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Brandy Shelloe
Who's Who in Springfield: Brandy Shelloe | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Jo Beth Williams (1976 to December 1977)

Sandy Faison (Temporary replacement for a few weeks in 1977)


Freelance photographer/Medical Secretary

Former photographer for Spaulding Enterprises

Former secretary for Dr. Justin Marler

Former freelance photographer

Former Political Activist Former Medical Student


Last known address in Atlanta, GA

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Unnamed father in Atlanta



Flings & Affairs

Dr. Justin Marler (affair)

Alan Spaulding (affair; deceased)

Crimes Committed

Under suspicion by the F.B.I. for being one of the Chicago Eight, at the 1968 Democratic National Convention [1968 to 1969]

Indirectly responsible for having Jackie Scott Marler give up her son, whom would grow up to be Phillip Spaulding [1969]

Accused by Diane Ballard of assault, case dismissed [1977]

Brief Character History

Brandy Shelloe was a medical student, from Atlanta, GA, studying at Northwestern University when she met Justin Marler. Born of a conservative father, Brandy herself was a Vietnam War protester and a hippie. Her protesting brought her under surveillance by the FBI and, after the protest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, she was accused of being one of the Chicago Eight (which she wasn't) During the protest in Chicago, Brandy suffered several bruises and cuts and was sent to a students' triage area. The doctor who treated her was Dr. Justin Marler, whom had to do some community service work to complete his educational training. Justin became smitten with the very beautiful Brandy. It also didn't hurt that Brandy was into things that Justin's young wife, Jackie wasn't. Whereas Jackie loved to go to art museums, Brandy loved to sit in front of the T.V. and watch a football game and loved going on fishing trips with Justin. Bored with his wife, soon Justin began an affair with Brandy, even trying to help, albeit in vain, for Brandy to pass her classes at Northwestern. Unfortunately for Brandy, she just couldn't hack her classes, even with Justin's help, at Northwestern so she chucked the idea of being a doctor, but the affair continued. Meanwhile, Brandy decided to change her course of study to the art of photography. Then one fateful afternoon, Jackie came home unexpectedly and found Justin having sex with Brandy! Furious, Jackie left for Paris. To appease Jackie's father, Justin tried to track her down (with Brandy, and her new camera, in tow) and was finally successful. After Jackie demanded a divorce from Justin, Justin (who pleaded with her to take him back), ended his affair with Brandy. Mysteriously, Jackie would later see Brandy in a negligee emerge from her apartment with Alan Spaulding.

Fast forward to 1976 Springfield: Brandy was having trouble finding continuing work as a freelance photographer and moved to Springfield to seek a position at Cedars Hospital as a medical secretary. Soon after, when Dr. Justin Marler was hired as the new cardiologist of Cedars, he was shocked to learn that his new secretary was none other than Brandy! Although, he tried to be true to his new girlfriend, Sara McIntyre, he was soon tempted by Brandy to restart an affair with her. Then one day Jackie came to visit Justin to get some clarification on certain matters of their divorce, when the door opened and there stood Justin shirtless and in pajama bottoms and Jackie's worse nightmare, Brandy. Angry, Jackie told Sara, her now good friend, what she had witnessed and about the affair Justin had with Brandy Shelloe all those years ago. After a bitter fight, Justin and Sarah decided to call off their once burgeoning relationship. Justin then had Chief of Staff Steve Jackson fire Brandy as his secretary.

Though Brandy was bruised, she wasn't down for the count. Elizabeth Spaulding, Alan's wife, stepped down as Spaulding Enterprises' photographic assistant when Alan wouldn't listen to attorney, Mike Bauer's advice on protecting the environment instead of building yet another industrial park. Brandy then went and visited her, other one time love, Alan and asked for Elizabeth's now vacant position as a photographic assistant at Spaulding Enterprises. Although, Brandy was an excellent photographer, she got in trouble when her liberal political (anti-big business) views started coming out of her mouth and right in front of Alan, mister big businessman himself! Not to worry, Alan still considered Brandy very sexy and Brandy, still needing a sugar daddy, let Alan take her out on the town. Unfortunately, one of these times, at a fancy Springfield restaurant, Jackie, Elizabeth, and the Spaulding's nanny, Diane Ballard witnessed Alan and Brandy having dinner. Jackie told both Elizabeth and Diane about what she had witnessed years earlier, in Paris, about seeing Alan leave Brandy and Justin's apartment, with Brandy only in a negligee. Soon after, Elizabeth asked Alan for a divorce. However, it wasn't Elizabeth who would have it out with Brandy. That was left up to Diane Ballard, who wasn't about to have any competition as Alan's mistress, especially from someone like Brandy. The next day, Diane went to Spaulding Enterprises and a cat fight between her and Brandy soon ensued, with Diane getting the worse end of the deal. Diane then went to Springfield P.D. Lt. Larry Wyatt and decided to press assault charges against Brandy. Unfortunately for Diane she couldn't press forward with the charges because that might lead it coming out that she was Alan's mistress. In turn, Brandy went to Alan for a sympathetic ear to complain about Diane's antics. Instead, Alan fired Brandy! When Brandy threatened Alan with a "wrongful termination" suit! Alan curtly dismissed her since no contract was ever signed. A wounded Brandy, realizing that she probably couldn't file a law suit and also knowing her financial situation was dismal, quickly backed off and walked out

However, the damage to Brandy's reputation was already done, especially when she got a visit from Jackie, who told her to get out of town. Brandy obliged Jackie's wishes, but not before being visited by Justin one last time. Brandy said she felt so sorry about ever breaking up Jackie and Justin's marriage and hoped sometime in the future that Jackie and Justin would someday find their way back to each other. Brandy then left for Atlanta, GA to help care for her ailing father and to, hopefully, pursue her dream of becoming a freelance photographer. However, before she left, Brandy took a pregnancy test that turned up positive. Whether, Brandy was pregnant or not is an opened ended question, but the only child that this baby (could have been was Justin's, since he was the last man she had sex with.

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