Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on GL
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on GL
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Monday, March 24, 1997

Dinah and Matt were discussing the plans for the hospital wing that is being built in Vanessa's honor. While they were talking, Hart showed up with Peter. Hart asked Dinah what they were doing, and she explained the plans for the new wing. She said Matt was working on the plans for her. Matt took Peter off to play ball, and Dinah and Hart started talking. Dinah asked if Hart had slept at the boarding house and he said no. Hart told Dinah that Peter misses her. Hart told Dinah that he wants to see Dinah for lunch, with Peter. Matt and Dinah had to leave, so Hart and Dinah agreed to have their lunch at another time.

Alex showed up at the board meeting. Alan asked her to tell everyone that Roger was lying, and that Alex knew nothing abut Amanda being Alan's sister. Alex said she wished that she could say that it was a lie, but it wasn't. She also said she has known for some time. Alan was furious at Alex for lying to him. Alex said she was just trying to protect him from Brandon. Phillip was also angry, and said that Alex should have told the family. Alan told Alex that Roger and Amanda had already frozen all the assets. Alex asked Amanda what it felt like when she found out she was Brandon's daughter. She asked Amanda who's idea it was to let the whole world know about Amanda being Alan's sister. Alex told Amanda that she can see that Roger has convinced her that she needs him in order to get her inheritance. Alex told Amanda that once Roger gets what he wants from her, he will leave her high and dry. Amanda stood up for Roger and said that he was behind her even before this secret came out. The meeting resumed, and the motion was made to freeze the company's assets. The board voted to freeze all assets until the ownership of the company is resolved. Phillip went to Amanda and told her it would take some time to get used to her being his aunt, not his sister. Phillip told Amanda that he almost felt sorry for her, but also that when he found out about what Alan did to him, he went after only Alan, that Amanda went after the whole family. He told Amanda that she should have come to him, instead of doing things Roger's way.

Reva went to see Annie. Reva said she needs Annie's help in clearing something up. Reva told Annie that she was wondering how they would handle things if something were to hapen to HB. Reva mentioned that she had talked to Josh, and Annie got angry. Reva said she needs Annie's help, and reminded her of how when they were in Italy, and Annie had told Reva about losing a parent. Annie said she has been thinking alot lately about losing her parents. She said she had been such a wild child that they would be happy to see that she had settled into a nice life. Annie told Reva that she has been less than honest about her childhood. Reva said she would like to be friends with Annie. Annie said that that would be fine, but only if Reva agreed to keep what Annie says to herself, because even Josh doesn't know. Reva agreed, then Annie told her that the Duttons were not her real parents. Reva asked if Annie were ever interested in finding her birth parents, but Annie said no. She said if her mother didn't love her enough to keep her, then why would she be interested in her now. Reva told Annie that that was probably not true. She told about how she gave Dylan up for adoption, and why. Reva asked Annie to tell the whole story. Annie told Reva that her childhood had been absolute hell. Reva told her she was very sorry, and called her Dani. Annie asked what she said, and Reva said she said Annie. Annie told Reva that she does not feel comfortable talking about her past. She said for once in her life, she is looking forward to what is ahead of her. Reva told Annie that her mother had also had a cameo, and asked Annie for a closer look at hers. Annie asked Reva why she is being so nice to her all of a sudden. Reva said she knows that Annie has been stressed about her being around. Annie decided to let Reva have a look at the cameo. Reva said she would take the cameo for a thorough cleaning. She took it home, opened it, and saw Sarah's picture in it. Reva began sobbing. Reva said that Annie cannot be her sister. Annie went to Reva's house and was looking in the window at Reva crying, then she left.

Vanessa woke up with a terrible headache, and the nun went for the doctor. Before she left, Vanessa asked for her picture of Matt. The doctor came in and Vanessa explained her headache to him. He examined her and began shining a light in her eye, and Vanessa was able to see the light.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Phillip told Amanda that Alex was right about Roger. He said that Alex knows from first had experience how Roger operates- that he will only stay with Amanda until he has what he wants. Amanda told Roger that now that their secret is out in the open, her engagement to him no longer is necessary. Roger told Amanda that he still wants to marry her. Amanda asked if he is interested in her or her financial assets. He told her that although her financial assets are considerable, he still has strong feelings for her. Roger and Amanda were kissing when Holly came in. She wanted to get an exclusive for the journal on Amanda being Alan's sister. Amanda said she could get the news with everyone else. Holly protested, and Roger said that he gave Holly his word, so Amanda gave Holly 12 hours, then left the room. Alex went to talk to Alan. She said she wanted to explain to him why she did what she did. Alex said there were many times she wanted to burn the birth certificate up, but something stopped her. She said she wanted to protect him. She said that since Jenifer was his first real love, that it would hurt him to know that she was also having an affair with his father. Alan told Alex that he would have expected this treatment from his father, but not from Alex. He said that she never trusted him enough to tell him the secret. He said he would never trust Alex again, and that Alex is dead to him now. Alan left the room, throwing Alex onto the floor. Phillip came in and went to comfort Alex. Phillip told Alex that the Spauldings are used to crisis, and that they will handle this. He said that Alan will eventually understand what Alex did- that he is really mad at Brandon but since he can't get to Brandon, he is lashing out at Alex. Alex said she cannot forgive herself, and that she is leaving.d Alex went to Phillip to say goodbye, as Phillip was talking to Alan. He told Alan that he is blaming the wrong person. Alex said she was going to go live with Nick and Susan. Phillip begged Alan to stop Alex from leaving. He wouldn't. Phillip lashed out at Alan. He told him that as President of Spaulding, he was firing Alan. Phillip said he is in for the fight of his life against Roger and Amanda, and he doesn't want Alan involved. Blake was at the park with the twins, when Griffin came by to join her. Griffin offered her his professional services, to represent her in the divorce. He told Blake that it was Ross' idea. Griffin told Blake that Ross wants the marriage ended quickly and cleanly. Blake told Griffin that she does not want a lawyer, and won't talk to Ross about anything except getting back together. Griffin told her that Ross was filing for divorce whether she wants to face it or not. He said she has to protect herself. Blake said she will not talk to any lawyer. Blake was at home again when Rick came by. He told her about his suspension.d She told Rick he has to stop being self destructive. He said the he knows he will never win Abby back now, since she watched him being chewed out by Charles, and never said a work to defend him. Rick pointed out how pathetic he and Blake are now, talking to each other, when he would rather be with Abby and she would rather be with Ross. Ross came to the door and said he is sick of finding Rick there everytime he comes by, and told Rick to leave. Rick went to the hospital on his day off to check on some patients. Charles came and told him that he is suspended because of the fight with the administrator- that he is out of control. Rick got very angry and talked about how things have changed for the worse since his father left the hospital. As Rick was leaving he ran into Abby. Rick left, and Charles asked Abby to talk to Rick. She told him that she and Rick are not together anymore. Ross was working in his office, and Holly came in to see him. She told him that she needs legal advice. Holly said that since she paid for an hour of Ross' time he has to listen to her. She told him that running away was not the answer. Holly reminded Ross of how she found him in bed with Blake, while Holly and Ross were supposed to be together. He said that since she went through that, she must understand how he feels now. Holly asked Ross if he was willing to ruin the lives of four people because his ego was hurt. She told him about how she was with Blake the night of the accident- how upset Blake was, and how much she wanted to tell Ross the truth. Ross said how can he overlook the fact that Blake became pregnant by another man. Holly told him that Blake wanted Ross to know the truth so badly, but she was afraid of losing him. Ross said he will never be able to trust Blake again. Ross left for his meeting with Blake's lawyer to work on the divorce.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

Buzz was playing with Henry- he told Jenna that he is making up for lost time. Buzz was telling Jenna about all the things he wants to teach Henry. He talked about all the things he missed with Frank and Harley, and that he wants to make all that up with Henry. Frank came to the door with news for Jenna. He said that Jenna will be doing her community service at Cedars. Jenna hated the idea. Buzz was teasing Jenna about working at the hospital.

Ross asked Rick to leave the house. They argued, and Rick told Ross that he has every right to come see his son. Ross told Blake that he was there to see why Blake missed their appointment to discuss their divorce. He told Rick to leave so he could talk to Blake. Blake asked Rick to stay to hear what she has to say to Ross. Blake told Ross that she does not want a divorce- and he told her that she may not want it, but she has to acknowledge it. Rick told Ross that Blake is a great mother and wife and that he is lucky that she still wants him. After Rick left, Ross told Blake that he cannot get the image of her and Rick making love out of his mind. Blake explained again how she felt seeing Ross with Amanda that night. Ross said that he never once cheated on her. Blake told Ross how drunk she and Rick had been that night, and how she thought she had lost Ross. She told him that she did make a very big mistake that night, but that she would not make another one by giving up on Ross. Ross again said that their marriage is over, Blake again said that she would not participate in a divorce, for her sake and the sake of the boys. Ross told her that he thinks very little of her, then left. Back at the office, Ross decided to go ahead with the divorce even though Blake won't listen. He arranged for divorce papers to be served on Blake. Griffin came and talked to Blake. He told Blake that by going to court, she has a chance to win Ross back because it will put her in close proximity to him.

Reva was staring at Annie's cameo when Abby came in, and asked her what was wrong. Reva said she had spent months looking for something precious to her, and now that same thing is about to tear her life apart. Abby asked if she could help, Reva told Abby about how she made a promise to Sarah, and that she is upset because Sarah had told her that she belongs with Josh. Reva said that she cannot keep the promise to Sarah, to be with Josh. Abby left, and Reva just kept asking what she should do now. Josh came to the door, looking for Reva. She was not answering the door.

Josh and Billy were on the plane back home talking about HB. Billy talked about his regrets in letting Vanessa slip away. He called her the love of his life. Josh told Billy that he has made a decision- he was going to go to Reva as soon as they got home, and tell her that they won't have to keep living a lie anymore. He talked about Annie and how jealous she is of Reva, but that she is trying not to show it. Billy asked how Josh plans to tell Annie.

Abby was in the park swinging, when Rick came upon her. He was watching her, and talking about how much he still loves her, but she never even knew he was there. A man she works with, PJ came by and invited her for a cup of coffee.

Thursday, March 27, 1997

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Friday, March 28, 1997

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