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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 18, 2006 on GL
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Monday, December 18, 2006

At the Farmhouse party, Jonathan and Tammy are ripping off one another's clothes while Lizzie is looking for Jon. When Marina suggests that he's hanging out with RJ, Lizzie lets go of her search for a while. Josh and Cassie kiss in the kitchen and try to figure out how to get the guests to leave so they can be alone. Josh, Billy, and Sheila bond with a toast to new beginnings. Sheila says she likes a man who is driven and fun. When she leaves to freshen her drink, Josh tells Billy he picked a good one. Billy says that it was actually Reva who set them up. In the kitchen, Lizzie asks Cassie for advice about Jonathan's obsession with his past. Cassie reminds her that Tammy is her daughter, but assures Lizzie that Tammy has moved on and Lizzie need not worry. About the same time, Tammy and Jon are lying together after having made love. Jon says it is the first time he's been able to breathe in months.

Back in the farmhouse, Billy, Sheila, Josh, and Cassie make plans to have a night of dining and dancing sometime soon. Everyone is leaving and Lizzie is freaking out because she can't find Jon. Marina says he's probably just out on a walk. Lizzie leaves to find him, with Josh in close pursuit. While Jon is showing his conflicted feelings while talking to Tammy, Lizzie approaches the barn door. When Alan, who has just left Cross Creek where he visited briefly with Sarah after barging his way in, comes upon Lizzie at the barn, he calls her name. This leads Jon to jump up, grab his clothes, and take off. While Alan harasses Lizzie about Jon and her life with him, Tammy leaves the barn also. Lizzie repeatedly tells Alan to leave and gets support from both Josh and Cassie. Jon finally shows back up and tells Alan that Lizzie is not alone and that Alan is ruining her special night out. Alan leaves just as Tammy returns. She says that she's been in RJ's room because she has missed seeing him. Alan returns to the barn and discovers the blanket that Tammy and Jon had shared. He looks like he knows something.

When Jon and Tammy are left briefly alone, they exchange their feelings about how amazing their time was together and how it had been too long. Lizzie returns and says they should get back to relieve Lillian who's been babysitting. There is an awkward goodbye and Tammy is left looking like she about to cry.

After everyone has left, Cassie and Josh discuss how they are happy the night went well and that people seem to be accepting them as a couple. Josh puts on an Aaron Neville c.d. and they dance.

When Reva leaves the party with Cal, they go to his suite at The Beacon. When Cal starts moving too fast and the two kiss, Reva announces that she's not ready for this move yet. Cal tells her she needs to detangle herself from the Lewis brothers and get tangled up with someone new. Reva wins out and the two end up watching a pay-per-view movie and eating candy bars from the mini-bar. They acknowledge that both of them lost a bit of their edge about the time they lost their hair. Cal mentions that he recognizes Sheila and that she may be bad news for Billy. Apparently Sheila has the reputation of being attracted only to men with lots of money. Reva says that it could be said the same about her. Cal says he has an associate at the Clayton Country Club who had a negative experience with Sheila and that she apparently has a pattern established. Reva seems to dismiss it, but when she runs into Sheila and Billy in the hallway after she leaves Cal's room, she asks to speak to Billy alone. While she pumps Billy for information on Sheila, Billy resents it and tells Reva that he now has a life and Josh has a life so she should just back off. Reva instinctively calls Josh and starts leaving a message for him about Billy being in trouble, but stops midway through and says never mind.

Rick and Frank also leave the party at the farmhouse and go to Gus and Harley's where Rick is a guest. Constantly referring to Frank as Frankie, Rick insists that Frank keep it down because he doesn't know what the household rules are yet. Frank asks for some of the cookies he saw Rick steal from Cassie's and says he'll have some coffee. Rick has a beer. When he asks Frankie if he thinks Rick's shoes are sexy, Frank asks him if he wants them to be. Rick confesses he is scared about having to go back into the dating world now that Mel has asked for a divorce. Frank suggests he sic Marina on Rick to be a matchmaker. Frank also asks him about Beth. Rick says that one -- Beth is married and, two -- their fling was a weak attempt to recapture their youth. Rick says that everyone has tough times, even his grandma Bert who seemed to have it all together, wasn't always happy. The two agree that this season could be a lonely time when they missed a lot of people.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tammy returns to the barn for her scarf and has a flashback to her interlude with Jonathan that was followed by Lizzie leaving the party with Jonathan. Alan is hiding behind a bale of hay watching Tammy.

Lizzie and Jonathan get home to find Lillian is asleep in Lizzie's bed. She asks Jonathan to come to bed with her like a real married couple. Jonathan tries to talk his way out of it. Jonathan has a flashback to his encounter with Tammy just hours before. Lizzie tries to convince Jonathan to be with her. She asks Jonathan to make love with her. They go up to the bedroom and Jonathan takes a long shower. Lizzie puts on soft music, lowers the lights, waiting for Jonathan. He comes out of the shower and is caught off guard at how appealing Lizzie looks. He opens a beer, buying more time. Lizzie continues to beg. She tells Jonathan she loves him, the way he loves Tammy. She tells him she's just asking to let her love him, too. She asks if she's that hard to love - he tells her no, she's not hard to love. Lizzie crawls onto the bed and asks him to "show her." Jonathan continues to procrastinate. Jonathan tells her she's important to him and she looks "hot". He tells her he doesn't want to be with her just because they're married. He talks his way out of it and takes her out for a ride on his motorcycle.

Mallet gets a call and rushes off, not telling Dinah what the call is about. She pays off the bartender to put on the police scanner and follows Mallet. An orphanage was broken into and all the children's toys were stolen. Mallet's doing his job, while Dinah has a crew filming in the background.

Tammy goes to visit Gus and Harley to see baby Sydney. It upsets her - comparing her to Sarah - and she leaves. Marina follows her out. Tammy confides in Marina about her night with Jonathan. Marina tries to talk her out of her obsession about Jonathan. She reminds Tammy about her being in the same position with Danny and how that turned out. Marina gets a call and has to leave - just as Jonathan and Lizzie walk into Outskirts.

Tammy, Jonathan and Lizzie make small talk. Lizzie steps away for a moment and Jonathan and Tammy briefly discuss what happened between them. Lizzie quickly returns before they finish their conversation and she and Jonathan leave - Tammy tearfully looking on.

Alan-Michael joins the going away party, much to Coops dismay. Harley gets a call from Mel, telling her Judge Green is taking over the case. Alan-Michael overhears and offers to help. Coop and Ava leave to head to England.

Coop and Ava stroll down Main St and Ava reminisces about her childhood wishes from Christmas' past. She had wished she had a little sister. Now she won't be sharing her Christmas with Emma. Coop promises to make her Christmas in England special. Alan-Michael painfully watches their encounter.

Beth asks Alan what he's been up to tonight. Alan claims he been playing matchmaker with Tammy and Jonathan. Beth accuses Alan of sacrificing Lizzie's heart to get Sarah.

Lizzie and Jonathan share a close moment, in bed, with baby Sarah between them. Meanwhile, Tammy is tearfully back at the barn - alone again.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Inside the Light: The Dad, the Good Girl, and the Other Woman

As music plays, on the screen rolls a montage of morning activity for The Randall family and Tammy Winslow. Little Sarah wakes up Jonathan. He quiets her fussiness with a pacifier as shards of early light fall upon sleeping Lizzie. Jonathan wistfully glances at his wife before slinking out of bed. Moments later Lizzie rolls over and smiles to see Sarah. Her smile fades when she notices Jonathan's side of the bed is empty. Meanwhile, Tammy does laundry and finds hay in her clothes, triggering memories of last night. Jonathan works on his bike. His wallet falls out of his pocket. He retrieves it and stares at the pictures of Sarah and Tammy. Tammy opens an invitation to a New Year's Eve party. She writes on the RSVP, but stops when it asks her to check off if she is coming alone or has a date. Frustrated, she scribbles her name out, balls it up, and tosses it in the trash. Lizzie brings Sarah, bundled in pink, onto the porch. Jonathan lights up at the sight of the baby as Lizzie knowingly smiles. "I only know you by the negative space you leave..." are the lyrics being sung. The show's standard opening plays as the previous song continues over it. The Lyrics are, "Now that it's too late, did you find what you're looking for? There's nothing left to break. Hope you find what you're looking for. Do you know what you're looking for? Do you even know?"


Tammy wakens from a nap with a start, wondering if she really is the other woman. She continues speaking in an internal monologue. The thought of her being the other woman is so cliché that she may as well brand her chest with a scarlet "A." She's overreacting. She and Jonathan made love. It wasn't a roll in the—Tammy doesn't complete her thought, realizing how cliché her life really is. She actually is the other woman.

Remy emerges from a shower wearing a towel, his eight-pack dripping wet from the shower. He thanks her because her mother allowed Marina and him to stay at the farm while their place is being fixed. Remy makes small talk as Tammy stares at him, lips puckering. She thinks of how eligible he is. She asks herself what she's waiting on. He's already made his interest clear. Look at him and his six-pack, she urges herself. It's more than a six-pack. As she silently counts the ripples, Remy interrupts her thoughts, asking her where she went. Tammy snaps out of it and replies that she was just counting. Next Tammy goes shopping on Main Street. She sees a couple and thinks of how, within a year, that could be her and Jonathan together again. When Lizzie was pregnant the three worked together and they can do it again. She is not the other woman, she decides. She was there first.

A pair of older women in the exact situation as Tammy parade onto Main Street. Mel stomps away as Beth marches behind her, blaring about how she simply wants to know Mel's holiday plans. Mel swivels to face Beth, retorting that Beth only wants to know if Rick is involved in her plans. Beth proffers that Rick did wind up alone on Thanksgiving. Mel accuses Beth of still trying to steal her husband. Not so, Beth defends. Rick was Beth's dear friend long before Mel came to town. Mel asks Beth if she believes that Rick is more hers just because she knew him first. Tammy listens as Mel speculates how Beth's frequent trips down the aisle numbed her respect for marriage. Remy also watches as Mel advises Beth to go home to her family and leave Mel's family alone.

Mel stalks over to Remy and Tammy. As Beth gives up and leaves, she apologizes to them for overhearing that conversation. Remy feels no need for an apology since Beth is clearly a home wrecker. She just doesn't stop, Mel tells them. Even if Mel wanted to get back together with Rick, Beth incessantly insinuates herself. It's having a bad effect on Leah. Her words register with Tammy.

Moments later Tammy moves from one of CO2's tables to a bench, declaring to herself that her situation is not the same as Beth's. She doesn't chase Lizzie down, asking about Jonathan. She doesn't show up at their house, either—only because Aunt Reva lives there, she admits to herself. Mel didn't steal Rick from Beth. Lizzie stole Jonathan from her. Tammy sees Jonathan near the Santa picture throne and hops up from the bench. She hides behind the circular posting board, angry that Lizzie is not only using the baby, but also Santa to get Jonathan.

Enthusiastically Lizzie calls Tammy over. Reluctantly she comes, asking if they are taking Sarah's first pictures with Santa. Lizzie happily explains how she wants to use the photos for next year's Christmas cards, but Jonathan reminded her the baby will look totally different next year. A lot can change in a year, Jonathan murmurs. Lizzie asks if Tammy has sent holiday cards. Tammy hasn't had time. Us either, Lizzie says. In her head Tammy resentfully echoes the word "us." Lizzie says so many things got pushed back when Sarah was born. Tammy thinks, "like me?" Sarah becomes really fussy and the couple decides to take the Santa photos later. They leave and Jonathan gives Tammy a parting glance.

Shortly after they part company, Tammy's cell phone buzzes. She receives a text message. On the phone screen, it says that the message is from a restricted caller. It asks her to meet in their special place and is signed Jonathan. Excited, she closes the phone and shuffles away.


Meanwhile back in her room at Cross Creek, Lizzie cradles Sarah and catches a glimpse of them together in the long flip mirror. Look at me; I'm a Mom, she says to herself—and it looks right, she beams. She could so be one of those TV moms, she decides. Holding Sarah in one arm, she grabs a bag of diapers off the changing stand and holds them up as if they are in a commercial together. She recalls how at the onset of her pregnancy, she didn't even know who the father was. "Look everyone," she thinks to herself. "She's a psycho and a tramp." Instead of that being her fate, she believes that night turned her into a good girl. Nine months later, she's got a hot husband, a cute baby and a home that looks homey. Her mother-in-law almost likes her. She believes she is starting to care about people other than herself—not that she doesn't still care about herself. In time Jonathan will begin to love her and she won't have to lie to him or trick him to make it happen. She lays down the baby. Tammy who, she wonders as she primps in the mirror. Lizzie believes she is the total package now: A good wife, a good mother—with great hair and fashion sense—even her body is snapping back into shape. She has it all—almost.

Later, Reva enters Cross Creek wanting to know what stinks. Lizzie sits at a table in the kitchen (I think) that's covered with a mess of a tuna casserole. Distressed, Lizzie announces that she was cooking. Precariously staring at it, Reva wants to know what it is. Lizzie frets that doesn't know. She shows Reva the recipe photo. Reva wants to just order pizza but an anguished Lizzie wants to cook for Jonathan. Any woman can order pizza. She wants him to come how to the smell of fresh baked—"Feet?" Reva finishes for her. Lizzie whines, but Reva firmly insists it smells like feet and she's not going to eat it. Lizzie wonders doesn't Reva want her to be able to cook for Jonathan like Tammy. Reva patiently explains that Lizzie is not Tammy. Lizzie knows she isn't and rolls her tearful eyes. Reva urges Lizzie to be herself. She wants her to learn what she is good at and be that for Jonathan.

Composing herself, Lizzie suggests that she can dress him better. He'd hate that and Lizzie knows it, Reva candidly responds. Miserably frustrated, Lizzie agrees. She likes Jonathan how he is anyway. Reva advises Lizzie that since she and Jonathan had rough childhoods, this is their time to relive some of it through the baby. The two of them get to make the kind of life they wish they had then for Sarah now.

Lizzie frankly asks Reva if she thinks their marriage has a chance with Tammy out of the way. She remembers how Reva told her once that maybe she and Jonathan would be okay, but okay is isn't good and good isn't happy. If Reva doesn't think they can be any of those things, Lizzie wants to know now so she can stop hoping. Reva earnestly believes that a person only has one great love. However Lizzie and Jonathan chose to be in their marriage for their daughter. The choice wasn't made by accident. They share something only the two of them can share. Reva decides that the two of them have a chance—some day. Lizzie beams with excitement. She knew it was true when she felt that maybe he was having feelings for her. She declares to Reva that she just wants to be the best person she can be for him. Like Tammy? Reva asks. Like Lizzie, Lizzie confidently responds.

Later Lizzie tells Jonathan to sit. He eases into a chair at the kitchen table, wondering why he feels like Roxie. When Roxie is good, she gets a treat too, Lizzie responds, presenting him with a plate of the casserole and glass of red wine. The rest of the meal is nicely presented on the table, resembling the recipe photo. Lizzie stands beside the meal wearing a pink printed waist apron. It's not gourmet, but Reva told her that her first try doesn't have to be. First try, Jonathan says and Lizzie admits it's the second. She threw the first one away. Jonathan digs in and Lizzie leans forward, watching expectantly. He asks if she's going to stare at him while he eats it. She replies yes.

Jonathan takes the first bite and chews thickly before coughing. Frantically, Lizzie pats his back, yelling at him to spit it out. After a few choking moments, Jonathan richly laughs. He's kidding; it's good. Jonathan asks if she tried it. No, she was waiting to see if it killed him first. Lizzie smiles triumphantly as she realizes that he really likes it and he likes her. Casserole's are just the beginning, she thinks to herself. She plans to be the best Good Girl Lizzie that she can be. She is going to make this marriage rock!

On Main Street later, Lizzie presents Nana with a gift for watching Sarah. Lillian thinks motherhood brings out the best in Lizzie. Motherhood and Jonathan, Lizzie ecstatically responds. He makes her happy, and he doesn't have to even do anything but be there. She confides that she wants to deserve that happiness. Lillian touches her nose, saying that she does deserve that happiness. Lizzie believes it doesn't hurt to give back and serve as an example for Sarah just as Lillian does. Lillian doesn't believe that she has always set a good example for Beth and Lizzie. Anyone can make a change for the better, Lizzie spins, displaying herself. They part company, but Lizzie looks back, smiling proudly at her grandmother. Lizzie thinks of how much fun it was to give that gift and spend time with Nana. She admires her grandmother for being such a wonderful woman now. A couple strolls by Lillian and Lizzie blinks into sadness, realizing that Lillian is all alone.

Back at Cross Creek, Lizzie has changed clothes. She rifles through some old Bike magazines, wondering why Jonathan kept them. A letter from Tammy falls out. A good girl would just put it back, Lizzie reasons. Lizzie reads the letter. In the letter Tammy says that she loves them as a couple because when they are together, they don't worry about doing the right thing. They don'thave to pretend to be something they are not. The words anger Lizzie. She rips up the letter, her mind racing with resentful thoughts. Maybe Jonathan likes right things. Maybe he wants to do the right thing, like be a good husband to her. Lizzie thinks Tammy can shove her meaningful connection. As she cleans up the mess, her cell phone beeps. She receives a text message asking her to meet in Cassie's barn for a surprise. It's signed Jonathan.


At some point in the day, Jonathan comes downstairs with a beer in hand. He thinks of how he can pull off the Dad Thing without becoming a Josh or Alfred. He can love his kid without losing his edge. Playing with a Barbie on a toy motorcycle, he thinks that he wants Sarah to like that about him: Cool Dad. Sarah is the only thing he thinks about when he isn't thinking of Tammy. It sucks that she put him up to this and now she's not even part of it. But Tammy can't be a part of it, he reminds himself. It's too hard. When he thinks of what happened in the barn, he deems himself a cheating husband. Lizzie tries so hard, but he's just not that guy. He doesn't want Sarah to believe he can hurt her mother like that. He wants to think more like a Dad, but finds it hard if Tammy is in the picture.

Jonathan can't help but feel that he and Tammy are just on a break from each other. He'll play house for a while and then go home to her. The baby monitor sounds. Now there's someone who needs him more, he thinks and goes to tend to Sarah. He holds her thinking of how he must be different and better now that her tiny eyes are watching him. Kids pick up on things.

At the farm, Josh opens the door before Jonathan can knock. Putting on his coat, he says that Tammy went shopping, if that's who he's looking for. Josh asks about Sarah and Jonathan smiles, admitting how much he digs fatherhood. Josh says he's proud of him. Josh knows that making the jump from father to husband in a short time isn't easy, especially considering what he gave up. Josh leaves for work. Jonathan receives a text message asking him to meet at their place. It's signed from Tammy.

Jonathan goes to the barn. Lizzie opens the door shortly after. She can't believe that he picked here, she says as the door again squeaks. Tammy enters. Each question each other and learn that they all got text messages to meet there. Two, in fact, Jonathan says of his messages. The ladies recheck their phones. Tammy has a second to meet there at one, which is the same time that Jonathan was asked to meet. Lizzie's message says to meet at one thirty. Jonathan is the first to realize it's a set up, probably by Alan, to have Lizzie catch them together. Tammy lights up, realizing she showed up late, therefore, spoiling the scheme. Jonathan panics, asking where the baby is. With Lillian, Lizzie replies. Jonathan frantically wants to go now. Lizzie says no, she's the one who's going to go. She has something she must take care of. She apologizes to Tammy for the set up by her grandfather and leaves the barn.

Jonathan approaches Tammy as if to kiss her. Then he backs away and strides to the door. They give each other one last glance before he leaves her there alone. Meanwhile, Lizzie marches into the beacon. She composes herself, remembering that she is The Good Girl before knocking on the door. Alan answers, saying that he just finished up a meeting. Lizzie admits that he's right. She just found Tammy and Jonathan together. Alan reacts apologetically. Lizzie slaps him in the face.

At Cross Creek in a rocking chair Jonathan tells Sarah the story of a little boy who lived on an island. His father was a prince, but the boy didn't know because he didn't grow up with his father. Sarah smiles at the word Prince. She becomes fussy when he says he grew up with a different Dad. Jonathan agrees with her because he wanted to cry, too, when he heard this story. He says that the boy grew up and wanted to find his real mother to hurt her and everyone that she knew. However, the boy met a girl and they fell in love. Everyone was upset about it because they were cousins, but Jonathan says they won't get into that part of the story. It's icky. They stuck together, the girl didn't try to change him, and that made him want to be a better man.

At the farm, Tammy gets a package from a deliveryman. It's in deplorable shape. She returns to the porch to catch him and finds Jonathan there. She drops the package and they kiss.

Meanwhile, Alan ices his face as Lizzie rages at him for trying to trick them. Lizzie believes Jonathan loves her. Throwing Tammy in doesn't make a difference any more. Alan asks her why Jonathan showed up at the barn. Jonathan wouldn't have responded if Alan had sent the message under his own name. He sent it under Tammy's. Tammy and Jonathan thought they were meeting each other alone in the barn. As the news sinks in, Alan pulls her in and holds her.

At the farm, Jonathan reveals to Tammy that he's decided he can't live without her and it's wrong for Sarah not to know a person so special in his life. He can't leave Lizzie and the baby right away. He wants to make sure they are secure first. He'll always be there for Lizzie to help with the baby, but he will not stay married to her. He knows he isn't giving Tammy enough to hold onto right now, but he can't think of another way without losing his daughter. Tammy is relieved and happy. She kisses him, saying it's enough. Now that she knows it will end, she can patiently wait for that end. They understand that they will have to sneak around for now, but soon they will have their whole lives together.

Meanwhile Lizzie returns to Cross Creek. She finds Lillian there, sporting the stunning earrings that Lizzie gave her. She says that Jonathan called her back because he had an errand to run. Lizzie speculates to herself. Up in the bedroom, she still tries to be optimistic, assuring Sarah that they will fill the photo book she's working on with years and years of memories of just the three of them. Lizzie believes Jonathan will be home soon for good. She'll fight for him if she has to. Good girls always remember where they came from.

Tammy and Jonathan cuddle by the tree. Tammy thinks it's worth it to be with Jonathan. She won't have to be the other woman forever. Jonathan believes nothing will change. He's still the baby's father. On one side of the screen Tammy and Jonathan hug. On the other side of the screen, Lizzie rocks the baby.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Reva sees Billy walking down Main St. with Sheila as they're looking at an expensive bracelet he bought for her. Reva goes to Josh to ask him for help with Billy's predicament. Josh doesn't want to get involved. Reva persists and Joshua agrees to go meet with Billy, but he insists Reva go with him.

Reva and Josh go to Billy's to try to figure out Sheila's motives. Josh takes Billy down the hall for ice, leaving Reva alone with Sheila. Sheila asks Reva for help with ideas for Christmas presents for Billy. She tells Reva some things that make it obvious she's really done her homework on Billy. Meanwhile, in the hallway Billy tells Josh he's going to invest in Sheila's marketing company – raising Josh's concerns. Inside, Reva believes Sheila's motives are harmless.

Josh and Reva go back to the farmhouse and share their findings with Cassie. Josh is concerned over Billy's situation. Cassie happily produces a sealed copy of Sheila's criminal records (that she got from Jeffrey).

Mandy meets Alan-Michael at the airport. She briefs him of his schedule, including Ava's departure plans. He realizes Ava's plans changed while he was away and he reprimands Mandy for not keeping him up to date – that she has to work harder to fill Ava's shoes

Ava is making excuses about her whereabouts to Coop. She doesn't want him to know she's about to spend some time with Jeffrey and to say goodbye to him. Ava is disappointed at Jeffrey's indifference to her moving to England. She gives him a Swiss Army knife she had in her purse as she's looking for a pen to write down her phone number to give to him. He grudgingly takes her phone number. She slowly starts to walk away, waiting for Jeffrey to say something – anything to her. She storms off – he calls her back and tears up her phone number – telling her it's the best thing he can do for her. Ava seeks out Buzz to share a heartfelt, tearful goodbye.

Cassie runs into Jeffrey at Outskirts where she tries to get him to admit it's bothering him that Ava's leaving. Cassie keeps after him to talk about his feelings for Ava, but he won't budge. Jeffrey leaves to visit with Olivia to let her know of his encounter with Ava. Olivia is furious that Jeffrey didn't stay away from her. She's jealous because Ava went to say goodbye to Jeffrey and gave him a present. Jeffrey calls her on it – all while Coop overhears their conversation. So now Coop knows how Olivia is trying to control Jeffrey's relationship with Ava. Jeffrey throws the knife in the trash to prove to Olivia he wants nothing to do with Ava. Olivia slams the door and Jeffrey picks the knife out of the trash.

Buzz and Olivia go over her anger issues again. Buzz spies Coop and goes to say goodbye with a huge hug as Olivia watches. Coop and Buzz discuss his move to England. Buzz hands Coop an envelope of cash.

Olivia goes to visit Ava to say her goodbyes as well. She sees Ava hold on dearly to a picture of her adoptive mother, and then pack it in her suitcase. Olivia leaves without ever actually going in.

Coop tries to help Ava with her busy schedule by picking up her paycheck – to find it's at Alan-Michael's. It was obvious Alan-Michael had hoped Ava would come to pick it up personally. Ava is thankful Coop went to pick up her check. She opens it and appears startled or confused with it. Coop asks her if they made a mistake and she stutters a "no". Coop gives Ava an iPod and she's thrilled. They realize they're running late for Marina's going away party being thrown in their honor. She gets in the shower and there's a knock at the door – Mandy with an urgent envelope from Alan-Michael. Coop opens it and reads a letter offering Ava a new position of Executive Liaison with Spaulding and a request she call him. Coop put the letter in the trash without Ava ever seeing it.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Alan is visiting Alan-Michael trying to get him to help him with Lizzie. Alan-Michael is not interested; he is preoccupied with waiting for a call from Ava. He then lets it slip that he offered Ava a six figure executive position at Spaulding. Alan-Michael thinks the offer will make Ava reconsider leaving; Alan is not so sure-after all she may think he just made the offer to get her into bed. After Alan leaves, the messenger arrives. Alan-Michaels grills the messenger since if Ava received the offer, she would have called him whether she wanted it or not. When he asks if she delivered to Ava personally, the woman is forced to admit that she did not-she gave it to a man while Ava was in the shower. Angry, Alan-Michael fires the woman. He then rushes to Ava's, only to learn that she is gone. In her room, he notices the envelope in the trash.

Coop is at Outskirts waiting for Ava to arrive at their going away party. Coop talks to Marina about Alan-Michael and informs her that he offered Ava a job. When Marina states that that turning down the job must have been tough for Ava, Coop states he spared her from having to it. Marina is shocked when Coop tells her that he intercepted the message and threw it away without telling Ava. Marina insists that Ava has a right to know about the offer but Coop disagrees. After leaving the party, Marina runs into Remy on Main Street where he is Christmas shopping. She offers to help him. When they finish, she gets him to tell her what he got Tammy. He reveals that he got her a charm bracelet.

Ava visits Olivia so she can say goodbye to Emma and give her a Christmas present. She unexpectedly gives Olivia one as well. As Ava leaves, Olivia wishes her luck in England.. Ava then goes to Outskirts for the goodbye party Coop has thrown. Ava is distracted, which does not go unnoticed by Coop. He tries to get her excited about their move and promises her that England will not be weird and she will not be homesick. Later, they go to the airport. Ava is noticeably reluctant about leaving. Coop thinks it is nerves and tries to calm her fears. When Ava steps out, she overhears a little girl with her parents and becomes even more melancholy. Meanwhile, Jeffrey has rushed to the airport to give Ava her Christmas present but is waylaid by Coop. Coop tells Jeffrey that giving Ava a present will not erase all the mistakes he has made. Coop then asks if he wants Ava to have second thoughts. Coop asks if Jeffrey can guarantee that that he will be a good father and will not fail her again. Dejected, Jeffrey walks out without seeing her. Later, Ava and Coop go to board the airplane but the flight is delayed. Ava discovers that she missed a call from Alan-Michael (since her cell phone was turned off) and calls him back. Alan-Michael is angry and asks if she is avoiding him so she will not have to talk about the job offer. Ava has no idea what he is talking about.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Olivia both find themselves at the bar lamenting the fact that Ava is gone.

Jonathan is at home, arranging a rendezvous with Tammy. Soon Lizzie arrives, and feeling jealous, she grabs the phone away from him and demands to know who is on the line. But it is not Tammy; it is a guy from a leather store. Jonathan tells Lizzie she ruined the surprise. He is getting her a pink leather jacket to match his other present-a pink motorcycle helmet. He then leaves, telling her he is going to Sal's. (the owner of the leather store. After he leaves, Lizzie gets a visit from Alan. Upset, she reminds him about the restraining order but he tells her it has been revoked-Doris Wolfe took care of it. Alan then asks where Jonathan is, implying that Lizzie's marriage is not secure. Lizzie assures him that everything is fine and shows him the special gift Jonathan gave her-the motorcycle helmet. Alan states that when a man is cheating on his wife, he covers his guilt by giving her something special. After Lizzie places a phone call, Alan tries to explain that he only wants to protect her from herself and warns her that Jonathan is in love with Tammy. At that point, there is a knock on the door-Dr. Baker. Alan assures Lizzie that he did not call the doctor, but she knows that-she did. Apparently, Lizzie gave Dr. Baker a better offer. Lizzie starts telling the doctor about Alan's obsession with her baby and her concerns for his mental state. She suggests that Alan be placed under observation for at least 72 hours. Lizzie tells an upset Alan that the only way her marriage has a chance is if he is out of the picture.

Instead of going to Sal's, Jonathan is at the barn with Tammy making love. Later, as they are slowly getting ready to leave they are caught by Cassie. After assuring Jonathan that she is not angry at him, she asks to speak with Tammy alone. Cassie tells Tammy that she is not going to lecture her. She points out that she knows the pair loves each other and it would be hypocritical for her to tell Tammy not to act on it. Cassie warns Tammy, though, that Jonathan is still with Lizzie. Tammy assures Cassie that Jonathan is going to divorce Lizzie when the time is right. Cassie thinks that could be a while and tells Tammy that even if they do divorce, Lizzie will still have a hold on Jonathan and Tammy will always be in second place. Later that night, Jonathan realizes that he lost his wedding ring in the barn. At the same time, someone finds it there-Beth.

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