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Audrey March Hardy
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Actor History

Registered Nurse

Former head of student nurses at General Hospital


453 Maple Avenue, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Single/Widowed (Steve Hardy)

Past Marriages

Steve Hardy (divorced)

Tom Baldwin (divorced)

Jim Hobart (divorced)

Steve Hardy (dissolved by his death)


Lucille March (sister)

Anne Logan (niece)


Thomas Hardy Sr. (son; with Tom)

Thomas Hardy Jr. (grandson)

Jeff Webber (step-son; via Steve)

Elizabeth Webber (step-granddaughter; via Jeff)

Sarah Webber (step-granddaughter; via Jeff)

Steven Lars Webber (step-grandson; via Jeff)

Cameron Webber (step-great grandson; via Elizabeth)

Jacob Martin Spencer (step-great grandson; via Elizabeth)

Aiden Nikolas Spencer (step-great grandson; via Elizabeth)

Flings & Affairs

Randy Washburn (engaged)

Crimes Committed

Lied about her baby being stillborn, and tried to prevent Tom from discovering the truth [1971]

Accused of murdering Peggy Nelson (found not guilty) [1971]

Health and Vitals

Collasped with lymphoma [1964]

Injured in an auto wreak, which caused Audrey to have a miscarriage [1965]

Raped by Dr. Tom Baldwin [1969]

Drug overdose [1976]

Attacked by psychotic Ryan Chamberlain, who believed that Audrey was his abusive mother [1993]

Hit in the head by Greg Cooper during a hostage crisis at General Hospital [1997]

Brief Character History

In 1964, Audrey March came to Port Charles to visit her sister Lucille March, a senior nurse at General Hospital. Audrey was both a registered nurse and a flight attendant whose wild ways exasperated Lucille. When Audrey met Dr. Steve Hardy it was love at first sight and Audrey decided to stay in town as a General Hospital nurse. Steve and Audrey began to see each other and he fell in love also. The two planned to marry but Steve dragged his feet on setting a date. Audrey was convinced that Steve loved his job more than he loved her. Meanwhile, one of Audrey's first patients was junior executive Randy Washburn who gave Audrey jewelry, invites to exotic locations and finally asked her to be his wife! Audrey broke her engagement to Steve and agreed to marry Randy in the Philippines. However, just before departing, Audrey collapsed with lymphoma! Fortunately, radiation stopped the spread of the disease. Steve stood by Audrey's bedside during her recovery while Randy left town and never came back. Steve once again asked Audrey to marry him and she accepted.

In February of 1965, Audrey and Steve married. Audrey yearned for children but for some reason they couldn't conceive a child! Audrey underwent artificial insemination and became pregnant. Audrey then tried to lead Steve into believing that the child was his. However, Audrey was so plagued with guilt that she finally told Steve about the procedure while the two of them were driving. Steve got so upset that he lost control of the car and it crashed. As a result, Audrey lost the baby. Devastated, and believing that Steve would never forgive her, Audrey filed for divorce and left for Vietnam to aid with the orphans.

In 1969, Audrey returned to Port Charles after her four year stint in Vietnam. Determined to prove to herself that she was over Steve, Audrey married Dr. Tom Baldwin. Night after night, Tom pleaded with Audrey to enter into lovemaking but Audrey continued to spurn his advances. Her heart would always belong to Steve. Finally, Tom snapped and forced himself on Audrey! Disgusted after Tom raping her, Audrey kicked him out of the house and nearly pressed charges. Then, Audrey discovered that she was pregnant. Audrey didn't want Tom to have anything to do with her baby and she divorced him and left town, never telling anyone but her sister Lucille about her pregnancy.

In 1971, Audrey surprised Lucille by returning to town claiming that her baby was stillborn. However, little 'Stevie' was alive and living across town with a nanny Peggy Nelson. Audrey spun a web of lies to keep Tom from contesting their divorce. She was certain that if he knew about their child Tom would never leave her and the baby alone. Audrey planned to tell Steve that 'Stevie' was the son of Peggy Nelson's cousin and that she wanted to adopt him from Mrs. Nelson. Then, Steve and Audrey would marry and raise 'Stevie' as their own. The plan would have succeeded too, if Peggy Nelson didn't overhear Audrey's scheme. Mrs. Nelson got greedy and blackmailed Audrey or else threatened to tell Tom the complete truth. Audrey had no choice. Suddenly, Mrs. Nelson was found shot! Audrey's secret was revealed and she was charged with the murder. She was nearly convicted until the real killer, Mrs. Nelson's ex-husband Arnold confessed. Audrey was set free and discovered that the only way to keep her son from Tom was to remarry him. When the marriage failed yet again, Tom got nervous and kidnapped his son, Tommy Jr., to Mexico. Eventually, Audrey received word that Tom had died. Young Tommy's return was just in time as he was in desperate need of open-heart surgery. New arrival Dr. Jim Hobart performed the surgery. In rapid time, Audrey married Jim, much to the alarm of Lucille and Steve who believed that marriage was out of gratitude and not love.

In 1972, Jim injured his hand and became a hopeless alcoholic. Audrey was suffering through another tragic marriage.

In 1976, Jim's raging alcoholism tore the marriage apart and he walked out. In despair, Audrey took an overdose of pills but realized that if she died, Tommy would be alone. Luckily, Steve found her and rushed her to GH. Audrey recovered and declared her endless love for Steve. The two reconciled but tragedy soon struck when Steve tripped down a flight of hospital stairs and Audrey found him unconscious at the bottom. Steve was paralyzed until Audrey became his personal physiotherapist. Steve and Audrey then walked down the aisle and remarried.

In 1977, Steve and Audrey were both happy and Steve planned to adopt Tommy until Tom Baldwin came back....alive! Tom begged Audrey to remarry him (being that her marriage to Steve was now invalid) but Audrey refused. A confused Tommy ran away from home and Tom saw how he was affecting his son. Tom gave up all parental rights and left town forever. Steve and Audrey remarried again and Steve adopted Tommy. Audrey finally had the family that she wanted.

In 1979, Audrey learned that her family was expanding when she was told by Terri Webber Arnett that her brother Dr. Jeff Webber was Steve's son by an affair with the late Helene Webber. Audrey kept it secret until Lassa fever hit and Steve fell ill. Audrey thought that Steve was dying and stunned Jeff with the news that Steve was his real father. Jeff was hurt and cold to Steve after his recovery. Eventually Steve and Jeff bonded. That same year, Audrey's niece Anne Logan and her adopted son Jeremy Hewitt came to town. Audrey watched happily as Anne got closer to Jeff and he got farther away from his lying wife Heather Grant Webber.

In 1981, Audrey had to lend her support to Anne as she was charged with the murder of Diana Maynard Taylor. There was a clear cut case against Anne as Heather Grant Webber framed her and Heather's mother Alice Grant was the actual killer. The truth came out and Jeff left town that year with Audrey and Steve's first grandchild Steven Lars Webber. Jeff and Steven Lars had just been reunited as Steven Lars' mother Heather had sold him away to Peter and Diana Maynard Taylor three years earlier as a newborn.

In 1984, Audrey and Steve said goodbye to Tom Hardy as he left Port Charles for medical school.

In 1987, Audrey was overjoyed by the return of her son Tom to Port Charles as Dr. Tom Hardy. Things weren't all well however when Audrey learned that Tom was seeing Simone Ravelle, a black doctor at GH. Audrey feared that Tom would face discrimination over the relationship but agreed to support the new couple.

In 1993, Audrey surprised Steve with an anniversary party to honor his thirty years at General Hospital. Later, Audrey was attacked by a psychotic Ryan Chamberlain who believed that she was his abusive mother! Audrey was badly hurt and Steve had to perform surgery on his own wife. Audrey eventually recovered and Ryan was jailed. Audrey faced her biggest challenge in the summer of 1996 when her beloved Steve Hardy died of a heart attack. Audrey had to deal with facing the world alone without her one true love.

In 1997, a hostage crisis at GH led to Audrey being hit in the head by Greg Cooper, a former applicant as an intern who was turned out by the hospital board. Unable to get Audrey to the ER, intern Joe Scanlon had to use a power drill to relieve the pressure in Audrey's head. Joe's quick work saved Audrey's life. As Audrey recovered, Sarah and Elizabeth Webber, the daughters of Steve's son Jeff, came to town to help their beloved 'Gram'. Sarah was a sweet high school senior who wanted to take care of Audrey while Elizabeth was a year younger and only wanted to take care of herself. Jeff and his new wife traveled to Europe to work in Bosnia so Audrey agreed to raise the two teens.

In 1998, Audrey had to relive her past when Elizabeth was raped by an unknown attacker. Audrey confessed that Tom Baldwin had raped her 30 years before. The bond between Audrey and Elizabeth grew as they both tried to cope. When Elizabeth began to see Lucky Spencer, Audrey feared he was a bad influence for her but Lucky proved himself worthy by helping Elizabeth grow as a person after the rape. Sarah left Port Charles after her graduation to attend college in Rome.

In 1999, Audrey helped Elizabeth cope with the 'death' of Lucky and encouraged her to continue her love for painting by paying for a waterfront studio. Audrey however found mobster Jason Quartermaine-Morgan in the studio and wrongly assumed that Jason and Elizabeth were having an affair! Audrey ordered Jason to stay away which angered Elizabeth who moved out of Audrey's house.

In 2000, Audrey found mobster Sonny Corinthos talking with Elizabeth and feared that her life was in danger. Audrey confronted Sonny about his lifestyle which pushed Elizabeth to tell her to either allow her to have her own life or to not be apart of that life at all. Audrey realized she was pushing Elizabeth away and they are just beginning to reconcile.

In 2003, Audrey once again proved to be really protective of Liz when Liz was hit by a hit-and-run driver and left for dead. Audrey gave Liz support in the hospital when she learned that she was temporarily blind. Though Audrey didn't want Ric, Liz's estranged husband, anywhere near Liz during her stay at the hospital, Liz assured Audrey that she could handle Ric.

Audrey has been seldom seen since 2003, but she is always there whenever Elizabeth needs her counsel.

In 2013, Audrey attended the unveiling of a portrait at the hospital of her late husband Steve. It was to commemorate what would have been his fifty year anniversary at the hospital. While Audrey was at the hospital, she visited with Elizabeth and they discussed how most of the family had gone in to medicine but they were now scattered around the world.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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