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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on GL
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Monday, April 20

"Cleva" opens the door to Buzz, who is overloaded with pans of food. She treats him like one of the catering crew, and tells him to go back to the kitchen entrance. He is surprised, but doesn't question her, and pushes on past her. Cassie tells Reva later that she used to be married to Buzz, and is still good friends with him. Buzz is somewhat taken shocked when Reva later calls him "the love of my life", since their marriage wasn't quite that!

At the party, Reva is welcomed by all her friends, Billy, Hart, Vanessa, etc. Cassie and Josh try to stay by her side at all times, and coach her on who all these people are. She keeps trying to pour herself a drink, but Josh stops her every time.

Dinah tags along to the party with Marcus. She can definitely tell that there is something wrong between Cassie and Reva. They used to be so close, and now there is so much tension and hatred between them. She is also surprised to get a warm welcome from Reva, since she is not one of Reva's favorite people.

After the party ends, Reva pulls Josh up the stairs, and says "lets go to bed". Josh follows her while Cassie looks on in awe.

"Real Island-Reva" demands Sean to answer her as to why he cannot let her leave. He finally admits that he has strong feelings for her, and he knows that she would too, if he would only give him a chance. Reva says that she does care for him, but will never love him in the way that she loves Josh and her family.

Tuesday, April 21

Harley enters the diner, shouting, "Where is everybody?" Buzz answers, telling Harley he was in the back. He shows her a toy he made for Coop. Harley asks for Jenna's phone number, because she wants to talk. Buzz tells her that it's to late but she can talk to him. Harley then asks if Frank is around. Again, Buzz tells her no, but you can talk to me. He then asks her if the problem is Phillip.

Harley doesn't want to talk to Buzz. Buzz tells her she can talk to him because he is her father. Harley responds, "Yeah, when it suits you!" Buzz is hurt; he believed they have worked past the pain. Harley tells him she has forgiven but not forgotten. Harley remembers Buzz leaving when she was six. Harley tries to change the subject, but Buzz won't let her. He asks something of Harley. He wants her to be happy by choosing the right man but Phillip is not the man for Harley. Harley is upset by Buzz's comments and explains that her mother stuck by him. Buzz reminds Harley that her mother didn't make a good decision to stay with him. She explains to her father that she threw Phillip out before he had a chance to break up with her. Phillip is now with Beth. Harley blames herself for what happened to Beth and Carl. Buzz wants Harley to give up on Phillip and tell Frank what she saw. Harley responds, "No I can't do that" She tells Buzz not to worry; everything will be fine.

Beth and Phillip are discussing Lillian's actions. Phillip tries to defend Lillian, but Beth seems unable to forgive her mother. She wants another chance for their family. Phillip holds her; he tells her that she can always count on him. Phillip tells Beth that Harley saw the shoes she was wearing the night Carl was killed. Beth doesn't want to believe what Phillip has told her. Beth is afraid Harley will go to Frank with the information. Phillip assures Beth that Harley won't go to Frank. Beth realizes Harley won't tell because she loves Phillip. She reminds Phillip that they once had that kind of love. Beth returns to the letter and asks Phillip if he had gotten the letter on time would it have made a difference? Be honest, she says. Phillip answers, "Yes, but things change; that was the past and this is the present." Phillip wants to cherish what they had, since most people never obtain that kind of love. Beth cries, "You have Harley and I have no one. I will never be able to love anyone but you." Phillip tells Beth not to ask for what he can't give. She asks Phillip to hold her. As Phillip holds her, Beth tries to kiss him. They kiss for a moment then Phillip pulls away.

Lizzie comes downstairs crying, "Mommy, Mommy, he's after me. Mommy I has such a bad nightmare." Phillip and Beth comfort Lizzie. Beth takes Lizzie back to her room, but mentions to Phillip she will leave her bedroom door open just in case.

Cassie and Hart are cleaning up after Creva's welcome home party. Hart asks why Cassie was upset and angry at the party. Cassie tells him she was upset because she wanted to spend time alone with her sister. Cassie tries to go up stairs to offer Josh and Creva coffee, but Hart stops her. He reminds her that coffee is the last thing on their minds. Hart tells Cassie to give Creva and Josh some space. Cassie agrees, but leaves to check on the kids. However, Hart is suspicious.

Creva is alone with Josh. Dressed in a seductive black nightgown, she is lying on the bed. Josh is surprised to see Creva in his room. Josh believed Creva was going to sleep with Marah. Creva tells him she has been waiting for this moment. She wants to make love with Josh. Josh is resistant. Creva begins to tell him she is Reva. Creva express how much she enjoys the love of the children. Creva remembers all of the things Josh has done for her since birth. She tells him she needed him as a father, a teacher and now she wants him as a lover and a husband. She begs Josh to teach her how to be Reva in every way. Josh succumbs and they begin to kiss. As they are kissing, Cassie knocks and enters the room.

Cassie tries to apologize for interrupting; she only wanted to know if Creva needed anything. Creva doesn't believer her. She shouts at Cassie. "This is my home, my life and Josh is my man. You may only enter this bedroom by invitation only. But, don't worry, because you will never receive one." Josh breaks up the fight and tells Cassie not to worry he can handle Creva. As Cassie leaves the room, she sees Hart standing outside the door. Hart wants to know what is going on between them. Again, Cassie tells him not to worry. He suggests that she and Tammy move to the farm, but Cassie says that she can't. Hart demands to know what is going on with Creva and tells her that if she loved him, she would tell him now. Cassie wants more time; everything will work out, she insists. As they kiss and make up, he tells her that he wants to begin a family with her. He asks her to go camping, but she says no. Hart becomes upset again. Why can't she leave her sister for just a week? All Cassie can do is ask him to trust her and give her more time. After Hart asks Cassie for a date, they kiss goodnight.

Creva won't let Josh lock her up; she demands that he treat her the same in private as he treats her public. Josh apologies, but asks for time to fall in love with her. Creva wishes she didn't look like Reva because it turns him off. She becomes depressed because Josh can never love her. Creva locks herself in the bathroom and Josh pleads with her to come out. He asks, "God, how can I love this woman?"

Wednesday, April 22

It is a new day. When Beth comes downstairs, she tells Phillip that she waited for him to come to her room last night, but he didn't. Phillip tells Beth she knows why he didn't come. Beth won't accept his answer. She believes they would have made love if Lizzie hadn't come downstairs last night. Beth wants Phillip to tell her he didn't want her last night. Phillip doesn't answer her question. He responds by saying he was only comforting her. Beth doesn't want to hear it. She believes they would have made love. Harley knocks on the door and enters. She says, "I am interrupting something?" Phillip, "No, you're just in time." Beth disagrees. She tells Harley, "We were having a private, private conversation." Harley answers, "I only need a few minutes with the man I love." Beth leaves the room at Phillip's request.

Harley tells Phillip she had a conversation with her mother. They discuss what happened the other night and she understands what he did for Beth. Phillip tries to tell Harley about kissing Beth, but Harley doesn't understand what Phillip is trying to tell her. They are talking about two different things. Phillip knows he make a mistake with Harley and Beth. Harley understands and blames herself for bringing Carl to town. Phillip doesn't blame Harley because she didn't have any idea that this could happen. She tells Phillip that her father suggested she break up with him. Why didn't you? Phillip wants to know. Harley answers, Because of my mom. I love and trust you and I want things to work for us. She blows him a kiss good bye as she leaves.

Beth and Lizzie are talking. Beth kisses Lizzie's scratch and Lizzie places her hand on her mom's bruised face. She asks her mom if it hurts. Beth answers, "No". She promises her daughter that they are going to be a real family again. Lizzie wants to know when. Beth answers soon.

When Beth returns, she assumes that Phillip told Harley the truth about last night, but Phillip says that he didn't tell Harley because it didn't mean anything. He wants her to forget it. Beth reminds him that they both felt the kiss they shared and it's only a matter of time before he realizes his feelings for her. She lets Phillip know that one day Harley will find out what happen between them last night. Phillip says that she won't if Beth doesn't tell her. Beth agrees not to tell, but warns him Harley will realize his true feelings.

Lillian and Rick are at the hospital when he notices that she is upset. Rick tells her to take a break. Ben steps off the elevator. He found out that Lillian hired a hit man to kill Carl; he is there to take her in. It turns out Lillian is daydreaming and Ben wakes her up. He is there on official business, but Rick doesn't want Ben at the hospital. He tells Ben he is bringing charges against him for keeping the tape. Ben promises that he will get to Abby's case when he can. Rick threatens Ben. He says, "If anything happens to my wife, you'll be sorry you crossed my path!" Ben tries to assure Rick that it will take time. Rick doesn't want to hear it. They play "who has the better connections" and Rick makes another threat. Ben remarks that he thought nice boys played by the rules. Rick says, "This nice boy will do anything for Abby." He prompts Ben to make the call to get Abby released. Ben takes the phone.

Lillian is calling someone and begs the person to pick up the phone. She says, "I never wanted you to kill Carl"

Harley arrives at the hospital to apologize to Lillian. She promises not to grill Lillian and wishes she could go back in time. Lillian answers, "If only Carl didn't come to town. If only... If only Allen gave the letter to Phillip." Harley reminds Lillian that she didn't want Phillip to receive the letter. Caught, Lillian counters by yelling at Harley for going back on her promise. Harley apologies and leaves.

Lillian tries to call the man again and realizes the phone is disconnected. She asks the operator for the new number, but is told that no new listing can be found. Harley returns to find her keys and pick up a card by mistake. She reads the card and wants to know why Lillian is talking to J.C. Clayton; he was one of her first collars while on the police force. Lillian demands Harley return the card. J.C. Clayton was arrested for armed robbery. What is Lillian doing with his card? Lillian orders Harley to return the card and doesn't answer her question. Harley realizes Lillian is nervous and wants to know what is going on.

Josh, Creva, and Cassie are in the living room going over more details that Creva needs to know. Marah come downstairs asking her mother to do her hair the way she likes it. Cassie butts in and makes an excuse why Creva can't fix her hair. Creva suggest she walk Marah to school instead. Josh doesn't want her to go, but she does. Cassie tells Josh she has to tell Hart the truth about Creva.

Josh won't allow Cassie to tell Hart the truth. He offers to talk to Hart. Cassie can't accept his answer and pleads with Josh to let her tell the truth to Hart. He apologizes; he realizes that this is hard on her. Cassie says that she is beginning to wonder if Josh is falling in love with his on creation. Cassie makes him admit that he is starting to have feelings for Creva. Cassie wonders if he is afraid to be alone with Creva. Josh tells her no. It's easy for him to fall in love with Creva, but the memory of Reva haunts him.

Josh calls the school and realizes Creva didn't take Marah to school. Both Josh and Cassie begin to worry. They try to think of places where Marah would like to go. Buzz knocks on the door and says, "Alright you too 'fess up. Who is that pod person in my diner?" Buzz tells them the person in the diner may look and sound like Reva, but its not the Reva he knows. He demands they tell him what is going on. Cassie and Josh look at one another as Buzz invites himself into the house.

Abby and her cellmate, Selina, are with one of the guards who offers to do nice things for Abby. Abby declines; she wants to be left alone. The guard says, "That's not a smart move, sweetheart." The guard threatens to take her to solitary confinement. Selina tries comes to her aid, but the guard isn't moved. He hopes Abby will have changed her mind when he returns for bed check. When the guard returns, he wants to know if Abby has changed her mind. Abby tells him to go to hell. Selina tries to intervene, but fails. The guard orders a cell search. He tears up Abby's things. He and conveniently finds illegal drugs. Abby tells the guard the drugs don't belong to her. When she threatens to tell the warden, the guard tells her that no matter what she thinks of him, the warden is worse. When Selina backs up Abby, the guard says that no one will believe a former hooker and drug user. The guard strongly suggests that she try to be friendly. If she doesn't, he will bring more trouble her way. He lets her know that possession of drugs is three years added to one's sentence. He is letting her go THIS time.

Creva and Marah are playing hooky. Creva asks Marah's advice on what she can do that will be special for Josh. Marah suggests she go to Cross Creek. Creva talks about all the good time she had when they were children. Marah mentions that she and Josh were married at Cross Creek. Creva gets Marah to give her details about the wedding and about her wedding dress. Buzz stops by and greets them. Creva asks, "Buzz, what are you doing here?" Buzz responds, "You're kidding me!" Buzz reminds her that he owns the place. She tries to cover, but everything she tells Buzz is wrong. She tries to cover by changing the subject. Buzz leaves to take care of a customer.

Marah and Creva share a meal. Marah says, "Boy you really have changed. You never liked onion rings." Creva responds that people's tastes change and you really have to shake thing up once in a while. She suggests they don't tell Josh about playing hooky. She decides to take Marah's suggestion and take Josh to Cross Creek.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

Josh and Clone Reva
Josh and Clone Reva have a long, emotional discussion about what it's like for each of them to be in this new situation. Josh breaks down in tears, telling Clone Reva how hard it is for him to be with her every day. He says that sometimes when he's with her he forgets about his Reva, and that makes him feel like he's betraying his wife and their love. After all, Reva is the only woman he could ever love; he would have died for her, and this woman is definitely not Reva! Clone Reva reacts with obvious hurt, but, perhaps surprisingly, reveals that each time Josh turns away from her it makes her want to die. Josh's answer? "I sold my soul for my children, but I can't sell my heart. You're a beautiful, wonderful, smart woman, but you're not Reva. She's gone and you can't take her place." (Jeeze, isn't that why he and Michael created her???). He continues to hurt her during the conversation, making a sarcastic remark at one point about how he should call Michael to have him clone some broken crystal glasses. "Only they won't have the original's special sparkle," he adds. When he realizes how much his words have cut her, he apologizes and hugs her. Out of their mutual struggle a bond is being slowly forged.

Reva and Sean
Reva tells Sean she wishes she had known him before he "became this." She tells him that he was just waiting on that island for her to come along and bring out all the feelings he's having now.

Harley barges into the Spaulding Mansion accusing everyone there (Phillip, Beth, Alan, and Lillian) of lying about Carl's murder, including herself. Despite Alan's attempts to silence her, she manages to declare that no one will leave the room until they figure out which one of them is a murderer.

Cassie, Michael, and Dinah
Cassie tells Michael to destroy the papers he holds. He pretends to by crunching them up, but when she walks inside, he flattens them out again. Inside, Dinah asks Cassie why she interrupted her talk with Michael? Cassie warns Dinah to stay out of her business, and is reinforced with a verbal warning from Buzz. Dinah is nonplused, however, and accuses Buzz of being in the know about the strange happenings surrounding the Lewises'.

At show's end:
Sean reveals a boat he's had covered up on the island all along. Reva has changed his mind about helping her get back home! "We shouldn't have any trouble getting to the mainland in this," he tells an ecstatic Reva. His plan is to drop her off and return to the island alone. "What if someone sees you?" Reva asks. "I'll do it when no one's around. And I'll leave it up to you to explain how you got back."

Friday, April 24

Harley and Lillian barge into the Spaulding Mansion, where Beth, Phillip, and Alan are discussing strategy. Harley says it is time for the lies to end and to find out which of them really killed Carl. After this bombshell, she goes on to spill the beans about Alan blackmailing Lillian into lying about being involved with THE LETTER. She then tells them how Lillian contacted J.C. to get rid of Carl and how Alan discovered this and used the info to blackmail her. Lillian explains she just meant for J.C. to get Carl to leave town, but she can understand now how that request might have been misconstrued. Harley brings up the issue of those pesky, muddy shoes of Beth's, which everyone somehow saw before they were put in Harley's incinerator, and asks Phillip how far he would go to protect Beth. Alan orders Harley to leave, calling her an outsider in this family matter.

Phillip drags Harley outside to speak privately. Inside Alan tells Lillian and Beth that they all need to stand together as a family and remember that Harley is the enemy. Nice guy. Meanwhile Phillip asks Harley to stop digging around and she responds that she hasn't exactly been searching for all this information that keeps popping up. He tells her if she doesn't let this go then she can say good-bye to their relationship. She is a little stunned, but reiterates her love and convinces him to find the truth before the police do. Phillip and Harley then go back into the house together and when Alan calls her an outsider again, Phillip intercedes and tells him how important Harley is to him and how much he loves her. Oh, the look on Beth's face at this declaration! Phillip says he thinks they should all answer Harley's questions so they can find the truth. Harley shocks him by taking him up on this and starting the questioning with him. Did he really see Allan at the pond? Phillip has to admit that this was indeed a lie. Lillian then says she saw Allan enter the house a little after 8 o'clock. Since the bullet entered and exited Carl and his watch stopped at 8:15, that is the estimated time of death. This means that Allan has an alibi. Harley then turns to Beth and asks her about her whereabouts. Allan makes a snide remark about this interrogation resembling an Agatha Christie novel. Beth says she went to the potting shed around 8 but that she was back in the mansion about 8:10 to check on Lizzie; Nettie, the maid, corroborates this, giving Beth an alibi. Lillian then feels that it must have been J.C. and she is responsible. She decides she wants to go to the police station and 'fess up, but Beth says she knows J.C. didn't kill Carl. How do you know that Beth? "Why, because I killed Carl Stevens," confesses a tearful Beth. Oh, if it were only true and Beth actually had a backbone...

Meanwhile, back in the maximum-security prison with 2 prisoners and 2 guards. While Selena and Abigail are waiting for the beaus to show for visiting hours, Selena intercedes on Abby's behalf again when the creepy guard tries to make moves on her. When he backs off, Selena tells Abby she is getting out soon. She's worried about Abby and how she'll be treated without Selena there to protect her. Selena then opens up some about her past and how she was sexually abused as a child until she eventually ended up on the streets. She says she identified with Abby when she heard about her attack and the subsequent killing of her attacker. Rick finally shows up and Abby introduces the two of them. Selena lures creepy guard away so Abby and Rick can have some privacy. When they are alone, Rick tells Abby the tape was found and that he is getting her out of prison. Of course, she is ecstatic, but she is still such a good person that she can ask how Michelle's consultation went. Rick doesn't know but he plans to call her as soon as he gets home. Back to the prison---Creepy guard (is it just my imagination that he's not the same guy as he was before?) tells the lovebirds their time is up. Abby tells Selena her good news as the guard looks on with a calculating look in his eyes...

Josh takes his Clone to Cross Creek where he apologizes for his previous tantrum. He tells her he wants a fresh start and that they should face the memories together so they can let Reva go. He then tells her he will try to make their relationship work and asks her if that will be enough. Do I have a choice? She replies.

Flash to Reva and Sean on the boat on the open ocean heading for home. As they sail, Reva looks ahead to what she'll do when she gets back to civilization. She then tries to convince Sean to come back with her. He refuses, of course. She tells him she wants to help him clear his name but he tells her to leave it alone. Hey, that sounds like Phillip talking to Harley! Maybe, Reva hints, if she hadn't met Josh, things might be different now for her and Sean.

Meanwhile, Josh is walking around the memorial for H.B., asking his daddy for advice on what to do about the situation he has gotten himself into As Josh talks aloud in the wilderness, the Clone is in the cabin carrying on a one-sided conversation with Reva. While she goes through Reva and Josh's memorabilia and wedding pictures, she promises Reva she will do everything possible to make Josh happy. As she is snooping around, the Clone finds Reva's wedding dress and a note left by Otis saying he hopes he will get an invite to the wedding. As she takes the dress out of the bag for a closer look, Josh walks in. She apologizes again and Josh explains that he is just thrown by the dress (an exact replica of her first wedding dress) because he had it commissioned as a surprise for Reva. This leads to a trip down memory lane as Josh reminisces about their wedding day. Getting choked up, Josh tells the Clone that maybe he's not ready to face the memories. Instead he goes off in search of food. While he is in the kitchen, the Clone puts on the wedding dress. When Josh reenters the room, he sees her and slowly smiles.

Back to Real Reva on the open seas. Suddenly she spies land and, in her excitement, slips, bumps her head and is knocked unconscious. Maybe she'll have amnesia. But, no, that's what happened the FIRST time she died...

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