New GH head writer's tweet ignites Jason/Sam/Elizabeth fan blitz

Posted Friday, August 28, 2015 12:31:58 PM
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New GH writer's tweet ignites Jason/Sam/Elizabeth fan blitz

Brand new General Hospital co-head writer Jean Passanante has some GH fans up in arms over a "gentle" Twitter joke.

General Hospital's newest co-head writer, Jean Passanante, now knows first-hand just how passionate the ABC show's fans can be.

The writer, who just took over the job as the soap's head scribe along with cowriter Shelly Altman, commented on Twitter that "In today's tweet race, it looks like the Jasam people are pulling ahead of the Liason people. But it's early! #GH"

Shortly after posting the tweet, Passanante received a message from an upset fan that read, "And I was rooting for you [sad face]... I don't mess with this jizam [crap]. Strike one, girl..."

Passanante responded with a short explanation of her initial tweet. "Just to be clear: I made a gentle joke. Not taking sides or hinting at story. I love your advocacy for your fave couples, #GH fans," followed by, "This has been an amazing 10 minutes on Twitter, unintentionally igniting a #GH fan blitz. Love you guys. Time for a nap."

Meanwhile, another fan chimed in during the exchange, supporting the new writer with the message, "Sigh, some people can't take a joke. Ron [Carlivati, GH's former head writer] would get this EVERY day."

The mini-controversy comes hot on the heels of news that GH has dropped to fourth place in the key ratings demographics and could lose its position as the third most-watched daytime drama to NBC's Days of our Lives, which is only 88,000 viewers behind.

What do you think about Passanante's tweet? Did it bother you? Do you think that some fans on Twitter are just looking for reasons to be negative? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback.

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