Just before the Soap Opera Digest awards, Stephen Nichols (Stefan Cassadine) participated in a very candid and charming pre-awards show chat in which he revealed the following insight on his character and teased a bit about his future.

When asked what Alexis' future would be with the Cassadine family now that she has returned to the fold to help Stefan bring down Helena, Nichols informed us that the writers will be providing more scenes between Stefan and Alexis. He says this is because "they want the audience to know what I'm thinking and feeling and they think Alexis is the perfect confidante for me. Of course, they never really dealt with the rift between us, but now we're apparently in a good place with each other, so it's my turn to use her as a sounding board."

Nichols raves about the opportunity to do more work opposite Tony Geary (Luke) and Genie Francis (Laura). "It's a joy working with Tony and Genie, because they are totally professional. Tony in particular has a totally wild sense of humor. I always enjoy his wit. We have a lot of fun. There's an intensity about working with them that I don't get with a lot of other people. We joke around but once we get focused, we really do it."

Having been paired with Mary Beth Evans (ex-Katherine; ex-Kayla, DAYS) in two separate daytime dramas, it was inevitable that Nichols would be asked if he still keeps in touch. "Absolutely! I was at her New Year's Eve party. We did a photo shoot at her new house. I call her all the time..."

The actor expressed dismay the writers' take on Stefan seems to be continuously changing. "I have been trying to talk to the powers that be, and give them ideas. I am trying to keep my character on track as much as I can with what I have been given, and I understand the frustration [of the viewers] better than anyone because I am the one playing it. But hang on and I will do my best! :)"

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