General Hospital stars share super motivating stories for the New Year

Posted Monday, December 27, 2021 6:35:32 AM

Need a little inspiration to tackle a New Year's resolution? Find out how four General Hospital actresses worked up the courage and motivation to handle some of their biggest life moments, from starting a new business, to moving away from home, to chasing after a lifelong dream.

If there's ever a time to focus on inspiration, it's just before the start of a new year, when millions of people aim to make positive changes in their lives during the year ahead. If you're one of the millions looking for help in working up the motivation to make big changes or achieve a New Year's resolution, then you've come to the right place. Soap Central asked some of the stars of General Hospital to name something they've done that they're most proud of and how they worked up the courage to do it, and they were happy to share some really inspiring stories that will hopefully set you on the path to a brighter, happier, healthier 2022.

Eden McCoy (Josslyn Jacks)

"I moved out of my parents' house and into my own apartment at USC this year in August -- it was a huge change. I was nervous but also excited, and whenever I feel a little scared about not being under the same roof with them, I remind myself that I am ready and prepared and that they are just a phone call and a few miles away. They raised me to be independent and make smart decisions, so, I told myself that it was time to prove them right!"

Sofia Mattsson (Sasha Gilmore)

"I'm very proud to have started my own business, Ava Carrington handbags. I knew it would be a lot of hard work, but I kept focusing on the goal and enjoying the challenge and the fact that I was learning so much in the process. I think my courage came from just always (for better or worse) having a 'everything is possible attitude,' and my motivation came from being super excited about the end goal."

Sydney Mikayla (Trina Robinson)

"Oh, I've got a bunch! I was nominated for an Emmy, that was a huge one! I found a consistent workout routine and feel a lot stronger. I got into a great college and made new friends! I've read some new books, and I've really begun a self-love journey. I try to stay motivated by thinking positively, trying not to be too hard on myself, and just being around nice people. I'm also getting good at encouraging myself: 'You've got this, Sydney!'"

Katelyn MacMullen (Willow Tait)

"I'm proud of the fact that I had the courage to follow my dreams even though it was scary! I did it by surrounding myself with people who supported and inspired me. Keep forging ahead even during the dark times -- it'll pay off, and you'll be happy you did!"

What do you think about the above GH stars' proudest life moments? What's something you're extremely proud to have achieved, and how did you work up the motivation or courage to do it? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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