One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on OLTL
Mel learned that Drew had been a con artist. Cristian was jealous of Jessica's substitute prom date. Viki disapproved of Mel's behavior. Kelly confessed to Andrew. Mel advised Kelly that he knew she'd been the one to cause Patrick and Blair's accident.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on OLTL
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Monday, May 26, 1997

Due to ABC's coverage of the Indianapolis 500 (which was supposed to be shown on Sunday, but it was rained out and they decided to show it today), One Life to Live was not shown. We'll keep you updated on whether or not ABC will air Monday's episode at a later time... or whether broadcasting will resume with a regular schedule and skip Monday all together.

Tuesday, May 27, 1997


Due to ABC's coverage of the Indianapolis 500 (which was supposed to be shown on Sunday, but it was rained out and they decided to show it on Monday. but that was rained out and they decided to broadcast the show today)), One Life to Live was not shown. We'll keep you updated on whether or not ABC will air Monday and Tuesday's episodes at a later time... or whether broadcasting will resume with a regular schedule and skip Monday and Tuesday all together.

Wednesday, May 28, 1997

Casa Buchanan-Bo and Nora

Nora comes home from work and asks about Bo's dinner with Drew. He tells her is was a fiasco. He doesn't know how to get through to him. Well, Nora certainly has travelled over some rough patches in her relationship with Rachel, but they are on the right road now. As long as she doesn't mention her daughter's roommate. Bo is worried about his son's new roommate- Asa. He is concerned that Drew's personality has not jelled yet and with Asa as his only influence, he can only foretell impending doom for his son. Bo wants some of that fake coffee, but Nora informs him that you can't trust anything in life anymore- even what you buy in the health store. She discovered the fake coffee is loaded with caffeine and it is a big no-no. Bo tempts Nora with the rationale that since they haven't strickly stuck to their health regime, perhaps they should consider a new beginning tomorrow. And for tonight, just one last indulgence, nothing too excessive, of course, just chili dogs, rocky road ice cream, etc. Nora agrees, a little too easily. They dip into his stash of goobers he hid behind the TV and order out. The peanuts in the candy bring Drew to mind. He always loved anything with peanuts. He wonders if he still does. Nora tries to see something positive in Drew working for his grandfather. He needs a new direction. Maybe he could start taking business courses. Bo says that Asa will do to Drew what he did to Cord- try to turn him into a clone of himself and then the moment Drew shows he has a mind of his own, Asa will kick him on his butt and his low self esteem will sink right back down. Nora tells him there is only so much a parent can do. Hank arrives and Nora is disappointed that he is not the delivery man. Hank is worried because he has no control over his daughter's new life, new accomodations and new job. Bo smilingly chimes in there is only so much a parent can do. Dinner arrives and the delivery man remarks that he hasn't seen them in so long, he couldn't remember where there house was. He thought they must have left town. Nora puts the food on the table and invites Hank to join in while she and Bo devour enough food for a whole zip code.

Afterwards, Nora and Bo pay for their binge. Hank administers the Alka Seltzer as they nurse their sick stomachs. Nora thinks they might have food poisoning. Hank forms an analogy. Think of all the different things they ate being put into one big pot. Their two stomacks are the pot and the contents are just stirring into one big gooey mess. He tells them it is their program to stick to. As for him, he teases, he is off to Carlotta's for pork roast, beans and plantanas. Nora blames herself. She allowed him to eat to compensate for Drew. Bo feels like he ate an entire antelope- antlers and all. Being sick from the food isn't the worst of it- the worst is he is still sick over Drew.

Dorian's Secret Garden- Drew, Kelly and Dorian

Dorian tries her best to convince Kelly that the solution to her melancholia is a summer in the South of France. Melador has it's perfume factory there and she could learn the business by helping to develop a new scent. Kelly whines that Joey is in France. Dorian assures her that France is a big country and Paris is no where near where she would be going. Besides, in a short while, Joey will be relocating to Florence, Italy. When that happens she and Dorian can go on a huge shopping spree in the City of Lights. Drew interrupts the discussion and tells them he is moving in with Asa. Dorian sarcastically asks if that is his reward. Kelly is puzzled by the remark. Drew fluffs it off and says that his reward will come from being available 24 hours a day for his grandfather. All the better to foreclose on family businesses, etc, Dorian remarks. The phone rings and Dorian becomes involved in a conversation with a doctor concerning Blair's rehabilitation, leaving Drew just the opening he needs to work on Kelly.

Kelly tells him that Dorian seems awful nervous about him. She wants to get her out of town for the summer. It might be a good idea to get out from under the investigators. Drew promises he will keep the cops (whom he says he is tight with. HUH!) and Mel off her case. Dorian is just turning her against him like she did with her and Joey. It is not hard to see why. She is afraid of what she sees happening between them. Look how well they worked on the fashion show together and the accident...they are more than friends, roommates, ACCOMPLICES. He tries to kiss her but she moves away. He tells her that maybe Joey could live without her, but can't. He needs her like he "don't know how to tell her." He kisses her, lightly, at first, on the forehead and then he kisses her on the mouth, feather light and then deeper, over and over until she succumbs. He lowers her onto the chaise lounge. They begin to strip off their shirts. They are passionately entwined when Dorian finds them, tips the chasise lounge and pushes them into the pool. Kelly is angry at the intrusion. She leaves to get a robe and Drew tells Dorian to sell the warehouse or he will tell the police about Kelly. She will make arrangements in the morning, she tell him, now pack your bags and get out of the house.

Nashville- Mel and Becky Lee

Becky Lee stops over at the bar for a ginger ale and a drunken patron begins to pressure her into accepting a drink from him. She politely tells him she buys her own drinks. She takes the stage and sings a Patsy Cline classic, "I Go to Pieces." Mel is a big country music fan and is plainly enjoying her performance when the drunk becomes noisy and confides in Mel he would like a few moments alone with her. Mel tells the drunk that Becky Lee is married to an Italian named Louie Lucasi and she is singing the song for the last guy who tried to hit on her. He is now in the hospital thanks to hubby Louie. The drunk replies the husband is not here now. Mel extends his hand and indicates he just met him. The drunk says there was no offense intended. Becky Lee finishes her song and thanks Mel for "taking out the trash" for her. They make chit chat and she asks him if he is from Nashville. He tells her he is in Music City because his son is in trouble. The rest of the family is up in New Jersey and he doesn't want to involve his wife. The boy is in trouble for writing bad checks. It is a first offense and he is hoping to get him off with a suspended sentence. He is afraid he failed him. Becky admits that she has asked that question of herself a million times about her own boy. He is now up north with his Dad. A few years back it looked like he would go to jail, but Becky covered his butt for him. Mel says he never had enough money to give his son, so he tried to cover his expenses by writing the bad checks. Becky says it was not the same thing with her son. It was not that he was bad, just that he has the rare gift to con anyone. He fell into bad company, like that old blues song by Reverend Gary Davis. He got hooked up with a Jackson, Mississipi con man and they were charging $1000 for spiritual guidance to all the country star wannabes in Nashville. She had to send him up north when one of their victims, Ralph Tarkington, got wind of what they were doing and figured out that the name Travis Breen was Drew's alias. Ralph then blackmailed Becky out of her life's savings. She shook off the Ralph, but the law is still on the scent of her son's trail. She asks him to keep this to himself. After all, he understand, they have to protect their kids. Mel mutters Drew's alias to himself, as she walks away. Becky has provided him with just the ammunition he needs.

The Diner- Cristian, Eddie and Andy

Cristian's mind is just not on signing people up for the credit union. Andy wonders what is going on with him and Eddie is only too happy to enlighten her. He is moping about being dumped by his girlfriend. Jessie went to the prom with another boy after Cristian told her he had another appointment. To Eddie, it is no loss. Personally, he wouldn't go more than three dates with a girl without getting some action. Cris is lucky to be free and the women will be breaking down his door to get to him. Andy asks Cris if he wants that, or does he want Jessica?

Llanfair- Jessica, Darcy and Cris

Jessie and Darcy return from the prom and it is clear they had fun. They talk about Jessie's friend Lorna who had a date on each side of her and how funny she looked with her head bobbing back and forth to speak to one then the other. Darcy does a flawless imitation of Lorna which makes Jessie laugh. Darcy tells her the dates were tackle dummies on the football team. They both admit they had a great time and Darcy says that he feels as if he won the lottery. He would like to take her out next weekend. A Liv Tyler flick would be good. He promises to call her later in the week. As they kiss goodnight, Jessie is shocked to see Cris spying on them through the french doors leading to the terrace. She escorts Darcy as far as the living room door and after he is out of sight, she opens the terrace doors and confronts Cris. She is livid that he stood there watching them. He is livid that she kissed Darcy. He is confused. He thought they should see other people. Jessie counters that what he meant was that HE should. He didn't want her to be uncomfortable about being with him, like up at the cabin. He thought seeing others would be better for both of them. Jessie says it is all about sex and she is not interested in having sex with ANYONE, implying that Cris is not so discriminating. Why doesn't he forget the whole thing? There is just no way out of this mess. It's late and she is going to bed. He calls after her that he loves her. She admits she loves him, too, but where does that get them. She closes the french door behind him and heads out of the living room, leaving him behind to watch wistfully after her as she walks a way.

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Thursday, May 29, 1997
by Kathy Esch

THE HOSPITAL-Todd, Marty, Patrick, Starr

Todd goes to see Starr, he brings "bird" so she can see him through the window. Marty comes in and asks if he has lost his mind. She tells him to get rid of the bird because it is too dirty to be in a hospital. She receives a call from Patrick, and tells him that they have reservations for dinner tonight. Todd makes note of it. He goes home with bird and tells him that he will use Guy to set up Patrick. Alex arrives at the penthouse. She tells Todd she needs help with Guy Armitage. He says that Guy is a jackass. Alex thinks Guy needs a woman in his life. Todd tells Alex he wants her to have dinner with Guy at the Palace at the same time Patrick and Marty are there, except Alex doesn't know about that part of the plan. When Alex is gone, Todd tells bird that everything is now in place-Patrick and Guy will be in the same place-obviously they will clash.

Patrick looks in on Starr, because Blair asks him to. Marty tells him that Todd had been by earlier. Patrick brought a little horse toy for Starr to play with, he says it reminds him of a donkey he knew in Ireland. She asks him if they will ever be able to go meet his parents in Ireland. He says maybe they will be able to patch things up now that so much time has gone by.

THE BANNER-Viki, Clint, Todd,Mel

Viki fills Clint in on Jessica's prom night, including Cristian waiting on the terrace. She tells him she still isn't sure of exactly what happened, but it looks like things with Jess and Chris are still up in the air. Todd arrives to talk to Viki, he asks her out to dinner at the Palace, and tells her that Blair and Starr are both doing very well. Mel calls a contact to confirm his story on Drew a.k.a Travis. Everything Becky Lee told him was true. Viki comes over and asks if his trip was ok. He says he found out a lot. Dorian calls, and Mel asks Viki to cover for him because he doesn't want to talk to her. She does, and gives him a message to call her later. He tells her the story will be ready to go soon. He also tells her the story will not be pretty. She asks him to tell her or Clint if he has found out something awful about Drew, since he's family. He assures her that he will. He calls Drew and asks him to meet him at the diner. Drew asks if something is wrong. Mel says, "you bet."

THE DINER/DORIAN'S HOUSE-Mel, Drew, Kelly, Dorian

Mel arrives at the diner first and orders breakfast even though it is late. They chit chat until Drew arrives. Mel says, "Have a seat, Travis." He asks Drew where he got a name like that. Drew is shocked. Mel tells him everything he knows about his spiritual guidance scam, and that he knows he is wanted by the police. Drew asks Mel where he found out the information, but he says it doesn't matter. Drew goes to leave, but stays to hear all that Mel knows about Becky being blackmailed. He calls Drew a sleaze. He asks about the accident. Drew tells him that Kelly did it, and that she was upset at the time, which is why she panicked and fled the scene. Drew thinks Dorian told him about Kelly's involvement. He tells Mel to keep Dorian away from him, or she'll be sorry. Mel tells him it wasn't Dorian. He tells him he wasn't sure of anything until right now when Drew confirmed it. Drew thinks this is all just to sell papers. Mel asks Drew what he has been blackmailing Dorian with. He finds out about the warehouse and that Drew was trying to get it from Dorian. He wants to know why Asa wants the waterfront. Drew tells him about the shopping complex that is being proposed. He asks what next. Mel tells him not to tell anyone or he will tell the police. He tells him to leave Dorian alone, too. He also tells him not to try to skip town. He leaves, and thanks Drew for buying his breakfast.

Mel goes to Dorian's, where he sees Kelly. He tells her he knows what he will say next. She says, "you know it was me who was driving that night." She asks how he found out. He tells her it is his business to find things out. He tells her the police will probably only be a step behind him. She asks him what she will do. He tells her to do what she thought she should from the start. She says, "what tell them?" She tries to run away, saying no. Mel grabs her and asks her how she wants it to be-she can tell them now, while she can or wait for them to come with a warrant. He is very nice about it. Kelly tells Mel all about the accident, and how unreal it all is. He tells her it is going to be ok. She asks how it can when she will have to go to jail. He tells her everyone will forgive her when they know. He tells her the courts will be more lenient if she confesses. She is upset because she killed Blair and Patrick's baby. He says that Blair and Patrick can get closure if they know what happens. He says it will also help Todd and Patrick's relationship because right now Todd thinks Patrick caused the accident on purpose. Kelly thinks she will end up being in a mental hospital and then jail if she tells. Mel says that she may end up in jail for a while but it will be better if she confesses. She asks him not to tell Dorian. He says ok, but he can't sit on this story forever. Kelly leaves the room.

Dorian calls and wants to know what he found out about Drew. He asks her to meet him at the Palace, which she agrees to. Dorian calls Drew to ask for more time on the warehouse deal, he says ok. Asa overhears, and yells at him for not being more Buchanan like. He tells him that he wants that warehouse. Drew tells Asa that he won't let him down.

THE PALACE-Guy, Mel, Todd, Marty, Patrick, Viki

Alex and Guy are at the Palace, he tells her about his life. He tells her how hard he has worked. Alex tells him she has had a hard time of things, too. He tells her she seems undaunted even though she is about to go on trial for murder. She tells him she has a plan to help people, and that she will run for mayor again. She lays on the charm, and tells him she hopes he is in Llanview for a while. Mel arrives at the Palace. He is upset to see Guy Armitage there. He sits down and has a drink. Patrick and Marty arrive. Alex brings Patrick over to meet Guy even though they have met. Todd and Viki arrive, Todd shows around a copy of The Sun, which has an interview with Guy in it. Patrick and Marty sit down with Mel. Guy looks over at their table. Mel starts to heckle Guy. Viki, overhearing, does not approve of his behavior.

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Friday, May 30, 1997

by Susan Richmond

Andrew, Kelly and River

Sitting in front of the fireplace at the rectory, Andrew is reading a story to River. Mommy does the big bad wolf better, River says, looking sadly up at Andrew. I miss her too, Andrew says, stroking River's cheek. Kelly stands in the doorway for a little while watching them until Andrew notices her. Kelly needs to talk to him and agrees to sit down and wait until he's done reading River his story.

After putting River to bed, Andrew returns to listen to Kelly. After being reassured by Andrew that he will reveal nothing of what she says to him, Kelly begins to tell him a story about her "friend." This "friend" caused an accident, a car accident, but didn't realize until a while after the accident that someone had been killed. This "friend" is worried that the people in her life will stop loving her when they find out what she did. Kelly finally admits to Andrew that she was the one who ran Patrick and Blair off the road and killed Blair's baby.

Will God punish her, Kelly wonders. God has already forgiven her, Andrew assures her, now what she has to do is forgive herself. She can't forgive herself, and how will Dorian and Blair possibly be able to forgive her. Andrew tells her not to worry about them, only about herself and working to forgive herself. She couldn't keep it a secret any longer, Kelly says. Besides, someone else already knows about the accident, Mel Hayes. He's promised not to say anything for a little while, but he can't sit on the story forever. Andrew tells her that people are not perfect and reassures her again that God has forgiven her. Has God forgiven Cassie, Kelly asks. Yes, Andrew says, after a slight hesistation. He's trying to forgive Cassie and himself and Kevin for what happened with his marriage. It might be a long term project, though, he jokes. Andrew offers to go with Kelly to the police now, but she insists she need little more time to prepare herself. She thanks Andrew and asks him to pray for her.

Antonio, Carlotta, Nora, Max, Maggie, Ian and Kevin

At the diner, Nora gives Antonio and Carlotta the good news that Ernesto was found to be clinically depressed and paranoid, there will be no trial. Nora's phone rings and she excuses herself to answer it. She's got to go get two men out of jail, she says, promising to come back for the meeting if she can. Max, Maggie and Ian arrive to talk to Antonio about the credit union. Antonio explains that banks won't make small loans to the people of Angel Square for things like medical bills. Therefore, they are forced to go to loan sharks who charge up to 341% annual interest. Kevin comes over and asks them if they are talking about the credit union can he sit in on the discussion. Not if he's there to spy for his grandfather, says Antonio hostilely.

Kevin promises he's there to cover a story for the Banner, not to spy for Asa. Carlotta asks Kevin to join them. Ian has contributed $40,000 to save Ernesto's building, $10,000 to his legal defense fund and now wants to give a large donation to the credit union. Kevin wants to know why Ian is doing all this, what's in it for him. Ian feels that any corporation has an obligation to give back to the community. Doesn't Kevin think Llanview would appreciate a business with a sense of corporate responsibility, Ian asks. Andrew, who has just arrived, comments that Kevin is the wrong person to ask about responsibility.

Andrew goes to take a seat, waiting for the acutal meeting to start and Kevin joins him. Kevin thinks it would be best for everyone if they could manage to keep their personal and professional lives separate. Andrew doesn't seem to agree, he also thinks Kevin feels no remorse for what he's done, he's so self-centered he can't see how much this is hurting Cassie. The way Andrew puts it, it makes it sound like Kevin seduced Cassie away from him, Kevin says. That's not what happened at all, she made her own decision, Kevin insists. Kevin respects Andrew and understands why he feels the way he does, but Andrew is wrong. Kevin gets up and leaves and Maggie comes over and sits down. Andrew doesn't know where that came from, but it felt good, he tells her.

Patrick, Mel, Marty, Guy, Alex, Viki and Todd, Renee, Andy, Dorian, Max, Maggie and Ian

Mel continues to insult Guy from across the Palace Hotel dining room, suggesting that Guy purchased his title and calling him "money-grubbing and corrupt." At a table with Viki, Todd is enjoying the show that he engineered. Viki was horrified by what she read in Todd's interview with Guy, the man and his opinions gave her the chills. Just as Max, Maggie and Ian arrive(is everyone in Llanview eating at the Palace Hotel tonight:-), Guy makes a nasty remark about U.S. immigration policies and the fact that the country "suffers from an overabundance of 'micks'." Alex tries to break up the situation by suggesting another walk, but Guy refuses to go. Patrick takes off his watch and lays it on the table and he and Mel both get up from their table. Maggie worridly wonders what they should do. "Duck when the blood starts flying", Max suggests. Todd gets out his cel phone to call his photographers and the police. Mel politely introduces himself to Alex and then turns to Guy. "The truth, Sir Guy, is that a nasty little no-cultured goon from the London slums remains a nasty little no-cultured goon, regardless of the price of his suit, the number of bird cage liners he publishes, or the favor he tries to curry from the ossified forces of their reactionary front. Class, is the one thing you will never be able to buy, sir." Guy stands up and declares that his past has prepared him to handle a drunk and his "Irish bootlick." Obviously not, since Patrick knocks him out with one punch. "Nicely done", Mel compliments him.

Renee rushes over to Guy's aid and asks if he would like medical attention. Ian comments that he's sure Guy will take all the attention he can get. Ian introduces himself to Alex and when she says that he must be Guy's son, Ian cryptically replies that every man is someone's son. "Good shot", Ian tells Patrick, who is puzzled by Ian's reaction. Renee suggests that Ian help Guy to his car, but Ian refuses to help and walks away. Viki tells Mel she doesn't agree with their actions, but she applauds their sentiment. As Patrick and Mel are enjoying their "Guy bashing", the police that Todd called for arrive and Guy demands that both of them be arrested. Andy asks if they hit Guy and Patrick rather drunkenly admits "I only regret I have but one punch to give for my country." Todd thanks everyone for another great front page story. Mel and Patrick are being led away in handcuffs, with Mel calling Guy a "carbuncle on the arse of journalism", when Dorian arrives. Marty and Dorian follow them to the police station, and Viki decides to go as well. Cool!, Todd says, we can take my car and you can call Nora on the way. Viki wonders what happened to the dinner Todd was going to buy her. Todd offers to get her some fries from a drive through on their way. Maggie, Max and Ian reenter the now empty Palace dining room and sit down to plot their next move against Asa. They come up with the idea of putting a large sum of Armitage money into the Angel Square Credit Union, firmly establishing their opposition of Asa in the eyes of the residents of Angel Square.

Bo, Nora, Hank, and everyone else

At the police station, Bo is getting a drink from the warter cooler when Hank comes in, teasing Bo about being back on his bread and water diet. Hank offers Bo a candy bar, which Bo refuses with difficulty. Hank makes fun of their chili dog binge last night, it was probably a bonding experience for Nora and Bo. Bo's worried about Drew, the only bonding he's been doing lately is with Asa. Nora arrives, but she can't go home with Bo, she has to go to a strategy meeting at the diner. Bo wants to go, but Nora tells him no, he can't resist the temptation. There's a nice soy milk shake waiting for him at home along with a green salad. And speaking of green, she made a big deposit in the Angel Square Credit Union she tells them, looking specifically at Hank. So did I, Hank points out, Nora never gives him any credit. Nora leaves and Bo goes to his office to work on the department budget, it's better than facing the greens waiting for him at home. At least it's quiet tonight, Hank says. "Famous last words", Bo replies.

As Patrick and Mel are brought into the police station by Andy, it seems like half of Llanview is with them, all talking at the same time very loudly. A whistle from Bo stops the talking briefly, but not for long and the chaos resumes.

Hey, I want everyone to shut up, Bo finally yells. Mel and Patrick are booked and everyone else is told to stay out of the way. Mel starts to empty his pockets, which are still full of stuff from his trip, and continues to insult Guy from across the room. Dorian tells Mel her lawyer is on his way and asks if there's anything she can do. You could bake a cake with a file in it, offers Todd. "Dorian bake a cake? That would be more useful in a suicide attempt", Viki comments. Mel and Patrick are lead away, singing, to another room. Nora arrives and Guy is upset when he learns that Patrick and Mel's lawyer is married to the police chief. It's a mockery of justice, he complains. Nora tells him to blow it out his magazine and goes off in search of her clients. Hank goes to talk to Guy about the case. In the interrogation room, Patrick and Mel are enjoying themselves and completely unrepentant about what happened with Guy. Does Nora think she can keep them out of "the chair", Mel jokingly asks. Probably, if they can manage to behave like model prisoners for the next twenty minutes. Meanwhile, Guy is complaining because Hank is refusing to prosecute. He only shuts up when Bo threatens to arrest him for disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace and stick him in a cell with Mel and Patrick. Guy leaves with Alex in tow. When Bo and Nora go to release the two men they are busy singing a song (their voices aren't bad, either). Get out of my station, Bo tells them. "Music hater", Patrick accuses. (I think he threw this in because Hillary B. Smith nearly busts out laughing and barely makes it through her next line), they've been sprung, Guy dropped the charges, she tells them. Dorian rushes in, glad to see that Mel is OK, and asks him to please take her home. "Please", Bo adds.

Mel and Dorian arrive at her house and Mel immediately pours them a drink. He refuses to give her the details about what he learned regaring Drew until the whole story comes together. In the meantime, the best thing she can do is stay out of it. Dorian is upset that Mel is trying to tell her what is best for her family. Just then, Kelly arrives and tells Dorian she went to talk to Andrew about some problems. Dorian warns Kelly that Andrew isn't part of the family anymore and could use the things that Kelly says against her in his anger about Cassie. Mel tried to interrupt Dorian from giving Kelly this advice, but she stops him, saying she's talking to Kelly. Kelly's tired and goes upstairs to get some sleep. That was destructive, Mel tells her, "Dorian knows all, manages all." Dorian just further complicated a major mess, he tells her before leaving.

Back at the Palace Hotel, Renee leads Patrick and Marty to a table for a second try at having dinner. Patrick apologizes for the fight earlier and Renee accepts his apology. Renee leaves and Marty mentions he doesn't look very penitent. But he is sorry, he insists, he's sorry she had to wait for her dinner. He does look freer, she thinks. He agrees that the whole episode was cathartic. There has been so much out of his control, and Guy Armitage put a face and a name to his demons. Patrick got in touch with his anger tonight, Marty agrees, and so did Guy.

At Todd's penthouse, Todd is telling the parrot how all he had to do was sit back and watch them go at each other's throats. It was like he planned the whole thing, oh, he did plan the whole thing. The whole room saw Patrick draw first blood, it's almost too easy. "They say revenge is sweet, I'm about ready to go into sugar shock." Time for phase 2, Todd says, looking at a plan for making a bomb which Keneally provided for him.

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