Former EP recuperating from heart attack

Posted Tuesday, January 17, 2006 2:02:06 PM
Former EP recuperating from heart attack

Former Guiding Light executive producer Paul Rauch is recuperating from a heart attack. Rauch underwent surgery, but told Soap Opera Weekly that he "just got a clean bill of health" from his doctors and is undergoing a heart rehab program.

Rauch got his start in daytime television nearly thirty years ago when he took over the helm of another Procter & Gamble soap, the now-canceled Another World. Rauch was credited with making the show a powerhouse, hiring such stars as Victoria Wyndham (ex-Rachel Cory) and the late Douglas Watson (ex-Mac Cory). Within a short time of taking over the soap, Another World soared in the ratings. On 1975, NBC expanded the 30-minute Another World into a full hour.

In 1984, Rauch moved to ABC's One Life to Live. During his time there, Rauch help to devise some of the show's more memorable -- and fantasy-laced -- storylines, including Viki's out-of-body visit to Heaven as well as an Alice In Wonderland-like time-travel storyline to the 1880s.

Beginning in 1990, Rauch oversaw Sunset Beach for two years. When NBC canceled the soap, Rauch joined Guiding Light as its executive producer. During his tenure with the show, Guiding Light has been plagued by cancellation rumors and sagging ratings.

Rauch served as Guiding Light's executive producer for six years. He left the show on November 9, 2002.

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NEWS ARCHIVES After six years, Rauch steps down as EP. [Oct 7, 2002]

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