Chris Robinson to revisit GH's Rick Webber

Posted Monday, March 11, 2013 6:21:34 PM
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Chris Robinson to revisit GH's Rick Webber

General Hospital will revisit one of its more controversial stories as part of its 50th anniversary celebration. Chris Robinson will reprise the role of Rick Webber, a character whose death more than a decade ago left many fans unhappy.

Veteran actor Chris Robinson (Rick Webber) is returning to General Hospital, more than a decade after his last appearance when his character was killed, seemingly by his own stepdaughter, Laura.

"I could never have predicted I'd be rejoining the group but I guess anything is possible on a soap, even when you've been dead 10 years!" Robinson told TVGuide's Michael Logan.

Working on the western, The Forsaken, when ABC contacted him, Robinson admits that his "scruffy" appearance didn't quite mesh with what Rick would look like. Thanks to an old photo and a makeover, Robinson cleaned up quite nicely.

So how is it possible that Rick is suddenly back on-screen? According to head writer Ron Carlivati, it's an attempt to undo a questionable past storyline decision.

"I grew up loving Rick and Monica," Carlivati offered, adding that he "couldn't imagine Rick would do some of the horrible things he did in his last appearance."

Robinson will indeed be sharing scenes with Leslie Charleson (Monica Quartermaine) in his "very surprising and appropriate" return, which coincides with General Hospital's 50th anniversary on April 1. Exactly how Rick returns is being kept under wraps.

While Robinson is the best-known Rick, it was actor Michael Gregory who originated the role in 1976. Robinson joined General Hospital in 1978 and remained with the show through November 1986. He returned briefly in 2002 for a story that resulted in Rick being killed off.

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