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Dr. Felicia Boudreau
Who's Who in Springfield: Felicia Boudreau | Guiding Light on Soap Central
Actor History

Shari Headley (August 29, 2001 to March 7, 2002 [recurring])

Kim Brockington (May 6, 2002 to July 30, 2004; August 2006; August 2008 [recurring])




Boudreau house

Marital Status

Married (Clayton Boudreau)

Past Marriages



Leah Bauer (granddaughter)

Max Harlan Lewis (grandson; deceased)

Clayton Boudreau (grandson)


Melissande "Mel" Boudreau

Remy Boudreau

Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed


Brief Character History

Psychiatrist Felicia Boudreau was raised in New Orleans and, at some point, moved to Springfield and became friends with Blake Marler. The peacekeeper of the Boudreau family, Felicia was sensitive to the needs of her children and often acted as a buffer between her son, Remy, and his father. A good woman with a level head, Felicia not only counseled her children, but also proved to be a good friend and confidant to Blake who, in 2001, enlisted Felicia's help in securing a job for her husband, Ross, at Springfield University where Clayton was the Dean. The end of that year, Reva Shayne bought a strange picture in New Orleans and since she was able to move her hand through it, a confused Reva confided in Felicia. Though Felicia convinced Reva to take the picture back, she couldn't because the owner had disappeared without a trace. Not long after, Reva was able to go through the picture into the 18th century and though Felicia didn't believe her, she later followed Reva to New Orleans where they visited the Robechaux house that was a historic landmark. Afterwards, when Reva was brought to Cedars after a collapse, she claimed that she had to rescue Jack Robechaux from the 18th century, Felicia didn't believe her, but she was shocked that Reva knew so much about her ancestor, Hannah. Though Reva's adventures were true, only Josh Lewis believed her, while Felicia dissociated herself from Reva. At the same time, Felicia helped Mel to sort her feelings for Rick Bauer who wanted to marry Harley Cooper since they had a baby together. Since Rick insisted on marrying Harley, Mel wanted to transfer to another department but Felicia convinced her to face her problems instead.

In 2002, Felicia was able to get Blake's rival, Tory Granger, to open up to her and realized that Tory was obsessed with Ross. Felecia warned Blake and, after Tory was temporarily presumed dead, Felicia broke her professional discretion and told Blake about Tory's delusions. As a result, Blake broke into Tory's room and realized that she had slept with Ross. Not long after, Felicia attended Mel's wedding to Rick Bauer and managed to convince Clayton that this was the right thing for their daughter. She also helped Mel through Rick's illness and near-death soon after the wedding by encouraging Rick to hang on. Fortunately, Rick survived after getting the heart of the late Richard Winslow. In June 2003, Felicia continued to counsel Reva who was developing her psychic abilities and also began counseling Lizzie Spaulding after her mother, Beth (another patient of Felicia's), became concerned for her emotional health. Also expressing concern about Lizzie was Olivia Spencer who was worried that the teen had lost the capacity to know right from wrong. Though she listened to Olivia's fears, Felicia wasn't worried and felt Lizzie was fine. In 2004, Felicia, with the rest of the family, welcomed Mel and Rick's baby, Leah, into the world. She was also called upon to evaluate an amnesiac Michelle Bauer (Mel's sister-in-law) when her family became concerned about her ability to cope. Unfortunately, Michelle knew nothing of this impromptu meeting and lashed out. In 2006, Felecia counseled Mel to work on her strained marriage.

In 2008, the Boudreaus were thrown for a loop when Remy announced the birth of his son by Ava Peralta who was married to Bill Lewis. Remy informed his parents that neither he nor Ava knew that she was pregnant with his child and Remy announced his plans to get custody. Though stunned, Felicia and Clayton wholly supported Remy, who stated that he planned on renaming the baby Clayton. Sadly, the baby, who was born very premature, died shortly after birth. Not long after, Harley's house had gone on the market and Clayton got the idea to buy it for his kids. Though neither Remy nor Mel was excited about the prospect, Felicia was unable to talk Clayton out of his idea. At the same time, Felicia saw a book on how to study for the MCAT's and realized that Remy was studying to become a doctor. Though he asked his mother to keep it a secret, an excited Felicia couldn't. Meanwhile, Marina Cooper and AC Mallet were readying up Harley's unfinished house to be bought by the Boudreaus. On the day that they were to sign the papers, Felicia noticed that while her children weren't too interested in the house, Mallet and Marina liked it. After overhearing Mel tell Mallet she might sell him the house one day, Felicia announced that they had a change of heart and would not be buying the house. Weeks later, Mel told Felicia about a new girl that Remy had met, Christina Moore who was also studying for the MCAT's. Mel confided that she liked Christina but was hesitant to tell Remy that since she figured that would jinx it. Later, Christina was asked to join the Boudreaus for dinner to Remy's dismay. Christina took Remy's attitude the wrong way and blurted out that they married after a drunken spree at a resort casino. After Christina ran out, Felicia told Remy to go after her. Felicia saw the chemistry between the pair and agreed with Mel that them staying married might not be a bad thing.

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