One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on OLTL
Bo demanded that Georgie leave his house. Dorian was shot during a robbery. Todd gave Téa some frightening moments. Dorian met up with Carlo in Hell's waiting room while she was in a coma. Todd saw Téa with a mystery man.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, April 13, 1998

Bo, Nora and Hank

When Nora tells Bo about Georgie staying at the house he freaks out. Nora once again asks him what happened poker night. He avoids it and says that he wants Georgie out of HIS house. Nora says that it's her house too and if he is going to act like that he can go sleep somewhere else. He storms out. Hank says he'll go talk to him. Georgie comes down having heard it all. Nora apologizes for Bo. Outside, Bo asks Hank to keep an eye out for Nora while he's gone.


Dorian is in the small store looking for something to help her sleep. Two guys come in and cut in front of her in line. They pull a gun on the owner, unbeknownst to Dorian. She continues to bother the men by making comments for them to hurry up. Just then a wino comes in looking for jelly beans. He gets between Dorian and the two men and tries to get her to leave. She takes this as him trying to get in front of her in line as well. She pushes him out of the way just as one of the robbers shoots. She is hit and the wino punches the guy. The owner gets the other one with a baseball bat. One of the gets away. The wino yells for someone to call 911.

Téa and Todd

Todd jumped into the water to get Téa's necklace. When he doesn't come up she starts panicking and yelling for help. She grabs a crate and throws it in for him to hold on to when he comes up. She is yelling at the water and trying to see him when he appears on the dock beside her wet, but holding the necklace. She yells at him for not coming up sooner. He said he was swimming. Téa says that she was scared. They have a touching moment as Todd puts her necklace back on her.

Georgie and Nora

Nora offers Georgie some chicken soup, but she is still worried about how she has affected Nora and Bo's relationship. Nora reassures her that their marriage is great and asks her again who hit her.

Bo and Hank

Bo tells Hank about how psycho Georgie's been, leaving out the Jeep incident. Hank is suspicious because he thinks that Bo is her assaulter. Bo goes on to say that Georgie is deliberately making Nora jealous. Hank asks if she should be. Bo says of course not and that he'd handle Georgie. His cell phone rings. Mel wants the scoop on the latest robbery. Bo hadn't even found out about it yet. He has to leave, but tells Hank again to look after Nora.

Cassie and Kevin

Kevin shows up at Cassie's house with Joey. Joey goes into the living room so that they can be alone and accidentally sits on the sleeping Kelly on the couch. She didn't seem too upset. Cassie and Kevin join them and Joey notices that the shirt Kelly is wearing is his. She later says that it's her favorite night shirt. (It was a good day for Kelly and Joey fans!) Kevin tells Cassie that he is going away to get better. He says there are too many distractions in Llanview. She can't even visit him. They had a very tearful goodbye because she didn't want him to go. (Those tears might have been real since this is goodbye to Kevin Stapleton who plays Kevin. The role has been recast. My best wishes to Kevin in all his future work.)

Nora and Hank

Nora explains Bo's stressed out about work and that's why he's so upset about Georgie. Hank asks why Bo doesn't like Georgie. Nora says it's her fault because she made her seem so bad before that she's made it hard for Bo to forgive her. Hank said that maybe she should be more like Bo. Nora asks him if he knows something she doesn't. He can't answer because Georgie comes in with her bowl of soup. (Ever heard of eating in the kitchen?)

Bo and Wino

Bo arrives at the scene of the shooting. The wino turns out to be an undercover cop. Dorian is wheeled out on a stretcher. The wino claims Dorian saved his life.

Téa & Todd at the Hospital

T & T are at the hospital to get Todd checked out for possible pneumonia. They hear Dorian's been shot. Todd almost seemed happy. Téa sees the wino across the room and recognizes him. She tries to cover, but Todd is suspicious. After filling out some papers, Téa goes over to the wino and they make plans to meet at the docks in 15 minutes.

The Cramers and Mel

Cassie answers the door thinking that it's Kevin again only to find a cop to tell her about Dorian. Mel is at the hospital covering the story. He talks to Larry, who says that it must be hard for him. Mel realizes that it's Dorian who's been shot. The bullet missed her heart but punctured a lung. They are going to have to operate after the cat scan. Kelly and Cassie arrive just as Mel is roughing up the wino, thinking he had something to do with it. Larry comes in and says that her condition has worsened and that the family should come and see her now. They all go in and tell her that she has to fight and not give up. All of a sudden there is a code blue.

The Robbers

The robber that was caught ratted on the other one in return for a deal.

Dorian and Carlo

Dorian is in this place with white smoke all around her feet. She is drawn towards a door. Once through it her dress changes from white to red. A man gets up and turns around. It's Carlo Hesser!

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

The Hospital:

Mel, Kelly and Cassie surround Dorian's bed, telling her how much they need her to survive when she flat lines. Larry and the trauma team work hard to get her heart started again and are eventually successful. Larry tells the worried threesome that they should stay with Dorian and talk to her while they wait for results of the CAT scan. Todd observes Téa as she arranges to meet with the "homeless" man from the bodega on the docks in fifteen minutes, but when he asks Téa what they were talking about, she lies and says that he just wanted directions to the rest rooms. Todd tells Téa that she might as well leave while he's in with the doctor and that he'll "catch" her later. Téa covers her secret meeting by saying that she's going for coffee and after she leaves an angry Todd ditches his doctor's appointment and follows her to the docks. Andrew stops by the hospital and sees Cassie, who informs him about what has happened to Dorian. Andrew senses that Cassie is blaming herself and tells her that what has happened to Dorian is not her fault. He also tells her that it would be natural if, given her history with Dorian, she thought about how much more peaceful her life would be without Dorian. Cassie remarks how Andrew has always known her so well and how much she misses him. "Téa's a lucky woman," she says.

In Hell:

Dorian comes face to face with what appears to be Carlo Hesser and is not pleased. When Dorian asks "where the hell are we?" Carlo informs her that she's in Hell. Dorian says that she can't be in's so empty and besides she doesn't deserve damnation. "Carlo" explains that Dorian is in Hell's waiting room and that she should sit down and wait. "For what?" asks Dorian. "For whatever comes next...," says Carlo, who then leaves. Dorian, who is sick of the muzak being piped in, tries to find something to read, but unfortunately Hell's magazines are old and boring. So she settles into a chair and begins to watch the viewing screen that has magically appeared. On screen she sees a never ending infomercial for the "Turbo Tummy." Just as Dorian is about to go insane, Carlo reappears and she begs him to let her end this torture and change the channel. Carlo warns her that she might not like what she sees. On another channel Dorian sees Mel sharing a candle lit evening with a beautiful young nurse from the hospital. Dorian is hurt as she hears Mel tell the woman that he couldn't believe that he wasted so much time on Dorian and that he is happy she's gone because it brought him and this fantasy woman together.

Back in the real world, Kelly places her walkman on Dorian's head and plays one of Dorian's favorite songs. In Hell, Dorian hears the music, which is actually "their song" and sees Mel dancing with his new "girlfriend" who then changes into Kelly. Dorian is disgusted as she stares at the scene of Mel and Kelly in love with each other and blissfully happy without her.

Dorian turns to Carlo and says that she wants out of Hell now. Carlo tells Dorian that she will have to convince him to let her go. Dorian smiles. That shouldn't be too hard, she says, after all, she's nothing if not very persuasive.

In the real world, the Cramer girls, Mel and Larry get their hopes raised as Dorian begins to moan.

On the docks:

Téa meets the mystery man, who is obviously happy to see her and gives her a big hug. Téa asks how come "mystery man" didn't let her know he was in town. It turns out that he is in Llanview because he is undercover for the "bureau." investigating the bodega robberies. He then asks Téa what is up with her marriage to Todd. He's already run a check on him and Todd is obviously "trouble, but you're in love with him, is that it?" he asks. Yes that's it, says Téa. The two end their meeting quickly with a promise to see each other again and the agreement to keep their relationship secret and they head back to the hospital smiling and arm in arm. As they walk away, Todd steps unseen from the shadows, very upset with what he has just witnessed.

Back at the hospital:

Téa returns to meet Todd after his appointment and runs into Andrew. Andrew says that he can tell that something has changed between them and he wants Téa to tell him what it is. Téa puts the reverend off by saying that she came there with Todd and she wants to avoid an altercation. Andrew says he understands and leaves. When Todd reappears in the waiting room, he pushes Téa away and refuses to speak to her.

At the Manning penthouse:

Todd storms into the bedroom to get away from Téa, who is completely confused by the sudden change in his behavior. When Todd screams at her to get out, she finally leaves him to his bad mood. Alone in the bedroom, Todd goes to the dresser, grabs the picture of Téa sleeping and tears it in half.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

The Lodge-Clint, Bo, Hank, Asa

Bo is having a difficult time concentrating on the poker game. Asa says not to worry, Georgie will be leaving very soon. What he doesn't understand is why his son is so hopped up about sending her west if nothing is happening south of Bo's belt line. Hank arrives for a welcome break from the bodega robberies and R.J.'s hospital room. Soon after, Officer Annie comes to the door with a dossier on Georgie. She tells Bo if he thought Ms. Phillips was bad news before, he didn't know the half of it.

Asa volunteers to show Hank the Lodge. Clint asks how bad the report on Georgie is. Bo gives him the 411. Georgianna Phillips was adopted at 3 months old by a then childless couple, who only 6 months later discovered they were suddenly overly fertile. They went on to have 7 natural children. Georgie was an excellent student, but her overburdened parents couldn't afford to send her to college. In her senior year of High School, Georgie met a rich jock who got her pregnant. It looked like they would be married, but a month later he filed an injunction for her to stay away from him. She got an abortion and her disapproving parents threw her out of the house. A year later, Georgie became a secretary to the President at William Paterson College and worked in exchange for tuition. She never paid for as much as a pencil and she graduated with honors. The president was an older man, married with children. He sought an early retirement. A short time later she showed up as a paralegal, working for a senior partner at a law firm. Another scandal and the partner's wife commits suicide. Bo tells his brother that he wants "that little girl out of his house, his life and his family right now".

Bo goes home. Soon after, Asa decides to fold and call it a night. Clint asks Hank why he is nosing around in Bo and Georgie's mess. Hank admits he is curious about Clint and Viki seeing Bo with Georgie outside the Lodge the week before. Clint says that Bo has been set up. Hank replies that Georgie is persuasive. Clint questions why Hank is so easily persuaded to think badly of his best friend. He says that this thing will go away and Hank wonders just what that all means.

Nora and Bo's - Nora, Georgie, Sam

Georgie and Nora leaf through pictures. Georgie says she feels awful about Bo and Nora arguing about her staying at the house. Just then, the bell rings and Sam arrives telling Nora that he, Nora and Bo were suppose to go to dinner. She admits she completely forgot. Sam offers to take Georgie with Nora and him instead. The phone rings. It is Téa desperately asking Sam to come over and talk to Todd. He is upstairs trashing his bedroom. Sam says he will be right over and he will take a rain check on the dinner.

At the Penthouse-Todd, Téa and Sam

Téa is shouting through the door, "Whatever made you angry, tell me, so we can fix it". The door is unlocked and she swings it open. "We were getting somewhere. What happened to change that?" Todd yells for her to stay away from him and to get out. He slams the door in her face. Téa is absolutely clueless about what set her husband off and begs to know what she did. Todd tells her she knows what she did. Téa is frantic and devastated by his sudden change of behavior. "You dragged me into your life, your home and your family and now you're throwing me out!". Todd is momentarily moved, but then falls back on his jealous suspicions and asks her softly, "Who was the man?". Téa doesn't hear him and says, huh? Sam shows up and asks Todd to let him in, but Todd refuses to see his attorney and friend until Téa is gone. Téa gives up and agrees to leave.

Todd tells Sam that Andrew is not half of it, he may be a 3rd or 4th of it. He is holding shards of glass in his hand. His bedroom is in a shambles. Sam replies that he needs to get the glass out of hands before he gets hurt and Todd complies, throwing it swiftly and carelessly. Todd wonders if Téa is going off to see Andrew or Billy the Bum. As he sees it, his wife is juggling the three of them with Todd as the rich monkey in the middle. Sam knows that Téa has feelings for Todd. He is certain she wouldn't jeopardize that relationship by having one or two lovers. He tells Todd he can get Téa off the divorce track and away from Andrew. But first he had to stop following her around or he will trash it all. Todd replies that they might as well just rip up the agreement because it is over. Sam says it is not over until the fat lady sings. Todd has to listen to what Téa has to say about what she has been doing. Todd tells Sam that he trusted her and now he is the biggest sucker in the world. Sam explains that Todd is opening up his heart and he can't let a paranoid spasm shut it down. He has to think about what he is saying to him. Sam says "Bye Boomer" and Todd replies to stop calling him that. As Sam leaves, he stands stock still for a moment, thinking about what to do.

Llanview Hospital-Andrew, Cassie and Kelly

Dorian is still in surgery. Andrew tells Kelly to hang in there. Then he spots Cassie who is crumbling another styrofoam cup of coffee. He jokes that she may have to go to a caffeine detox center. She tells Andrew she didn't tell Kevin about her mother because he is still in rehabilitation. But she has informed Blair. She is on her way to North Carolina with Max and the twins, but she will try to get back.

Andrew receives a call from Téa. She says she needs him, but this is not fair to him. He tells her he is there for her. She replies that he needs to forget her. She hangs up without telling him she is at the bar in the Palace Hotel, drinking heavily. Cassie grabs the phone and uses *69 to give Andrew Téa's location. She tells him he should go to Téa. Andrew is still concerned about Cassie being alone. He suggests she call Kevin, but Cassie says Kevin needs to get back to being Kevin.

Todd shows up at the hospital and grills Dr. Wolek about the "dirtbag" who was there when Dorian was brought in. Larry replies that the guy was no bum and that he saved Dorian's life. He had knocked down the gunman and administered CPR on Dorian. Cassie berates Todd, asking him to stay away from her and her mother. Todd notes she must be having a bad day. Cassie tells him he must be having a bad day too because obviously he does not know where his wife is. She is at the Palace Hotel. Todd asks with who. Cassie says go and find out for himself.

The Palace-Nora, Sam, Andrew and Todd

Nora is worried whether Téa is alright and asks if Todd hurt her. Téa replies that these are the two most commonly asked questions of Téa Delgado in 1998. Nora wants to know if she is drunk. Téa says no, but it is an option she is looking closely at. Téa wonders if she hurt Todd. He had jumped into the river to get back her necklace. She had thought he had drowned, but suddenly she saw him. He stood above her grinning, like he had washed away all his demons. He was sweet, open, and she trusted him enough in that moment to tell him how she felt about him. Then he shut down. He was mean, angry and violent. Sam showed up and Todd just told her to leave. He threw her out, making her to feel like an idiot. Téa informs Nora that she wants out of the agreement. Nunca mas. Never more (wasn't that Moose's Line?). Nora replies she will speak to Sam.

Sam tells Téa that he has figured out what is bothering Todd and he believes there is a chance to save the marriage. Nora's cell phone rings. The call is from Rachel and she gets up from the table, cautioning Sam not to pressure the client. Sam tells Téa that he doesn't think he would be in breach of ethics if he revealed just one thing about Todd to her. But Téa doesn't want to hear even one thing about Mr. Manning. Sam apologizes and backs off the subject. Téa explains how much she envies Nora having had the opportunity to work with him. His 1988 case of Fenton vs. the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania went to the Supreme Court. The case made her spine tingle. Suddenly, the law had heat, breath and energy. She asks him if he would like to dance with a fan. Sam replies that would not be appropriate. She tells him that the man who had the ear of the Supreme Court and the trust of Todd Manning doesn't have to follow the rules. She asks him to take her upstairs. Sam says that would be pay back time for Todd. Téa promises they would have fun and Sam doesn't doubt it, but he couldn't do it to Todd because he knows that Téa loves him. Téa is sure it doesn't matter. Todd will never love her back. Sam sees through her strategy. She wants out so bad she would do this so he would report back to Todd about it.

Andrew shows up and Téa asks him to dance with her. She tells him she is not drunk, just a mess. But it will change now that he is there.

Nora sees what is going on and gets her coat. Sam asks if they can make it a late dinner and Nora says that they should go see if Bo can. Téa and Andrew kiss passionately. She invites him up to her room, but Andrew realizes that she does not have the love she should for him and does not take her up on the offer.

Todd watches as they meet and then as Téa leaves.

Later Andrew meets her again on the waterfront. He tells her he would give up everything . She says she has to end it because she cannot keep asking him to save her from Todd. She has to deal with it alone. She had tried to convince herself she moved into the Penthouse to obtain the divorce. But it wasn't the truth. Andrew says he just wants her. Téa is aware of how much she is losing by letting him go. Andrew just sees it as throwing him away. She explains that she cannot hold on to him like a life saver. Andrew asks her to just go. Téa walks away as Todd again watches.

Bo and Nora's House- Bo, Georgie, Hank, Nora and Sam

Bo demands to know where Nora is. Georgie says that Nora and Sam are meeting over the Manning divorce, at least that is the excuse. He tells her he knows who she is and that this is not going to happen in this house. He is angry that she hurt Nora. Georgie says then why is it he didn't tell Nora? She knows it because he looked at her for just a second (when she was naked). How does he explain that? He throws her clothes on the couch ready to be packed. He tells her he knows how she takes things by force. Georgie replies that he makes it sound like rape. Bo says that is a good word for it but he is not going to be like those other men she destroyed. He tells her to pack up the bag and leave. Georgie explains that her father threw her out. Bo replies that he is not her father and she is not a child. She will get a job offer in the next two days and she will take it. Until then, she is out. Where will she go, Georgie whines. Bo says that is not his problem. Georgie replies that when her father threw her out, she swore she would never leave anywhere again except on her terms and these are not her terms. She knows he has information on her. Doesn't he understand she had to raise 7 children because her father was tired and fed up and her mother was mesmerized by channel surfing. She deserves a better life. Bo does not care about what she has to say. She tries to sock him, but he grabs her hand in mid air and brings it down until she sinks to her knees just as Hank comes in the door.

Hank takes Bo's side and tells Georgie he doesn't know her, but he knows his best friend and if he has a problem with her so does he. He leaves Bo to deal with Georgie. So you gentlemen think you have me all figured out, Georgie says. Well the gentleman don't know anything. As an angry Bo picks up her suitcase and gets ready to shove her out the door, Nora and Sam walk in.

Motel- Téa, Mystery Man and Todd

The undercover agent from the FBI opens the Motel door. Téa falls into his arms as Todd watches.

Llanview Hospital-Joey, Kelly, Dr. Larry, Cassie

Kelly wishes for a normal life. Joey tells her that all the things that make her crazy she will eventually learn to live with. She has grown and gotten bigger than her pain. Larry tells Cassie that Dorian is still in surgery and that they will do the best they can. He can't guarantee she will win this battle.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Bo dared Georgie to explain to Sam and Nora why she was leaving and to Bo's aggravation, Georgie lied her way out of it. Once outside, Bo told Georgie that he was going to tell Nora everything. Georgie promised she would leave town, but asked Bo to give her a week before he told Nora. Bo bristled when he walked back in and found Nora and Sam in an innocent embrace. Bo and Nora made up and agreed that appearances could be deceiving. Bo and Nora made love and at the same time, Georgie made love to her mystery man at the Buchanan lodge. Todd jumped to the wrong conclusions as he watched Del comfort Téa. Todd's anger grew and he went to the docks where he found Andrew sulking over Téa. Todd told Andrew that Téa was making fools out of both of them. Andrew admitted he loved Téa and when Todd mentioned that he jumped in the river to retrieve Téa's necklace, Andrew realized that Todd also had feelings for her. Todd brought Andrew to Del's motel room to show him what kind of woman Téa really was. Todd broke down the door only to find Téa alone in bed and Del pointing a gun in his face. Kelly, Cassie and Mel paced the hospital waiting room and Cassie was surprised when Viki brought Kevin by. Kevin decided to postpone his rehabilitation so he could be there to support Cassie. Dorian, in Hell, sensed that she was not doing well in surgery. Dorian's natural conclusion was that Viki was smothering her and trying to kill her. Carlo was amused by the fact that Dorian was convinced that Viki wanted to take over her life. Carlo then showed Dorian a scenario in which Kelly and Cassie married Joey and Kevin, respectively. Cassie asked Viki if she could call her "mom" and welcomed her by replacing Dorian's portrait with one of Viki. Still in Dorian's fantasy, Viki announced her plan to marry Mel. Dorian suddenly appeared in the vision and tried to shoot Viki, but she wound up shooting her own portrait instead. Dorian's actions in her vision caused her body to suddenly flat-line in the operating room!

Friday, April 17, 1998

Andrew, Todd, Téa, Nora, Sam, Bo and Del

Andrew and Todd are sharing Llanview's one and only jail cell. Andrew is kneeling, trying to pray, but Todd keeps talking and distracting him. Andrew suggests that maybe Todd should try getting down on his knees, too. Todd isn't interested. "You know, I used to think you were quiet. You've got such a mouth on you. Just keep it shut, I'll pray for both of us", Andrew tells him as Todd starts talking again. Todd tells him that his soul is just fine, it's Téa "Mary Magdalene" Delgado that Andrew should be worried about, it's her soul that needs some scrubbing. Just then, the guard lets Téa in. Téa just glares and shakes her head at Todd.

Upstairs in the police station, Sam and Nora are discussing the situation about their clients. (Nora is there as Andrew's lawyer as well as Téa's). Sam feels that Téa broke the terms of the agreement by being alone in a hotel room with that wino.(He looks at Del, who is standing nearby). Nora tells him that the "wino" is a cop and Téa has a right to be alone with anyone she pleases. Then why was Andrew willing to break down the door of the hotel room to get to Téa, Sam asks. Nora reminds him that it was *his* client that broke down the door, which she intends to tell the judge if they ever get to see him/her. Todd is stalking Téa every time she leaves the house, Nora complains, and as far as she's concerned his breaking down the hotel room door nullifies the reconciliation agreement. Bo walks in and Nora and Sam simultaneously ask him when they can get their clients out. "As soon as I decide what the charges are", Bo says.

Téa yells at Todd for following her and breaking down the door like that. Todd tries to defend himself, she was in a room alone with some wino, what was he supposed to do? You knew he was a cop, Andrew says. Todd tells Andrew to stay out of it. You were on the dock, hugging some creep I'd never seen before, Todd tells Téa. Téa finally understands, that's what caused Todd's change of attitude and aggressive behavior. Todd could have come and talked to her about it, but no, he had to pull a "deranged fit of jealousy" and drag Andrew into it too. Todd didn't even bother to find out if there was any truth to it, Téa says. Was there, Todd asks, infuriating Téa. "You push me away, act like a madman without telling me why and then think *I* owe *you* an explanation", she yells. Yes, you're still my wife, Todd yells back. As far as Téa is concerned, their trial reconciliation is over. "See ya" she tells him, waving to him as she leaves the jail.

Nora is trying to convince Bo that Andrew was an innocent bystander. Sam doesn't see it that way, Andrew is as guilty as Todd. Actually, Sam feels that the guilty one is Del, pulling a gun on "a husband who was worried about the safety of his wife. What man wouldn't be jealous in Todd's shoes?" Del comes over and tells Sam the idea that Todd is jealous is idiotic(but he can't tell him why). Bo tells Sam that Todd knew that Del wasn't some low-life, that he was a police officer. Officers of the law have been know to stray, replies Sam, besides, it's obvious that Andrew was concerned about Téa's safety too. Bo finally ends the discussion by saying he'll let Todd and Andrew go after he talks to them. Bo and Nora are alone for a moment as everyone starts to head downstairs. Nora mentions Bo's birthday party and suggests a "private celebration" afterwards. Bo likes the idea.

Bo, Nora, Sam and Officer Annie go to see Todd and Andrew in jail. Bo will release them if they promise to stay away from the officer they saw with Téa. Andrew immediately agrees. Todd, after a lot of grumbling, finally also agrees. Annie opens the jail cell and Todd and Andrew start to leave. Just then, Téa and Del arrive. Todd goes after Del, but Del quickly subdues him and pins Todd against the wall. He threatens Todd that if he ever puts a hand on Téa again, he's dead. The next thing we see, Todd is back in the jail cell, alone this time. "You nitwit", Téa says to him and leaves. Upstairs, Andrew gets his personal items back and thanks Nora for her help. As Andrew is leaving, he runs into Téa, who tells him she's sorry. "Me too", Andrew replies simply and then leaves. Mel storms into the police office and heads straight for Del. "That's the piece of trash that cost Dorian her life!"

Down in the cell, Sam is yelling at Todd for losing it and attacking Del. You've got a choice, you either trust Téa or you lose her. Todd says that he can't trust anyone, he can't even trust himself. But that's changing, Sam says, and if you don't do something quickly, you will lose Téa. In the police station, Mel blames Del for Dorian's shooting. Bo comes over and defends Del and promises to get the guy that shot Dorian. Nora convinces Mel to try to go home and get some sleep. After he leaves, Bo apologizes to Del. "No, he's right, it should have been me", Del says. Del leaves and Téa goes back to talk to Todd. Bo tells Nora he's had enough for the day, he can't wait to go home and crawl into bed with her.

Téa visits Todd again at his cell, it must be beginning to feel like home, she comments. Todd admits to her that he went a little crazy, but before that things were getting better between them, at least a little. And if Téa says nothing was going on, then nothing was. He doesn't trust anyone, but he's working on it. There's one thing Todd needs to know, "Are you sleeping with that guy?"

Téa is insulted by Todd's question. Do you really think I could do that to you, she asks. Todd's not sure, he saw her alone in a hotel room with this guy. If you meant what you said, trust me, Téa tells him.


Georgie sneaks into Bo and Nora's bedroom with a tape in her hand, which she pops it into their VCR. She notices a pile of presents lying by the end of the bed and looks at one of the cards. "And many happy returns, Commish", she says and turns to watch the tape, which shows Bo and Nora making love. As she watches, she starts to smile, an evil, self-satisfied smile.

Georgie is in Bo and Nora's bed, wearing Nora's nightgown. "Oh, Bo", she moans, putting on a show for the camera. After she's done, she gets up and, using a chair, reaches up and takes the camera.

Llanview Hospital

Viki's on the phone filling Clint in on Dorian's condition. They almost lost Dorian during surgery, she flat-lined, but they managed to bring her back. Viki promises to pass on Clint's good wishes to the family. Viki walks over to join Joey in the waiting room just as Kevin wheels himself off the elevator. He passes on the good news that R.J. is doing better, he's been moved to another room. Viki's worried that Kevin's been there all night. He doesn't want to leave Cassie alone and he's checked with Barbara, as long as he sticks to his medication schedule he'll be fine. Blair rushes out of the elevator and asks Viki what's going on. All Kelly told her was that Dorian was in ICU. Blair is shocked to learn that Dorian was shot and rushes over to Dorian's room. Blair tells Dorian that everything's going to be alright, she's there now.

Meanwhile, down in "Hell", Dorian can see everything that is going on in her hospital room. "I look like hell", she comments. Dorian admits that she failed Carlo's last test, but he doesn't think she could really kill Viki does he? "You still hate her in your heart don't you? I like that. Holding a grudge is a dying art", Carlo replies. Dorian insists that she doesn't hate Viki anymore and asks for a second chance to prove it. What is it that Carlo wants in order to set her free, Dorian wonders. Money?, she guesses. She's got lots of that now that she has Kelly's share of the Armitage fortune. The fire in the fireplace blazes up behind her. It was for Kelly's own good, actually for all of us, Dorian revises, nervously glancing at the fire. "OK, we'll forget about the money!". The fire subsides. Dorian wonders what else she has to offer him. She tries to buy him off with time, a year off the end of her life, two?, five?. Carlo says nothing. Dorian asks him to give her an idea of what it is that he wants. Carlo pulls out a picture, it's a picture of Kelly, Cassie and Blair. "Over my dead body", Dorian tells him. "That shouldn't be a problem", Carlo replies.

Dorian has survived the surgery and is back in ICU, but as Larry tells Cassie, Kelly, Blair and Mel, things don't look good. The longer she's in a coma, the worse the prognosis is. Blair is upset that they left a bullet fragment close to her heart. Larry patiently explains that they had no choice, she went into cardiac arrest and they had to end the surgery. Larry is worried that there might be damage to her heart, but they'll have to wait until the test results come back to find out. They should stay with her, talk to Dorian and pray, but Larry suggests they do try to prepare themselves for the worst. Mel can't hear anymore and leaves the room. Viki comes over and asks him what's wrong. "If she dies, how can I live?", Mel says. Back inside, Kelly wonders how you can prepare yourself for something like that, she can't imagine a world without Dorian in it. Blair wonders what happens if Dorian doesn't live or die, "what if she stays like this?"

Cassie insists they take the discussion outside where Dorian can't hear them. Blair, Cassie and Kelly join Viki, Kevin and Joey in the waiting room. Kelly asks where Mel is, Viki informs her that Mel left earlier and didn't say where he was going. Viki wants to leave and let the family discuss in private, but Cassie asks her to stay. They discuss the possibility of Dorian going on life support. Kevin asks if Dorian has a living will. They don't think so, Dorian's not the type to admit to the possibility she will die. Cassie really doesn't want to discuss it and doesn't want to leave Dorian alone. Viki tells her that she will go sit with Dorian.

Viki sits down at Dorian's bedside and holds her hand, something Viki's sure she would never allow if she were awake. Although, they had been getting closer recently, first in Canton and then at their strange tea party. Viki still wants to know what it was they were drinking. She does have to admit, the tea party was the most fun she's had in a very long time. Viki had even begun to think that they might become...not friends, but something. Can you hear me, Viki asks Dorian. "You're a very frustrating woman Dorian Lord. There is so much in you that I like and that I admire, and then.... Very ironic, isn't it? All the pain that we've inflicted on each other over the years. All the times that I'm sure both of us had wished that we had never set eyes on the other one. And after everything, here I sit, absolutely stunned that we might lose you."

Down in hell, Dorian can't believe that Carlo fell for Viki's act. Viki obviously wants her dead. Carlo berates Dorian for not showing any empathy, Viki is in pain, thinking she's about to lose a friend. If Carlo wants to see sympathy, I can do sympathy, Dorian claims. "Try me", she challenges him. Suddenly, we see on the screens Viki standing on the deck of a ship with the necklace from the movie Titanic around her neck. Dorian appears in the character of Rose, wearing a long wig. She tells Viki of attending a party in steerage the night before and having a wonderful time. Viki is appalled by her behavior and lack of concern about her social position. Dorian suggests that Viki loosen up a bit, break the rules every once in a while. All of a sudden there is a jolt and they wonder what it was. But not for long, Dorian soon spots the name of the ship, the RMS Titanic.

Outside Dorian's room, Cassie is talking to Kevin. She asks him why he didn't stay at rehab and he tells her he wanted to be there for her. Cassie assures him that she'll be fine. Andrew walks in and Cassie leaves Kevin to talk to him. They go into Dorian's room and Cassie tells Andrew Dorian might have to be put on a respirator. Cassie knows she wants her mother alive, but she's not sure what defines "alive".

Back on the Titanic, Dorian tries to tell Viki that they need to leave the ship, it's going to sink. Viki protests that the ship is unsinkable. This ship is going down, I saw the movie, Dorian says. They are brought the news by Jack(Joey) that the ship is sinking and they must leave now. The captian(Mel) appears and tells them there is only one seat left in the lifeboat and they must decide who gets it. "One seat?", Dorian asks, thinking about what she should do.

Viki generously offers Dorian the seat. Dorian at first says no, then thinks about it and changes her mind. After all, Viki is older and never has any fun anyway. Joey is horrified by her attitude and insists that Viki must have the seat. While the two of them are discussing it, Dorian makes the decision for them. She grabs the necklace from around Viki's neck and heads for the lifeboat. She doesn't get very far before she runs into Carlo. She realizes she made the wrong decision for the "test", but when she turns back to fix things, Viki and Joey are gone. "Too late, you flunked again", Carlo says. Instead of taking Dorian back to hell, Carlo leaves her there alone on the deck of the sinking Titanic. The deck tips and Dorian cries for help. Back in the hospital, Dorian is getting worse and Larry decides they will have to put her on a ventilator to keep her alive.

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TWO SCOOPS: Quid pro Flo
TWO SCOOPS: Quid pro Flo
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