One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on OLTL
Maggie agreed to keep her father's secret from Max. Antonio turned himself in and pleaded not guilty. Patrick proposed to Marty. A memorial service was held for Carlo. Asa made an attempt to take back control of Buchanan Enterprises.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, January 20, 1997


Patrick asked Marty to marry him. She said yes, but she was worried. He said, about the baby and Marty nodded. He told her that no matter what, he loved her and wanted to pledge his love to her today. Marty went and put on a beautiful long black dress with a necklace that was a choker that belonged to her grandmother and that her mother had worn on her wedding day. And now you will wear it on ours, says Patrick. He then quoted a beautiful poem to Marty pledging his love to her age without end (he has a tape out reading poems that he wrote). Marty played a piece of music on the piano that she wrote to show Patrick how she felt about him. Patrick then said, "If ever we have a public wedding, we'll have rice and rings, until then, (He hands her a brown penny and they both start quoting the brown penny brown penny poem) You saved my life and so I pledge you every day of my life that I have left to you. Marty then reached a picked up a sea shell. This sea shell is from the island, where I first had the courage to tell you I love you. You saved me, but in a different way, I pledge every day that you have given me, to you.


The Bishop comes to see Maggie at Rodi's. She jumps him about seeing the obit and finding out just who Eleanor really is. "What were you doing with the wife of a prominent man in a hotel room in St. Martin?" He said it was some unfinished business, Eleanor had called him and said she had a problem and needed his help. Maggie said she had a problem too. The man collects TV Networks like baseball cards. He told Maggie that she would just have to trust him, he couldn't tell her all the facts. She said that had always been part of their problem. He always wanted her to trust him, but wouldn't ever trust her. Let it go, Maggie. She told him OK for now, but she had a bad feeling about this. She felt like she was standing in quicksand up to her ankles and that it was dragging her down. The Bishop said it ended here, he promised.


Bo and Hank talked about Antonio's innocence and whether R.J. was guilty. Bo told him that he was going to subpoena the tapes that R.J. had of Carlo. He thinks that despite all of the evidence, that he might be able to find something on R.J. R.J. and Rachel walked in. Hank told Rachel that he wanted to talk to her alone. He told her that he didn't want her to see R.J. anymore, that he might be guilty of murder. She didn't believe him and told him that Uncle R.J. loved her and that she wouldn't choose between them. Hank then left. She went over to R.J. He asked her if she wasn't going to ask him if he did it. She told him that he had stood by him when she needed him and never questioned her, and now she would do the same. Bo told Nora that she should have brought Antonio in when she had agreed to be his attorney. She said that he would be in, but first had to see Andy. Bo told her she was a fool, that they would run off. Nora said No, Antonio is turning himself in for Andy, he wouldn't leave because of her and he wouldn't leave with her. Bo told her she was a #1 romantic fool. Nora told him she was #2 as long as he lived there. As they held each other, Nora reminded them that they were going to be on opposite sides again. Bo- He doesn't stand a chance. Nora, He's innocent until proven guilty. Bo then stands and says, I want Antonio in custody in 30 minutes, counselor. Nora looks up and says, He'll be there, commissioner.

Nora agreed to be Antonio's attorney and they talked about turning himself in. Antonio wanted to see Andy first alone. Nora brought Andy to Antonio and left to tell Bo. Antonio told Andy the whole story about what happened on the boat. She wanted to know why he ran. "Didn't you know that would make you look even more guilty?" He didn't want to go to jail again for something that he didn't do. Andy told him that she believed him, that he didn't do it and that everyone would see that. Antonio said he was glad that she believed him, "I have someone to fight for." Andy said,"You'll have someone fighting for you." Nora arrived and said it was time to go. Antonio held out his hands and told Andy to take him in. She looked at him with disbelief. I can't do that! Antonio told her that that is why he wanted to see her before he turned himself in. "I could be going down forever Andy. I want you to have a life. If you take me in, you'll be known as the cop that brought down Antonio Vega. With tears in both their eyes, Andy cuffed Antonio and read him his rights.


The judge postponed making a verdict on the hearing for two weeks. A social worker will observe Starr with both parents. Blair is given temporary full custody, with Todd having full visitation rights. As the judge is leaving, Todd walks over to Blair and quietly says, I'm glad someone is going to observe you. Blair screams at Todd, You're never going to get my baby! The judge watches. Cassie told Blair to calm down, she was playing right into Todd's hands. As Blair was leaving, Kevin told her not to worry, he is going to print who the real victim was today. Blair said thank you and left. Cassie mouthed the words thank you and left with her. When Blair and Cassie got back to Dorian's house, she asked Cassie what she was going to do. Things just didn't go the way she thought they would. I can't believe that Todd could win. He could get my baby. Cassie told her not to think that way. She said that she had to. She would show the social worker what kind of man that Todd was. She just needed to figure out how to do it. Cassie told her that that would backfire on her. You need to show them what a good mother you are and let Todd hang himself. Viki stayed in the courtroom to talk to Todd. She told him that she was ashamed of him. He said he was going to do anything to win, no matter what it takes. Viki told him that was what was wrong. He needs to think about what he's doing. When you don't care about what you do to get what you want, you won't care for it when you get it. She then again told Todd that it took two parents to bring Starr into the world and that she needed two parents to raise her. She wanted Todd to try again to get back with Blair. He said fat chance. He said he could convince the judge that he was the best parent. Viki said, forget about the judge, show yourself you can be a good parent. Speak only for yourself, don't try to hurt Blair, it could backfire on you. After telling him how disgusted she was with him, she said, Call me if you need me, and left.

Tuesday, January 21, 1997

Max and Maggie

After the Bishop left, Maggie was upset and still wouldn't talk to Max. He went and got a couple of foam bats and told Maggie that she needed to get in touch with her anger. He started swinging at her and she wouldn't swing back, so he started talking to her like her father had, telling her she wasn't good enough, that she was wrong. Maggie got mad and started swinging at Max and then she took his bat from him and started swinging both of them at him. Ater beating Max up, she asked him if he still wanted her to get in touch with her anger. She told him that she did feel better and he said it was time for part 2, and he kissed her and carried her off to the bedroom. After making love, they fell asleep. Maggie started dreaming about her father. Bishop was yelling, you told him our secrets! Maggie said no, I didn't tell him anything. Bishop pushed her and she started to fall back on the bed. As she turned there was Eleanor with her eyes open and as she fell she grabbed Eleanor's arm and started screaming. Max woke her up then and told her she was having a nightmare and asked her what it was about. She said she couldn't remember, and what she did didn't make sense. Max told her that he was dreaming that a beautiful woman was laying next to him in bed screaming and grabing for him and he woke up with Maggie screaming and grabbing for him. Maggie told him she was sorry and he told her not to worry about it, she was safe now.

Cord, Asa, the Buchanan men and Tina

Tina is in town with the kids and she and Cord were about to take the kids to get ice cream when Asa calls and summons Cord to his house for a meeting. With all the Buchanan men there, he announces that he is taking his company back. He will make Cord Exec. VP. Cord goes ballistic. He tells Asa that he has built the company back up and that he can't just walk in and take over. Asa reminds them that he started this company and that it is his. "I am the Company." Clint tells him he doesn't agree. Cord has done a good job and the stockholders are happy with him. Then Drew interupts and says that he thinks that Asa should be able to take back his company because it is his company. Cord told Asa that this was just his need to control. The family, the company, everyone. "I took this company and made it better and you can't stand that. I'm good at what I do." They all agree to let the board have the final say. Cord leaves and goes back home where Tina is waiting. Tina listens to Cord sound off and he tells her it feels comfortable talking to her. She told him that he lives in a family of high achievers and that he gets lost in their shadow. I had that problem and I didn't get any where until I left town, and then I left a shadow of my own. This left Cord thinking.

Bo, Nora, Antonio and Andy

Hank and Bo are discussing where Antonio is when Nora walks in with Antonio in cuffs and Andy behind them. Antonio walks up to Bo and says, I understand that you're looking for me. Nora then tells Bo and Hank that she wants this hassle free. I want him arraigned and a reasonable bond set so that we can leave. Hank says No way. Bo reminds her that if they have to find a judge at this hour and take him away from his dinner and his family, that he won't be in a very good mood. Nora turns and tells Antonio that he will have to stay the night. He says that wasn't in our agreement. It beginning already. Carlotta comes in and runs to Antonio. I am here for you and I believe you, and this time they won't take my son and put him in jail for something he didn't do. Antonio tells Carlotta to go home that he will be alright, but he has to stay the night. He then turns to Bo and asks him to get her out. Bo tells Carlotta that he has to go. Nora explains to Antonio that she hasn't forgotton their deal. She just needs a fresh judge and she wants everything to be the best it can be. Before Carlotta leaves, she has words with Hank. He tells her he is sorry. She blames him and Bo for getting Antonio in this mess. He says, a man was killed. she said, Not by my son! Bo and Antonio and Nora are in the jail cell and Antonio tells his side of what happened the night Carlo was killed. Bo tells him that he should have come to him first and not run. Bo-"I saw the evidence and heard what happened from someone else and now I hear it from you and something is just not right. Are you sure you aren't leaving something out. You just happened to be on the ship, you happened to see the gun, you happened to get away, there are just too many coincidences. If you think of anything you talk to me." Nora stopped them, No, you talk to me. She turned to Antonio and told him not to speak to Bo or anyone without her there. Andy comes in and Nora leaves them alone. Andy starts to tell Antonio that when this is over, they will be alright. He stops her and says, No promises, No plans. They could just hurt us both.

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Wednesday, January 22, 1997
by Soap Central

Todd, Viki, Jessica

Todd makes a boisterous entrance as he sweeps past Jessica and hollers up the stairs for Viki to come on down. He tells her he is concenred with impressing the social worker. He feels in the Parenting Competition, he will come off as Daddy Dearest unless his sister can teach him to be a good parent in one easy step. Jessica sarcastically remarks that her mom could teach him to bake brownies. Todd tells Jessie to go to the mall or something. He is ignored. Viki tells him all he needs to do is show the social worker that he is a loving father, but Todd isn't buying it. He replies that he is thinking of giving a large donation to a children's charity and and plastering his good deed on the front page of the Sun. Jessica replies that then the social worker will know how dumb he is. Todd wants Jessica to get lost, but Viki gently suggests that there is no better way to find out how to be a good parent than to speak to someone's child. Jessica believes that Todd would be more impressive to the court if instead of spending money, he spent time with the children at the pediatric word. Todd turns to Viki as he departs and asks "What did you do, clone her?" Viki chuckles and tells Jessie that the fact that Todd wants to make a good impression is progress.

Blair, Kelly, Starr and the Social Worker

Blair is having a bad morning. She tells Kelly that the maid called out sick, its the nanny's day off , Dorian is off chasing Cameron/Olivia and she has just burned Starr's bottle. A smoke detector signals in the background, confirming Blair's kitchen disaster. While Kelly goes in one direction to pick up a crying Starr, Blair heads back to the kitchen. Her clothes are soiled with food from Starr's last meal. No one notices at first when the social worker opens the door. She gets to the living room just as Blair returns with the scorched bottle. Blair remarks how hard it is to raise a child alone. She sees the woman and mistakes her for a maid the employment agency sent. Blair is about to hustle her off to the kitchen, when the social worker introduces herself as Janice Talbot of Child Welfare. She is visibly embarrassed by the scene Ms. Talbot has witnessed. The social worker says she knows this is awkward but she must observe Blair with her child. Kelly prattles on about never burning anything because no one cooks in the house and makes things worse. Ms. Talbot advises Blair to go about her business as usual. Blair takes Starr upstairs to change her clothes while Kelly tells the social worker how lucky Starr is to have such a loving mother. Kelly confesses that her own mother has been institutionalized since she was young. Ms. Talbot keeps taking notes as Kelly speaks. Blair comes back down with the baby and admits that conditions have not been perfect for Ms. Talbot's visit and suggests she call first next time. The social worker says that would defeat the purpose but since they are on the subject she informs her she will be back tommorrow with Todd for his appointed visit with Starr. After Ms. Talbot leaves, Blair tells Kelly she is sure the social worker hates her. But Kelly is preoccupied with her own troubles and asks her about Dorian. Blair surprises her by acknowledging she knows about the secret she is keeping from Joey and Kelly shouldn't worry about him finding out she knew Dorian was behind Olivia's actions. Blair asks what time it is and realizes she is going to be late for an appointment with Starr's pediatrican and what kind of mother will the court think she is.

Marty, Patrick, Todd and Blair

At the hospital, Patrick spends a few moments with Marty who is on call. He shows her the announcement in the paper of Carlo's memorial service at the Palace Hotel. Marty does not understand why anyone would give a memorial service for such a sick man and who would even want to go. He tells her he wants to go, if only to join all the others dancing on Carlo's grave. He asks her if she is borthered by his dark side and she answers him with a kiss. After Patrick leaves, Todd shows up at the hospital and tries to thank Blair for helping him at the custody hearing. At least she didn't lie about him. Marty replies, "But you lied about kidnapping Starr just like you lied about raping me." Todd does not admit to the kidnapping but tells Marty that he is sorry about hurting her and that a lot has happened since then: he saved her life, she saved his, they should put the past behind them. Marty retorts that he drugged Patrick and set her up to see Blair and Patrick in bed together and this was all part of his greater plan to kidnap Starr. As far as she is concerned, his word is worth nothing. At this point, a nurse leads a group of children from the pediatric ward into the corridor so that Todd can read them some stories. He begins with the Frog Prince but quickly becomes bored with the words on the page. He tells the kids he can do a better job without the book. Todd proceeds to relate a series of stories to his own life. He is the Frog Prince and when the spoiled princess kisses him, he still stays a frog. The Princess married the ugly accountant poet and lives unhappily ever after. His next fractured fairy tale is about Rumplestilskin, except in this story, Rumplestilskin lives happily ever after with the evil Queen's child while the evil Queen grows uglier and uglier. Blair comes into the corridor with Starr for her doctor's appointment. Todd tells the children that the Ugly Duckling does not grow up into a swan but is really a rich, smart, good looking newspaper publisher who gets back at all the other ducks by buying the pond.

Antonio, Bo, Nora

Bo visits Antonio at the Llanview Jail and invites him to join him at Carlo's memorial service. He wants Antonio to point out Carlo's underworld associates to him. Antonio is annoyed at Bo for asking him for a favor. Nora arrives and asks to speak to her client alone. Bo tells her as Police Commissioner he has the run of the place and mutters "Lawyers" while Nora mutters "Husbands" as he departs. Antonio doesn't understand why Nora didn't tell Bo taking him to Carlo's service was a bad idea. She explains to Antonio that No. 1, this could score points with the judge at the bail hearing and No. 2, the real killer might show up. Antonio agrees to go on the condition that his bail hearing be set today. Nora tells him it won't be until tommorrow and she will tell him why later.

The Memorial Service

At the Palace Hotel, Alex Olanoff is finishing off the last minute details of Carlo's Memorial Service. R.J. remarks that this is going to cost him, but he can write it off as a business expense and that his future is filled with endless possiblilities considering the contacts he can make here. She says they are there to honor Carlo and she is worried about all the empty chairs in the room. He tells her they will be filled quickly with all the people who wanted Carlo dead but when they get there, they will be in for a surprise. Cassie and Kevin discuss why they are there: she is covering the story and he is there for the sheer pleasure of it all. Cassie approaches Alex to ask her questions and R.J. heads toward Hank and Andy. Hank says this is R.J.'s way of showing he is taking Carlo's place. Andy brings up the tapes and informs R.J. that a search warrant has been issued and at this very moment detectives are at the Club Indigo confiscating them. R.J. is unflustered and tells her they are in plain sight on the counter if the cops want them. As R.J. walks away, Andy says to Hank that no one had a better motive than R.J. did for killing Carlo. Hank says he can think of ONE as Nora and Bo lead Antonio into the room. Andy is surprised to see him and concludes that he must have been granted bail. Antonio replies that the hearing is still tommorrow and shows her his handcuffs hidden underneath his folded overcoat. Andi asks Nora why does Antonio have to wait until tommorrow and Nora explains that if the hearing was set today Antonio would have the same judge who refused to overthrow his conviction. By waiting until the next day, they will have another judge and a fairer chance of getting bail. While Nora and Andi are speaking, Antonio points out Carlo's associates to Bo. R.J. steps up to the podium and tells the crowd that Carlo himself planned this memorial before his death when he knew he had trusted the wrong person. R.J. spots Patrick and asks him to join the gathering. Alex begins to eulogize Carlo and say that he had two sides to him and at the end they were merging into a better person who wanted to right the wrongs of the world by starting a foundation for social justice. This is too much for Patrick. He cites all the things Carlo has done- killing Siobhan, shooting Bo, attempting to kill him and Marty and trying to blow up the very hotel in which the Memorial Service is being held. He upbraids the crowd as a bunch of hypocrites. Alex carries on bravely, extolling Carlo as having been transformed and committing herself to finding his murderer. She asks if anyone else has a few words to say. Asa bellows, "Honey, I have a whole truckload of things to say." He calls Carlo an infectious disease and thanks whoever killed him. He says that Carlo is finally a Friend to Llanview because he died and everyone should drink all the snake's booze and eat all his food. No one else has anything to say so R.J. sets up a TV and VCR and tells the crowd it is Carlo himself who will have the last word. Carlo begins "My last act is to tell you exactly who is responsible for my death."

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Thursday, January 23, 1997



Max and Maggie(spacy as usual) are at Rodi's.They are discussing redecorating the bar when a certified letter arrives for Maggie.The letter is from Rome, it is her letter of separation from the order. Maggie is officially not a nun anymore. She is sad and upset about this, and wants to take some time to be alone.She goes to the church to pray and ask for guidance. She tells god that she loves Max very much, and that lying to him about what happened in St. Marten is like a dark cloud over everything she says to him.-the door opens now, and in comes Max, who listens to her praying- Maggie tells god that she hopes he understands why she made that choice in St. Marten,she knows it was a mistake. She hopes that he will "protect her from the consequences."Max speaks up now, not knowing that maggie is talking about what happened with her father. He says " I didn't know that you think being with me is a mistake" or something along those lines. Maggie assures Max that she loves him, and tells him that their relationship is the only thing in her life that feels right. Max asks Maggie if she is still upset about the woman dying in St. Marten, and Maggie tells him that she wants to just forget all that for now.They leave the church, heading back to Rodi's.


Cassie is in the ladie's room at the memorial service. She is either adjusting her bra or putting one on, when in bursts Kevin. He wants her to hurry back to the service to see the video of Carlo. She finishes getting dressed and they hurry back to the service in time to hear Carlo accuse Antonio of being the murderer. Later, after the service, they meet up at Rodi's. They discuss the case against Antonio, and whether or not they should print the story in the Banner. At some point, Cassie gets something stuck in her eye. Kevin reaches over to help, and she is surprised. She seems nervous about being so close to him.She lets Kevin help her, and he removes an eyelash from her eye. When he is finished, they are looking into each other's eyes, and Cassie says that sometimes she is surprised at how gentle he can be.

Carlo accuses Antonio of being the murderer.He talks about "sensing" the murder before it happened, and says he is surprised that someone he trusted so much, and helped so much would betray him. He accuses Antonio of stealing money from him from the first day he started working for him. He mentions the fact that he had trusted Antonio so much he was even going to make him the heir to his fortune. He also points out that Antonio has "murdered before." When the video is over, there was chaos. People started yelling at once. Antonio stood up and called Carlo a liar, Andy asks Bo if he really believes all this, Asa announces that Antonio should receive a medal, and congratulates him for killing Carlo. Bo tells everyone to go home, the service is over. Alex asks R.J. why he didn't tell her about the video before she had the fake will drawn up ,and he tells her that he received the video in the mail from Philadelphia 2 days ago. Hank takes the video for evidence. Alex approaches Hank about the deal they are going to make. He says," This is not the time or place to discuss a plea bargain" and leaves for the Police dept. Nora asks the press to consider the source of the video before they write stories that imply it is the truth. Nora tells them that that may prejudice future jurors, and asks them to remember that Antonio's life is on the line.


Hank, Bo, Nora and Antonio are in Hank's office. Hank is asking if Antonio stole any money from Carlo, which Antonio denies. Nora says that Antonio will not answer anymore of their questions. She also tells them that they should be questioning R.J. instead of her client. She and Antonio head down to his cell to discuss the case, she wants to make sure that he hasn't "forgotten any information" that could make him look more guilty- such as stealing money, I suppose. Hank wonders why Carlo would make a will with Antonio as his main heir when in the video he says that he knew that Antonio betrayed him. Bo says that he thinks the will is a phony.

Alex comes into Hank's office to discuss her plea bargain. Hank asks her about the will again, and she says that obviously he didn't have time to change it before he was killed. Hank tells Alex the 4 conditions of her plea bargain:
1)She must plead guilty to charges of fraud and misuse of city funds.
2)She must pay the money she stole back to the city.
3)She must testify at Antonio's trial.
4)She must resign as mayor.
Naturally Alex is upset about this, and goes on and on about how much she has helped the city, and helped get evidence for the case against Antonio. Hank tells her that she has to take it or leave it, that's the deal. Alex storms off, and heads to R.J.'s. She tells him about the deal, and R.J. suggests that he could help her pay for a campaign to get re-elected in the next election.

Andy goes to Rodi's, where she runs into Kevin. He tells her that she should face the fact that Antonio could be guilty. Andy is mad at him, and tells him that she knows Antonio is innocent. She leaves the bar, heading for the jail to see Antonio. When she gets there, she asks Antonio if he is sorry that he stayed to fight for justice. Antonio is glad that he stayed, but wishes that he had a better chance to win. He asks Andy if she is ready for what's coming-he is worried about her and is afraid that she isn't prepared to face the fact that they may have to spend the rest of their lives without each other. Andy tells him that they should worry about today and tomorrow before they worry about the rest of their lives.

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Friday, January 24, 1997


Location: Cord's office at Buchanan Enterprises

Cord's talking on the phone to someone and learns that Todd and Blair's custody hearing is basically over. The judge will make a decision after the home visits are completed. Tina, who quitely snuck into the office and eavesdropped while Cord was on the phone, thinks that this is great news. Now the the custody hearing is over, Dorian has to give back the money, which will make Cord look great to the Buchanan Enterprise stockholders. Clint comes in to inform Cord that Asa is rumored to be lining up board members in his corner to vote him back into office as head of Buchanan Enterprises.

Cord thinks it's just a rumor, probably started by Asa, but Clint and Tina both think he should take this seriously. Clint's on the board of directors and he'll do what he can to support Cord. Tina reminds him that Carlo managed to swindle 30 million dollars from Asa, money that's gone forever. Cord got on top of the situation with Dorian and mananged to get all Buchanan Enterprises money back. Cord really doesn't want to get into a fight with Asa. Cord leaves to go see Dorian.

Coming in the front door at Asa's house, Clint runs into Asa, who asks if he's come to his sense. Clint tells him that he still won't support Asa, not while he's stabbing Cord in the back. Cord stepped in when the company was in trouble and he's done a great job running the company. The doorbell rings, it's Carlotta. She's come to see Clint for help.

Clint and Carlotta must have left, because Asa is now letting Cord in the front door. Cord brought Dorian's check for 15 million dollars to show Asa, she'll have the rest any day. Cord asks Asa if the rumor is true that Asa is calling a board meeting to have himself reinstated as CEO. Asa doesn't answer, telling Cord he'll just have to wait and see. Cord suggests that Asa not try to fight him, Asa might be in for an ugly surprise.

Location: Dorian's house

Todd and Ms. Talbot from child welfare are waiting in the foyer to start Todd's court approved visitation. Blair's reluctant to hand Starr over, claiming that it's too cold for her to go outside. After being reassured by Ms. Talbot that she'll be with Starr the whole time, Blair finally agrees and hands Starr over to Todd. Just then, Dorian returns from her trip. She sees Todd holding Starr and demands that he give Starr back to Blair right away and get out of her house.

Blair introduces Dorian to Ms. Talbot and explains that the judge appointed a social worker to watch both parents with Starr before making a decision. Dorian thinks that taking one look at "this degenerate", Todd, should give her the answer. Blair tries to calm Dorian down, but is unsucessful. Dorian walks over to Todd and demands that he hand Starr over to her. Todd, of course, refuses. Dorian tells the social worker she must be out of her mind if she's going to let Todd spend time with Starr.

Blair helps bundle Starr up for the trip. She tries to give Starr her little white bunny, but Todd has brought a bigger, better bunny along, one that plays songs. Blair kisses Starr and asks the social worker not to let Starr out of her sight for a moment. Blair hands Starr's bag to Todd and they leave.

Todd and the social worker are pushing Starr in a stroller through the park. Todd is bragging about the fact that he reads to sick children at the hospital and also talking about how he missed out on seeing Starr growing up when she was first born. Tina appears and Todd tries to introduce her to the social worker, but Tina interrupts him and thinks that Todd is on a date. She warns Ms. Talbot that Todd has a certain charm, but not to believe a word he says. Todd explains that Ms. Talbot is a social worker appointed by the court. Tina is upset he didn't call her to testify on his behalf. Todd reminds her that she just told the social worker he was a liar, she's not a great character reference. Todd pulls Tina aside and asks for a favor, he needs her to write to the judge and tell him how great Todd gets along with C.J. and Sarah.

Blair's missing Starr already, and it's only for one afternoon. She can't bear the thought of Todd getting her permanently, Blair tells Dorian. Dorian assures her that it will never happen, and the social worker won't fall for Todd suddenly voluteering at the hospital. Dorian offers to find a top-notch custody attorney and Blair thankfully agrees. Blair tells her she doesn't have a lot of money right now. Melador didn't do so well in 1996 and Todd is now charging Melador rent. Dorian can't help her pay for an attorney right now, she owes Cord millions of dollars. When Dorian got to the cruise ship, she learned that Olivia had gotten off at it's last port and is now nowhere to be found. The doorbell rings, it's Cord, who's come for his 20 million dollars. Dorian give Cord a check for 15 million, it'll take a few days to get the othe 5 million. Cord agrees to a few more days, but he's not going to sign the agreement not to prosecute until he receives the rest. Cord leaves. Dorian doesn't know how she's going to come up with the other 5 million, unless.... she sells her house.

Dorian thinks that if she puts the house on sale for 6 million dollars, she should clear the money she needs. The doorbell rings, it's Todd returning with Starr. Blair grabs Starr immediately and tells her how much she missed her. Todd says that's how he feels everyday. Todd says goodbye to Starr, but the social worker stops him before he leaves. She mentions that she would like to see each of them alone one more time, without Starr.

Location: The Courthouse

Hank and Nora are at their desks in the courtroom waiting for Antonio's arraignment to begin. Nora goes over to Hank and asks him not to request that the bail be set too high. Antonio's family can't afford it and he shouldn't have to sit in jail until the trial begins. Carlotta and Cristian enter the courtroom. Hank doesn't seem willing to agree to Nora's request and Carlotta tells Hank he already has her son tried and convicted. In his cell, Antonio's pacing back and forth in his suit. Andy comes to escort him to the arraignment. She puts on the handcuffs.

Antonio's not sure why they are bothering to hold this bail hearing at all. Even if bail is set, it'll be to high for him to pay, Antonio says angrily. Andy warns him he must not get upset like this in front of the judge, or he'll blow any chance to get out of there. Andy and Antonio leave to go to court. Back up in the courtroom, Carlotta is telling Hank what the people of Angel Square think about this trial. They think that Alex put alot of pressure on Hank to find Carlo's murder and he decided he'd be able to pin it on Antonio because he's an ex-con. Hank denies this, telling her he had enough evidence on Antonio to arrest him weeks ago, but he held back as long as he could. Cristian makes Carlotta go sit down. Nora reminds Hank that Antonio could have run, but he turned himself in instead. The judge arrives and Antonio is brought out.

Antonio pleads not guilty to the charge of first degree murder. Hank then stands up to discuss bail. Hank points out that Antonio is currently on parole, and when a warrant was issued for his arrest, Antonio went into hiding. Hank asks that bail be denied, Antonio's parole be revoked and he be sent back to Statesville Prison. Carlotta stands up and begs, "You can't do that Your Honor, please!"

The judge threatens to clear the courtroom and Carlotta sits down. Nora tells the judge that Antonio turned himself in of his own free will. She also mentions that Antonio has been working for the police and has strong ties to the community. The judge sets the bail at 1 million dollars. Nora asks the judge to reconsiders, there's no way her client can pay that much. Antonio loses his temper and yells at the judge "Why don't you just get this over with and send me back to Statesville now?" The judge is very upset, but doesn't revoke Antonio's bail, and calls a recess. Cristian promises they will get him out, but Antonio knows they won't be able to come up with that kind of money. Antonio is taked back to jail. Nora tells Hank that she's lost her respect for him. He used Antonio before, and now he's using Antonio again to show his constituants how tough he is. He's not interested in justice, only in politics.

Andy brings Antonio back to his cell. Andy apologizes for what has happened and promises to do everything she can to raise his bail money. The judge certainly isn't going to lower it after the show I put on for him, Antonio says. Andy begs him not to lose hope. Nora shows up with good news, his bail has been posted by Carlotta.

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