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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on GL
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Monday, August 16, 2004

At the airport, Reva and Josh prepare to say goodbye to Shayne, who has decided to go to Bosnia. Marina arrives and tells Shayne she is going with him. Reva and Josh are concerned about what her family will say about her decision. Reva wonders if Shayne didn't pressure Marina into making her decision. Shayne assures his mother Marina is going with him because they love each other. Frank and Buzz arrive to say goodbye to Shayne, not realizing Marina is planning to go with him. Shayne leads Marina away and asks if she wants to go for the same reasons he does. Marina admits going to Bosnia to set up youth programs is not her passion, but he is and she wants to be with him. Shayne doesn't think it's enough. When Marina mentions Phillip is trying to destroy Company, Shayne convinces her stay behind and help her family. After tearful goodbyes, Reva and Josh speculate on how wonderful their children are in spite of having them for parents.

At the Lighthouse, Michelle and Tony share a passionate kiss after he agrees to become her partner in opening a restaurant/bar inside the Lighthouse. After the kiss, Michelle seems unaffected and wants to talk about her plans some more. Tony is shaken and confused by what just happened between him and his cousin's wife. Rick arrives with Robbie, which seems to disappoint Michelle. Feeling uncomfortable around her brother, Tony leaves. Michelle tells Rick her plans for the Lighthouse and about Tony's involvement. He tells her she must have a death wish. He warns her not to upset Danny because she has no idea of what he is capable. He says he can't believe she ignored her own son to hang out with Tony at the Lighthouse, where Robbie has never been. Rick leaves disgusted. Michelle picks up Robbie and tells him she's taking him for a ride.

Cassie and Edmund arrive at Bill's apartment. Jeffrey and Dinah are inside about to make love when they are interrupted by the knock at the door. Dinah hides while Jeffrey answers the door and convinces Cassie to go to The Beacon with him to discuss her plans for extra security. Edmund has other plans and will meet them later. He phones Dinah, whom he only knows as "Dee", and says they have to meet. She agrees to meet him at Company. There, before his meeting with Dinah, Edmund confronts Danny about the loans Cassie co-signed for him. Danny tells Edmund he has everything under control. Edmund says he had better get things turned around quick because he will not allow Cassie to end the same as Michelle, Danny's 'collateral damage'. Outside, he tells Dinah he is tired of playing her games and she'd better give him some information soon. She advises Edmund should be more concerned about the fact Jeffrey and Cassie are spending so much time together.

Later at The Beacon, Edmund walks in to see Jeffrey comforting and reassuring Cassie. She tries to kiss Edmund but he ignores her and leaves the room. After leaving Cassie, Jeffrey returns to his room to find Edmund there waiting for him. In no mood to joke with the secretive DA, Edmund tells Jeffrey everyone in town thinks he is no longer the monster he used to be, but assures him the monster is still there waiting for the right person to push him just far enough. Outside, Dinah corners RJ and tells him she is planning on sticking around. 'Isn't that just wonderful? Huh, RJ?' Innocent RJ agrees.

Outside at Company, Olivia breaks up a fight between Bill and Danny. Bill accuses Danny of being trouble for Michelle and anyone else he gets involved with. Buzz and Frank show up and after calling Olivia the 'Bride of Frankenstein', tell them about Phillip's plans to ruin Company. She reminds them Phillip is no longer her husband. She makes plans to meet Bill at his apartment to discuss what Phillip may be up to. Later, at his apartment, Olivia finds a letter from Dinah and confronts Bill with it. He admits she is his sister. Olivia is surprised his fugitive sister is in Springfield. Bill tells her Dinah is not a threat to anyone and asks Olivia not to tell anyone about it. She agrees.

Michelle finds Danny leaving Company and tells him about her plans with Tony for the Lighthouse. Danny doesn't like the idea, but sullen Michelle tells him she's doing it for them to help him pay back the loans. Danny's mood darkens and he tells Michelle to go ahead with her plans because he obviously can't stop her. He says he has plans of his own.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Michelle declares all work and no play is boring and therefore drags Tony away from his work on the light house. She meditates about the dream of converting the light house to a restaurant. Danny seeks Ross' help with Michelle. Later, Ross informs Michelle and Tony he will not allow a historical land mark like the light house to be a front for mob business. Michelle decides Ross' resistance must be about her. Michelle says she wants to make her family and Springfield proud by restoring the light house into a restaurant. Ross says he'll consider it. Michelle applauds Tony for supporting her. Ross assures Danny the project will not continue.

Phillip wonders if Lizzie is a target for every "poor boy" in town. She disagrees, and rises to Joey's defense. Phillip informs Lizzie that Tammy put the idea into his head. When her father heads off to Company, Lizzie makes a call and tells the other person to come down now. Later, she confronts Tammy. Tammy accuses her of using her Spaulding edge to win Joey over. Tammy is angry when Lizzie says she will soon have sex with Joey. Cassie breaks up a fight between them. Later, Cassie tells Tammy she should not be pressured into having sex. Tammy denies, and runs off.

Arriving at Company, Phillip tells Beth about the eminent domain. She reminds Phillip their early memories together were held at Company's counter. Why kill past history? Phillip tells her he wants to tear it down and put up something better. He declares the breakfast to be an olive branch to the Coopers.

At Company, while Buzz spends time with little Zach, Frank announces the restaurant has been rented out for the morning by unwanted visitors: Spauldings! Buzz decides to look at them as paying customers while Frank snarls in disagreement. Beth, Phillip and Alan arrive for the breakfast. Alan tells Buzz the eminent domain is merely business. When Zach brings Alan a menu, Phillip flips, as though Frank and Buzz should be waiting the tables. Later, Joey's interest in business and politics spark the attention of Phillip and Alan. They try to use the topics to challenge him. Lizzie pulls Joey aside and tells him everything will be fine. Alan and Beth overhear Joey telling Lizzie how much he prepared for this, and wanting them to like him. Alan and Beth express their approval to Joey. When he takes his tie out to the car, he runs into Tammy. Lizzie interrupts them. When Joey goes back inside, Lizzie tells Tammy she has big plans for Joey tonight. Phillip tells Buzz the real reason for the eminent domain. It's- because Frank pulled a gun on Alan at the wedding and because Alexandra is in jail thanks to them. Buzz declares war.

Upon meeting at the Beacon, Josh and Reva establish that they are throwing themselves into their schedules and lives in order to avoid thinking about the kids. While Joshua has had the kids all along, Reva's missing years are also missing the kids. Sandy arrives and calls bravo to her admission. Sandy tells Reva she does not know him at all. She decides they should find out more about each other and have some fun. Via a phone call to Josh, Billy tells Reva she should get her red dress out of the closet. Sandy tells Josh he will help him look after Reva. While Cassie tends to business at the farm, Dinah sneaks inside where she cannot be seen. Having left her laptop on, Cassie is unaware Dinah is trying to take a peek. But before she can do anything, she hears Cassie come back. Dinah heads for the shadows, as Cassie senses something is wrong there. When Cassie leaves the farm, Dinah snoops around some more. Someone taps her on the shoulder; it's Joey. Dinah lies about who she is and why she is there. When she hears it's the Winslow's place, she claims to be a realtor and pretends to be at the wrong house. When Joey's ride arrives, Dinah returns to the inside of the farm house for more snooping. Dinah finds her own red cape. Later, Dinah drives the dagger into Cassie's tire. When Cassie gets a fax from the bank regarding the overdue loan payment, Danny tries to assure her that he is taking care of it. Cassie says she could lose the hotel. Suddenly, she realizes her sunglasses that were just there are now gone. Cassie wonders if she left them in the car. Beside the flattened tires, Dinah slips Cassie's sunglasses on. Cassie arrives at the car and sees the slashed tires. She holds a crowbar and yells for the imposter to come out and face her.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Bikini clad Michelle drags Tony off to the beach. Following some time spent on the water, Tony opens a few beers for them. Michelle thanks Tony for his recent support. She tells him it will be because of him if things work out between her and Danny. Tony doesn't look happy about it. Upon returning to the light house, Michelle declares it as home. Tony tells Michelle if she plays a game with Alan, she will get Danny what he needs.

Marina tells Gus that she plans to seek revenge on the Spauldings. Gus blasts Alan for the eminent domain on Company, and demands it stop. Gus asks Alan to choose between Phillip and him.

Danny offers Alan a new proposition. Puffing a cigar, Alan writes Danny an offer for the land on a piece of paper. Danny gawks at his apparent measly figure, but Alan advises him to take five minutes to think about it. Danny returns with his answer - for Alan to kiss off. No deal. At that moment, Marina bursts in and tells Alan she has quit. Danny and Marina bond on the same Spaulding level.

Cassie holds the crowbar, and dares the imposter to come out and show her face. When she sees headlights in front of her, she thinks she is being run down. Cassie falls to the ground. The headlights are from Edmund's car. He becomes angry that he cannot protect Cassie from danger. Under the front tire of her car, Cassie finds the red cape. She withholds the red cape from Edmund. Unknown to Cassie, Edmund watches the whole thing. Cassie tells Jeffrey she swears the imposter is here, and is after her. While Jeffrey holds a distraught Cassie, Edmund watches them. Cassie asks Jeffrey to pursue the woman responsible for stalking her. His solution is to have Cassie move in with him at the Beacon. Cassie demands they include Edmund on the deal. Edmund chops wood with an ax to vent his anger over Cassie and Jeffrey's closeness. Dinah comes up behind him. Edmund expresses his worry over Jeffrey and Cassie. Edmund demands to know "Dee's" full name and contact information, and questions her motives. She encourages Edmund to focus on Cassie. Cassie tells Edmund about the cape. Cassie prepares to tell Edmund about Jeffrey's plan.

Dinah phones Jeffrey. He tells her how he plans to protect Cassie's family. Dinah assures Jeffrey the farm is part of her past; little does he know she is calling from the farm house!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Tammy dreams that Lizzie sets up a romantic setting at the beach with Joey. The real presence of Joey wakes her up. After discussing recent old times and old feelings, Joey and Tammy share a kiss. The kiss intensifies. Joey tells Tammy that the reason they broke up was because he wasn't good enough. Tammy tells Joey she was wrong, and tells him she wants him. They kiss again. Sandy joins Tammy at the beach. Sandy informs Tammy that Lizzie and Joey are not even together.

Lizzie visits Alexandra in jail. Lizzie tells Alex about the breakfast with Joey. And how Tammy showed up, too. When Lizzie asks what she should do about Joey, Alexandra tells her she should run and never look back. Lizzie tells Alex that she refuses to become some bitter old woman like her Aunt Alex. Alex tells Lizzie that she will find a way for her to be with Joey. Alex asks Lizzie to put in a good word for her with Phillip, and to please ask him to come and see her. Lizzie agrees. Alex calls Joey, and interrupts his encounter with Tammy. Alex lies and tells her that Lizzie is at the Beacon, has left Joey, and is very upset. Alexandra tells Joey that he must go to Lizzie right now, and then hangs up. At the Beacon, Joey catches up to Lizzie, and comes to her "rescue." When Tammy calls Joey's cell phone and leaves a voice mail telling Joey that she loves him, Lizzie breaks in to Joey's voice mail and deletes the message. Lizzie tells Joey she wants to be with him.

Olivia and Bill begin a partnership against Phillip. Phillip tries to pull Gus to his side about Company. Alan asks Phillip to consider altering his plans to get rid of Company. Olivia and Bill interrupt Alan and Phillip, and tell them that they are business partners. Sling-shot enterprises. They hint to Phillip that they will bring the Spauldings down.

Harley vows that Company will be bull dozed over Phillip, Alan, and Gus' dead bodies. It's one week and counting until Company is scheduled to come down. Harley says she is done with Gus. Bill offers Harley the assistance of him and a very shocked Olivia. When Olivia objects to teaming up with the Coopers, Bill tries to convince her that it's a good idea. Harley believes there is strength in numbers. Bill asks Harley if she wants to make Gus sorry that he became a Spaulding. Gus walks in and announces that he is already sorry he is a Spaulding. Gus and Harley, despite a room full of resistance, talk alone. Gus apologizes for hurting her, and for what Phillip is doing to Company. Gus says he will go and work with Alan and Phillip - to work from the inside to stop Phillip. Gus kisses Harley. A very long kiss. Harley asks if they are getting back together.

Reva offers Sandy a job. Sandy claims that he has never worked in television. Reva says he will be helping, learning, and giving creative input. Sandy says he'll think about it. Reva offers Sandy a story to think about - a young man's search for his real family. Sandy wonders if he is taking the places of Marah and Shayne. Reva wants to know the real reason why Sandy doesn't want to do the story. Sandy tells Reva that she is like a steam roller. Reva feels like she has to make up for missing all the years with Sandy. And she is not taking no for an answer. Sandy says Alan will never let him go. Reva says she will handle Alan. Later, Phillip agrees to let Sandy out of the internship for Reva. Reva says she will be fair in her upcoming story about Company. Phillip orders Reva to can the story. Reva laughs, then Phillip announces that he bought the station - and he's her new boss!

Friday, August 20, 2004

Blake stops by the Santos house, since she's heard the house is on the market. She explains she's a realtor now since she was bored and needed something else to do. She asks him why he's selling the house since it was Michelle's dream house? She asks if Michelle knows about this and is dismayed to learn that she doesn't since she doesn't like the idea of going behind Michelle's back. Danny tries to explain that it's all necessary because of Michelle's going into business with Tony. Just then, Michelle enters, angry. She's just learned that her licensing permit was denied, courtesy of Mayor Marler and tells Blake to keep Ross off her back. Blake makes a speedy exit and Michelle rails at Danny. She tells him she doesn't like him lying to her face and then going behind her back. She's angry because she's finally found something to help her discover who she is now and Danny's ruining it. She rants that it's her life and she's willing to take the risk of working with Tony, but he counters that she doesn't just live in a bubble. As she yells that he's keeping her from getting what she wants, Danny snaps and throws a vase, wondering she knows how selfish she sounds. What about what he wants? Michelle accuses him of trying to control her life, but he states that he just doesn't want her to drag them back into the life they worked so hard to get out of. He tells her that he doesn't want to totally squash her dream, he offers to help her later. He tells her his plan to make them solvent again; sell the house. Michelle is shocked that he'd sell the house that she supposedly loved just to keep her from doing business with Tony. She suggests that they go their separate ways.

Harley and Gus are at Company, very close. Suddenly Harley pulls back, wondering what they're doing. She's confused, but Gus tells her he's not--he's where he wants to be. He tells Harley that he hates what his family is doing to hers. She says she does too and wonders if that means she hates him too? He tells her she doesn't have to hate him. He states that he spoke with Phillip and Alan and will fight them. But Harley tells him it's not just about Company. She tells him that she's hurt, devastated and angry at him for lying, but she admits she still loves him. She starts talking about how good a man he is and what kind of people his family are. Gus asks her why she can't just let it go and move on. But Harley can't. She tells him that the only way she can let him into her life again is if he disowns his family. She tries to convince him that it's for the best for both of them. But Gus isn't too keen on her ultimatum. He wonders why it has to be one family or the other? He asks her if she knows the sacrifice she's asking him to make? He's lost his adoptive family and now she wants him to walk away from his biological family. She assures him that he'd be doing it for her and her kids. Gus tells Harley that she's his entire life, but she's asking too much. They part ways and she returns the rings he gave her. He tells her she can keep his mother's ring; there's no obligation with it. It's hers.

Gus then leaves for the police station with Alan (they were on their way to dinner) and starts packing his things. He tells Alan he's quitting since he wants to work at Spaulding. He suggests the legal department since he is technically a lawyer. Alan is surprised and asks what about Harley? Gus's dismissive answer makes it clear to Alan what happened. Gus compares his situation with Alan's (since Alan lost Regina because of the family) and says that it's just something he's learning to accept. Alan asks him if he's sure this is what he wants. Gus says, no, But since he can't have what he wants, he'll take what he needs.

A depressed Harley is walking the beach and comes across Bill. They commiserate over being depressed over someone you leaves. Harley tells him she wants to take him up on his offer to nail Phillip.

Cassie and Edmund come across Jeffrey at the Beacon. Cassie tells Jeffrey that she no longer trusts him, and so he's fired. When she states that his protection is too much for her, Jeffrey quickly gives in and concedes to her wishes. Edmund is skeptical about Jeffrey's sudden turnaround but Jeffrey makes like he just doesn't want to argue with Cassie. When Edmund leaves to make a call, Cassie laments to Jeffrey about having to lie to Edmund. Jeffrey assures her that it will be over soon; he's convinced the imposter will come to the farm. Jeffrey then leaves and Cassie and Edmund go to her room where they make love. Afterwards, Edmund is in bed dreaming. He dreams that Cassie and Jeffrey are flirting. As he wakens from his nightmare, he hears Cassie on the phone calling someone "Honey." He jumps up, yanks the phone out of her hand and says he's had enough of her and Jeffrey O'Neill!

Dinah's lurking around the Jessup farm. She starts looking for a secret compartment in the fireplace and finds it. There she finds old love letters to herself from Hart. He laments how Cassie took him away from her; how she took away Dinah's whole life. Suddenly Jeffrey enters. He tells her that it's over, it's time for her to go away. Dinah seems amused and accuses him of having feelings for Cassie. After he learns she's been spying on him and Cassie, they bicker and he suddenly kisses her. He then pulls her to the floor and accuses her of being obsessed with Cassie, but she states he is too. He warns Dinah that the path she's on won't fill the void in her. She can create the life she wants. She throws his sentiment right back and accuses him of not knowing what he's doing from one moment to the next. She says that he just lurches, waiting for everything to make sense. He asks if she knows what scares him the most. She does--her. She asks him to help her forget everything for tonight and they then make love. Afterwards, Dinah hears cars outside and sees lights. She realizes Jeffrey set her up.

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