she isn't moving in with Cass? Lila told Anne that she got what she wanted, the wedding was off! However, Lila told Anne that Cass isn't in love with her, he only sees Frankie when he looks at her. She says that even if she did marry Cass, she would just be a double for Frankie. Anne refuses to believe that. Lila told Anne that Cass loved Frankie, he loves her, but he will never love you! Lila storms off and Anne says Lila was so wrong and she will prove it.

Sergei went to the Lucky Lady and talks with Etta Mae. He left the hospital and came straight to her. Sergei told Etta Mae that he has a secret, he has hurt Felicia. Etta Mae told him that he has to tell Felicia, not her. Sergei says he will, and leaves. Sergei went home to Felicia, who was worried about him. Felicia was in the middle of making him a Russian feast. Sergei wants to tell her his secret, but Felicia says they can talk after they eat. As they eat, Felicia admits that her friend helped her cook the meal, he guided her via the phone. Sergei told Felicia that he has something to admit to her too. However, Felicia told Sergei that he needs his rest and they can talk tomorrow. Later, Felicia reads a gossip column in a magazine and sees that she and Sergei are in it!

Cass shows up at the Lucky Lady and Anne told him that they should talk, maybe over dinner. Cass says that he's not sure what he's going to be doing today. Anne then told Cass that Lila has moved on, she's moved back into her apartment. Cass says he can't let this happen and rushes out of the Lucky Lady. Cass went over to Lila's old place to talk with Lila. Cass told her that the last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt her. Cass told her that he loves her so much and wants to make this whole mess disappear. Lila told him to do it, but Cass can't. Lila says that Anne has him so mixed up. Cass says he knows what he wants, so Lila asks him to get rid of Anne and say goodbye forever. Cass says he wishes he could. He says he doesn't love her, but Anne reminds him so much of Frankie, and tells her that he kissed her. Lila thinks that Cass loves his dead wife more than he loves her. She asks him to go. Later, Matt shows up to see her and Lila kisses him! He asks what was going on? Lila told him not to talk, just make love to her.

At the Lucky Lady, Chely Wright sings Single White Female as Anne told Cass that his kissing her wasn't a mistake, he loves her and they belong together.

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Thursday, June 17, 1999


At the cottage, Vicky and Jake argue about Jake's shrimp. Vicky thinks it was bad, and when Jake shoves it in her face to smell, she runs upstairs. Vicky returned downstairs later and Joe and Paulina show up for dinner. Joe was delighted to hear that Jake's famous shrimp is history. Later, Paulina and Vicky talk and Paulina knows that Vicky was pregnant. Vicky says she hasn't been to the doctor yet, but is pretty sure the baby will be a Pisces. Paulina grabs Joe and told her that they are leaving so Vicky can tell Jake the news. JAke knows he did something wrong, but Vicky told him that he did something very right. Vicky told Jake that she was pregnant.

At the Lucky Lady, Anne told Cass that he belongs with her, they belong together. Cass says this makes no sense, but Anne says it does. She says that Frankie could be the one bringing them together. Cass asks her how she knows so much about Frankie? Anne says that she sometimes talks to Charlie about her. Anne says that Frankie has brought them together because they were meant to be together. She told him that he can't deny it, and Cass says he can't. Anne promises him that everything will be so much better this time. Anne kisses Cass and says they will be together, it was destiny. Anne leaves, but KC manages to catch Cass before he can leave. KC tells Cass that Anne was the one who came to her with the story. She then told Cass about Anne's involvement with Fax Newman. Anne was Fax Newman's lawyer, she got him off which allowed him to come to Bay City and kill more woman! Anne returns and Cass lets her know that he knows the truth about her. He asks her how could she doe this to him and Charlie? Anne says that she never meant to hurt anyone, but Cass says that everything she's done and said was a calculated lie! Anne says she only defended Fax because it was her job. Anne says she was a different person back then, she was only concerned about herself. She says that a few months later she heard the news about Frankie, and that changed her life forever. She says that all she ever wanted to do was good, but she was so good at her job that she could never do any good. However, she says that Frankie always did good, and she wanted to make it up to her and Cass. Cass says she was trying to take her place, she was trying to be Frankie! Cass told Anne that Frankie would never play God with other people's lives! Anne cries that she doesn't blame him for hating her, but Cass says he doesn't. He says that he learned from Frankie that if you try to play with destiny, people get hurt. Cass told Anne that he, Charlie, and Anne were happy and didn't need fixing. Cass told Anne that he has to go. Anne asks if he was going to see Lila, but Cass says she doesn't want to see him, it's over.

Cass went home and gets a visit from Frankie's ghost. Cass thinks he's dreaming about Anne, but Frankie says it was his wife. Frankie tells Cass that Lila loves him and he'll be a fool if he gives up on her. She told Cass that real love was precious and she wants Charlie to know that it was precious. Frankie told him that loving Lila and loving life doesn't mean that he doesn't love her. Frankie says she knows he loves her and she'll always love him.

At Lila's place, Matt asks Lila if she was sure she wants him to make love to her? Lila says yes, and the two fall down onto the couch. Matt stops when they are getting close and asks if she was sure that she wants this? Lila says any woman would be crazy not to want him. Lila promises Matt that she won't push him away again. However, Matt stops again and Lila asks why he was pushing her away? Matt says that they don't belong together, but Lila says they do. Matt told her that it won't work and they both know it. Lila asks what more he wants? Matt says love, she never said she loved him. Matt told her that she loves Cass and that was who she should be with. Lila apologizes to Matt for hurting him again. Matt told her that they should both settle for nothing less than everything. Matt told Lila he knows she deserves Cass, and he deserves someone who can love him the same way. Matt told Lila that he will always be her friend. Matt told her to get dressed because Cass will probably burst through the door at any minute. Lila cries that Cass was gone, she has lost him. Lila cries that she has lost everything, but Matt told her that she will always be part of the Cory family, both her and Jasmine. Matt tells Lila to call Cass. Lila says he was with Anne, but Matt says he doesn't want to be with her. Lila says it was still over. Lila falls asleep on her couch and Matt covers her up. Matt decides to sleep in Jasmine's room for the night. He was worried about Lila because she usually doesn't give up so easily.

Down in Key West, Rachel runs into Carl on the beach. She was terrified, and Carl asks her if she knows him. Rachel says his name, and asks him if he was really Carl? Rachel thinks Carl has come back to her. She asks him not to let her go so she knows she's not dreaming. Carl realizes that she does know him. He says that he's been seeing her face for the past year, and he knows he's been in this house before. He asks her to help him. Rachel says that she thought he was dead. Carl says he was, and he's coming back to life right now. He says that his past has been a blank, but he's always been able to see her face. Carl says he's been in a clinic after being operated on, but he still can't remember his past. However, he does remember her. Rachel told him that he was Carl Hutchins, her husband. Carl says he had a brain tumor, which had been operated on and removed, and he will live. Rachel asks Carl what else he remembers? Carl says he remembers Ryan, train tracks, and walking with her. He asks who the people here earlier were? Rachel told him who they were. Carl recognizes some of the names, so Rachel starts rattling off names. Carl begins to remember more and more as she says names. Finally, Rachel and Carl kiss.

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Friday, June 18, 1999


Felicia confronts Sergei about his alter ego, Ben Hagean, who was her competition in the romance novel world. Sergei says that he wanted to tell her, but she told him not to speak. Sergei admits that he called himself Ben Hagean and wrote a book about her. Felicia accuses him of using her to write a book. Sergei says that when he met her the night in the limo he was thrilled, but when she treated him like a cigarette butt he decided to get revenge. However, he says that now he knows what her big secret is, she was as wonderful in private as she was in public. Felicia asks what he wrote about her? Sergei says he didn't write anything about her. Still, Felicia says she doesn't care anymore, what he did was dishonest and disgusting, and she never wants to see him again. Felicia told him to stay away from her for good. Felicia says she was leaving right now and wants him gone when she returns. After Felicia leaves, Sergei calls his publisher and asks to make some changes to his book. Sergei told himself that he knows what he must do.

Cass wakes up at his place and remember his visit from Frankie. Cass asks Charlie to sit down and he told her that things have to change with Anne. Cass told her that Anne was a mistake and they won't be seeing her anymore. Charlie shouts "no, you can't make her go away!" Cass told Charlie that Anne came to Bay City knowing she looked like Frankie and she came her to take Frankie's place. Cass told Charlie that he was going to go speak with Lila, and leaves. Charlie calls Anne after her dad leaves and she asks her to come over so they can decide what to do. Anne comes over and says she was only here so they can talk one last time. Anne says that what she thought she could make happen was a mistake. Charlie told Anne that she was the closest thing she has to her mom and asks her to stay. Anne was touched, but says she should talk to her mom's friends if she wants to know more about her mom. Anne told Charlie that she will be fine, and walks out. Once she gets outside, Anne breaks into tears.

Charlie finds Anne in the park and wants to know what she did that made her dad so mad. Anne says that she didn't tell him the truth, all that matter was he doesn't want her around. Charlie says if your leaving I'm going with you. Anne says that they can't run off together, she could go to jail. Charlie says it won't be for long, her dad will realize that he needs them both. Anne told Charlie to leave her alone, she's not her mom, and she's not her friend. Anne told Charlie that she just used her to get to Cass. Anne screams at Charlie to go away, and when she runs off, Anne cries that she's so sorry.

At Lila's place, Matt looks at Lila as she sleeps and remembers what happened the night before. Lila wakes up and Matt brought her coffee. Matt urges her not to give up on Cass. Lila says that Cass will never get over Frankie, so Matt told her to make Cass come to his senses! Suddenly, Cass shows up. Lila invites him in and Matt says he was just leaving. After Matt leaves, Lila told Cass that Matt spent the night. Cass told her that it doesn't make a difference what happened between her and Matt last night, he'll do whatever it takes to get her back. Lila asks what about Anne? Cass says that he sent her away. Lila doesn't believe him because she's heard it before. Lila informs Cass that she almost made love to Matt last night, but Cass says that he would still be standing here begging her to take him back. Cass told Lila that she was right about Anne, she orchestrated the entire thing from the beginning. Cass begs Lila to find it in her heart to forgive him. Lila says Anne isn't the problem, Frankie is. Cass says he knows and told her about his visit from Frankie. Cass asks Lila if they can start over and forget about Anne? Lila says that it was not that easy. Cass asks Lila to marry him, and slips the ring back on her finger. They then kiss and make up. Lila's phone rings and it's for Cass. She hands Cass the phone and it was his housekeeper, she told Cass that Charlie was missing. Cass asks her to check on the penguin in Charlie's room, and when he learns it is gone, he realizes that Charlie was gone.

Amanda and Cameron share the good news with Joe and Paulina, who give them a wedding present. Ali shows up and Paulina says she wants them all to meet someone. Paulina brought in Remy and introduces them to her daughter. Amanda was shocked, but says welcome and gives Remy a hug. Outside, Carl and Rachel arrive at the door. Rachel told him that she hasn't prepped the family for his reappearance. Rachel and Carl go inside and Rachel meets Paulina's real child. Rachel welcomes her to the family, and says she has a surprise for them, she brought someone from Key West back with her. Rachel told them that this will be a shock, but she was deliriously happy. Rachel asks them not to jump to any conclusions, and Carl walks into the room. Rachel introduces them to Carl. Matt shows up at this point and flips out. Rachel explains that Carl had a brain tumor and has had amnesia. Carl says that he hopes they can find it in their hearts to forgive him for whatever he did to them and hopes they can start over. Matt told Carl that if he's willing to start over, so is he. Amanda was worried, but Matt told her that it was time to forgive and forget. Amanda welcomes Carl home and says as long as he makes her mom happy, she's glad he was here. Cameron was still upset and can't believe he and Carl are going to be related. Rachel then brings the twins to see their dad.

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