Rebecca Budig returns to General Hospital
Posted Wednesday, May 08, 2019 8:47:45 PM
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The latest news from General Hospital is definitely cartwheel inducing: Rebecca Budig is bringing Hayden Barnes back to Port Charles!

General Hospital fans have been waiting for the day when Rebecca Budig reprises her role as Hayden Barnes, and the exciting moment is finally here. The fan favorite All My Children alum is heading back to Port Charles.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Budig will be back on screen this summer as the heartbreaker who left Finn high and dry. And according to the publication, it looks like Hayden is ready to reveal that she secretly had Finn's (Michael Easton) baby!

As fans of the ABC soap opera may recall, Hayden left Finn at the altar in September of 2017. While she was clearly pregnant at the time, she made him believe that she'd lost their child -- which will only add more drama to an already complicated situation, since Finn has moved on romantically with Anna (Finola Hughes).

Plans to bring Budig back in the role of Hayden have been on the docket for quite some time, with ABC executive Nathan Varni teasing earlier this year that the character could be back at any moment.

"I think it's definitely a possibility," he said. "As you know, we left Hayden telling Finn she lost the baby, but the reality of the situation was that she did not lose the baby. So, I think with that cliffhanger, there's definitely room to perhaps one day play that again. Obviously, no guarantees, but I think the writers did a good job of kind of tying that story up and leaving a lot to be desired, and that could be a potential obstacle down the road for Finn and kind of a big surprise."

Budig first joined General Hospital in 2015. Prior to that, she starred as All My Children's Greenlee Smythe and Guiding Light's Michelle Bauer.

What do you think about GH bringing Rebecca Budig back as Hayden Barnes? What do you hope the powers that be have planned for Hayden's return? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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