General Hospital recasts Kate Howard

Posted Sunday, July 24, 2011 10:41:21 AM
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GH recasts Kate Howard

Kate Howard will resurface in the weeks ahead, but she'll have a new look. General Hospital has recast the role of Kate. Actress Megan Ward originated the role in 2007. She last appeared in 2010.

The Quartermaines aren't the only missing in action Port Charles residents headed back to the screen. General Hospital has made the recision to recast the role of Kate Howard. Kate, played previously by Megan Ward, hasn't been seen on-screen in the better part of a year.

GH's casting department has tapped Kelly Sullivan for the now-contract role of Kate, Sonny's ex-fiancée and Olivia's cousin. The role will mark Sullivan's first contract role in daytime, but the actress does have a couple of previous soap stints under her belt. The actress appeared as a day player on As the World Turns and One Life to Live.

Outside of daytime, Sullivan has appeared on Law & Order: Criminal Intent and a handful of movies. Sullivan also have several feature films that are slated for release in the next year.

Megan Ward created the role of Kate in May 2007 and remained on contract with General Hospital through 2009. Kate was last seen on-screen in October 2010.

"It continues to astound me what a strong impression the character has made on viewers. It inspired this loyal following of fans who appreciate my work [..] and want me to be present on their screen," Ward told Soap Opera Digest earlier this month when asked about fans' disappointment that the role had been recast.

Sullivan will first air on September 12.

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