Ridge unilaterally makes a deal with police
The Bold and the Beautiful Recap for Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

At Brooke's house, Brooke was amazed by a drawing Douglas showed her on a tablet. She was surprised that he'd done it himself and said his inner designer was coming out. Her sisters were there, too, and they became anxious when Douglas began asking where his father was. Brooke explained that Thomas was taking a time out. Douglas asked if Thomas had been bad.

Brooke stated that Thomas had a lot to think about, but in the meantime, Douglas would be with his grandfather, Brooke, Hope, Liam, and Beth. Katie and Donna didn't want to be left out of it. Brooke included them, saying that Douglas would be surrounded by love. Douglas asked if his father was okay. Brooke assured him that Thomas was fine.

Brooke took Douglas to the cabin to see Beth. Katie and Donna discussed how surreal it was that Beth was alive. Donna stated that what was meant for them came to them, no matter what. Katie replied that it included justice, which Flo was learning about right then.

When Brooke returned, she talked to her sisters about how resilient Douglas was. Donna took that to mean that Hope and Douglas were getting along well. Brooke said that Hope was like a second mother to him. Relieved, Donna expressed that she had been worried that everything that had gone on with Thomas would affect Hope's relationship with Douglas.

Brooke explained that Hope, who didn't want Douglas to suffer another loss, was spending as much time with him as she could. It was almost as if he was spending more time in the cabin than at the main house. Donna hoped that it was making up for Thomas abandoning his son.

Brooke didn't want to start in on all Thomas had done. She felt that he deserved to be in jail for years. Donna noted that Ridge didn't agree with that. Brooke said it was why she couldn't voice her feelings in front of him. Katie advised Brooke to really think about her marriage and said that, with the family involved, it was a recipe for disaster.

Brooke loved her husband, who was struggling to come to terms with what his child had done. Donna said that Thomas hadn't just hurt Hope and Liam; he'd hurt his own sister. Agreeing, Brooke added that there was something fundamentally wrong with Thomas.

Brooke felt that Thomas shouldn't be anywhere near Douglas until Thomas got the help he needed. Certain that Douglas needed stability over Thomas' chaos and confusion, Brooke vowed not to let Thomas damage Douglas' life any more than Thomas had already.

Later, Brooke escorted Katie and Donna to the front door. They expressed their discontent with Flo's part in things. Katie asked what kind of mother Shauna was to condone Flo lying to her cousin about a baby who'd been there the entire time. Brooke said Shauna and Flo were horrible people. Brooke stated that Shauna and Flo wouldn't get away with it, and both of them had to pay.

In the jail's visitation area, Flo waited to take a surprise visitor. Steffy arrived and said Flo had to have known Steffy would eventually be there. Steffy seethed about the lies and deception Flo had heaped upon a family that had been good to Flo. Steffy asked how Flo could dare to do it.

Glad that Steffy was there, Flo stated that nothing could change or justify what she'd done. Flo felt terrible, and she was deeply sorry. She didn't expect anyone to forgive her and stated that she couldn't even forgive herself. Flo didn't want to try to make excuses. She knew that she should have put an end to the scam once she'd understood what she'd gotten into.

Steffy stated that Hope had suffered and had been grieving. Liam hadn't been able to outwardly grieve because he'd had to be strong for his wife. "Phoebe was my little girl. She was Kelly's sister. We were a family," Steffy painfully uttered.

Flo apologized. She felt she was where she belonged and said she deserved to pay for what she'd done. She was happy that Beth was with her original parents but couldn't imagine the hole in Steffy's heart. Tearfully, Flo apologized for her part in creating it.

Steffy said that Flo's sorrow didn't make it any better. Steffy was still left in the ruins of her once happy family, and it was all because Flo had been too selfish to tell the truth. Steffy asked if Flo knew how painful it had been to watch Hope and Liam walk out the door with Phoebe. Steffy said that Flo had lied about being the mother of Hope's not dead baby, the child Steffy had adopted.

In Steffy's view, Flo had helped Buckingham put the hateful plan into motion. Flo had stolen Beth from her parents and had stolen Phoebe from Steffy. She found Flo, the destroyer of families, disgusting. Steffy said that there was always a silver lining, and it would be seeing Flo behind bars.

"Nothing to do but just live with your worthless self and think about all the damage you've caused as time slowly, slowly marches on," Steffy said. "Think about Hope, grieving her dead baby for months. And think about me, the child I loved so much -- believing that she was mine. I hope you rot in prison. It's exactly what you deserve."

In an interrogation room, Shauna begged Ridge to do anything he could to help Flo get out of prison. Though Shauna hadn't heard Ridge's entire conversation with Sanchez, she'd gleaned that the decision was in Ridge's hands. Ridge stated that his daughter was in a world of pain. He asked if Shauna really thought he'd help Flo get out of there.

Shauna admitted that she'd known that telling the secret had been the right thing to do, but she had been selfishly thinking of her own daughter. Shauna didn't expect Ridge's forgiveness, and she said that he had every right to be furious at Flo. Shauna just wanted him to know that being there was killing Flo's spirit. Flo was full of regret. She'd been carrying it since the beginning. Shauna implored Ridge to forgive Flo and let her go.

Ridge advised Shauna to remember that Flo wasn't the victim. Shauna insisted that Flo had been a good person all of her life, and Buckingham had taken advantage of that and had used Flo. Ridge raged that Flo had signed the papers, which had been a conscious act. Shauna reminded Ridge that Thomas had kept the secret, too, and had threatened to ruin the lives of anyone who'd speak up about it.

Detective Sanchez returned to the room, announcing that it was decision time. He was surprised to see Shauna with Ridge. Shauna said she was trying to reason with Ridge. Sanchez asked what the verdict was and if Ridge would support immunity for Flo.

Ridge asked if he had to answer right then. Sanchez felt that time was of the essence to get the process started. Shauna asked Ridge to agree to it. Sanchez understood Ridge's reluctance, but Sanchez felt that it was better for everyone -- with all things considered.

"All right," Ridge muttered. Sanchez asked if Ridge was saying he didn't object to the immunity deal. Ridge affirmed it. Sanchez asked about the family, but Ridge replied that he'd deal with his family. Shauna asked if it meant that Flo could be free. Sanchez said Flo would have to meet with investigators, sign an affidavit, and be processed out.

Sanchez left to start the process. Shauna stated that she didn't know how to repay Ridge. Ridge conveyed that he knew exactly who Flo was, and Flo deserved to be there for the rest of her life. He wasn't agreeing to it for Flo; he was doing it for his son. Shauna didn't care why he was doing it. She said that her only child was being set free, and it was because of Ridge.

Shauna noted that Ridge's son was problematic, but Ridge still loved him and was doing everything possible to protect him. She felt the same way about her child, who was everything to her. Shauna said that Flo was an amazing person who'd lost her way. She believed that Flo would be a better person because of the experience. In Shauna's view, Ridge had given Flo a chance, and Shauna would be forever grateful to Ridge.

Just then, Sanchez entered with Flo. Immediately, Flo asked what Ridge was doing with her mother. Shauna tried to speak, but Flo cut her off. Flo refused to let Shauna be harassed for Flo's bad actions. Flo decided to tell Ridge the same thing she'd just told Steffy and the same thing she'd told Ridge before.

Flo was ashamed of her actions. She hated what she'd done and that she'd caused pain to the people she loved. She said that it was on her, not her mom. Flo believed that she'd live with it every day for the rest of her life from a prison cell. "Not another day," Shauna corrected.

Flo asked what Shauna was talking about. Shauna told Flo that Flo could go home. Sanchez explained that Ridge had done Flo a solid by agreeing not to challenge the immunity deal that the Feds wanted to make with Flo in exchange for her testimony in the forged documents case. Shauna said Flo owed it to Ridge, who could have fought the deal.

Ridge asked if Flo understood that he hadn't done it for her. Flo asked if she didn't have to spend years in prison and if she could just leave. Shauna replied that it would be that day. Sanchez stated that she'd be free to go after they took care of some legalities. Flo hugged Shauna and told Ridge that she didn't deserve it. He agreed.

Flo said she'd never stop trying to make it up to Ridge's family. She believed that she'd someday earn back their respect. Sanchez led Flo out, and Shauna said she'd wait for Flo. On the way out, Flo thanked Ridge, who silently watched her go.

Shauna promised that Ridge wouldn't regret it, and he'd see what a good person Flo was. Shauna echoed Flo's vow to earn Ridge's respect and his family's respect. Shauna said that Ridge had given Flo a beautiful gift, and he'd given Shauna the gift of her daughter. Though she didn't know how she'd do it, Shauna vowed to find a way to repay him.

Shauna hugged Ridge. Awkwardly, he tensed. "Okay," he said, and she let him go. Shauna thanked him.

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