One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on OLTL
Both Mortimer and Asa testified that Alex had been the one to kill Carlo. Hank attempted to apologize to Carlotta after Antonio's trial. Andy was taken hostage. Joey finally managed to talk to Kelly. Cassie remembered Kevin's kiss.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, March 10, 1997

Max and Maggie

Max and Maggie are enjoying a nice conversation on the couch at the ski resort. Guess who walks in the door? Yep, Ian. Max ends up giving him a room at the inn. When Ian leaves to see his room, Maggie asks him why he gave him the room, when she was going to tell him they were booked. Max told her that he wanted to know what Ian was up to. Maggie goes to get ready for a ski run. Ian comes down and Max tells him that Maggie told him about what happened and that Maggie doesn't have his mothers locket, so why does he keep showing up. Ian said that he was just lonely. Max said, yeh, a big corporate tycoon, that travels all over, sure, you're lonely. Ian says he keeps picturing his poor mother dying and someone standing over her and stealing the locket. Max, "Well you don't think Maggie stole it do you?" Ian says of course not. Ian agrees to leave after he goes on this last run for the day with Max and Maggie. He goes off to get ready. Maggie walks up to Max and tells him that she needs to call her father before they go. "I can't stand this any longer. I'm going to call Bishop and ask him if he has the locket to return it." Ian is listening from behind.

The Courtroom

Bo tells Nora that she has to stall while he makes a trip to Boston. Nora says, "to Boston! that's not a summation, that's a filabuster!" She asks him what he is after. He says she wouldn't believe him if he told her and he leaves. Nora goes inside the courtroom to a very impatient judge. Alex walks in and takes a seat next to Andy. "How are things going?" Andy tells her that it doesn't look good for their side right now. Hank has done a good job and it looked like he had the jury. Alex said, "It's scary how easy it is to make an innocent man look guilty." Kevin is at the courtroom waiting and Cassie walks up and sits behind him and questions him about being with Téa. He tells her that it wasn't business it was personal and that his social life was none of her business.

Nora enters the courtroom and the judge tells her that it was nice of her to join them. She asks to approach the bench. She asks for a recess because new information has been brought to her attention that will make a major impact on the case. The judge asks her what? She says she doesn't have the details yet. He tells her that she is not going to lead him on a goose chase like she did with the witness that never materialized. Request denied. He tells her to begin her summation or he will skip it and give instructions to the jury. Nora begins. She knows she needs to stall as long as she can to give Bo time to go to Boston and return. She begins with the history of the Vega family. She starts with Diego Vega growing up and meeting Carlotta. By the time she gets to the Vega's becoming parents and raising their children, the judge is getting perturbed. Nora stops to get a drink and leans over the desk. "I'm loosing them, do you have any ideas?" Téa tells her to cough and tell the judge she is having an allergic reaction. Nora goes on speaking for a few minutes and then starts coughing and coughing and coughing. Téa asks for a recess and gets 10 minutes. Nora asks her how she did and Téa told her to cough, not play the death scene from Terms of Endearment. They all ask her what she is up to? Nora goes to the restroom to get her drink and regroup.

Asa and Clint discuss what Nora is up to. Asa reiterates that he doesn't believe Antonio is guilty but won't commit to who he thinks is. Carlotta, Christopher and Téa discuss what Nora is up to. Carlotta says whatever it is, it's for Antonio and it's the best she can do. Andy goes into the bathroom to talk to Nora. Nora tells Andy that she doesn't know what Bo is after but that whatever it is, he is sure it will clear Antonio and that she has to stall as long as she can. As they leave the bathroom, Alex comes out of a stall. She had been listening. She leaves the bathroom and leaves the courthouse in a rush. Andy sees her leave the bathroom and tells Nora that she must have overheard them. She will follow and see where she is going. Alex tells the cab driver to take her to the airport. Andy jumps in a cab and tells him to "follow that cab." He tells her that he has had too many tickets, he can't speed. Andy tells him not to worry about the police, she is the police. He says in a very heavy accent, I have waited all my life to hear that, and he takes off.

Meanwhile, back in the courtroom. Nora starts by dropping papers and fumbling with them. She then rambles on about mold spores and how she is allergic to them and she must keep everything clean and then she talks about the mold in the courtroom and how she do anything about the mold spores there. The judge interrupts her and tells her to get on with it and not to start with the history of the Vega family. She starts with a story her father, who happened to have been a judge, had told her. "Ordinary people doing extrordinary things, like justice. She stops to take a drink and tells Téa that she has lost the jury. She turns and tells them she has already taken too much time and admits that she is worried. She tells them that she hopes she has done everything for Antonio. She tells the jury, "Antonio does have a temper. yes, but he used his anger to expose the man he was working for, not kill him. Antonio has always been known for doing the right thing. She reminded them that doubt was all they needed and that there was enough doubt to acquit Antonio Vega."

Bo walks in with a big grin on his face and both thumbs up. Nora just stops and almost collapses with relief. She asks for 5 min. to confer with Bo. Hank says this is inexcusable and that they have already endured much. The judge allowed her 2 min. After her 2 min. Nora asked the judge if she could reopen her defense. Hank jumps up and objects. Nora says, "I have proof that Antonio Vega didn't kill Carlo Hesser. At this time, Carlo (or is it his twin) walks in. Everyone stares in disbelief!

Kevin and Cassie

Kevin and Cassie go to see R.J. They are so convinced that he killed Carlo that they don't ask any of the right question. R.J. when he first sees them, thinks that they are there because he was arrested on rigged charges and he is getting his front page story. Then he realizes that that is not why they are there. "YOu two aren't reporters, your vigilantees. You are just here to take out the garbage. When they realize that to some extent R.J. is telling the truth, they listen. "Well if you aren't the one who robbed us, then who did?" R.J. just looked at them and wouldn't say anything. They leave and an officer comes in and tells R.J. that he is free to go. "The commisioner called and you are free." R.J. tells him that they have made a mistake arresting him on a trumped up charge and that he wasn't going to be quiet about it.

Andy and Alex

Alex asks the cab driver how long the cab behind them had been following them. She is told that it has been there since they pulled out of the courthouse. She changes her mind about where she wants to go. Next scene, Andy is in what looks like a beauty shop that has been closed for awhile. She is walking from doorway to doorway pointing her gun as she turns, looking for Alex. Alex comes up behind her and grabs the gun from her hand and tells her that she doesn't believe she has an appointment. Alex points the gun at Andy and tells her she may a cancellation.

Tuesday, March 11, 1997

Ian overhears Max and Maggie discussing what Maggie feels she owes Ian. Max says nothing. Maggie wants to call her father and ask about Ian's mother's locket. Ian joins them and says he's ready to go skiing.

Alex holds Andy at gunpoint. Alex tells Andy that she overheard her and Nora discussing the fact that Bo went to Boston and that he would be coming back with the truth.

Cassie and Kevin enter the courtroom to find "Carlo" in the courtroom who's causing havoc in the courtroom. The judge is demanding order and wants to know if Carlo's not murdered then why have the trial.

Bo explains to the judge that it's not Carlo but Mortimer Burn, Carlo's twin brother. Bo also tells Hank and the Judge that he had to make a deal with Mortimer to testify. Hank protests but finally agrees. Nora is granted the chance to reopen her case to have Mortimer testify.

Alex is threatening Andy with a gun as she calls for a car but her batteries go dead. Alex hopes that her call got through. Alex then recounts her story on what happened.

Alex tells Andy that it started with the wedding and faux pregnancy. Carlo then talked about reconciliation or wanted Alex to think they were reconciling after his humiliation. Carlo asked her to come to Todd and Blair's party as the rejected lover giving her what she thought was the faux annulment but it was real. When Alex called for the limo to take her to the airport where she was to meet with Carlo she found out there were no reservations nor flights to the Cayman Islands.

Max challenged him down a hill, and Ian accepted but he has an accident on the slopes. Max leaves to get a doctor to check Ian's injury out better. Maggie tells Ian that she feels responsible for the accident since she should have stopped the challenge. Ian tells Maggie that he knows that Max doesn't like him and he doesn't blame him because he wouldn't want anyone around her either if they were a couple.

Mortimer tells the court that it was after the first time Carlo was dead that he learned that he had a twin brother. Alex discovered him and turned him into Carlo but he couldn't be Carlo and left. Then a few months back Carlo showed up at his door promising him financing for some mediterranean artifacts if he (M) would come to Llanview to help him escape some legal problems.

Alex tells Andy she went back home to get her own car and returned to the Orion. She heard a speedboat as she walked up the gangplank. She went on the deck but Carlo and Antonio were there, so she slipped into the shadows.

Mortimer came as agreed but Carlo wasn't coming down the ladder so he went up the ladder to see what was delaying Carlo. He saw the fight between Antonio and Carlo and heard the gunshot. Antonio fled. Then Carlo's real killer came out of the shadows, it was Alex.

Patrick asks Bo if he should go look for Alex. Bo tells him that the LPD is out there now.

Mortimer continues that Alex threw Carlo overboard. Mortimer reveals himself to Alex. Alex tells Andy that she doesn't remember what really happened because it wasn't really herself but another Alex. Mortimer tells the court that Alex knew exactly what she was doing.

Alex tells Mortimer that they'll use Carlo's escape plan, using his passports. Alex tells Andy that she tried to point the finger at R.J., but it didn't work. In the meantime, Mortimer becomes obsessed with Carlo's money.

Andy tries to convince Alex that it wasn't premeditated murder since she didn't come with a weapon that night. Maybe Bo could help her. Andy lulls Alex for a few moments to get up and work her way over to the beautician's table to pick up some scissors but she's unable to take Alex by surprise.

Max returns without a doctor. Max and Maggie help Ian to his room. Max tells Maggie that Ian's faking it. Ian is on the phone telling his man to find Maggie's father and maybe her father has his mother's locket.

Asa asks Mortimer where's his money. The judge orders Asa to sit down or be charged with contempt. Hank is given a turn to question. He tries to get Mortimer that he's only there not to tell the truth but to get immunity for his own crime. That Mortimer figured out before his arrival on the Orion that night that Carlo was planning to murder him and instead murdered Carlo himself.

Hank asked what other witness was there to Alex killing Carlo other than himself. Antonio never saw Alex on the deck at the time. Asa then stands up in court and claims to have seen the crime take place.

Asa tells Bo that he told him that he went to get his gun. He saw Carlo and Antonio struggled then saw Alex kill Carlo. Asa was hoping that Alex would lead him to his money.

Carlotta is astounded that Asa would let this get so far. Asa assures her that he wouldn't let Antonio go to jail for a crime he didn't commit. Antonio looks around realizing that Andy's not there. Antonio asks Nora where's Andy. They realize that she followed Alex.

Alex promises Andy a ringside seat of the demolition when it takes place.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997

The Courtroom- Mortimer, Nora, Hank, Antonio, Asa and most of Llanview

Everyone has realized that Andy is gone. Nora tells Bo that Alex overheard she and Andy talking in the bathroom about Bo going to Boston to hunt down the real shooter. Alex left and Andy followed her. The judge is becoming impatient with the delays and cuts their conference short.

Bo issues an APB over his cell phone to find Andy and Alex. Antonio wants to leave to search for Andy, but Bo reminds him that Andy would not want him to jeopardize his case. Bo goes out to the corridor and meets Benny, who informs him that Andy's car is still in the station house parking lot. She must have followed Alex on foot. Bo replies that walking the pavements is not part of the Olanoff's style. He tells Benny to check all the cab companies to see if they picked up Andy or Alex. Meanwhile, Cassie and Kevin are flipping a coin to see who covers the trial and who covers the search for Andy and Alex. It's heads. Kevin demands 2 out of 3. NO way! She won fairly and will cover the search.

Back in the courtroom, Patrick confides to Marty that Andy could be in trouble. Alex is on the edge and it wouldn't take much to push her over.

Asa tells the judge he saw everything that happened the night of Carlo's murder. The judge informs him that after Mortimer, he is up to bat next. The judge calls in the jury. Hank has one last question for Mortimer Bern. Is it true he was offered complete immunity for his testimony. Mortimer stammers that that is the essence of his understanding with Bo. Nora recalls Asa Buchanan and asks permission to treat him as a hostile witness. The Court grantsher request and reminds the witness he is still under oath and tht the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania takes a dim view toward perjurers. Nora asks Asa to tell the court THIS TIME exactly where he was standing on the deck when the lights went out. He was standing by the stairwell. Did he go back in the ballroom where the Manning party was still in progress? No. Did he see what happened next? Yes, Asa replies, even though it was dark, he could see Carlo. Hesser was leaning against the rail when Antonio attacked him. Carlo pulled a gun and Antonio began beating him. The gun flew out of his hand and slid across the deck. Boom! A shot was fired. Suddenly, Carlo was slumped over the rail and Antonio ran down the gangplank to the docks. That's when Asa saw Alex come out of the shadows with the smoking gun in her hand. Nora scolds Asa for waiting so long to come forward. Asa explains that he lost $30 million to Hesser a year ago and if Alex went to jail he would never find out what happened to the money. The judge questions how he could have kept quiet so long. After all, the case was about to go to the jury. Asa replies it was never his intention to hang Antonio out to dry. He would not allowed it to go that far. He apologizes to Antonio and says it was nothing personal. It was just business. Antonio is exasperated.

Meanwhile, Benny tells Bo two women were dropped off at the strip mall. He's dispatched a black and white. The whole department is being put on alert that Alexis is armed and dangerous.

Hank cross examines Asa and asks if he can give him one reason why he shouldn't lock him up right this minute for lying and concealing evidence. As replies, Yes, because he handed him the killer. He realizes he did it in his own time. But he did it. Instead of threatening him, he should be sending his boys out to capture his murderous ex wife and when they catch her, tell those boys to duck. Hank says with contempt, he has no further questions for THIS... WITNESS. The judge tells the jury that what has happened with this case is quite unusual and occurrs only once in a blue moon. He need more time before he gives them his instructions. Court is adjourned until the next day.

LLanview Hospital- Blair and Todd

Todd shows up at the hospital looking for the donor department administrator. He meets Blair, who has questions about a phone call she received saying the meeting with the administrator was pushed forward a half hour. Todd informs her the meeting only concerns him, but he guesses she has a right to know that he is going to ask the adminstrator to widen the search for a bone marrow donor. Blair wants to know why he didn't start with Starr's closest relatives. Todd hesitates a moment and then admits that none of them matched. Blair is angry that he went behind his back. He counters that he is Starr's father and is doing his best for her. "Whether her mother likes it or not?" she retorts. Todd explains that he did not think she could handle the truth. He wanted to get it all started and it was his plan to hand it to her as a done deal. He figured this was his chance to carry the ball. Blair replies that they are in this together. The idea of their daughter being so sick that she would need a bone marrow transplant is hard to take, but she wants to be a part of everything that happens to Starr. She promises she is not going to hide from it anymore and she doesn't want him to hide anything from her either.

Todd's cell phone rings. It is Briggs at the Sun. He informs Todd about Alex being Carlo's killer. Todd tells him to handle it himself. Blair is curious about what is happening. Todd fills her in. Blair is surprised that Alex killed Carlo. Todd jokes that he guesses this means he is not endorsing Alex for mayor. He says Hank screwed up and so did he for not telling her he was doing all this. Blair says they should not keep Dr. Fairfax waiting. They finish their consult with the doctor and Blair agrees to the search for the donor. Todd says he didn't remember how tough she can be. She says she is back in the battle. He replies it is a long time since she thought he did anything right. They agree not to keep secrets from each other.

An Abandoned Beauty Salon at a Soon to Be Demolished Strip Mall-Andy and Alex

Alex is relishing furnishing Andy with all the gory details of her imminent demise. She plans to leave Andy tied up and when the wrecking ball falls, Andy will be crushed in the rubble. Andy tells her not to do it. Alex feels she does not have anything to lose. Mortimer is on the stand and must have already told the court that she killed Carlo. Andy says that the judge will understand she was hurt by her ex husband. She tells her to let her go and show remorse and the court will believe her. Alex says some people would have taken it the wrong way when Andy picked up the scissors and tried to stab her. Andy replies that she is in the same emotion state Alex was in on the Orion. She tells her when she gets in desperate situations, she can't think straight. Andy says she would be like to be like Alex. She has always admired her cool, beauty and ambition. She's a role model. Andy tries flattery. She know she could never look like Alex. Of course, they are in a beauty salon, maybe Alex could make up Andy's face. Alex replies, it is the least she can do considering it will be the last time anyone sees her.

Alex orders Andy to handcuff herself. She tells Andy pink is her color and paints Andy's "pretty" lips. She hands Andy some liner and mascara and says for Andy to put it on herself. Andy applies her eye liner while Alex tells her how she envies Andy for going before Antonio betrays her, as all men eventually do. Andy replies, he has already betrayed her, she never knew when to trust him, he was always lying to her. Alex states that all men are beasts and she is so happy to have a girlfriend to confide in. It's been a long time. Andy says she has one now. She pretends to have something in her eye and reaches with her handcuffed hands for the hair spray. As she squirts it in Alex's eyes, a struggle ensues for the gun. Alex recovers the gun and tells Andy that she lied to her. Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me. Andy is running out of stalling tactics and ways to escape. Alex begins to tie her up, all the while explaining that she hasn't had a choice since Carlo came back. She has gone from a mansion, to the mayor's house to this. This happens to be her fate and Andy just got caught up in it. She leaves Andy screaming fo help as the ceiling begins to collapse around her.

Court Corridor- Bo, Nora, Patrick, Marty, Asa, Hank,Carlotta, Téa, Cristian, Mortimer, Clint, Antonio and Kevin

With the trial finished for the day, all the spectators and participants rush out into the corridor. Bo checks in with the department and informs Antonio, Nora, Carlotta, Téa, Marty and Patrick that the black and white has located Andy and Alex in the beauty salon. Bo and Antonio leave and Patrick joins them, telling Nora that he doesn't know why, but Alex trusts him. Marty and Nora look worried about their men.

Asa confronts Mortimer, asking him where he is "oozing off to." Mortimer replies that Bo is finished with him. Asa tells him they have high finances to discuss. Mortimer denies knowing anything. Asa grabs Mortimer by the collar and demands to know about the missing moeny. Bern begs the crowd to help him and Hank says for Asa to release him. Asa warns Mortimer that he will be after him until he gets the answers he wants. Mortimer prepares to leave but Hank blocks his departure. Mortimer believes his job is over, but the district attorney informs him that he cannot return to Boston until Alex is apprehended and he has testified at her trial. Mortimer whines that this is not part of his plea bargain. Hank says it is now.

Hank returns to courtroom to apologize to Carlotta. She tells him it is not enough. He tells her he made mistakes but he has seen a lot of defendants convicted on a lot less evidence. Carlotta retorts that maybe he should listen a lot less to the evidence and more to his heart. Not everyone lies like Asa did. Antonio didn't lie and he didn't listen. Hank tells her how is he to know the difference. He can't just listen to his heart, he cannot afford to pass out judgment according to his feelings. The day he does that, people like he and Carlotta are going to be hurt. Cristian arrives and tells his mother she has nothing to discuss with the DA except maybe a law suit against him for prosecuting Antonio. He says that Hank only believes rich white men and the truth wasn't good enough when Antonio told it. Hank can't believe he is being accused of prejudice. He thinks Cristian is out of his mind. Chris says it doesn't matter who does the job, the law stays the same color. Hank replies, " As long as there is evil in the workld, people hire people like me to make judgments better left to God. Antonio will walk away a free man and as for me, I will have my mistakes to live with."

After Hank leaves the courtroom, Asa delays him to ask for a favor. He wants his money. Hank calls it blood money. Asa says it is legal tender. Hank disagrees. Because of his desire to get his money back, Antonio was tried for a crime he did not commit and the city was turned upside down. Asa offers to give the city a cut of the money for the cost of the triall and the troubles of the Vega family. Hank asks him how that is going to help Andy now that Alex is holding her captive? As far as Hank is concerned, Mortimer is not Carlo's true twin. If greed was a felony, Asa could match Carlo crime for crime. And in case Asa gets that money back, he should buy himself a soul and a mighty good lawyer if anyone gets hurt at the mall.

Cassie calls in from the scene and Clint informs Kevin and Nora what is happening at the beauty Parlor. Bo has gotten the demolition crew to stop. The beauty parlor is surrounded. Kevin leaves to join Cassie. Nora confides to Hank that Bo has not been in the field since he got shot.

Clint confronts Asa. His father has caused a lot of people in Llanview to have bad feelings toward the Buchanans. They're seen as cold about everything but money and he agree with them. He left hom at 16 because of Asa. He is ashamed of him. Asa just doesn't get it and he will never learn.

The Showdown- Bo, Alex, Andy, Patrick, Antonio

As the demolition stops and Bo closes in on the beauty shop, Alex realizes that she cannot escape. Bo grabs a bull horn and informs her that he is there. Inside, Andy tells Alex not talking to Bo is a mistake. Alex holds a knife in one hand and a gun in the other and ominously replies that the only mistake made was Andy's in following her and Alex is about to fix that.

Bo cannot get a response from Alex. Patrick offers to go in and speak to her. Bo tells him to speak to her on the bull horn. He tells her he wants to help. Will she let him in? She agrees, but Bo is reluctant to allow Patrick to go in alone. Patrick tells Alex that Bo must come with him. Alex says no at first, then relents and agrees provided there are no guns and they are prepared to give her what she wants. An anguished Antonio loosens his tie and says, "No more talk."

Meanwhile Alex is using Andy as a human shield. She wants Asa's Jet gassed and ready to go. Bo refuses. He asks her where she intends to go. She replies Russia where she has family and a possiblility of a job. He says he is sending her to Statesville Penitentary.

Outside, Antonio has found the back door, but it is locked and he cannot break it in without alarming Alex. Patrick continues to play good cop to Bo's bad cop, trying to keep Alex occupied and Andy out of harm's way.

Antonio finds a wooden crate and positions it under an open window. He climbs in. Bo and Patrick keep arguing. Patrick says that Poseiden deserved to die. Bo says Alex has to pay for what she did.

Andy looks up and sees what no one else has. Antonio has arrived to save her.

Thursday, March 13, 1997


Max has a doctor come to look at Ian's leg. Ian insists he's fine, and doesn't want to be examined. He starts to get up, but falls. The doctor takes him into another room to give him a checkup. While they are doing that, Max gets a call from Nora. She tells him that Andy is in trouble. Max decides to go to Llanview. Maggie stays behind to keep an eye on things at the inn. Max leaves. Ian and the doctor come back, Maggie asks about Ian's leg. The doctor tells her he has a swollen ankle. She asks why he can't stand on it, and he says that Ian may have pinched a nerve. He tells Ian to stay off the ankle for the night. Ian decides to stay overnight at the inn, and wants to help Maggie, since Max is gone. She grudgingly accepts his help, since he won't take no for an answer. Max calls Maggie to tell her that he is going to a media conference in Geneva. Ian also gets a call, from his private detective. He has located Maggie's father in Baltimore, and found out that he is a bishop, and that he was in St. Marten the night of Eleanor's death.

THE ABANDONED MALL - Alex, Bo, Patrick, Andy, Antonio, Cassie, Kevin


Alex tells Bo that Carlo betrayed her. She says she is sick of being accused, and having people tell her that she has to pay, she thinks she has paid enough. Andy looks into the mirror, and sees Antonio's reflection, he signals her to be quiet. Patrick tells Bo that they should give Alex what she wants. Bo says ok, but she can't go to Moscow. Alex says " I get my limo, I get my plane, I go to Moscow, or Andy dies." She fires her gun to show she means business. Patrick tells Bo that Alex has the gun, and Andy, so she has the power. He says they should be realistic and give her the plane. Bo agrees, on the condition that she gives up Andy. Alex says no, she won't give up her only bargaining chip. Patrick tells Alex that he wants to help her, and to make sure that all of this is forgotten. She thanks him. He goes on to say that holding Andy at gunpoint is going to hurt her case. He tells her that the press will see it, and then the governor will see it, and he'll tell the president, who will call Yeltsin in Russia, and then they won't let her stay in Russia. Andy says that Patrick is right, she should let her go. Andy says that after all she has learned about Alex today, she knows she is a special person, and everyone is wrong about her. Alex says no, because she and Andy have more moments together. Bo pretends to call the limo. Andy asks Alex to do her a favor, which Alex says she will do. Andy wants Alex to check her make up, and her hair, because there will be photographers outside. She doesn't want all Alex's good work to go to waste. Alex tells her that she looks beautiful, and she has great facial features. There is one smudge on Andy's make up, and as Alex reaches over to fix it, Antonio jumps out and grabs her arms, holding them behind her back. The gun falls from her hands, someone (Andy?) grabs it and holds it on Alex. Andy runs into Patrick's arms. Alex breaks into hysterical crying/ laughing, and says " no, no" between her sobs.


There are a lot of police and reporters at the abandoned mall. Cassie slips around to the back, where she finds the window that Antonio used to climb in. She attempts to get in herself, but the boxes fall out from under her, leaving her hanging on the windowsill. Kevin comes around to the back, and finds her hanging onto the window. He helps her down. Cassie asks why he's there, since they aren't working together anymore. He tells her that the story is too big for one person to cover. She asks him why he has been avoiding her, he says he hasn't been. He says that not working together has been a good change for him, and he'll be having more good changes in his life soon. Suddenly, they hear a gunshot from inside the building! They take cover on the ground. (It was Alex shooting at the wall inside. They went to a commercial after this, and the next time I saw Cassie and Kevin they were at the court house, and they were both fine.)



Carlotta, Téa and Cristian are talking about the hostage situation. Téa and Cristian are asking why Antonio is helping the police after all they did to him. Carlotta says "after all they have been through, and now Andy is a hostage." Téa and Cristian think he should let someone else help Andy. Carlotta says "Can't you understand? Andy is in danger, and he loves her." Téa says "And...?"


R.J. shows up at the courthouse. He talks to Hank about Alex being the killer. R.J. asks him why the police didn't figure it out sooner. Hank tells him that Carlo had an accomplice, and leads him over to Mortimer. R.J. says he is the spitting image of Carlo. He tells Hank that Carlo sure pulled one over on him. Hank says that he wouldn't have underestimated Carlo if R.J. had told him amount Carlo's plan to leave. Mortimer says that he underestimated him, and he did know the plan. R.J. asks Mortimer if he is who transferred the funds into a Swiss bank account. Before he can answer, Asa steps in, demanding to know where his money is. Mortimer says he won't tell anyone but Bo. R.J. accuses Asa of waiting for the police to lead him to the money, through Alex. He says they were probably going to all split the money. Asa leaves, Hank tells Mortimer to sit down where he can keep an eye on him. Hank tells R.J. that he wouldn't have pinned the murder on him, he never thought he was a killer, not his own brother. R.J. says it would have embarrassed Hank to have a criminal for a brother. Nora comes over and apologizes to R.J. for thinking he could be the murderer, and for the way she treated him on the stand. She says that she would do it again, to save her client, but she would do it differently. R.J. tells Nora and Hank that he's had it with them. He is sick of them thinking of him every time something bad happens in Llanview. He says, " Next time you think of me...don't" and walks away.

ALEX, ANDY, BO, PATRICK, ANTONIO (and everyone else)

When they all arrive at the courthouse from the abandoned mall, reporters surround them. They all ask Alex if she has a statement, if she is insane, why she killed Carlo. Alex tells them she has no statement at this time. R.J. walks over, Alex tells him she really needs a friend right now, and asks him not to desert her. He just smiles and walks away. She looks at Patrick, and says " At least I think I have a friend in you, Patrick." They all walk into the courtroom, Alex sees Mortimer. She tells him that he shouldn't have double-crossed her. He replies that he only blackmailed her because she was going to blackmail him. Hank asks Alex if she will go along with Mortimer's story of the murder. She says she has nothing to say about it now, She won't let the commissioner and the DA force her into some sort of confession. Andy tells Hank that Alex confessed everything step by step while holding her at gunpoint. She says she'll testify to it and she'll love every minute of it.

Court re opens and Hank asks the judge to drop all charges against Antonio, in light of Alex's arrest. The judge dismisses the case. Everyone in the courtroom cheers, and there's a lot of hugging and congratulating going on. Antonio mingles with the crowd, and is very happy to be a free man at long last. Téa and Nora tell each other they did good work. Téa says she learned more on this case than she would have in a whole year at her firm in New York. She tells Nora that She is the one who deserves the credit. Max and Asa have a little chat during all the celebrating. Max yells at Asa for making the Vega's suffer, and for making Max's family suffer, too. Asa tells Max that he isn't impressed with the job he is doing with the radio station. He tells Max that he might sell his share of the station to Ian. Antonio makes a speech, thanking everyone for helping him and believing in him. He especially thanks Téa and Nora for working so hard to win his case. He thanks his family, and most of all Andy, for risking her life to prove him innocent. He also thanks Bo for trying so hard to prove him innocent. Then he asks everyone why they're still hanging around the courthouse, and they all leave. Except for R.J., who stays behind, and snarls at them when they walk out the door.

THE POLICE STATION-Alex, Bo, Mortimer Bern, Hank


Mortimer gives Bo a written account of everything that happened, including all he knows about the money. He tells Bo there is 86 million dollars. Bo asks if that's all, he expected more. Mortimer says it is a lot of money. He tells Bo he can check the accounts now that he has signed over the right of attorney. Bo says that's ok, he won't check. Mortimer asks if he can leave Llanview now. Bo says it's fine with him, but he wants to check with Hank first. He goes to find Hank to talk to him about it. Hank says he doesn't mind if Mortimer leaves, as long as he's back for Alex's trial. Bo tells Hank that he is wondering some things, like why Carlo would all of a sudden make Mortimer such a big part of his plans. He says they had hardly been in touch for years, and now suddenly Carlo has been visiting Boston before his death, and Mortimer winds up right in the middle of things. It seems a bit odd. Bo asks Hank how they know that he is really Mortimer and not Carlo up to his old tricks. Hank says" you know, I learned a long time ago, with Carlo Hesser you don't believe one thing. In fact when you walked into the courtroom with Mortimer Bern, I thought it was Carlo up to one of his fast ones." Bo says he is glad to know he isn't the only paranoid one around the police station...


Alex walks over to Mortimer while Bo is talking to Hank, and she is waiting for her paper work to be done. She tells him that she forgives him, and even though he betrayed her, they have no time for that now. She asks him if he remembers all the nights they spent together, and tells him that he was wonderful. She says they could have all that again if he would just pay her bail. She says he could get all the money out of the Swiss bank accounts before the police get it, and they could be off. They could live together forever. Mortimer says he couldn't live that way, on the run from the police. He says he wants to go back to his nice quiet life with his Egyptian artifacts, doing his research. Alex asks him how long he wants to do that, until everybody buys his story? For all anyone knows, she says, he really is Carlo, with secret bank accounts in Thailand and Panama. She reminds him that she is the only one who can tell him and his brother apart. He says "Yes, but you're going to prison for the rest of your life, Alex, and I don't believe they permit conjugal visits ." Alex is then lead away by an officer, and she is saying, " You'll never get away with this!" Mortimer (?) takes off his glasses and watches her walk away. He turns around with a cold stare and a familiar snarl on his face...

...Meanwhile, Hank and Bo have decided they would like to keep Mortimer around for a few more days. They go to tell Mortimer they want him to stay, but low and behold he is nowhere to be found...

Friday, March 14, 1997


As Drew enters the gatehouse, Kelly slams down the phone, upset that she can't get in touch with Joey. She swears she will not leave until she hears from him. She thinks it's weird that she hasn't been able to get in touch with him. "You want to see weird", says Kevin, wearing a straw hat/lamp shade and carrying a bunch of junk including a fake hammerhead shark. He was looking in the pool house for his skis when he found all of this stuff. He thinks that they should redecorate the gatehouse, it looks like a doctor's office. Kelly wonders why he would care when he's never there, he's always at work. Kevin has decided to change his life-style and be less obsessed with work, therefore he'll be home more often. Putting the straw hat/lampshade on top of a truly hideous lamp, he asks them if they will help him redecorate.

Kevin, Kelly and Drew are unpacking more hideous junk to decorate their place. Drew comes up with the idea of throwing a big luau to celebrate Kevin's new life style and show off their decorating. Kevin thinks it's a great idea, but he is already planning to go night skiing. He grabs his ski jacket and leaves. Jessica brings in a box of more stuff, but tells Kelly she's going to leave, her mind isn't really on decorating right now. She's too worried about what Asa did to Antonio and she doesn't know how she's going to face Cristian.

Kelly is very upset, she should have gone to Paris with Joey from the start. Drew tries to cheer her up with thoughts of the party they will be throwing tonight. The phone rings and Kelly rushes to anwer it. It's Joey. She's telling Joey how much she loves him, she'll be coming to see him soon, etc. Jessica suggests that they give Kelly some privacy to talk to Joey. Jessica leaves and Drew goes upstairs. Joey tells Kelly that he has called before and talked to Drew. Drew comes back downstairs as Kelly hangs up the phone. She is furious with him for lying about Joey's calls. "I trusted you! How could you do this to me?"


Ian is manning the front desk when Maggie comes in from outside. She thanks him for all his help, but thinks he should be leaving before the bad weather comes. No, Max won't be coming back tonight, Maggie explains, he had a meeting he had to attend. Despite Maggie's protests, Ian insists on staying to help Maggie to repay all that she has done for him. Ian is watching over Maggie's shoulder as she works on the registation list in the computer. Ian comments about Mr. and Mrs. Smith who paid in cash and have had the do not disturb sign out since they arrived. Does Maggie really think that is their real name? Maggie laughs. Ian then mentions that that was probably why Max and Maggie were checked into the hotel in St. Maarten under different names. Maggie denies this, they were working on a project with Asa. Maggie mentions "the order" and Ian appears surprised to learn that Maggie was a nun. Andrew, Cassie and River arrive at the Inn. Maggie is very happy to see them, especially with Max gone. Andrew notices Ian sitting on a couch and comments that it is odd he's still hanging around. Maggie finds him sweet and polite, it just makes Max and her very nervous having him around all the time. Ian hobbles over to the front desk on his crutches to say hello to Andrew.

Maggie introduces Ian and Andrew. Ian recognizes Andrew's father Sloan as the author of a biography he read about Victor Lord. Ian then turns the subject to Maggie's father and asks if she is close to him. Maggie avoids answering by claiming to have some work to do and leaving. Andrew explains that Maggie and her father have a rocky relationship. Upstairs, Maggie brings some towels to Cassie and Andrew's room. River is sound asleep on the bed. Maggie comments that Cassie must be exhausted herself, not just from the trial, but also from everything that happened down in Rio. It must have been an incredible experience, Maggie says. Cassie agrees, but is remembering kissing Kevin. "Whatever it was, it's over now", Cassie says to herself.

Maggie has come back downstairs and is watching the snow fall with Ian and Andrew. Andrew mentions that Ian was asking some questions about Maggie's father. Ian has a similar relationship with his father. Then Ian will understand why she doesn't like talking about her father, Maggie says, trying to close the subject. Cassie and River come downstairs bundled up to go outside. Andrew is very happy to see Cassie smiling. They kiss.

Andrew, Cassie and River are coming back inside from playing in the snow and River is holding a big snowball in his hands. Maggie takes the snowball from him, but gives it to Andrew as they head upstairs. Andrew throws the snow toward her and Maggie retaliates by throwing a pillow, nearly hitting Ian as he comes around the corner. Ian apologizes for bringing the subject of her father up earlier. Maggie and Ian go to start a fire in the woodstove. Cassie comes back downstairs after they leave and sits by the fire. All of a sudden, we hear Kevin call Cassie's name and she turns around to stare at him. The romantic mood is spoiled, however, when Téa steps through the doorway.


Nora is very glad that Bo survived the hostage situation in one piece and they are kissing when Hank interrupts them to find out if there is any news on the whereabouts of Mortimer Bern. "Not a word", Bo answers briefly. Nora suggests that Bo and Hank talk out their differences about the case now, before their feud becomes permanent. Bo calls Hank a stubborn mule, Hank's ticked off at him about Antonio's case. Nora leaves to go file a brief and hopes that the two mules are talking to each other when she returns.

Bo walks up to Hank and tells him, "Nora thinks we ought to hash things out." "She does, does she", Hank replies and then changes the subject. He just learned that Mortimer did not show up for his job at the Boston museum today. In fact, no one has seen him since he walked out of the police station. It doesn't really matter if they could find him, Hank tells Bo. Since Bo gave Mortimer total immunity, they couldn't consider him a suspect and test to be sure if he was really Carlo, Hank says angrily. He thinks that Bo should have consulted him first before making such an arrangement. Bo did try to consult with Hank on Antonio's innocence and Hank wouldn't listen to him, Bo reminds him. If Bo tries to claim he thought Antonio was innocent from the beginning, Hank's got nothing left to say to him. Hank walks away and Nora, standing in the doorway, comments "That went well, huh."

Hank later walks over to Bo and apologetically says that standing around snapping at each other isn't going to help. Hank mentions that he rented a cabin in Bucks County which he hasn't even had time to go and see yet. He suggests that Bo go there with him and they can go fishing. They agree and shake hands.


Carlotta, Cristian and Antonio are treating the citizens of Angel Square to a free meal to celebrate Antonio's release. Téa arrives and Antonio is surprised that she hasn't gone back to New York already. Téa says she won't be leaving until she gets a chance to talk to Antonio alone. Just then, Andy arrives and everyone is happy to see her except Cristian. Antonio notices this and goes to talk to Cristian about it. Cristian's not happy because Andy turned over incriminating information to the police. Antonio defends Andy, saying that it was her job and she never stopped believing in him, despite what she had to do. Antonio tells Cristian he will have to learn to live with it. Téa interrupts and needs to talk to Antonio privately. Téa apologizes for not believing in him from the beginning. She thought she knew him, but she realizes now she only scratched the surface. Antonio thinks that is all she ever does, she never gets to know the real person inside and she doesn't believe in anything, he tells her as he walks away.

Clint arrives at the diner to congratulate Antonio and holds out his hand to him, which Antonio shakes after hesitating a moment. Antonio asks if Clint got back all the bail money he put up. Every penny, Clint assures him. Clint tries to apologize for Asa's behavior, but Antonio doesn't want to hear it and walks away. Next, Clint tries to apologize to Carlotta, who won't accept it. She doesn't hold Clint responsible for his father's actions, but she thinks the less that their two families have to do with one another, the better. Asa doesn't see her family as his equal, if he did, he would never have let Antonio go to trial. They come from two separate worlds and will never really understand what the other one is going through. Carlotta doesn't think they can ever be close again.

Clint says that he hopes Carlotta will feel differently with time and leaves. Cristian and Antonio come over to see if she is OK. "As far as I'm concerned, the Buchanans can get out and stay out", Cristian says. Carlotta asks if that includes Jessica too. Cristian says it does if she backs up her grandfather. Both Antonio and Carlotta remind him that Jessica is sweet and innoncent and nothing at all like her grandfather. Kevin joins Téa, who's sitting in a booth. Téa comments that he looks pretty good considering all he's been through in the past 24 hours, rushing off to rescue his esteemed writing partner. It seems there's nothing he wouldn't do for Cassie, Téa says rather jealously.

Kevin hates to burst her bubble, but he would have gone in to save a ham sandwich if it meant getting the story. He likes the attention. Téa would like some of his attention now. It's all hers, he tells her. Téa wants him to tell her everything he knows about Antonio's prior conviction. Kevin's surprised by the change of subject, but tells her Antonio was convicted of killing some guy in a pool hall and spent 6 years in Statesville for it. Antonio claims it's self defense, but only has two unreliable witness. For more info., he'd have to check the Banner's morgue. Téa takes notes on what Kevin told her and claims she's just curious. Kevin invites Téa to go skiing with him and she agrees to go. Across the room, Nora hugs Antonio and says hello to Abuelita. Abuelita gives Antonio a wallet full of money she's been saving and tells him to take Andy to New York and enjoy themselves. They try to refuse, but Abuelita insists and they finally agree. R.J. comes into the diner and Antonio turns and spots him.

Antonio goes over to R.J. and asks for a word with him, outside. Antonio wants to know what R.J. is doing there. R.J. claims he's there to congratulate him, just like everyone else. He also came to warn him to watch his back, there are alot of people out there who would like to stick something in it. Everyone knows now that he was a police informant and there are some people out there who are not too happy about it. Antonio tells R.J. again to get out and this time he goes. Antonio goes back inside and tells Andy that they are going to do New York City and make up for a lot of lost time.

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