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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on GL
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Monday, December 9, 1996

Bridget made plans to visit the plastic surgeon and Nola overeard the call and tried to stop her. Roger came in and listened in on a converstion between Bridget and Nola in which Nola was trying to convince Bridget not to have the plastic surgery done.

Nola pointed out that the guy for her would love her for who she was and would make her feel beautiful. Bridget was affected by what Nola said adn decided that she would take some pictures that she had gotten developed of Peter and show them to Hart.

Roger then came over to Bridget and asked if anything was wrong and if he could help. Bridget showed him the pictures, let him have one, and then left. Roger apologized to Nola for interfering. Nola didn't buy his concern, but filled him in on Bridget's plastic surgery plans. Roger volunteered to talk to Bridget and then left.

Outside, Roger ran into Jean Luc and promised him that Dinah would soon be alone and that she would be free to have him spend some time with her. Roger asked him if he knew where the farm was and hinted that he should be there that night.

Dinah returned to the farm, intent on finishing the picture frame. Hart came in and apologized for being a jerk. Hart asked her why she was being so silly and Dinah got upset again.

Hart tried to convince her that he loved her the way that she was and did not want her to change in any way. Hart then went to get her a Christmas gift that he had bought her in order to cheer her up.

Dinah changed into the gown that Hart had bought for her. Hart was carrying Dinah upstairs when Bridget burst in to show Hart the pictures of Peter. Bridget tried to leave, but Hart stopped her and looked at the pictures. Hart commented on a sweater that Peter was wearing in one of the pictures, and Bridget replied that she had knitted it. This didn't sit well with Dinah. After Bridget left, Dinah was determined to make something for Peter out of the pine cones.

Outside, Bridget dropped a white piece of paper which Roger picked up. Roger went into the house and showed the paper to Hart which had the plastic surgeon's appointment on it. Hart decided to go and stop Bridget.

Roger went outside where he saw Jean Luc and told him that Dinah was alone.

Dinah came down to show Hart the reindeer that she made for Peter and found Jean Luc instead.

The plastic surgeon showed Bridget what a little plastic surgery could do for her.

Reva went to Cross Creek and thought about her mother and her mother's wish that she reunite with Josh

Annie unpacked her things, and Josh came in to tell her that he was going to tell the kids about Sarah. Josh and Annie went to talk to Marah and Shayne. The kids greeted them, and Marah asked why they came home if Sarah was so sick. Josh and Annie explained that Sarah had died and Marah and Shayne started crying. Josh explained to them that she was in a better place now.

Josh commented to Annie on how great she was with the kids. He then pointed out that it must be hard on them first losing Vanessa and now Sarah. He also said that he was glad that they were waiting to have children so he could be there for Marah and Shayne. Annie tried to talk to him, but Shayne came in and told Josh that he had broken the faucet in Josh and Annie's bathroom.

Annie tried to stop Josh from fixing the faucet, but when she went to get hot chocolate, he went upstairs anyway. Josh sent Shayne for his toolchest and rummaged under the sink. Annie's tampered with birth control fell out and Josh figured out what was going on.

Michelle was setting the table, when Meta came in and asked why she hadn't set a place for Zachary. Michelle was upset that Zachary was still coming. Meta commented that she was like Michelle when she was young and that she had known men like Zachary. Meta said that if Zachary didn't want to get to know the family, she didn't feel comfortable with Michelle visiting him alone. Michelle pouted that Meta was treating her like a child.

The door rang and it was Zacahry. Michelle ran upstairs to get changed, but warned Meta not to talk to Zachary. Meta asked Zachary some questions and Zachary mentioned that he would be moving on after he finished the lighthouse. Meta replied that he must be a wanderer like his grandfather. Zachary said that was unlikely since he wasn't from around here. Meta said that her Zachary had worked on the town bell tower, by coincidence and had left town suddenly. Zachary tried to change the subject, but Meta asked him if he was sure he hadn't met Mary Bauer.

Zachary commented that he had first thought Michelle's name was Mary, but didn't know the person Meta was talking about. Meta was asking Zachary how long he and Michelle had been dating when Michelle came down and got very upset with Meta and left. Zachary went after her and as he was leaving told Meta that Michelle was a smart girl, her choices were up to her.

This struck a chord with Meta who reminisced about when she was a young girl. Young Meta witnessed a conversation between Zachary and Mary in which Zachary told her that "he" has to marry her. Mary replied that "he" would never marry her and that she would be so ashamed. Mary left and young Meta came up to Zachary and asked him what was wrong with Mary. Zachary told her that Mary was a smart girl, her choices were up to her.

Meta came back to reality and muttered to her self that it couldn't be.

Tuesday, December 10, 1996

Josh figured out that Annie had tampered with her diaphragm. Annie came in and Josh confronted her with the evidence and asked her to explain. Annie tried to blame it on Shayne, but Josh told her he'd have to be stupid not to know what happened and asked her to tell him herself. Annie admitted that she cut up her diaphragm.

Josh asked her how she could have done this after they had talked about waiting to have children, and then brought up the fact that he didn't know if she was even going to her AA meetings. Annie told him that it was different this time because her slip was with pills and not alcohol. Josh pointed out that she had slipped with alcohol also.

Annie told him that "he" was the one who decided that they wouldn't have children, and that she wanted a baby because she thought that it would bring them closer together. Josh was mad that she went behind his back and told her in no uncertain terms that he did not want another child. Annie asked if that meant Josh didn't want their baby, and Josh asked her if she was trying to tell him that she was pregnant.

Annie replied that she didn't know and Josh answered that he just hoped the rabbit lived and it was not the time for them to have a child under any circumstamces. Annie told him that a child was the best way to show their love. Josh pointed out that this wasn't about love it was about manipulation. Josh was so angry that she had tried to trap him, that he left. Annie ran after him, but Josh wouldn't listen to anything she had to say.

Josh got on a plane bound for Cross Creek.

Reva contacted the woman, Myrtle, with whom she and her siblings had stayed while her mother was in Chicago in the hopes of finding out some information about her lost sibling.

Reva was going over clues that her mother had given her, when Myrtle dropped by. Miss Myrtle asked to see Josh and Reva had to explain that she and Josh were no longer together. Reva then told her that her mother had died, which made Myrtle upset. Reva asked Miss Myrtle about the time that she and her siblings had spent with her while her mother was in Chicago.

Myrtle told Reva that she didn't know why her mother left and assumed that it had something to do with Hawk being such a tomcat. Myrtle suggested that she contact Sarah's lawyer who sent her checks to take care of the kids while Sarah was in Chicago.

Myrtle told her the name of the lawyer and then left. Reva tried to get a hold of the lawyer, but it was too late in the day. Reva called Buzz and told him that she still needed some more time, but that she loved him.

The plastic surgeon scheduled an appointment for Bridget for the end of the week. He discussed the details of the surgery, including the recovery time. Bridget was a little concerned, but decided to go for it anyway.

She was waiting to get collagen injected into her lips when Hart burst in. Bridget asked Hart what he was doing there, and Hart asked to talk to her. Hart told her that she was beautiful and asked her why she would want to cut herself up.

Hart wanted to know why she would want to get any work done on her face when she was fine the way she was. He pointed out that he didn't like skinny model types and didn't know why she would want to look like one. Bridget pointed out that he was a hypocrite because he always fell in love with girls who looked like they should be on a magazine cover.

Hart protested that he loved Dinah for who she was not what she looked like. Bridget asked him if he would still love Dinah if she was 300 pounds. Hart just insisted that it was not about looks. Hart tried to convince her not to change and that he loved her just the way she was. Bridget was moved by this and left with him.

Nola and Zach discussed Vanessa's request and Alice came in. Nola was talking to Alice when Quint and Matt came in and Nola waved them over.

The four of them sat down to eat and Nola discussed Matt's construction work and he and Alice discovered that they both like Frank Loyd Wright, the architect. Nola pulled Quint aside to let them have a chance to be alone.

Matt apologized to Alice for Nola setting them up.

Quint told Nola she was being too obvious.

Matt told Alice that Nola meant well and not to take it personally but that he had just lost his wife. Alice replied that she was a widow herself and remembered when well-meaning friends tried to set her up before she was ready. Matt got up and left.

Zachary pointed out to Nola that Matt was leaving and Nola went over to him and told him that he couldn't leave because they hadn't had dessert yet. Matt answered her by saying Alice was a nice woman and that Nola should try setting her up with someone else. He then left as Bridget was coming in. Nola noticed that Bridget hadn't gone through with the plastic surgery, and Bridget informed her that Hart had stopped her.

Dinah asked Jean Luc to go, and Jean Luc informed her that Hart had left to see Bridget. Dinah asked him why he was there and he answered that he wanted to apologize for dumping her. Dinah told him that that didn't matter now because she had Hart. Jean Luc then picked up the pine cone reindeer that Dinah had made for Peter and asked what the mostrosity was and told her she was fooling noone with this pretext and that she belonged with him in Paris.

Dinah defended Hart and the farm to Jean Luc who responded taht there would never be anyone like Dinah. Dinah protested that she had matured since he knew her and that she now knew the importance of family and love. Jean Luc agreed that love was the most important thing of all.

Dinah told him that Hart didn't want to change her and that she wanted a partner in life and not someone who would tell her how to act. She pointed out that he had been interested in her only as a possible meal ticket, and that he had dumped her when her tuition money ran out. Jean Luc reminisced about the good days with Dinah.

Jean Luc pointed out that she would eventually tire of the farm and that a girl like her could never make a man like Hart happy for long. Hart came back and asked what was going on.

Dinah replied that Jean Luc was just leaving and he left with Dinah saying that she never wanted to see him again. Hart told him to get lost. Hart told Dinah that he had to handle something with Bridget

Outside, Jean Luc called Roger and told him that they were making progress.

Wednesday, December 11, 1996

Josh opened the door at Cross Creek and Reva came came down her nightgown and asked what he was doing there. Josh told her he thought she was still in Italy with Buzz to which Reva replied that she hadn't been home yet and she was alone.

Reva put on a robe and asked about the kids. Josh replied that he had told the kids about Sarah's death. Reva assumed that he had brought Annie and the kids with him and told that she would leave and get out of their way. Josh told he that he was alone. Reva asked what happened and the phone rang.

Josh answered the phone, and it was Annie. He asked her what she wanted and told her that he didn't want her to join him. He told her he needed time to think before he came back and made his decision. She told him that he needed to talk to someone and asked if there was anyone there with him that he could talk to. He answered by asking her if she really wanted him to tell people what she was capable of. She protested that she had only tried to get pregnant because she loved him. He told her that he didn't want her to come and that he would be back in a few days after he had decided what to do.

Reva overheard the conversation and asked Josh if he and Annie had had a fight. Josh said that things between he and Annie would never be the same.

Josh filled Reva in on Annie's little pregnancy scheme.

Josh told Reva that he had wanted to go to her in Italy, but Reva told him that they did the right thing by doing nothing. She said that he had to concentrate on Annie and she had to concentrate on her mother's last request.

Reva then told him that they should go to bed now, before they did anything they would regret. She would sleep on the sofa and he on the upstairs bed. Josh went to help her make up the sofa.

Josh turned out the lights and Reva went to bed. Josh started up the stairs, but couldn't help stopping and looking at Reva.

On the other end of the phone, Annie hung up, jumped out of her chair and ran off. Annie ended up at the fertility clinic where she asked Fran to find the results of the pregnancy test out.

Fran came back with the test results and said that they were negative.

Buzz and Marina were blowing up balloons to celebrate Frank's promotion when Alan-Michael and Lucy came by followed by Dahlia and Marcus.

Everyone surprised Frank when he came in and congrajulated him on his promotion. Alan-Michael asked Buzz where Reva was and Buzz explained that he didn't know and that Reva was taking care of business for her mother. Alan-Michael then got a call on his cell-phone and told Lucy that Phillip wanted to see him, and he left.

Frank showed Marina his new detective's badge.

In the kitchen, Eleni was crying. Dahlia came in and asked what was wrong. Eleni replied that she didn't know why she was crying she was just relieved that she didn't have to worry about Frank getting injured anymore. Frank came in and Eleni told him told him he couldn't give up hope.

Alan asked him why he gave a damn and Griffen replied that someday their positions might be reversed and he might need a pep talk someday. He then finished by saying that anything was possible, even regaining his sons' love.

Alex brought Alan-Michale, Phillip, Amanda and Roger by to see Alan. Alan-Michael told him that Phillip and Amanda came to him with a good business proposition: Spaulding enterprises would buy Advantage Systems. When Alan protested that Alan-Michael didn't know anything about his company, Alan-Michael replied that it didn't matter because he was hiring Amanda and Roger as vice presidents of Spaulding and they would take care of everything. Needless to say, this did not make Alan happy.

Thursday, December 12, 1996

Matt entered Company and went upstairs. Bridget went over to wait on a table and Matt came downstairs and asked her where Nola was. Matt wanted to apoligize to her. He explained to Bridget that Nola had set him up last night. Matt then explained that he couldn't help feeling that Vanessa was still alive.

Bridget asked him if he really believed that Vanessa was still alive. He responded that in his head he knew she was dead, but in his heart he couldn't help feeling that she was still out there somewhere. Bridget said that Vanessa with God know. Matt wanted to know why Bridget was so spiritual all of the sudden, and she told him that Hart had told her that she was wonderful and beautiful. Matt was not happy.

Matt told her that he wanted what was best for Bridget, but he was concerned about her getting involved with Hart. Bridget said that things were different now and that Hart had told her he loved her, which was a start. Bridget asked Matt to be happy for her. Matt explained that Hart and Dinah were going to get married and Bridget replied that that hadn't happened yet.

Matt told Bridget that he wanted her to be happy, but that it was trouble getting involved with someone who was already involved. Bridget replied that she deserved this and wasn't going to stop until she got it.

Bridget asked Matt to stop worrying and Matt left.

Zachary talked to Vanessa's doctor in Switzerland who told him that she was getting worse. Zach then went in to see Vanessa who wanted to know about Matt. She asked if Nola had gotten the letter and if she was finding someone for Matt. Zach informed her that Nola had tried fixing Matt up. Vanessa wanted to know everything and Zach told her about the date with Alice. Vanessa wanted to know about Alice and whether Matt had liked her. Vanessa sensed that Zach wasn't being completely honest with her when he said that Matt would get on with his life in time.

Zach explained that Matt had told the woman that he wasn't ready yet. Vanessa felt that he had to find someone, but Zach said that Matt would get better with time. Vanessa seemed content with this explanation.

Dinah served Hart a snack in a sexy nightgown. Hart thanked her but told her he wasn't really hungry and wanted to get some sleep. Dinah asked what was wrong and Hart told her that he was worried about Bridget. Dinah had some unkind words about Bridget and Hart told her that she shouldn't insult her.

Dinah wanted to know why he ran off earlier, but Hart was reluctant to tell her. Dinah didn't like it that Hart didn't want her to know. Hart swore her to secrecy and told Dinah he had stopped Bridget from getting plastic surgery.

Dinah asked Hart why he felt it was his responsibility to to go after Bridget. Hart replied that she was his friend. Dinah accused Bridget of manipulating Hart. Dinah was sick of his rushing to Bridget's side. Hart told Dinah that he feels repsonsible for Bridget because she is the mother of his child. Dinah pointed out that Bridget was trying to come between them.

Dinah told Hart that she was scared of him being with other women. Hart reassured her that there was no one on this earth who loved him her as much as him.

Hart and Dinah discussed going to Switzerland, but Dinah was a little reluctant to go skiing. Dinah said she couldn't wait to show him Switzerland. They started kissing on the couch.

In Switzerland, Vanessa thought about how much Dinah would love it there. Vanessa was comforted knowing that her family was moving on without ever knowing what really happened to her.

Alan blew up over Roger and Alan-Michael yelled that he was president of Spaulding now not him and that he didn't see a problem with it. Roger stepped forward to say something to Alan. Alan lifted himself out of his chair and started to throttle Roger. Phillip and Alan-Michael pulled him off of Roger.

Phillip went to get Alan's doctor. Roger said that he was only trying to encourage Alan to get well. Alan asked if they had all smapped and didn't want to hear their explanations. Phillip and the doctor came in and Alan told Roger that he would stop him. Roger tried to get Alan to get out of the chair again, but Alan refused to try until Alex asked him. Alan tried to get up again but was not very succesful. Alan was furious at ordered them all out. Roger and Amanda left.

Outside, Roger told a worried Amanda that he was prepared for Alan's eventual recovery and that thanks to Alex they had their foot in the door of Spaulding.

The doctor examined Alan and told Alex that just because Alan had showed some progress didn't ensure that he would ever regain the use of his legs. The doctor then left. Alan-Michael explained that having Roger in the office would be an opportunity to keep an eye on him. Alan didn't care to discuss it anymore so Phillip and Alan-Michael left. Alex asked Alan what was wrong with him for making his children leave the first time they had all come and visited him.

Alan-Michael and Phillip discussed Aunt Alex and her ruse to make Alan better. Phillip admitted to Alan-Michael that when his father stood up and went after Roger that he felt a twinge. Alan-Michael agreed that he felt something also when Alan grabbed Roger's throat.

Phillip and Alan-Michael laughed over their father's reaction and voiced their concerns over Amanda. Alan-Michael and Phillip discussed how they both felt sorry for Amanda. Phillip asked Alan-Michael if he would help him plan an early Christmas for Lizzie. They both got up to leave.

Alan told Alex that he was concerned about Roger. When Alex reassured him that Alan-Michael and Phillip could take care of Roger, Alan suspected Alex of setting him up. Alex tried to convince him that his sons wouldn't be a part of such a thing, and Alan ordered her to leave. Alex then left.

Amanda and Roger entered Company and discussed her gaining control of Spaulding. Roger said that she should trust him, and Amanda asked what trusting him would cost her. Roger brought up that Amanda needed to help him break up Ross and Blake.

Roger and Amanda called it a night and told Amanda not to worry about Spaulding. Amanda left.

Bridget thought back to Hart stopping her from getting plastic surgery and telling her that he loved her the way that she was. Roger came over to Bridget and asked how she was. Bridget told him that Hart stopped her and that she knew know that he cared about her. Roger told her how pleased he was and that he wanted them together. This was just the first step and she needed to seize the moment.

Friday, December 13, 1996

In the true tradition of Friday the 13th, disaster struck. Our recapper's computer crashed and we were unable to post a recap.

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