Réal Andrews addresses his General Hospital absence, if he'll be returning to the show

Posted Saturday, October 14, 2023 3:01:42 PM
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A surprising paternity reveal. Alcohol. It had all the makings for a blockbuster storyline, but instead, General Hospital's Marcus Taggert simply vanished.

Sometimes a character seems poised for a front burner storyline, but then... things happen, and the character simply disappears.

That's been the case -- as least so far -- with General Hospital's Marcus Taggert. When last spotted on-screen, after learning that Trina Robinson was not his biological daughter, Taggert was heading dangerously down the path of alcohol abuse.

But the character hasn't been seen since July.

Do the powers that be at General Hospital think that fans might not care as much about Taggert's plight now that he doesn't have a blood connection to one of the show's most popular characters? Could the fallout from the story be in the works for a later time (Hello, November Sweeps!)? Or is the storyline a casualty of interim writers stepping in during the writers' strike?

It's unclear, but actor Réal Andrews hints that he's ready, willing, and able to step back up to the plate if and when GH wants to pick up the story.

"I've been getting a lot of champions asking me about General Hospital," Andrew said in an Instagram video. "And once again, guys, it's like, listen, the way I look at it for me... is, I'm like the clean-up, you know, on baseball. If you call me up to bat, I'm gonna come up and hit a home run for you."

Addressing why he isn't on the show now, Andrews shrugged that off. "I cannot be and have no desire to be concerned about, you know, when I'm working or why I'm not working or why I'm working or whatever," he continued. All I can control is what I can control, and that's that when I am called, I am ready, and I show up with excellence."

If, for some reason, Taggert doesn't return, Andrews seems comfortable with that, as well.

"[I]f that's the last thing I ever do on General Hospital, it was a great way to go out, a great way, you know, stuff I'm very, very proud of," Andrews said.

Andrews made his first appearance as Taggert in 1997 and remained with the show through 2003. He made an anxiously anticipated return in 2020 and has made occasional appearances ever since.

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