Laura hears the real story about Holly and the necklace

General Hospital Recap for Monday, December 5, 2022
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Laura hears the real story about Holly and the necklace | GH Recap (Monday, December 5, 2022)
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Monday, December 5, 2022

At the gatehouse, Michael told Willow that he thought that people should know about her diagnosis, but Willow argued that she was against it. Michael reminded her that she had just fainted, but she blamed it on Nina. She made it clear that Nina was focused on causing trouble, and Sonny had been supporting Nina. Michael was angry at Sonny, but Willow thought that Michael's anger was costing him. Michael insisted that he was focused on Willow and helping her to fight her cancer, but Willow believed otherwise. Willow thought that Michael had been letting Sonny win, but Michael was smarter than that. Michael decided that he had to run out briefly but would return.

At Dex's place, Dex told Josslyn that he had been trying to do the right thing, and she told him she wanted honesty. He grabbed her and began to kiss her until they were interrupted by a knock at the door. It was Sonny, who called out that he knew that Dex was home. Frantically, Josslyn and Dex tried to come up with a plan, and finally, Dex opened the door. Sonny barged in as Dex tried to explain that he'd been in the middle of something. He suggested that he and Sonny meet at Sonny's office instead, which aroused Sonny's curiosity.

As Josslyn hid, Sonny pumped Dex for information pertaining to his movements after he'd been shot. Sonny suspected that Dex was hiding something. Dex tried to explain that he had located a secure spot where someone had taken care of him. He refused to divulge the person's name, and Sonny continued to press. Suddenly, Josslyn emerged from her hiding spot. "It was me," she said. Sonny was less than pleased as Josslyn related that she had been certain that Dex had been shot while working for Sonny. Dex dismissed her, but Josslyn spoke her piece before leaving. She didn't understand why Dex had remained loyal to Sonny. She refused Sonny's offer of a ride.

After Josslyn had gone, Sonny was furious. Dex stated that he hadn't planned to see Josslyn, but she had found him on the grounds of the boathouse. He added that later, she had taken him to her dorm. "Big mistake, Dex," Sonny growled. Dex insisted that he hadn't wanted to stay, but Josslyn had saved his life. "So be it," Dex exclaimed in the event that he lost his job. Sonny replied that Josslyn could not be a habit and that Dex would have to try harder.

In the meantime, Sonny had a job for Dex, if he was up to it. He outlined the possibility of his facilities being used for unofficial exports. Dex replied that he was up for it. "You better," Sonny said. He added that there was no more room for mistakes, and he rushed out of the apartment.

Shortly after, Michael showed up, and Dex revealed that Sonny had just been there. Michael wanted to pay Dex for his work, and he said that Dex could leave town because his job was over. Dex tried to return the money, but Michael said that he would only be focused on his family. Dex told him about the upcoming illegal activity that would be occurring in Sonny's facilities. Dex maintained that they couldn't quit and that it would be a good time to take Sonny down.

Robert stared at a photo of himself and Holly as he sat in his office. There was a knock at the door, and Olivia was there to voice her sympathy about Holly. Robert divulged that Holly had a long road ahead of her for recovery, but she would pull through. Olivia was more concerned about Robert and the fact that Holly had double-crossed him. She thought that Robert had received a "raw deal" because Holly didn't understand loyalty. Robert didn't think that he and Holly had ever been destined to work out, but he thought that she had had some difficult choices to make.

Olivia thought there was more to the story, and she asked if there had been a reason for Holly's betrayal. Robert didn't think it mattered, and Olivia thought that both he and Holly were paying for Holly's deceit. Olivia wanted Robert to know that he wasn't alone if he needed to talk. After she left, Robert returned to his desk, pulled out a secret drawer, and removed the necklace. He sat and stared at it.

As Cody stepped off the elevator at General Hospital, he received a message that Mac wanted to see him at Metro Court. Nearby, Britt and Austin were talking about a birthday party that Britt wanted to have for herself because she'd never had one. Cody asked if he would be invited. Britt glared at him and sarcastically suggested that he spend time grifting his next woman. The two bickered, and finally, Britt told him to cut his losses because the two of them had no future. She walked off with Austin.

Heading into Britt's office, Austin wanted to know what had just happened, but Britt didn't want to discuss it. She said that she wanted her party to be on the Haunted Star because she didn't know how many birthdays she had left. Austin was sure it wouldn't be Britt's last birthday, and she told him that she was "mad as hell" about her condition. She proclaimed that she wanted a big, bad birthday party and admitted that while she feared getting to her death, she didn't fear the actual death itself.

Austin accepted Britt's invite for himself and Maxie for Britt's "final epic turn-up." He gave her a hard time about her choice of words. Britt explained that she didn't want to be a burden and would leave Port Charles right after the party in order to protect her privacy. She refused to talk about Cody. Austin thought that Britt was pushing people away and asked if she was afraid that Cody wouldn't be able to handle things. Britt replied that she didn't even want her mother to handle it, but Austin thought that Britt's friends and family would be hurt if they couldn't be with her.

Britt believed that she was sparing people, but Austin thought she was sparing herself because she was selfish. He quickly corrected himself and said that selfish was harsh. He thought she was proud. He related a story about his father, who had avoided conversation, and then it was too late. He accused Britt of robbing everyone of precious moments with her. He then joked and asked about the dress code, and Britt suggested that he have Maxie choose his clothes.

Drew stopped at Carly's house to let her know that one of his contacts had found a friend of Harmony's from the Peace and Love Commune, and the female firefighter was heading to Port Charles to meet. He was hopeful that the woman, Denise McKenzie, would be able to provide information on how Harmony had obtained Willow. Carly hoped that Drew wouldn't be disappointed, but she stopped him from calling Willow to give her the news.

Carly told Drew about Willow's fainting and suggested that he talk to Denise first. He mentioned how so many people had lied to Willow in the past. He noticed Carly's distraction, and she told him about Nina's accusation of Carly having an affair with Brick. She admitted that that had been the reason for her telling Sonny about her and Drew. As they shared a kiss, Josslyn walked in, and she remembered Dex's kiss. Carly said she was looking forward to when she no longer had to hide kissing Drew. "I hear ya," Josslyn replied.

Drew left, Josslyn went to take a shower, and Carly phoned Olivia to ask for a favor. She wanted to know when Denise McKenzie checked into Metro Court.

Mac, Felicia, and Laura sat at a table at Metro Court. Mac suspected that Robert was brooding in his office. Valentin stopped, and Laura informed him that Holly was "holding her own." Mac accused Valentin's family of being behind all that had transpired, especially where the Ice Princess was concerned. "Where there's trouble, there's Victor," Mac said. He admitted that he couldn't connect Victor directly yet, but Victor had been causing people to make desperate decisions.

Valentin told Mac not to assume where Valentin's loyalties lay, but Mac warned him not to be too close because Victor would be going down. Felicia and Laura exchanged glances. Mac left, and Valentin sat down. Laura noted that Robert had suspected Holly of passing information to Victor because no one had been able to reach Ethan. Valentin thought that he could help, but Felicia quickly shouted out for him not to do that. She stated that everything was not as it seemed, and she suggested that Laura talk to Robert. Laura invited Valentin to get in touch with her for dinner, and she left.

Valentin thought that his contacts could help in locating Ethan. Felicia admitted that Lucy was also a hostage of Victor's after Valentin guessed, and she told him what had been suspected of happening at the pier the day that Lucy had disappeared. Valentin demanded to know where Anna was, as she needed to know. Felicia wrote down a name on a piece of paper and handed it to Valentin. She told him that the person would know how to get in touch with Anna. Valentin opened the paper, and his eyes widened. He ripped the paper and dunked it into his drink. Felicia told him it wouldn't be easy.

Nearby, Mac met with Cody at the bar and bought him a drink. Mac divulged that the necklace was missing and presumed destroyed in the fire. Cody couldn't believe that he'd lost another inheritance, and he told Mac a story about breaking in a wild mustang before getting tossed onto the ground with both a broken wrist and pride. He said that he was back to having nothing, and he wondered about always making wrong choices. Mac told him that money wasn't everything, and Cody was not the same man as his father, whose only good had been to provide Cody with an inheritance.

Cody was about to say something, but Felicia interrupted and said that she wanted to leave. Cody remarked that the DNA test result had been his loss. "Ours, too," Mac replied.

As Robert sat and stared at the necklace in his office, there was another knock on his door. He hurriedly put the necklace away and opened the door. It was Laura, who told him that Felicia had mentioned that there was more to the story. Robert retrieved the necklace and showed it to Laura. He assured her that she had never been in any risk after her run-in with Holly, and Laura wished she had known. He told her that Holly had been worried about her son, and she would be able to rescue him. He said that Victor would lose another hostage, but Laura declared that Victor had to lose everything.

Robert indicated that the diamonds had come from the Ice Princess, and there were secrets. Laura exclaimed that they needed to be uncovered, and Victor had to be stopped.

Drew visited with Willow to make certain that she was behind him one hundred percent in his search for her family. He hoped he wouldn't disappoint her. Willow confirmed that she was behind him and wanted answers.

Valentin stood by the elevator at Metro Court. As the doors opened, Sonny stepped off. The men glared at each other as Valentin got on.

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