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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on GL
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Monday, September 15, 1997
by Sarai

Annie is actually beginning to warm up to Caitlin/Harley, but accuses her of asking too many questions. Alan knocks at the door, wanting to visit with Annie, and Caitlin/Harley freaks out, but improvises and says that she cannot see him because she has an intense crush on him. Annie of course thinks that this is somewhat cute and agrees not to let Alan come in the room.

Alan and Annie then spend some time together, unknowing that Harley is listening around the corner. Alan tells Annie that Reva has hired Jenna & Harley to find her sister. Fortunately, Annie does not know what Harley looks like. Harley then hears Annie gloating over the fact that revenge will be so sweet when Reva finds that her sister came from a strip joint.

Harley calls Jenna and tells her about the new info regarding Reva's sister.

Jenna and Buzz find that a picture of Buzz & Coop is missing. Earlier, we see an unknown person breaking into their apartment and stealing the picture.

Vanessa and Matt are still shocked about the news of the pregnancy, but choose not to tell Dinah. Rick tried to tell them of the danger that Vanessa is in, and how her illness may return. Vanessa expresses to Matt that she has every intention of carrying her child to term, while Matt seems to think that the pregnancy should be terminated.

Cassie & Billy share a quick kiss, for which Billy profusely apologizes. Hart comes in the Lewis Oil office and sees Cassie kissing Billy, and thinks back to when Vanessa described Cassie as only out looking for a rich man. Hart and Billy work out an oil deal, since Hart has found he has quite a bit of oil on his land. Hart then confronts Cassie about kissing Billy, and she informs him that it was he who kissed her, not the other way around. So then Hart apologizes for thinking badly of her and asks her forgiveness.

Tuesday, September 16, 1997
by Sarai

Cassie befriends Nola and Peter while moving in the boarding house within Company. She says that she can no longer afford the hotel. Nola tells Cassie a little about Hart's past with Bridget, and makes it clear that she doesn't like Dinah. Hart comes in, and looks so pleased to see Cassie tending to Peter's breakfast. He sits down with her and they have a pleasant, flirty conversation.

Hart walks Dinah to the TV station this morning and expresses his joy in the fact that they are having unprotected sex, and anything can happen. Dinah flashes back to when she took her birth-control pill.

Today is Dahlia & Marcus' TV appearance on WSPR. Dinah is approached by Sugar Hill's boss, the record producer, who asks her out to dinner. She tells him that she is engaged, which doesn't seem to stall his efforts, as he tells her that he has been engaged several times himself. Finally, Dinah agrees to go to a business lunch with him. She says that she knows the perfect place to take him...(my guess is Company?)

Sugar acts really possessive of Dahlia, which angers Drew. She tells Sugar that if needed, she will tell her father of their sexual tryst. Sugar laughs it off, and tells her to go ahead...he doesn't care. Drew goes to her dad, but tells him that Sugar keeps coming on to her and she is feeling uncomfortable. Dad speaks with Sugar, but says that he knows his daughter very well, and is depending on him to keep her in line.

Vanessa tries to convince Matt that their unborn child is a gift from God, and it is known that their relationship has been based on miracles...therefore this is another miracle. Matt is not so understanding and finally leaves in a huff, and tells Vanessa that she faked her death once, but this time, if she proceeds with the pregnancy, her death will be for real.

Wednesday, September 17, 1997
by Cheryl

Matt goes to see Rick at the hospital and tells him that Vanessa wants to keep the baby. Rick is surprised at this. Matt wants him to tell him the truth. Is this a death sentence for Vanessa? Rick tells Matt that her chances are not good if she keeps the baby. Matt tells Rick about all the miracles that have happened between him and Vanessa. Could he possibly get one more? Rick tells Matt that he has prayed for several miracles lately and they have come true.

Matt goes to the beach and prays to God. All he wants is a sign that Vanessa will be all right and that he will have her forever.

Michelle is talking to Jesse (outside the judge's chambers, I think) and she tells him that he has really impressed the judge. She tells him that Romeo and Juliet is her favorite. Jesse tells her that he picked that out for her and that his father dropped the lawsuit.

Michelle goes to the hospital to make up to Rick. She says how much she has hated the way things have been between them and for treating him like the enemy. She wants her big brother back. Rick tells her that he is sorry that he thought Jesse attack Abby before even hearing him out and without giving him a chance. He remembers being 18 years old and in love with Beth. He tells Michelle that he knows how bad her heart is breaking. Beth left him for Phillip and part of his heart died that day. They hug.

Jesse shows up at rehearsal where Marcus and Dahlia are practicing. Dahlia sings while Jesse daydreams of Michelle and him kissing at the lighthouse.

Drew is in Sugar's hotel room still and she tried to get champagne delivered to the room Sugar sends the bellboy away with the champagne. Drew is hitting on him big time. She brings up Daddy's name and tells Sugar that he is supposed to be helping her out with the business. Sugar wants no part of her. He tells her that she can get anyone that she wants. She then pretends to have an interest in getting Marcus and Dahlia on the charts and making them stars. Drew also says that she has lots of ideas that she wants to talk about. Sugar gets a phone call from Dahlia from rehearsal and tells him that he really needs to get down there because her and Marcus are hot! Sugar then leaves the hotel room telling Drew that they will hook up later on. Drew is angry and she pulls out the photo of Sugar teaching Dahlia to dance and it is a very suggestive photo at that. She puts it into an envelope and writes Marcus' name on it.

Drew goes to where Marcus, Dahlia, Sugar, and Jesse are and finds someone to deliver the envelope to Marcus. She then sets her eyes on Jesse and hits on him big time! Sugar sees this but is not jealous in the least. "Same ole Drew."

Dinah and David (Drew's father) go to Company for lunch. She saw Hart and Cassie together with Peter. They all get introduced and plan on lunch. Cassie insists on leaving but Peter wants his new friend to stay. Feeling guilty she agrees to stay for lunch. Dinah is up to her ole bitchy self. Talking french with David and putting Cassie down with just about every breath. Cassie is cool though. She doesn't say a thing, for a while. Then she asks Dinah to meet her in the ladies room. Cassie tells Dinah to stay off her back. Things get even dirtier because Dinah brings up Cassie's child in foster care, the drug dealing x-husband, etc... Cassie tells Dinah that all she cares about is herself and no one else. I thought that someone was going to get slapped the way that they were doing that pointing finger things in each other's faces!! At one point Dinah flicks Cassie's hair. Cassie, accidentally bumps into Dinah and grabs her ring off the sink. She then THREW IT IN THE TOILET!! Cassie says that if she wanted Hart, she could have him.

Meanwhile at the table, Nola has taken Peter away to fix him a sandwich and David and Hart talk. David asks Hart what he does for a living and he tells him that he has a horse farm. David seems shocked and surprised that Dinah lives there. Hart takes offense and tells David that he doesn't even know Dinah at all. Hart pays the bill and David leaves before "the girls" get back from the ladies room. Dinah is upset with Hart and knows that he probably said something to make David leave. Cassie is upset with Hart because he told Dinah everything that they talked about in confidence. Cassie leaves and Dinah shows back up with a kiss and an "I'm sorry" for Hart. Cassie comes back into the room to see Hart and Dinah kissing.

Thursday, September 18, 1997
by Angela Vogel

As BILLY is helping CASSIE reach a report on a high shelf, MINDY comes to the open doorway and sees how close the two of them are. Mindy compliments Cassie on her taste in clothing because she is wearing one of her designs. She says that she will send Cassie something from her fall line when she gets back to France. When Billy and Mindy are alone, she encourages him to ask Cassie out. She thinks he is shutting himself off from the world. After Mindy leaves to go back to France, Billy hesitatingly asks Cassie out for dinner and she accepts (within earshot of Hart).

BUZZ is telling FRANK about the stolen picture of him and Coop. JENNA walks in on the conversation. This is the first she has heard of the missing picture. The stalker peers in the window as Buzz is telling her that there is no one stalking them. Buzz tells Frank that he can't shake the feeling that someone is watching him. When Buzz, Jenna and Coop leave for the park, the stalker comes in through the window and picks up Coop's stuffed bunny and moves it to a chair--and replaces the photo. It is now in a nice frame. Jenna comes back in to get the forgotten bunny and the stalker watches her from a closet.

PHILLIP receives a message from Harley telling him to call her ASAP. When he calls her she tells him that she needs a cell phone and she wants him to talk to Alan and see if he can get any information about what he and Annie are up to. Phillip calls ALAN and invites him to lunch. Alan tells Phillip that Annie enjoyed his visit the other day and that he has heard that Jenna and Harley have teamed up to do an investigation. Phillip starts asking Alan questions and Alan feels like he is being interrogated and gets suspicious.

ANNIE and HARLEY have been in group therapy where everyone is supposed to fall backwards into someone else's arms in a show of trust. Annie wouldn't do it and tells Harley that she will never make the mistake of trusting anyone again. Harley tells Annie she trusts her completely. She wants Annie to trust her enough to fall so that Harley can catch her. Annie finally gives in and does it and they call each other friends. Harley tells Annie that she used to be a stripper and asks Annie if she has ever been to a strip joint. Annie suddenly becomes suspicious and asks her who she is and what she wants. She tells Harley that she doesn't believe her. Harley demonstrates for Annie in front of the other patients until Annie stops her. Annie tells her that she knows another stripper and thought it was strange that Harley should be one too. Harley asks what the stripper's name is because she might know her but Annie brushes her off. Harley gets another phone call from Phillip saying that he talked to his father and is coming to see her. Phillip arrives and is asking for "Caitlin" just as Annie returns to the room for her sweater. She sees Phillip, assuming he is there to visit her and then Alan arrives, glaring at Phillip.

HART has come to Lewis Oil for a meeting with Billy. While waiting to talk with him, he listens to Cassie who is telling him what she thinks of Dinah and Hart doesn't like what he hears. He tells her that Dinah had a really rough life and that she doesn't trust people. Cassie tells him that he is fooling himself if he thinks Dinah is anything like the person he just described.

The record producer (whatever his name is) tells Dinah that she doesn't strike him as the type to be a farmer's wife. He says she is not being honest with herself if she thinks she can live on a farm being married to a man like Hart Jessup.

Friday, September 19, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

At the Firehouse, Jenna returns to find Coop's Buzz the Bunny not where she left it moments before, and the missing photo suddenly framed! She screams for Buzz, who gets her to leave to call Frank. He confronts the mysterious stalker, demanding that they reveal themselves. When the stalker turns off the lights in the firehouse, Buzz goes to rescue Jenna, and the stalker escapes!

It's a busy visiting hour at County General! Phillip is there to supposedly visit Annie (but Harley called him to get the scoop on Alan) and in walks both father and son! Phillip and Alan argue about Phillip's reasons for visiting, and Annie and Alan argue about his respect for her intelligence. Alan told Annie NOT to trust Phillip because he is sure that Phillip is feeding info to his good friend Harley Cooper (Caitlin) whom Annie says she has never met.

At Lewis Oil for a meeting with Billy, Hart and Cassie argue again. Dinah calls to check up on Hart. Hart overhears Cassie accept a date with Billy.

At Company, Billy and Cassie run into Reva and Josh AND Dinah and Hart. Josh questions Billy about the date, as Reva and Cassie look at Reva's family photos (none of Sarah, but some of every other person she has ever met). Dinah and Hart continue to argue about Cassie.

Vanessa writes a moving letter to her unborn child, describing her love for the baby and Matt. Even though she and Matt are at odds of what to do concerning the pregnancy, Vanessa is determined to keep the baby. After much sole searching, Matt returns to find Vanessa and her letter. He states that he has talked to God and asked for a sign what to do concerning the pregnancy's threat to Vanessa's health. He says that God showed him they should choose life. Vanessa believes Matt means the baby's life, but is shocked to learn he means HER life.

While investigating the break-in at the firehouse, Frank finds a woman's earring on the ledge. We see Nola, at company, reach up to find only one that matches the same earring and her thinking back to the botched break in!

When Phillip leaves Alan and Annie, he sneaks into Catlin/Harley and Annie's room to warn Harley to give up before Alan catches her, but also sheds some light on Reva's sister.

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