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The year started with Alan resolving to return to his old form, and trying to reclaim Beth as his wife. She doesn't seem too interested in rekindling the romance with him, and that might have something to do with Coop's interest in her.

Happy New Year to all GL fans! I hope that you were able to spend some time with family and friends, relaxing and getting ready for 2009. But what does the new year mean to those in Springfield?

GL, like all shows, sends out spoilers meant to tempt fans into watching. They are often cleverly worded pieces that sometimes give the fan an outcome they weren't really expecting. So this week I'm going to take a look at some of the spoilers, try to figure out what they want us to think, what I think WILL happen and even make some predictions of my own.

The year starts with Alan resolving to return to his old form - and trying to reclaim Beth as his wife. But she doesn't seem too interested in rekindling the romance with him. That might have something to do with Coop's interest in her. As a long time fan I have to admit the Alan/Beth pairing was never a favorite. Yes, there is an age difference, but I find the fact that Beth knows how evil and controlling Alan is to be her biggest downfall. Better women have tried to tame Big Al, but none have succeeded long term. Beth's true love is on his way back to town, and I can't wait to see what he thinks of all of this!

The spoilers the show has released have highlighted that Phillip returns during a wedding. While it could be Lizzie and Bill, I have to say that I think it will be Alan and Beth. In true soap fashion, Beth is still debating whether or not to walk away from Coop to marry Alan. And in walks Phillip Granville Spaulding (hopefully with Lionel Ritchie's "Truly" playing in the background and using some of the great video in the show's vault to show the history these two share).

Even before the wedding, Alan has big plans. Despite all of his wealth, Alan is a simple man at his core. His loves his family, and his power and wealth. If you don't mess with that, you are fine. If you do, well, things won't go well for you. Alan has taken on Bill since he now controls Spaulding (although technically Dinah took it away and he's sort of forgotten about her for now). You would think that being the man Lizzie loves would protect Bill in some way - but Alan is his own man. Using Lizzie's own kidnapper (even though he didn't plan it) to frame Bill is low - even for Alan. And once he learns about Coop and Beth, the Spauldings and Coopers will renew their decades long fight ala the Hatfields and McCoys.

While I am pondering this plight of the Cooper family, I have to admit they have some pretty decent allies - if they are strong enough for a fight. Since most people in town are not fond of Alan, he can only hire who is susceptible to blackmail or can easily be bought. But Alan controls Cedar's Hospital and the Mayor's office - which gives him a leg up on the rest of Springfield. But since we know he can't cook anything but the most basic meal, and I've never seen him drive, he'll have to live on egg sandwiches (all that I've seen him cook when he lived at the boarding house) and do a lot of walking. This could turn into a major GL chess match, Spaudling style!

The other "new" resident of Springfield this winter will be Prince Edmund Winslow. While I adore David Andrew MacDonald (DAM) I have to admit that he has less of a history now that Cassie is gone to Hawaii with R.J. But with Reva fighting cancer and pregnant, you can be sure that Edmund won't be bringing a nappie for the little O'Neill baby to wear. Past history tells us that Edmund will do anything, even to an infant (remember he tried to kill baby Jonathan in San Cristobel) so he is not to be trusted. Prince Richard might have had a security force to keep he and his family safe, but Jeffrey O'Neill is not about to let Eddie harm his son.

Shayne Lewis has blown back into town with a vengeance. He tried to break up Marina and Mallet's wedding (I wish he had succeeded - they are the most boring GL couple EVER!) and now has Dinah dangling on a string. While we are learning more about the angry man Shayne has become, I can see where he and Dinah will get into even more trouble. But the two could be good for one another, as well. Since GL decided to break up fan favorite Dinah and Mallet, they have been floundering as what to do with the double Emmy winner Gina Tognoni. Hopefully if Dinah gets some of her spark back we can be treated to some more Emmy reel material for next year.

In addition to Shayne, Dinah also has to be aware of former ally/lover Edmund. This could be a hell-raising triangle that Springfield will have to watch out for. I can't imagine that any of the three of these characters will decide to return to their softer side of the character - but can we survive the onslaught? If these three work on taking down Alan, they might have more friends then they ever had!!

Away from all of the high drama, I hope there is time for romance in Springfield. Remy and his "bride" Christina are perfectly suited - I hope they don't blow it. Of course, watching them figure this out will take us into summer, I'm sure. Maybe a nice summertime renewal of their vows?

Bill and Lizzie's romance is so up in the air now. Bill's lack of memory, and Lizzie's growing lack of faith leaves me wondering if they'll ever tie the knot. This relationship has been over 18 months in the making, and I hope their fans get more than a flickering of romance between all of their dramas. Now that Phillip is back in Springfield, Lizzie can have her Dad walk her down the aisle.

Maybe 2009 is the year Frankie finds love. He's had a crush on Natalia for ages - and finally is acting on it. But Natalia has her hands full with Rafe in prison and her new home (not to mention a real-life pregnancy for Jessica Leccia - congrats!) that might throw off Frank's romantic plans a little longer. But a girl can hope...

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Happy New Year!

. . .

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